It's retro recap time!  In continuation with the three part series I started with "Salvation" before season six started, here is part two, "Devil's Trap."  Re-live the magic when the brothers cared for each other!


Devil's Trap.  By the time Kripke got around to writing this episode, his evil streak had fully kicked in.  Season two wasn't in the bag but hopeful, so why not fuck with the fan's minds?  He decides to amp up the slow growing mytharc big time and then leave unsuspecting fans with a cliffhanger that gets them howling since they aren't sure if there will be a season two to resolve this.  This is also an episode that has many firsts so I'll be pointing those out along the way.  Also, it's a Kim Manners classic too.  Always good.
Before we pick up with the drama interrupted by TO BE CONTINUED... there's another opening montage, this time to "Fight The Good Fight" by Triumph.  Back in the 80's I saw Triumph in concert at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit.  To this day that is one of the best freaking concerts I've ever seen!  I've seen Rush too and Triumph is not a Rush ripoff band.  The only similarities is that they're Canadian rock power trios and that's it.  Rush's albums are better, but I think Triumph put on a better show at the time.  And that's today's "Classic Rock memories."  Join me again next week! 

Anyway, we're here for Winchester drama.  We get the last few seconds from "Salvation" again in which Meg promises they'll never see John again.  Dean freaks, Sam freaks, and now Dean's taking the lead on this one.  He won't tell Sam what she said, only saying that they've got John.  Dean starts packing up things and Sam wants to know why.  Duh, the demon knows they're in Salvation.  They've got the colt, the demons got John, they're coming for them next.  Sam actually likes this because they still have three bullets left.  Dean is being a bit more level headed. They aren't ready.  They don't know how many of them are out there.  "We're no good to anybody dead."  Wanna bet?  See season five.
Joe Walsh's "Turn To Stone" comes on, which makes for great Impala driving music. The Impala thunders down the dark road and they're trying to come up with a plan. Dean is willing to trade John for the gun.  Season one Sam, who tends to be a bit more grim in his practicality, thinks that if that were true, why didn't Meg mention a trade?  John might be...Dean won't let him say it.  Sam continues to make his case, kill the demon.  He's talking like John is already gone.  "I'm trying to do what he would want.  He would want us to keep going."  "Quit talking about him like he's dead already!"  Dean shouts.  Ah, there's the "D" word.  "Listen to me, everything stops until we get him back.  Everything!"  Yeah Sam, shut up and listen.

So where do they start?  Dean suggests Lincoln, since that's where John was taken. Sam doesn't think the demons will leave a trail. No, they won't.  Dean actually agrees with that and decides they need help.  Cue one of the two most worthwhile and important character introductions ever on this show.

The Impala drives under a metal sign that says "Singer Auto Salvage."  The next shot is of a junked up old farmhouse with one mean looking chained Rottweiler on top of an old Ford pickup.  The top windows of the house are all boarded up.  Yeah, this screams home of a long time hunter and/or crazy old man.  Or the town drunk. Hmm, all of the above! 

Now for the first appearance ever of Bobby Singer.  He has two flasks in his hand and hands one to Dean.  The first is full of holy water.  The second is full of whiskey. Guess which one Dean takes?  Sam is sitting at the desk reading one good book. Dean thanks Bobby for everything and admits he wasn't sure if they should come. Last time they saw him he threatened them with a loaded shotgun.  "Yeah, well what can you say, John has that effect on people."  We certainly know he wasn't father of the year!  Bobby is pretty centered though and realizes all that matters is they get him back.  That's because he's awesome.   
Sam is blown away by what he's reading, telling Bobby he's never seen anything like it.  You've never read "The Key of Solomon" Sam?  Like one of the most important books of the occult ever?  We know you don't spend all that drive time reading Danielle Steel novels.  Bobby confirms its the real deal, and if a demon gets caught in one of those protective circles they're trapped and powerless.  "Just like a Satanic roach motel."  Dean boasts how Bobby knows his stuff, just so we get the necessary character exposition.  I love how Bobby wasn't supposed to be a recurring character but made that great an impression.  Look how important he's become!
Bobby also points out that this is some serious crap they've stepped into.  Sam wants specifics.  Normally Bobby hears of maybe three demonic possessions a year, maybe four tops.  This year he's heard of 27 so far.  "More and more demons are walking among us."  He doesn't know why, but it's something big.  "Storm's coming and you boys, you're daddy, you are smack in the middle of it." Interesting how that remains true today and probably will be, forever.  These guys are universally screwed.

Speaking of being screwed, the Rottweiler outside starts barking.  "Rumsfeld" Bobby says.  Ha!  Great name for a big mean old dog. He looks outside to see there's a chain but no dog.  No, not the dog!  I've said it before, I can handle people getting ganked but the animals, that just gets me hard.  Bobby says that something's wrong and a split second later Meg busts through the door.  You need to figure these things out a little faster Bobby!

Meg enters and Dean grabs the holy water.  "No more crap, okay?" she tells them. Dean can't get the flask opened fast enough and goes flying into a pile of books. Sam shields Bobby and leads them backward into the other room.  While they're moving Meg demands the colt.  Sam claims they don't have it on them but Meg ain't buying it.  "I swear, after everything I've heard about you Winchesters I gotta tell you I'm a little underwhelmed."  What, you didn't see all that hotness?  The black eyes must be blinding her or something.
"First Johnny tries to pawn off a fake gun, and then he leaves the real gun with you two chuckleheads."  I love that, because that's not the only time Sam and Dean are called chuckleheads, but it's the first.  Another first!  Anyway, Sam keeps backpedaling and Meg follows, going on and on with her monologuing.  Then she asks Sam if they really thought she wouldn't find them.  Dean now appears behind her. "Actually, we were counting on it."  One look up explains it all.  She's caught under the Devil's Trap, aka Bobby's most awesome demonic roach motel.  Take that bitch!

It's just then that we get the title card!  That whole thing was the teaser!  This is really the first episode that came fully loaded with the action and drama not stopping the whole time.  It's funny how this was a treat back then but is sort of the norm now.

This is where I get all excited, for this is not only one of the most breathtaking scenes, its Dean Winchester at his most badass.  Man does Jensen rock this scene.  I suspect when people complain about Dean in season five and six, this is the guy they're comparing.
A powerless and trapped Meg is tied to the chair and she is so getting the stare down from two put out Winchesters.  Meg decides smart mouth demon is more fun and we couldn't agree more.  "You know, if you wanted to tie me up, all you had to do is ask." Bobby comes back from salting the doors and windows so no other demon is getting in.  So now its time for Dean to get in some bad ass interrogation and a cavalcade of great lines.

"Where's our Father Meg?"  "You didn't ask very nice.  "Where's our Father bitch?"  "Geez, do you kiss your mother with that mouth?  Oh, I forgot, you don't."  Dean loses his temper and all I can think about here is how perfect these two would be for angry demon sex.  None of that until season four though and wrong Winchester.

Dean is yelling now, demanding to know where John is and what they did to him. Meg insists he died screaming for she killed him herself.  Wasn't it the other guy that had him?  Dean doesn't care what she says and smacks her across the face.  Hey, its the only time hitting a girl is legal.  "That's kind of a turn on, you hitting a girl." Meg says with a malevolent grin while Bobby and Sam watch in the background like they're taking in an intense movie.  Dean insists that she is no girl but Bobby jumps in with other information.  She really is a girl.  She's possessed.  "That's a human possessed by a demon, can't you tell?"  Bobby, they had only recently figured out she was a demon.  These details are slipping by them right now.

Dean finds this reveal to be good news because now he can really get tough with this bitch!  Whoo hoo!  Out comes John's journal and as a major bonus to Dean's brutally hot interrogation, we get Sammy speaking Latin.  Oh, the timber of his voice when he does this.  I could watch a whole series of these two doing just this!

"You going to read me a story?" Smartass Meg asks.  Dean has Sam get started.  Meg plays it cool over it being an exorcism but Dean stays uncorked.  "We're going for it baby.  Head spinning, projectile vomiting, the whole nine yards."  Meg feels a little pain, threatens to kill, but she can't stand up to Sammy's latinating.  Who can? Dean insists she'll burn in Hell unless she tells them where John is. No answer. "Well, at least you'll get a nice tan."  He cues Sam who then goes on with the latin. Meg sticks with the dead story, insisting he begged for his life before she slit his throat.  Sam and Dean share a worried look and Sam goes on.  Dean really goes off on her now, insisting that she better be lying.  If she isn't, he's going to march into Hell and slaughter "everyone of you son-of-a-bitches I can find."  Meg doesn't flinch.  

Sam continues and now pages start blowing around.  Dean tries again.  "You just won't take dead for an answer."  Dean asks again, she says dead.  "No he's not!  He's not dead, he can't be!"  Oh, the cold hard stare is making me melt here!  Sam gives Dean that "you're going too far" look.  "What are you looking at?  Keep reading." Sam goes on and this is the fun part.  Meg screams and the chair violently moves to each corner of the pentagram.  As many times as I've seen that, it still rocks!

Meg fesses up.  John isn't dead, but he will be when they're done with him.  Sam stops the latinating.  Dean asks her how do they know she's telling the truth.  They don't.  Dean yells at Sam to continue and Meg says a building in Jefferson City. Missouri?  I quickly do a google search to see where there are others.  My mind works like that.  Montana and Tennessee for those of you wondering.  
Dean wants an address, Sam wants to know where the demon is.  Okay Sammy, the priorities are still off.  Meg insists that's all she knows.  Dean with the angry stare tells Sam to finish it.  Meg isn't taking this well.  "You son of a bitch, you promised." "I lied!!" Dean shouts.  Ooh, no one ever better get on his bad side like this.
He commands Sam to keep going, but Sam is hesitant.  Sam thinks they can still use her to find out where the demon is.  Dean believes she doesn't know.  Sam thinks she lied.  Dean argues there's an innocent girl in there so they've got to help her.  Sure Dean, you got the answer you wanted so you get to pull out that old excuse.  Bobby reminds him that Meg fell from a building so if he finishes the exorcism, they kill her.

Dean doesn't care, for if that's the case they're going to put her out of her misery. Bobby doesn't argue but doesn't look happy. "Sam, finish it," Dean orders.  Ooh, but Sam is definitely not happy.  His glare of defiant disapproval says it all!  He looks at Bobby, goes back to Dean, then sees the suffering Meg.  "Finish it," Dean orders again.   Sam reluctantly begins the latinating again.  Meg starts shifting all wonky like and Sam recites louder.  He finishes and the black smoke goes shooting out of Meg in spectacular fashion. Sure, this is old hat to us now, but at the time, that visual was pretty freaking amazing.  A first!

The real Meg droops and Dean, Bobby, and Sam stare at her in disbelief.  She's bleeding from the mouth, but suddenly starts choking on it.  The upward angle on Meg's limp body Kim Manners uses here is great.  Dean orders Bobby to call 911 and needs water and blankets.  Really?  You think that's going to save her?  Whatever. Sam and Dean tend to Meg, untying her.  She manages to thank them in the process.  They help her to the floor and she cries out in pain.  She's not so thankful now!

She tells them it's been a year while Sam tries to reassure with puppy dog eyes. Hey, that's one of his superpowers.  She goes on with the awful tale, she was awake for some of it and couldn't move in her own body.  She did horrible things.  Dean wants to know if demon Meg was telling the truth.  She warns Dean they want him to know and come for him.  Dean doesn't care, his priority is to get his Dad back.  Sam, naturally, wants to know where the demon is they are looking for.  Not there.  Sorry Sam, you'll just have to save your OWN FREAKING FATHER instead.  Dean wants to know where they are keeping John.  Near the river.  "Sunrise."  Meg slips away.
Dean asks what it means but its too late.  He just gets a blank stare from Meg's corpse.  The tender music plays and yeah, this is one pretty somber moment.  It's even sadder when you think Meg is still one of the early innocent victims in this story. Plenty more corpses to come.

Bobby tells them to get out of there before the paramedics get there.  Dean wants to know what Bobby is going to tell them.  "You think you guys invented lying to the cops?"  No, but they're so much prettier doing it!  Bobby hands Sam the gigantic Key of Solomon book for they might need it.  If anything, Sam's big enough to carry it. They both thank Bobby, especially Dean who tells him to be careful.  Bobby wants them to bring John around after they save him, this time he won't even try to shoot him.  I'm sure John will do something that will make him change his mind.

Sam, Dean and the Impala are near a shipyard, thus sending the messages they're likely near the Mississippi, aka, Jefferson City.  Sam has his nose in the book, Dean is checking weapons in the trunk.  "You've been quiet," Sam tells Dean, a bit worried. Dean says he's getting ready so Sam assures him that John will be fine.  Sam finds a protective emblem in the book and happens to have the perfect white marker to draw it on the Impala trunk.  As long as it doesn't damage the paint.  It's a Devil's Trap. Demons can't get inside or out.  It turns the trunk into a lock box.  Smart thinking there Sammy, presuming there's something in there you want to protect from demons.  I'm sure they don't need shotguns.

I'm onto something, for that creates the next disagreement for the brothers.  Sam says it's a place to hide the colt while they go get Dad.  Dean says they're bringing the colt with them.  "Can't Dean.  We've only got three bullets left.  We just can't use them on any demon, we've got to use them on THE demon."  Dean sees it different, they're using it to save Dad.  Sam reminds Dean how pissed John would be if they used all the bullets.  Dean doesn't care what Dad wants.  "Since when do you care what Dad wants?"  Uh, since they both are on the same hellbent suicidal mission for revenge?  You forget about that Dean?

"We want to kill this demon.  You used to want that too.  Hell, I mean, you're the one that came and got me at school.  You're the one that dragged me back into this Dean.  I'm just trying to finish it."  Dean naturally scoffs through this, for he can't understand how Sam's priorities are so out of whack.  Oh Dean, that's going to take a whole series to understand.  "Well, you and Dad are a lot more alike than I thought, you know that?  You both can't wait to sacrifice yourself for this thing.  You know what?  I'm going to be the one to bury you."  Sam gives Dean an "I don't care" stare.  "You're selfish, you know that?"  Dean says.  "Don't care but anything but revenge."  Sam claims that's not true.  Sorry Sam, he's so dead on right with this one.
Sam decides to spin this a different way.  The bad guys are expecting them to bring the Colt.  If they get the gun, they will kill them all.  That gun is their only leverage. "We cannot bring that gun."  Okay, now that's a better way of putting it.  "Fine," Dean says unconvinced.  "We can't Dean!"  "I said Fine Sam!"  He pulls the Colt out of his pocket and puts it in the trunk.  Something tells me by Dean's look it's not staying in that trunk.

Sam and Dean are casually walking along the river, looking all dressed up and nowhere to go.  They aren't exactly speaking to each other either.  You might say, "Awkward."  They turn the corner and Dean spots it.  There's an apartment building in front of them called "Sunrise."  That makes sense now!  It's cool that happened, otherwise it would be 23 more minutes of Sam and Dean walking around in silence hoping to find Dad.  That dodged a bullet.

Well, sort of.  Sam and Dean now have to figure out how to get the demons without harming the women and children out front.  Of course any of them can be evil. That's what possessing people are all about.  So there's an apartment building full of human shields.  Son of a bitch indeed.  I do love how Dean says "That sucks out loud." Kripke used the same words when describing the lengthy writers strike that all but decimated his season three.  That's one very polite way of saying "This fucking blows."
So what do they do now?  Pull the fire alarm.  The city will respond in seven minutes. Sorry, that seems slow to me.  Right, Missouri.  Oh I'm kidding.  In Ohio it would be ten.  Tell me this, in choosing which one to pull the fire alarm, would you pick the freakishly tall dude with the floppy hair that sticks out like a sore thumb?  Sam goes in, is undetected by passers by, and pulls the alarm.  The plan is in motion.  Of course two demons upstairs hear this and stay put.  One goes to check on John who's sprawled out unconscious on the bed.  I guess they have the right place!

The fire trucks arrive, people leave, and Dean plays worried bystander.  He even has a Yorkie upstairs that pees when he's nervous.  Ha, Dean certainly has a small history with Yorkies, doesn't he?  The fire guy pushes him away with the rest of the crowd. This is a distraction so again the freakishly tall dude with the floppy hair who sticks out like a sore thumb can sneak around in broad daylight and steal two fire suits. That involves picking a lock too and its interesting to see his hands shaking while he's doing that.  Sammy's nervous!

Next are two fighters in the hall, one freakishly tall, searching from door to door.  "I always wanted to be a fireman when I grew up," Dean says.  "You never told me that," Sam replies.  That's because firefighter doesn't sound as exciting as lawyer Sam (sarcasm!).  Dean sees that the EMF goes off the charts.  I'm sorry, I thought EMF only worked for ghosts, not demons.  They're demon ghosts perhaps?  Dean knocks on the door, both demons answer.  Dean shouts through the door they need to evacuate.  Then she demon opens the door, Sam and Dean burst in with the holy water and spray those demons onto a closet, holding them with a salt line. That's pretty clever, but doesn't that seem to be a bit easy?  Dumb demons I guess.  

So then, Sam and Dean take precious time to remove their fire fighter outfits?  Is John allergic to them or something?  They find John in the bedroom and Dean checks it out.  He's still alive.  Just as Dean goes to cut him loose Sam realizes caution is best.  He splashes John with holy water.  Too bad that stuff doesn't work on a high level demon like Azazel but good thinking Sam.  John wakes up and wonders why Sam is splashing him with water.  Silly John, you should know why.  That's already a sign he ain't right.  Another sign, he asks about the colt before anything else.   No, that actually does sound like John.  Sam assures him its safe, John calls them good boys.  Oh yeah, that is so not John.  He's possessed.

Outside an innocent bystander is taken over by a demon.  Without black smoke. Then he touches a nearby fight fighter and he becomes a demon.  Please tell me this is a magical mystical demon with special powers so I don't have to harp on continuity issues.  It's a magical mystical demon.  Cool I feel better.  They both go inside.  Sam and Dean try to get John out but these two dudes show up.  They run in the bedroom and lock the door.  Oh yeah, that works.  Then Kripke gets his re-creation of The Shining with the axe going through the door before Sam gets the salt line down.  The three men climb down the fire escape, Sam realizing that they might as well use the extra salt they have and leave a line behind him.  That's being resourceful I guess! 
There can't possibly be demons down there waiting for them.  No, there can't be. Remember psycho demon from the previous episode?  He might be there.  Oh, he is. Sam takes the lead and is quickly ambushed by the dude.  He beats the crap out of Sam and Dean tries to stop him by kicking him.  That gets Dean flung into a windshield.  The guy goes on pounding the crap out of Sam and I'm screaming at the top of my lungs, "Not the pretty face!  Not the hair!"  Dean must have though the same thing because he blows punching demon away with the Colt!  Shhh, don't tell John.  He falls but the damage is already done.  Sammy's face looks like hamburger. Nooo!!!!  Why????

Okay, here's my question.  If Sammy was a chosen one or Azazel's favorite, why was that goon allowed to beat on him like that?  Was it a ploy to get Dean to use up all the bullets in the colt?  Not a big deal, just wondering.  Dean picks up an incoherent Sammy off the ground and he pulls both a staggering Sam and carries John away. Man holding the family together is a rough job.

Now for the special what I call "Sam and Dean's Theme" that's been played in the score throughout the series during the very dramatic moments.  You know, Sam dying in Dean's arms in AHBLP2 and the closing scene of "Swan Song."  It really makes me weepy when I hear it now.  It plays as the Impala thunders along in the night and is seen parked outside a remote cabin in the woods.  Needless to say, the mood is pretty somber.  

Sam is salting the windows and Dean comes in after checking on John.  I love the shot of Sam in focus with Dean in the background through the window.  I miss Kim Manners!  Dean claims John just needs some rest.  He asks how Sam is.  Considering his face looks like a plump raw hamburger, I'd say pretty good.  Except he isn't.  He gives typical "I'll survive" line.  Yeah Sam, your multiple deaths don't come until later.  I love writing recaps in hindsight.
Sam is worried they were followed.  Dean likes their remote location.  Sam takes this nice quiet moment to acknowledge to Dean he saved his life back there.  Maybe, but he failed to stop the assault on the pretty.  "So I guess you're glad I brought the gun, huh?" Serve up that heaping dish of humble pie Dean!  "I'm trying to thank you here," Sam says.  You know big brothers don't give any room Sam.  "You're welcome."  See, that's better.

Dean sees this as has opportunity to share his horrifying moment.  Man, remember when these guys used to talk like this?  It actually makes me weepy.  Dean is coming to terms with the catch-22's of demon possession.  "Hey Sam, you know that guy I shot?  There was a person in there."  Sympathetic Sam looks at him with the sorrowful eyes and tells him he didn't have a choice.  He knows, that's not what bothers him.  Then we get an up close look of Sam's swollen hamburger face.  I bust into sobbing.  Dean luckily doesn't look at his brother's sorry state, and goes on with remorse that he didn't flinch over killing that guy or Meg.  Well duh, your family was in danger.  Your priorities are in line.  "For you or Dad, the things I'm willing to do or kill, it scares me sometimes."  Hamburger face tries to give an expression of sorrow, but the hideous destruction of pretty is still too distracting.  

Enter John.  Great, bust up a beautiful (not literally) brotherly moment.  "You shouldn't.  You did good," John says.  See, there's our clue!  Good parenting just doesn't fit here.  Dean is surprised to hear that.  Even Sam looks suspicious.  John denies being mad, and even says he's proud of him.  The real John is inside screaming, "No I'm not you son of a bitch!  Stop being a supportive father or so help me God!"  John goes on further about how he and Sam get obsessed and Dean watches out for this family.  Telling the truth is really blowing it here yellow eyes!  Do you not know of family dysfunction?  

Dean says thanks with suspicion and the lights flicker.  Oh no!  They're in a tight spot! (O'Brother Where Art Thou reference). Everyone gets all alarmed and panicky and John orders Sam to check the salt lines.  John asks Dean for the colt.  Dean brings up as an FYI that Sam tried to shoot the demon in Salvation and missed.  John swears he won't.  "Now the gun, hurry."
Dean holds the colt and all cylinders start flying.  He knows something is wrong.  John orders again and now Dean is giving him the cold hard stare.  Dean backs away slowly.  Ooh, the tension is so thick you can cut it with a knife.  "He'd be furious that I wasted a bullet.  He wouldn't be proud of me, he'd tear me a new one."  He points the colt at John and with a "if-looks-could-kill" glare says, "You're not my Dad."

Let's take a moment here to ponder exactly how fucked up this family is.  When the clear cut sign of demonic possession ends up being adequate parenting skills, no wonder these boys are screwed in the head.  To think, Azazel's plan would have worked if all he did was call Dean a shithead.  Dean would have been lulled into a false sense of security and handed over the colt easily.  Yeah, but then we wouldn't have the cool setup for "In My Time of Dying."  
Possessed John isn't giving up just yet, insisting to Dean it's him.  Dean doesn't believe him and keeps pointing the gun.   Sam walks in and boy is he confused! "Dean, what the hell is going on?"  Actually Sam, that sums it up.  Not!John tries to convince Sam that Dean has lost his mind and Dean says he's possessed.  Sam wants to know why Dean is sure.  "He was being a supportive father!" Then Sam jumps over to Dean's side without hesitation.  No, Dean makes it harder. He says John is different.  Not!John tries more to convince Sam but come on, possessed by evil demon or not, everyone should know who's side Sam is taking.  

Then yellow eyes really screws up.  He tells Sam "If you want to kill this demon you've got to trust me."  Sam suddenly tells Dean with his eyes he was right.  Dean looks back with a "I told you he was different."  Yeah, John never told them to trust him either because they couldn't!  Sam slowly takes his place beside Dean.  Not!John still won't give up, acting all betrayed and hurt.  "Fine, if you're both so sure go ahead, kill me."  Right, no way Dean is going to do that either.  Dean stares and then lowers the gun.  "I thought so." John looks up and he has yellow eyes!  See Dean, you were right!  Oh wait...

Sam goes flying, Dean goes flying.  They both get pinned against opposite walls.  The colt falls to the floor and not!John picks it up. "What a pain in the ass this thing's been."  Yeah, it doesn't end here either.  It ends up burning them with Lucifer too. The gun that keeps on giving.  Sam starts.  "It's you, isn't it?"  How many yellow eyed demons do you know Sam?
"We've been looking for you for a long time," Sam says.  "Well, you found me," yellow-eyed John says.  Enough of the small talk!  Sam is perplexed about the holy water and yellow-eyes taunts it doesn't work on him.  You see, it worked on Alastair later.  Maybe it has to be a lot.  Sam gets all mad and gets pushed against the wall farther for his troubles.  To think, Sam gets to do this to demons eventually.  That had to feel sweet.

Sam's temper is taking over and he swears to yellow eyes he's going to kill him. Yellow eyes thinks that would be a neat trick and even puts the gun nearby on the table.  "Make the gun float to you there to you psychic boy."  Sam just sneers.  Yeah, he never did perfect that trick.  Too bad, for that would have been cool at parties.
Yellow eyes goes over to Dean next.  He boasts he could have killed him a hundred times that day but this is worth the wait.  So he goes for the psychological torture. "Your dad, he's in here with me, trapped inside his own meat suit."  He says hi, tear you apart, taste the iron in your blood, blah, blah, blah.  No wonder he won't kill Sammy, his blood tastes like sulfur.    That must be nasty.  Dean starts the swear to God talk, so yellow eyes rants about this being justice because of what Dean did to his daughter (Meg) and his boy (pounding on Sammy dude).  Dean isn't feeling the sympathy.  "How would you feel if I killed your family?"  Naturally Sam and Dean give him cold stares.  "Oh, that's right, I forgot, I did."  Oh yeah, Meg's his daughter. "Still two wrongs don't make a right." So I guess Dean isn't off the hook.

Dean curses at him, but Sam wants to know why he killed Mary and Jess.   Yellow eyes tells Dean Sam was going to ask Jess to marry him.  He was shopping for rings and everything.  Then he gets to the good part.  "Because they got in the way."  Sam asks in the way of what.  "My plans for you Sammy.  You and all the children like you."


Dean has had enough of yellow eyes upsetting Sam and comes up with the line of the episode.  "Listen you mind just getting this over with because I can't stand the monologuing."  A shout-out to The Incredibles!  Yellow eyes calls him out on using his sharp humor to mask the pain, mask the truth.  "You know you fight and fight for this family but the truth is, they don't need you.  Not like you need them.  Sam, he's clearly John's favorite.  Even when they fight, that's more concern than he's ever shown you."  Gotta love the way demons find the awful truth and use it to fuck with your mind.  Dean is fuming and sneering at this point, so it's time for a wise ass comment to get him in really big trouble.  "I bet you're real proud of your kids too. Oh wait I forgot, I wasted them."  Oh Dean, that's funny, but that's so going to cost you.  

Yellow eyes steps backward, closes his eyes, looks up and suddenly Dean is screaming in agony.  Sam is yelling "No!' in the background because he's always been under the illusion that it helps.  It's Sammy's version of "Serenity Now!"  Judging by the gashes at Dean's chest and the blood pouring from them, he's getting clawed up pretty deep.  Sam yells, Dean writhes in agony.  "Dad, don't you let it kill me."  Yellow eyes keeps going.  Sam yells harder and looks at the gun, but he still can't move.  Blood is gushing out of Dean now and he pleads one more time to John before passing out.  

That does it!  John takes over.  Think about this.  The three times Dean's faced this, with John, Bobby, and Sam, they all took over control of possession right when Dean was on the brink of death.  What does that tell you?  I theorize it has something to do with why he can kill an angel and the Whore of Babylon.  He really is a God protected servant of God.  That's just a theory though, since that theory gets heavily tested in the next episode. 

Anyway, John takes control and Sam drops off the wall.  He goes for the gun and points it at John, who's been taken over by yellow eyes again.  He reminds Sam if he kills him, he kills Daddy.  Sam knows and shoots him in the leg instead.  See, Sam can't kill his own father.  Dean drops to the ground this time, a bloody mess.  Sam goes to check on Dean, noticing how bad he is.  Dean is more worried about John and wants Sam to check on him.  Aw Dean, always thinking of others first even when you're a freaking mess.  

Sam goes to check on John who's out.  Then he snaps awake screaming that he has control and can feel it inside him.  He wants Sam to shoot him through the heart. He's yelling to do it while one badly wounded Dean is barely getting out the order not to.  John continues to plead but Sam won't shoot.  John keeps begging.  "Shoot me, shoot me!!  Son I'm begging you, we can end this here and now!"  Sam thinks about it but can't do it.  John shouts more at him to do this while Dean chokes out a whisper begging no.  Sam lowers the gun.  Then the plume of black smoke comes shooting out while John yells.  Too late!  Once the dust settles John is very upset and looks away from Sam in personal agony.  Yep, the real John is back!  Sam has a slightly mad/distraught look on his face, but I've never figured out if that's from losing the demon or from John's reaction.

Hee, now for the cliffhanger.  "Bad Moon Rising" is playing while the Impala thunders down the road.  Sam is driving, one hurting John is in the front seat and poor barely hanging on Dean is in the back.  Sam tells them both to hang on, the hospitals is only ten minutes away.  John is surprised at Sam, wondering why he didn't kill it.  "I thought we saw eye to eye on this.  Killing this demon comes first.  Before me, before everything."  So, are you saying John if yellow eyes had been possessing  Sam or Dean, you would have killed them?  Sam looks in the rear view mirror to see a woozy Dean with blood coming out of his mouth.  "No sir.  Not before everything.  Look, we've still got the colt, we still have the one bullet left, we should start over.  I mean we already found the demon once...

CRASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Headlights come out of nowhere on John's side and smashes the Impala!!  Nooooo!!!  Not the car!  Why God why!?!  Then we see the outside visual of the semi truck t-boning the Impala at high speed.  Twice.  They skid a good long while into a nearby field.  No, no this can't be happening.  The Impala doesn't deserve this!  Where's the classic car humanity!  

Eventually the truck stops.  The screen goes black and "Bad Moon Rising" comes back on.  We see the possessed truck driver, the smashed car (simper) then a bloody and unconscious John, a bloody and unconscious Sam, and an even more bloody and now unconscious Dean.  "There's a bad moon on the rise."  Cue credits.

Damn you Kripke!!!!!  Oh, I'm sure the Winchesters will survive but the car??? GAH!!!  Luckily the season two DVDs were sitting next to me when I first saw this, so time to see what happens next.  Again.  I absolutely love "In My Time of Dying." Recap on that one coming sometime during Winter Hellatus.