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This is a new feature I’ll be running for next several weeks, or maybe this is a one time deal if no one likes it.  :)  I call it Supernatural Fun Facts by Season.  You all know how the stories go, but how much do you really know about all the behind the scenes and other useless but fun facts about each season?  Or how many did you know once and forgot?  Either way let’s take a look at some random info about Supernatural Season One because it's a long Hellatus. 

Total running time of the pilot was 57 minutes.  That’s about fifteen minutes over the average Supernatural running time of 42 minutes.  

The show aired on the now defunct WB network in the first season.  For the first half of the season, it was actually paired with “The Gilmore Girls,” the show that Jared Padalecki left so he could be on “Supernatural.”  In March, the show was moved to Thursdays, where it was paired with “Smallville,” the show that Jensen Ackles left so he could be on “Supernatural.”  I think The WB was just having fun with us.  

According to Eric Kripke, Supernatural was supposed to just be a delivery system to get into urban legends, but it evolved beyond that once they dug into the characters.  That and once the network saw Jared and Jensen together, rumor has it there were standing ovations.  

A lot of the footage for the Wendigo in the episode of the same name ended up on the cutting room floor.  Eric Kripke wasn’t happy with the way it looked.  

Writer Richard Hatem wrote the episode “Phantom Traveler” as a way to deal with his own fear of flying.  

Star Trek: Voyager alum Robert Duncan McNeill directed the episode “Skin.”  He didn’t come back to direct another “Supernatural” episode until season eight’s “The Great Escapist.”  

“Hookman” aired as episode 7, but was originally supposed to be episode 3.  There were some challenges with making the story look scary and Kim Manners was brought in to help the director, David Jackson.  Many scenes were re-shot, but ultimately it didn’t turn out as hoped.  

469px-Promotional Poster for 1-08 Bugs

The story of the making of “Bugs” is just too legendary, I cannot do it justice is one “fun facts” session.  So go to the “Bugs” page of Supernatural Wiki and read all the stories.  Make sure you’re somewhere where you can laugh out loud.  

Here’s a mid-season promotional poster that went out around the episode “Home.”  Don’t they look like babies?  Also, that home in the poster was not their home in Kansas.  Great job promo monkeys.  


Here’s another, for Asylum.  Blue Steel babies!  


In the scene in “Asylum” when Sam and Dean pull up to the Roosevelt institution in the Impala, “Smallville’s” Tom Welling was hiding in the back seat!  He was nearby filming for his show and decided to tag along.  He got a huge laugh from the crew when he stepped out of the car.

The apple trees in “Scarecrow” were really hazelnut trees.  The scarecrow was real though! Scared the crap out of everyone.  BTW, here's a great Jared impression of the Scarecrow (Photo sent to us by WB after Kim Manner's passing in S4).  

Kim Manners 1  

“The ghost truck wasn’t as scary as we’d hoped it’d be,” said Eric Kripke.  No kidding.  Here’s another promo poster.  Not only is the truck not scary, but even Sam’s hoodie looks a little off.  

484px-Supernatural S1 Poster 01

Originally the scene with Max telekinetically holding the knife at his mother’s eye had the knife going through her eyeball.  Phil Sgriccia and editor David Ekstrom decided it would be better to cut that and show the knife with the teardrop instead.  They correctly figured knife through the eyeball was just a bit too graphic.  

484px-Nightmare Promo Poster  

The girl that played Missy Bender, Alexia Fast, played Dean’s amazon daughter in season seven’s “The Slice Girls.” 


The warehouse loft in “Shadow” was recycled from another Vancouver based show, “Tru Calling.”  That show starred Eliza Dushku, who very strangely has never guest starred on “Supernatural.”  Her “Dollhouse” co-star Tahmoh Penikett has!    


Here’s the caption from Sam’s “Official Bikini Inspector” badge.  “This agent is authorized to operate at any beach, park, backyard pool party or warm climate locale in the world.  No restrictions or limitations are to be placed on their visual or physical inspections; violators will be subject to tickling and spanking.”  Yep, this is the type of giggly fun we've been missing out on in later seasons.  

The disco motel room in “Provenance” is the only motel room that’s gotten a reaction from Sam and Dean.  The verdict?  “Huh.” 

This picture was taken on the set of “Dead Man’s Blood.”  It was media day on the set.  This picture has been shared with Jared a few times, but he still claims he has no idea why his hair was in pigtails.  Yeah, likely story.  


“Carry On Wayward Son” made it’s first appearance in “Salvation,” which was not the season finale.  It has appeared in every single season finale since then, but it was never in season one’s.  

Originally in the car crash scene in “Devil’s Trap,” the Impala was supposed to do a barrel roll.  The truck would then drive off and then the driver would be shown with the black eyes.  The car didn’t flip though because it was stuck to the bumper of the truck and then the truck went out of control.  The truck started to jackknife and the stuntman saved it.  


Another tidbit, John Winchester was supposed to die after that car crash, in Sam and Dean’s arms.  They knew John had to die in order to bring Sam and Dean into the front lines of the fight, but the decision was made to wait until the next episode, realizing that killing John after all that would be a big downer to end the season considering they spent all season looking for him.  So they changed the end to be a cliff hanger with the accident.  

There’s some fun season one info!  You got any to share?  Feel free in the comments.  Coming up next week, season two!  

Sources for this set of fun facts were Supernatural:  The Official Companion, Season One, Supernatural Wiki, and various reports from cons and interviews I’ve done through the years. 


# elle2 2014-06-16 08:57
I love this, Alice! I'm almost through with my annual rewatch of Season 1 and all of this is perfectly timed! Many of these stories I knew, but there are some gems in here that I had no idea about -- this is great! I'll be looking forward to future articles. A great addition to the annual hellatus scene.:)
Nate Winchester
# Nate Winchester 2014-06-16 10:43
Hah, no wonder I recognized some of them since I do have all the Kripke era companions. You're going to make me dig those out again, Alice. ;)
# cheryl42 2014-06-16 11:34
I just got done with S1 (now on to S2). I'll have to say I like Sam's hair better in the posters. No wonder this show has lasted as long as it has. I had heard about the standing ovation from Jensen in an interview, these guys had chemistry from the first scene. What a great season! And I'm glad that the season finale ended the way it did. I wasn't a fan then so I can't imagine how horrible that first hellatus was. Yes please do more of these! This was fun.
# lacysos 2014-06-16 12:02
That was great. Please continue?

I just started watching last September so this is my first hellatus. It's great to read articles, reviews, and listen to podcasts from previous seasons; compare fandom's reaction to my own as I watched eight seasons alone.
# Lilah_Kane 2014-06-16 12:46
Nice information. It is good to laugh once in a while so keep these coming. Oh, and a new season 1 tidbit.

In Netflix they have removed all the "previously" parts from the episodes and because copyright to some of the music has expired the musics has been changed. I don't know if it is a "fun" fact but yeah... It seems the Netflix viewers will never hear "Carry on" or understand it's meaning. And thinking of the music copyright anyway makes my head hurt. (Charmed opening music is a good example)

- Lilah
# Sylvie 2014-06-16 14:14
I know, the first time I watched an episode on Netflix, it really freaked me out. It takes away from the episode. I pity the ones that have only seen the épisodes on Netflix, then again, I guess you don't miss what you've never heard! ;)
# Mick 2014-06-18 03:02
It's not so much that the copyrights expired, but it's more a weird rights issue. The reruns on TNT keep all the original music, so it's a rights issue regarding streaming.
# Grace232 2014-06-16 13:35
Thanks so much for this article. Season 1 is still my favorite, since it is when I fell in love with the show, and all this info was great! Also - the photos are just beautiful! I would also love to know who was making the music choices that year- the rock was truly classic rock, and really added to the whole experience!
# iamsam1013 2014-06-16 13:51
I just wanted to say that I adore the picture at the very top of the article. Beautiful babies! Enjoyed reading all this fun info, too.
# amyh 2014-06-16 13:54
Alice, this was wonderful. Loved all the fun facts; please continue!!! The postors are like a walk down memory lane. In that very first picture...Sams hair is devine. perfect legnth and not at all little boyish. And to this day i still wish show had let Sam use the curved scythe-like knife. He tucked it into his bag in the pilot and it hasn't been seen since.
# Lilah_Kane 2014-06-16 15:09
Amyh, the scythe looked nice but my guess is it was a really serious safety hazard. I mean look at that thing!

But still, maybe a slightly safer version could have stayed. It would have been a cool weapon. :)

- Lilah
# LEAH 2014-06-16 16:27
It was a pretty cool looking weapon! I honestly doubt that they would let them handle a 'real' weapon that is that wicked, especially since Jared wasn't allowed to handle sharp things after he cut the hell out of himself while shooting Phantom Traveler.:D
# Lilah_Kane 2014-06-16 17:27
Well, if you see how accident prone he is everywhere I think they didn't even take that chance. :D

But who knows... Maybe they just decided to go to more earthly and rugged weapons. That seems more possible as the scythe looks like a decoration weapon more than something used in battle. Too clean? :D

- Lilah
# LEAH 2014-06-16 17:47
Bless him, he does seem to get boo boo's a lot. :) Jensen's had a few himself, but poor Jared ends up in casts and slings. That thing looks more like something a Klingon would carry.
# eilf 2014-06-16 18:28


# eilf 2014-06-16 18:30
hey, that worked!
# LEAH 2014-06-16 19:02
LOL thanks eilf!
# Lilah_Kane 2014-06-16 19:10
This is why he shouldn't have anything but rubber weapons: [video]https:// /watch?v=8FN9iL rHij4[/video]

I mean, they were just trying to have some "fun". :D

- Lilah
# Reetu 2014-06-16 14:02
Thanks a tonne Alice- i am not aware of the single fact so i am glad you started this series. this is really fun and made me wish the time shud go back to 2005.

Can you pls continue and one more thing what you mean by standing ovation there--who did that?

Sam and Dean are so young in these posters, love Sam's short hair
# eilf 2014-06-16 14:22
one more thing what you mean by standing ovation there
I think Alice means that Jared and Jensen have chemistry (and an instant friendship) that bounces off the screen and everyone could see it straight away. It is why there were only two of them at the end when J2 expected there to be a lot more contenders. It is fairly hard to impress studio execs (and chemistry can't be manufactured, it just happens, or doesn't) so it would be a pretty big deal in that case.

Apologies for sticking my oar in here but honestly it is the single coolest thing about the show and I just wanted to comment on it ;)
# retu 2014-06-16 14:30
Thanks eilf- so that was about selection of J2 in front of Studio executives (channel reps?- big shots)
# eilf 2014-06-16 14:33
You're welcome! There is probably more to it than that, I just know of that one from the stories J2 tell at cons.
# retu 2014-06-16 14:42
agree on that-J2 are gem together. Makes me happy every time i see them on screen no matter how bad my day is.

I dont know any of these facts hence enjoying re-watch S1 even more
# Alice 2014-06-17 20:11
To clarify on the standing ovation, here's the entry from the season one companion: When Ackles and Padalecki network tested together, "The whole network stood up and clapped, and said congratulations . It was nice knowing he and I were everybody's first choice," Ackles reminisces.

So, during their screen test, they made a huge impression!
# Reetu 2014-06-18 12:33
Thanks Alice for explaining further- its really awesome knowing these facts.

Knowing J2 prowess its even increased my respect for them. My only wish is to keep having J2 on SPN as long as i am alive.wishful thinking
# Sylvie 2014-06-16 14:11
I really love this Alice. More please! So many facts I knew nothing about, a few I did. And you have my very favourite:
The disco motel room in “Provenance” is the only motel room that’s gotten a reaction from Sam and Dean. The verdict? “Huh.”
I laugh out loud every freaking time I see it! :D This will definitely make the hellatus more bearable.
# eilf 2014-06-16 14:17
Yay! Factoids, I love factoids! And a lot of these I didn't know, so thanks Alice!
# LEAH 2014-06-16 15:05
Yep Alice I agree, that was fun! I had heard a few of those before but I enjoyed the reading the ones I hadn't heard. I love all that BTS stuff. That is why I got all the SPN magazines and I usually hit the gag reel and "Extras" first on the box sets. I know you don't have much idle time on your hands but more of these would be great.
# Daisymae 2014-06-16 19:11
I'm also enjoying this, but it also makes me realize that it was a simpler time-no baggage yet. Did they add more color to the show? I didn't just notice this, but it seems like it started after season 5.
# Alice 2014-06-17 10:42
The first three seasons were shot on 35mm film. So it had a grittier look because film is grainier. Season four they switched to digital cameras, but the cameras they used first (they were leased) weren't very good in low light, so it seemed really dark still. You could see the difference in the location shots though and overall the look was clearer. In season six, they got the cameras they use today, Arriflexes. Those work great in all sorts of light and add a lot of clarity to the scenes, so that's likely the difference you've been seeing. They could use editing to make it look darker like in the early seasons, but it still wouldn't quite look the same.
# Reetu 2014-06-18 12:35
Alice, to tell ya truth i liked the lighting and direction of first three years much better- made the show more grittier and real. Not to mention S&D dynamics in those years was what i like them to be.

Thanks for the info though
# buffsgirl 2014-06-16 20:26
Thanks for this Alice... LOVE this fun fact project! I only knew a couple of these episode tidbits so appreciate you sharing. Always fun to hear about the behind the scenes stuff and Jared in the pigtails.... hahahahahahaha. :)

Looking forward to the future installments.
# novemberschild 2014-06-16 20:38
Alice, Please keep adding this information, I like hearing about all the behind the scenes information, some I have heard before and some not I haven't.
I just think it adds to the show to know some of what happened during filming.
# Ginger 2014-06-16 20:53
That was cool. I don't get the companion guides, so a lot of this was new. Gosh, they do like two hot babies! For the record, leaving the Impala crash as a cliffhanger was a great season finale. Looking forward to more.
# Scullspeare 2014-06-16 21:29
What a great idea for a feature! More please!!

The girl that played Missy Bender, Alexia Fast, played Dean’s amazon daughter in season seven’s “The Slice Girls.”

I didn't recognize her all grown up! Like others here, I'm in the midst of a Season 1 rewatch. Yesterday, I watched The Benders and was thinking they really should bring back a grown-up Missy to wreak a little havoc on the Winchester Bros. I guess they already did, just in a roundabout way. :)

One of my favourite bits of trivia from Season 1 is from Provenance, when Jensen calls Jared "Jared" instead of "Sam" in a scene where they're studying the creepy painting. It happens so fast , it made it into the final cut. It always makes me smile when I hear it.
# LEAH 2014-06-16 22:28
Dean has crazy eyes in posters 3 and 6, just saying. :)
# anonymousN 2014-06-17 12:51
This is fun.Thank you Alice.
# Bevie 2014-06-17 14:57
I loved this Alice! And I love love love season one. Just finished rewatching it and am halfway through season two.

These articles will really help with the hellatus. The one fact I never knew was the 'standing ovation' and that just warms my heart. The chemistry of those two from the getgo is just beautiful. Love them so much.

Never got Netflix after I heard the way they changed the show and the music. Boo to them!
# Lilah_Kane 2014-06-17 16:11
Netflix was indeed a shocker and too bad. Good thing there is still good ways to see it like you should. :)

- Lilah
# novi 2014-06-18 23:53
They tried to make their monsters look more monstery in s1, then, because of low budget or some other reason, their monsters have become human-looking with one distinguishing feature (like black eyes and such). I like it better - looks less fairytalish and more metaphoric to me.
But I absolutely adore the photography of s1 and its washed-out colors. Epic. And the fighting was more diverse. Now the boys mostly get pinned to some walls, the Fighting Department (if they have one;)) should try to be more creative.
# Rene4 2014-06-19 14:00
The posters are wonderful-they look like they were done on an episode to episode basis. Could you tell us where you got the images and more about them.
# Alice 2014-06-28 14:03
I'm so sorry for the slow reply. It does take me sometimes a long time to get back to things. I have a large archive on my computer of images from all seasons that I've accumulated through the years but have done a crappy job of putting them all together. These posters were released by WB PR way back when and have circulated in the fandom. When I was going through my material for these fun facts Supernatural Wiki (which has these on their season one episode descriptions) reminded me I had them. I have them now loaded in our Season One Photo Gallery, under S1 Promo (which is S1 misc).
# Bevie 2014-06-21 15:18
My favourite seasons are 1, 2 and 3.

Could it be because besides Shiban, Kripke, Edlund and Carver we had 3 wonderful women writers. Cathryn Humphries, Raelle Tucker and Sera Gamble. Those ladies wrote some of the most emotional and deep episodes. How I wish they were still there, along with Edlund.