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You voted, we compiled!  Here it is, the results on the 2014 WFB Supernatural Fan Awards.  Did our winners make your list?  

Best Supernatural Season Nine Episode

Winner (By A Razor Thin Margin):  “Do You Believe In Miracles?”  


Runner up (A very close runner up):  “I Think I’m Gonna Like It Here”


The other two nominees, “Dog Dean Afternoon” and “First Born” didn’t even come close.  In what’s not really much of a shock, both of these winning episodes were written by Jeremy Carver, the only two episodes he writes a season.  I’m not sure if it’s a testament to Carver as a writer, or the fact that the rest of the bunch just can’t measure up.  

Editor’s Choice:  “Do You Believe in Miracles?”  I’m a sucker for tear-jerking brotherly death scenes.  Plus, it was the only episode that gave direction and closure to a season long plot that never really quite added up.  Jeremy Carver is a freaking miracle worker.  

Worst Supernatural Season Nine Episode

Winner (by a landslide): “Bloodlines”


Runners Up:  “The Purge” and “Stairway to Heaven”

The only other nominee, “Rock and a Hard Place” didn’t even compete, which is kind of good since I actually liked that one.  

Editor’s Choice:  “Bloodlines.”  I’m with you all again.  It’s not that “Bloodlines” was a bad “Supernatural” episode, it was just a hideously bad episode all the way around.  This was a network pilot?  I don’t know, I shouldn’t beat a dead, and I mean a very, very dead horse, but...

Funniest Season Nine Scene

Winner (by an even bigger landslide):  “Dog Dean Afternoon,” Dean fetching the paper Sam threw away, barking at the mailman.


Runner Up:  Dean’s chastity speech - “Rock and A Hard Place"

Editor’s Choice: “Dean’s re-enactment of a Casa Erotica porno with Suzy - “Rock and A Hard Place.” 


Don’t get me wrong, I thought all these scenes were funny.  I thought our winning scene was freaking hilarious.  But I have strange tastes in humor.  Always have.  I just about died when Dean asked Suzy “Why don’t you say that in Spanish.”  The “ole!” at the end of the scene killed me.  Sam nailed the reason why I thought it was funny later.  Dean was crossing something off his bucket list, and it was great!  But hey, a very, very small amount of you agreed with me.  Which goes to show, some types of humor are an acquired taste.  

Most Tear-Jerking Season Nine Moment

Winner (another landslide):  Dean dies in Sam’s arms, Sam weeps and grieves, “Do You Believe in Miracles?”


Runner up (if you really want to know the next highest nominee got 4X less votes):  Kevin’s death and Dean’s teary reaction afterward, “Holy Terror”

Editor’s Choice:  Dean dies in Sam’s arms, Sam weeps and grieves, “Do You Believe in Miracles?”  

Come on, who couldn’t cry during that scene???  Dean grabbing onto the side of Sam’s face, getting out the words “I’m proud of us” before collapsing and dying in Sam’s arms?  Sam’s face turning to total tears and despair when the reality that Dean was gone hit him.  Then the open crying as he cradles his brother close to his chest?  Sorry, I’m just a plain sucker for this stuff, and Jeremy Carver knows me.  I’m still his bitch.  Judging by all the votes that received, he owns us all.  

Sam holding Dean 1599

Best Brotherly Bonding Season Nine Scene

Winner:  Sam and Dean reminiscing about being Batman and Superman as kids, Dean taking Sam to the emergency room on the handle bars of his bike.  “#THINMAN”

Runner Up:  Sam’s “I lied” and Dean’s “I’m proud of us” before he dies in Sam’s arms.  “Do You Believe in Miracles?”

The real battle was between these two nominees.  After that, it wasn’t even close.  

Editor’s Choice:  Sam and Dean’s talk in the trailer park, “Do You Believe in Miracles?”

Brothers 0702 

There’s only reason why I love this scene so much.  Because we FINALLY got to find out what’s been going on in Sam’s head.  Heck, it explained all his actions for the entire season.  The image of his body killing Kevin was just too overwhelming.  It was giving him nightmares.  Why we didn’t find out that nugget before the finale, or get any hints before then is a total WTF? mystery, but at least we got something.  

Best “Kick it in the ass” Season Nine Moment

Winner:  Dean taking on three demons at once while Cain shucked corn - “First Born”


Runner Up (by a razor thin margin):  Sam kicking Gadreel out of him, “Get. The. Hell. Out!”  - Road Trip


Editor’s Choice:  Screw it, I love the two winners both.  Once in a while I pull the major cop out and decide that I love two scenes, so I vote for them both equally.  I’d like to think I wasn’t the only one rather than this being a “Sam vs. Dean” battle among fans.  So why did one win over the other?  I’m blaming the hanging chads.  :)

Best Season Nine Motel Room/Men of Letters Room

Winner (not sure why this was even an option the vote was so one-sided):  Men of Letters Garage


Runner up:  Everything else

In prior years this used to be a hot category.  Given the big focus on the MOL bunker and less on the traveling motel rooms, it’s lost some steam.  Still, wasn’t that an awesome garage or what.  A home for baby!  Plus I’m still challenging my counterpart Fluffy2001 to write a fan fic where Sam and Dean take that Thunderbird out for a spin.

Editor’s Choice:  Duh, was it ever a contest?  They won me at the classic lime green Thunderbird.  

Best Season Nine Guest Star

Winner:  Cain - Tim Omundson


Runner Up:
  Gadreel - Tahmoh Penikett


Between these two, this wasn’t really much of a vote, even with all the nominees.  Both these two actors have some big genre actor cred and are new to “Supernatural,” so the excitement about both of them is understandable.  Especially when our winner, Tim Omundson, will likely be back someday to collect on that promise from Dean to kill him.  

Editor’s Choice:  Tie, The Ghostfacers and Gabriel

Why?  They didn’t die.  Sure, Gabriel was already dead, but now they’ve given me hope he’s alive.  Plus I LOVE the way they figured out to bring him back without stretching fan believability.  A dream sequence works, because I just loved seeing the guy.  As for the Ghostfacers, I just have a soft spot for those guys.  Anyone that doesn’t know why needs to read the history of this site.  They will reunite - hear me now.    

Best Ending to a Season Nine Episode

Winner:  Dean comes back to life…as a demon! “Do You Believe in Miracles?”  


Runner Up (it was very close!):  Gadreel (as Sam) killing Kevin, Dean is crushed.  “Holy Terror”

Editor’s Choice:  Dean comes back to life…as a demon!  Sorry guys, that was the only ending that made my scream.  Again, and again, and again.  Actually, I’m still screaming. 

Worst Ending to a Season Nine Episode

Winner:  Bloodlines


Runner-Up (by only 3 votes, our narrowest margin): Sam’s speech to Dean, “I wouldn’t do the same…” The Purge

This was so close!  The rest really didn’t matter, because they weren’t even close in the running. 

Editor’s Choice:  "Bloodlines."  I’m sorry, but when Sam tried to give Ennis that speech about getting into hunting, then just bailed on the kid after the call from Castiel like it was time to get out of spinoff dodge, I pretty much started hurling TV bricks at the set (yes, I have various foam pieces that always help me through those frustrations).  

Best Season Nine Quote

Winner:  “I’m proud of us.” - “Do You Believe in Miracles?” 


Runner Up:  “No one in the history of torture has been tortured with the torture like the torture you’ll be tortured with.”  - “King of The Damned”

Editor’s Choice:  “No one in the history of torture has been tortured with the torture like the torture you’ll be tortured with.”  Sorry, but I do gravitate toward the Crowley lines.  No matter how very weak the writing was this season (I’ll have reviews sharing how very weak it was), Crowley remained the most fascinating character with the best lines out of all of them.  I loved him in “King of The Damned” and this was his crowing achievement.


Best Season Nine Shout Out to Pop Culture

Winner:  Castiel giving Sam and Dean the aliases of Spears and Aguilera (popular musicians!)  

SPN 0190

Runner-up (which was inserted at editor's discretion because it was never nominated):  Kevin “freaking” Solo.

Editor’s Choice:  Castiel’s plan with Gadreel.  “Wookie.”  Sorry, but I’m one of the ones thrilled that Castiel gets all the references now.  Metatron did a real service!  

Best Season Nine Gratuitous Moment

Winner:  Sam Winchester, Fitness/Yoga instructor (shorts and a track suit!) - “The Purge”

SPN 0977

Runner-up (another razor thin margin):  Dean’s steamy shower of angst - “Meta Fiction”


Between these two, there really was no other option, although I will take more shots of Castiel in his underwear in a laundromat anyday.  Kudos for Tracy getting a few votes from you guys though.  All ten of you.  

Editor’s Choice: Sam Winchester, Fitness/Yoga instructor.  I admit it.  I’m a Sam girl.  Not that Dean’s shower didn’t suffice (it more that provided), but Sam in a tank top, shorts, and track suit teaching  a Yoga class?  Thud.  Floor.  Me.  

Best Season Nine Plot

Winner:  Dean taking on the Mark of Cain.

9.11 mark of cain 1720

Runner-Up (by 7 votes):  Sam being possessed by Ezekiel/Gadreel.


Editor’s Choice:  Dean taking on the Mark of Cain.  Granted, I wish that more could have been shown as to the effects of the Mark of Cain, aka him feeling the effects as early as episode 12, but hey, I’ll take what I got.  It did have the most logical/natural progression of all the plots, even though I really wish Sam could have ben worried about it much sooner.  

Worst Season Nine Plot

Winner:  The angel war plot.  Every bit of it.  Especially Metatron.  


Runner Up:  Chicago is run by five monster families?  Really?  This made the final cut? 

Editor’s choice:  Garth is a werewolf?  Ugh.  Sorry, but my biggest beef is with how this show has been treating returning guest characters.  They’re either dead or scarred/maimed for life.  This is the direction they sadly decided to take with Garth.  This sucks.  

Best Use of Classic Rock/Any Song in Season Nine

Winner:  “Can’t Find My Way Back Home” - Blind Faith.  This played during Sam’s grieving process in the MOL bunker over his dead brother’s body in “Do You Believe in Miracles.”  It’s really, really, hard to top that visual.


Runner-Up:  “Lonely is the Night” - Billy Squier.  Dean had this on his headphones, continuing his spiral downward in “Captives.”  

Who knew there were so many Billy Squier fans out there??  This one wasn't even nominated.  The nominations were so low for this category that I just went through Supernatural Wiki and picked out all of the big songs used this season.  

Editor’s Choice:  “The Famous Final Scene - Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band.”  It’s simple, this is a song we campaigned for four years to be on the show.  It’s a personal favorite of mine.  We did a whole slideshow on this song.  Nuff said.  I can die happy now.  

Coming up next, more awards!  We have about 30 more categories or so that we like to award, all editor’s choice. I'm looking forward to see if you all agree.  Chances are I'll look like a buffoon with most of them.  :)


# Lilah_Kane 2014-06-28 04:42
There were actually few that I would have liked to have both choices. But I just see that both win in my mind.

Best Season Nine Guest Star

Winner: Cain - Tim Omundson
Runner Up: Gadreel - Tahmoh Penikett

I think it is a tie. Tim made a huge impression on only one episode but Gadreel turned to many from hated to not want him killed even what his sins were. Tahmot gave the character justice and at least I will cry bloody tears that he is not among the cast anymore. So, both are number one for me.


Best “Kick it in the ass” Season Nine Moment

Winner: Dean taking on three demons at once while Cain shucked corn - “First Born”
Runner Up (by a razor thin margin): Sam kicking Gadreel out of him, “Get. The. Hell. Out!” - Road Trip

I actually want to choose both in a way. I loved the Sam/Gadreel blasting the three demons and that music. That was a total "Holy s..t" moment and I watched it wide eyes. But still, I see both deserving it equally.


Best Season Nine Gratuitous Moment

Both ones, period. :)


Best Season Nine Quote

Winner: “I’m proud of us.” - “Do You Believe in Miracles?”
Runner Up: “No one in the history of torture has been tortured with the torture like the torture you’ll be tortured with.” - “King of The Damned”

Both but I just love Crowley. He can have sosososo great quotes as a character. So so juicy ones that he is on his own pedestal with these.

There we go. Can't wait to see what the next 30 will be. :D

- Lilah
# NOLANOLA 2014-06-28 07:12
I only voted once, so I am glad to see that I CONCUR with most of the choices. All my choices were 1st or 2nd and a couple I don't remember. Humm says something about the season or maybe my interest level. Still a RIDE OR DIE fan however.:p
# st50 2014-06-28 08:09
Hey! I actually voted with the majority this year! On almost everything! I don't think that's ever happened before! :D

I would go with Crowley's torture line, though, over Dean's "I'm proud of us". Mainly because I think the writers have over-used the one-line-fixes- everything-and- restores-the-lo ve thing. Surely, after all these guys have been through, they can think of some other ways to communicate. They used to chat in/on/over the Impala. Now we get "I lied", "I know", and "I'm proud"....and nothing more! (The fact that these lines have impact at all indicates the incredible talent of the actors delivering the trite lines over any skill in the writers room, imho)
# cheryl42 2014-06-28 21:16
This was fun. I am really looking forward to the rest.
Bloodlines: Honestly when Sam and Dean bailed on that episode I totally started cracking up. So there is an upside.
The Purge: Say what you will about this episode it is a must re-watch for me if for no other reason than tank top/shorts/and arm porn. Roofied Dean was pretty funny too.
Kickass Dean, MOC Dean, hilarious Dean....I know a lot of fans wanted more Sam but Dean was pretty awesome this season. So kudos to Jensen.
And speaking of Jared he absolutely nailed the angel possession story. I thought he was perfect.
I did love all of the music this season even though we didn't get much. It all fit the scenes and the mood.
Still can't think about Sam alone in the bunker with Dean dead on his bed that remembers him without Sam face crying.
All told it was a fun season for me.
# dan 2014-06-29 16:26
all of the winners were my votes , except sam yoga class that I voted for dean's shower and cain guest character!!!
I have to admit : Jensen and Dean were just awesome, even far beter than awesome!!!!!!!
thanks so much guys
# novi 2014-06-30 00:06
Thank you Alice for all the work done. And Carver is the best writer on the show! Two out of three plot arcs are considered good by the fans, and some of us (me, for example:-) ) think Metatron was fun and has potential.
Maybe there should be more categories for the additional cast - guest stars and episodic characters, male and female, separately? That police woman with muffins in The Purge or that ex-nun lady - just episodic parts and can't be compared with bigger roles of Cain and Gadreel, but they deserve to be mentioned imo. And recurring characters? They all shined in the season, but didn't Mark Sheppard win the crown?
And what the heck with people not liking The Purge? Funny almost to the end, and then it just stabs you in the heart, so poignant. What not to like in it?