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You all saw part one of my Season Nine Editor's Choice awards, now here's part two!  What other categories deserve recognition (both good and bad)?  There's still quite a few. 

Best Teaser – “Captives”

Whoa, what an opener!  I love action packed teasers that get started from the word go and I love teasers involving Sam and Dean.  When one of them get to blow something away with a shotgun, even better! 

SPN 0080
SPN 0086
SPN 0089

Hell yeah!  Great bitchface there Dean.

Worst Teaser 


It's probably not fair to compare the tragic death from "Bloodlines", the supposed series spinoff, with the legendary "Supernatural" pilot death of Mary Winchester, but if they didn't want to invite comparisons, why start a story about a guy that takes on hunting after the tragic death of his fiancee?  At least make her death scary and unpredictable.  A dumb, random act outside of a monster nightclub?  That's one very good hint why it wasn't picked up.
SPN 0259

Most Heartless (and Politically Incorrect) Story Setup

"Stairway To Heaven"

In "Stairway to Heaven," you have innocent people, including children, getting blown up in an ice cream store, which is supposed to be horrifying.  Except no one seems to really care about the victims, proved by the scene after the teaser with a joke about Spears and Aguilera in front of six burnt corpses.  Then, all that tragedy eventually evolved into a contrived Destiel setup.  For shame show, for shame.  Once upon a time, innocent deaths meant something.  And the line was drawn at children, angels or not.  Andrew Dabb really needs to take some sensitivity training (don't get me started about the so called "strong" women in "Bloodlines.") 

SPN 0047

Best Puppy Dog Moment 

Dammit, we know your brother is dying is your arms, Sammy.  But did you have to kill us with this look??


Or this???


Or this???????


OR THIS??????

Sam holding Dean 1599

Puppy needs a hug.  So do I.  

Most Fun/Outrageous Dean Winchester Act of The Year

"Dog Dean Afternoon"

How do I choose?  There was so much in this episode!  Ever thought you'd see Dean barking at the mailman?


Getting all hot over a poodle?


This is just pure joy, isn't it?


Ready to blow away a mouthy pigeon?

Let's not forget the Dog jailbreak.


Plot Device that Should be in All Episodes

"Holy Terror"


Sam, Dean, and Castiel actually getting together in a bar, drinking beer and talking shop.  Next time though can they skip the awkward conversation about banging a rogue reaper and Sam being possessed by an uptight angel??  Yeah, they can actually have fun! That would be awesome. 

Best Appearance by the Impala that wasn’t really the Impala


“Bloodlines” was filmed in Chicago.  However, it wasn’t very practical to drag one of the Impalas from the set on a flatbed 2200 miles for shooting.  So, a fan from Texas who had an had a replicated Impala drove it to Chicago and it was used in the filming.  I’ll tell ya, it looked like a real one from the set to me.  Great job on the replication. 

Worst Retcon

"Bad Boys"

SPN 1689

I'm beating a dead horse, but I can't help it.  I would say, no, I would shout to the open sky and the entire expanse of space beyond that, reapers are not angels.  But considering that completely ludicrous and asinine notion was first introduced last year, I must digress.  So I’m going with a very, very stupid mistake made with “Bad Boys.”  That episode established Dean at 16.  Heck, he could have been 14, it wouldn’t have mattered.  That boy in the car playing with a toy airplane was NOT 10 or 12 year old Sam (it’s been WELL established they are 4 years apart).  That was like 6 year old Sam.  Sorry, but getting ages wrong like that, especially when every single “Supernatural” fan fondly remembers “A Very Supernatural Christmas” and how a mature for his age 8 year old Sam learned monsters were real (established by Jeremy Carver nonetheless!) is kind of unacceptable.  Watch the old seasons, please writers?

Best Appearance by a Domestic Goddess

"Heaven Can't Wait"

Oh Cass, your little rendition of the theme from "The Greatest American Hero" to calm that baby made some ovaries explode.  I heard it happen. 


Best Seeing The Winchesters Through Another Eyes Moment

"Mother's Little Helper"

SPN 0539
Crowley: You're lying to Sam like he's your wife. Which kinda makes me your mistress.

I love how Crowley gets these two better than anyone and isn't afraid to say so.  Scary how right he is, huh? 

Most Humiliating Moment 

"The Purge"


Aww, poor Dean. It’s bad enough he was relegated to kitchen duty and had to wear a hairnet, but roofied by the salted caramel pudding?  It just wasn’t his day. 

Plot That Most Resembles Fan Fiction

"Rock and a Hard Place"

SPN 0583

I actually loved the episode, but “Rock and a Hard Place” just takes things into territory that I’ve only ever seen in Fan Fiction.  Dean and Sam in a chastity group?  These guys?  (Imagines all the wonderful sex scenes we've gotten).  They sign a paper and they’re virgins again? I know this is art imitating a real life thing, but what's wrong with putting these guys in swim trunks and sending them the beach instead?  That's more realistic.

Best appearance of a character that gets killed off rather hastily 

"Stairway To Heaven"

Welcome back Tessa the Reaper.  Oops, you’re dead.  That's because you're an angel (reapers are not angels, reapers are not angels...).  That’s what you get for coming back to this show.  Episode 22 strikes again! Good thing her boss, Death, can’t be killed, otherwise his appearance in the season opener would have been a total waste too. 

Most Bone-Headed, Technically Moronic Use of Mandatory Yet Useless Product Placement

"Slumber Party"

SPN 0482
Really?  A Microsoft Surface tablet is actually compatible and can download data off of an old 1950’s computer that runs on vacuum tubes?  That's quite remarkable since these systems stored all their data on magnetic tapes because the hard drive hadn’t been invented yet.  The tape readers in that room were so good, they were invisible!  Although Charlie did say the computer was powered by something magical.  Those tapes were probably in Oz then.  Plus, if Charlie was truly interfacing with that computer, it would be spitting out a bunch of 1’s and 0’s, not a pretty blue screen with lots of menu options.  That’s it’s language!  I know, I’m a technical person and know such things, but I think that was stretching believability for pretty much everyone.  It definitely didn’t sell me on a Surface, but then again I’m a devoted iPad/Apple user. :)

Best Location for an Episode
“Meta Fiction”


Bishop Falls, Utah, Auburn, Utah, and Ogden Utah.  Why?  I went through 195 episodes, and this is the only one to take place in Utah. Pretty soon, Alaska and Hawaii will be the only ones left.  You promised me that Hawaii episode for season six Kripke!  I'm still waiting (see complaint about swim trunks and a trip to the beach).

Most Overused Plot Device

 I touched on this heavily in my “Deeper Look at Sam Winchester.”  Come on, how many times can one guy get knocked out and not be brain dead?  

SPN 1421
SPN 1298
SPN 1408

SPN 1420

SPN 0854

SPN 1169
 And that's only the first half of the season. 
Players are pulled from the NFL with far less!

Best Use of Cinematography in a Season Nine Episode (or possibly ever)

"Do You Believe in Miracles?"


Such a haunting visual of Sam drinking alone in the dark library.  The light behind him shows just enough of how much pain Sam is feeling (it's loads).  Gorgeous.  

That's all for season nine!  This time next year I'll do it all again for season ten!  Is there any awards that you'd like to give that haven't been mentioned?  Please share in the comments.  

(Screencaps from Home of the Nutty)


# BookLady 2014-07-21 22:22

I love you!

By the by, maybe the demon blood introduced early into his system made Sam's head harder than a normal human's?
# cheryl42 2014-07-21 23:04
I had the same thought about the demon blood. But on the up side when Sam is knocked out his hair is all fluffy. ;)
# Lilah_Kane 2014-07-22 07:18
Mostly I can agree on your list.

I also really loved the Best teaser. The opening of Captives was awesome because of the camera work and in general because of the bunker.
I wish they would use it more and we could ravel all it secrets slowly.

- Lilah
# E 2014-07-22 07:31
I agree with you about that last shot of Sam in the library; Serge Ledouceur is Rembrandt with a camera…. the way he pulls your eye around the frame using the light, its absolutely gorgeous like a painting.
# BRR 2014-07-22 13:11
How about best lighting design, also in "Do you believe in miracles?" I'm thinking of that orange light that Dean was standing over--It lined his face so beautifully (almost looked like something from a really great graphic novel) and foreshadowed the end of the episode as well.
# Alice 2014-07-22 23:50
Awesome choice! You mean this one?

# Vince 2014-07-23 07:21
Sam was 11-years-old in the episode, it's just they cast cast the actors to be two years younger and changed it in post. I have no probably with Sam looking, small. It's well established that he was a scrawny kid. As for it being OOC for him to be playing with a toy, that has nothing to do with canon on the show, there is nothing to contradict that he did have a toy or two, it's you interjecting your beliefs for the character.
# dellamirandola 2014-07-24 14:09
The thing I love about the shot of Sam alone in the library is that it recalls the shot in season 8 where Sam is writing and Dean is sitting with his feet up drinking whisky in the bunker ( (" pernaturalwiki. com/index.php?t itle=File:Bunke rlibrary813_.JP G")) - as the wiki summarises it: 'Dean and Sam are in the Bunker after the hunt, Dean goes to the fridge and gets out a couple of beers, however after Sam tells him that he is filling out one of the MoL files on the hunt, Dean changes his mind and goes for the decanter on the bookcase instead. Dean and Sam sit at the table, both with expensive glasses of scotch, they each tilt their glass at the other. Then Sam goes back to working and Dean sighs contentedly.'

I wonder if that was a deliberate recall?
# novi 2014-07-25 09:58
Yes, Dellamirandola, I think it was. So incredibly sad. Sam memorising better times sitting all alone...
Speking of cinematography there should be an additional reward for unusual and beautiful angles like in the finale when dead Dean is shown with the Blade in his hand, and the hand suddenly looks so small, not the hand of a warrior, but a child, almost. And in Purge lying on the sacks of sweet potatoes Dean looks so funny thanks to the angle of shooting. Hmm, to sum it up, we need more pictures of lying Dean.
# debbab 2014-07-25 13:28
Also a recall Dean drinking in the cabin when Sam dies end of season 2. Also a recall of the mean,lean, tunnel vision Sam as seen in Mystery Spot on Wednesday before the trickster takes it back to current day. Sam's focus will be so narrow that he is apt to make some bad choices. Dean doesn't want to be found which will frustrate Sam all the more and send him down a dark, dark, road.
The lighting in 10.23 should be recognized.
# debbab 2014-07-25 13:30
Camera man Brad needs a shout out!!!