Dear Miracle Workers,

You may wonder to whom this letter is written. Well, if you have anything to do with a little-known genre show that beat all the odds by staying on the air for 10 years, I am writing to you. You recently broadcasted your season 9 finale, entitled “Do You Believe In Miracles?” I would like to answer your question, because to me, everything about “Supernatural” is a miracle.

This particular miracle started with a screen writer named Eric Kripke. Eric, your idea about two brothers fighting evil on the back roads of America was a long shot at best, yet somehow you convinced a struggling network to take a chance on your project, promising that it was something different.  The first miracle? They said yes and asked for a pilot. Eric, your perseverance and unshakable belief in your vision created the amazing Supernatural universe. Your story of family, rock music and Americana stood the test of time. Thank you for the miracle of your imagination.

The hard work of bringing the story to life had just begun, though. The words on a piece of paper needed the right actors to embody your vision of Sam and Dean Winchester. Maybe it was insightful casting directors and agents. Maybe it was the eye of experienced producers, or maybe it was something the universe needed to make happen, but somehow you stumbled on the miraculous duo of Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. These two young men from Texas were a bit of a wild card. They didn’t know each other but they seemed to have a “chemistry” that worked. They soon developed a professional partnership and a personal friendship that is contagious and inspirational.

Jared and Jensen, you grew up on Supernatural. You have delivered superior performances week after week for 9 years, giving us every last ounce of your talent and dedication. When that wasn’t enough, you dug deeper and gave just a little more. You made Sam and Dean into the brothers we love because you love them too. Jensen, you showed us a different Dean this year – a Dean whose actions and emotions were so much more intense than ever before. In a recent interview about the season 9 finale, Guy Norman Bee said he asked you for even more. He said he didn’t know how you could possibly improve on your already superb acting, yet somehow, you delivered. The anger, pain and determination you portrayed made Dean’s anguish poignantly real. We all know you paid a high personal price to channel that much pain, but the results were exceptional. Jared, you knew what Jensen had to go through since you gave us everything you had last year in “Sacrifice”. This year’s finale asked you to again put yourself through an emotional wringer. Through you, we felt every moment of Sam’s heartbreak of grief, loss and defeat. Thank you both for the passion of your work, and for the miracle of your unwavering dedication to each other, your acting, your cast, your crew, your fans, but most of all, to your show. You are a miraculous gift to us all.

I know you would be the first ones to say that you couldn’t keep going without support. You have both found the miracle of love through your devoted wives and beautiful children. Genevieve and Danneel, the “boys” couldn’t do any of this without you. You are their miracles. You give them to us without reservation. You carry the burden of your families while your husbands live and work so far away from you nine months out of the year. You give them the strength to endure the hardships of filming, and the safety to find and share their vulnerability on camera. Mostly though, you put them back together when they wreck themselves for storylines, so they can do it all over again the next time it is asked of them. Thank you for the miracle of your love, and for giving them everything they need to bring their fans such joy year after year.

In addition to the blessings of your immediate families, Jared and Jensen have been blessed to work with a collection of exceptionally talented actors. Half way through the show’s history, a fateful move of genius expanded the Supernatural universe to include another young, uninhibited actor, Misha Collins. Misha, the heavens opened up (literally!) and brought you to the vortex of energy that had become Supernatural. You add humor and heart to everything you do, plus you carry a storyline that gave the show new life. Somehow you have put up with the J’s antics all these years, offering irreverence and maybe some perspective to the show. Your real gift, though, was inspiration. You took what might have been nothing more than a job and turned it into a global force for random acts of kindness. You have changed the world and are a miracle of hope to thousands of people. You make the divine humble, both on the air and in the world.

Other brilliant talents also played their part in creating the special collaboration that is Supernatural. Jim Beaver and Mark Sheppard portrayed their characters with such depth and heart that they became the core of new worlds within the Supernatural universe. Jim, you grounded your story in resilient love. Mark, your edginess made everyone cheer for a character they should have hated. To both of you, plus Felicia, Kim, Osric , Alaina, Curtis, Tahmoh, Gil, Julian, D.J., Richard, Amanda, Ty, Sebastian, Mark P and too many others to name, thank you for the miracle of your insights and selflessness.

Of course, none of you would have your voice without the skill and devotion of the Supernatural writing team. Jeremy, Andrew, Adam, Robbie, Jenny, Robert, Eugenie, Brad, Eric and Nicole, you imagine and define this miracle. Your words create the universe we live, dream and play in. Thank you for the miracle of your creativity. 

Behind all of you is another miracle of accumulated talent. Phil, Bob, Jim and Todd, you keep the show running. Jerry, you build the world we see. Serge, you light the way. Russ, you merge fantasy with reality. Jay and Christopher, you set the world to music.  There are directors who imagine and guide; special and visual effects teams who make magic; editors who mix and blend; camera and sound crews who capture moments; stunt doubles who risk life and limb to make things all too real; artists of costumes and make-up and props who set the tone; public relations and marketing executives who highlight the show’s vibrancy; plus casting, transportation and so many others who might only see their name on a single line of credits. Thank you for the treasures of talent you add to this miracle every week.

Yet none of this would be possible without the miracle of the Supernatural fandom. The unrelenting, loyal, sometimes jubilant, sometimes frustrated, supportive, annoying, opinionated, giving, global circle of friends who keep miracles alive. Thank you for loving Supernatural the way that we all do, through ups and downs, the good and the bad. We know it is all worth it.

 …and finally it comes full circle to the new studio president who believes in the story, the actors, the writers, the crew and the fans and said yes, I want you to do season 10. Thank you, Mark.

The question was “Do You Believe in Miracles?” Actually, yes, I do. I’m not sure if I always have, or if years of seeing miraculous things happen made me a believer. The epic season 9 finale wasn’t an accident or a fluke of luck. It was the latest in a series of gut-wrenching, cliff-hanging, hand-wringing, nail-biting finales. It happened because of imagination, dedication, love, inspiration, hope, selflessness, creativity, talent and loyalty. It happened because everything about this show is a miracle.

Supernatural S8 Crew Pic
Season 8 Supernatural Cast and Crew

 - Nightsky

Please feel free to add your thoughts, observations or thanks. Sharing is part of the miracle.


# nappi815 2014-05-25 07:39
nightsky, to quote one of the two most talented and giving actors I've ever had the privilege of both watching and personally meeting....

"amen, padaleski"..... .."i'm proud of us".:)

thank you for always noticing and taking the time to personally write the words so many of us feel. you can add my name to the end of this letter. ;)
# Lilah_Kane 2014-05-25 08:08
*signed and stamped* Just my thoughts too. :)
# LEAH 2014-05-25 10:48
Thank you for this Nightsky. It is nice to reminded sometimes of how lucky we are to have had this show for so long. To be reminded of the dedicated and talented people who put all their efforts into giving us such an entertaining show. I am going to go out on a limb here and say that much of the success of the series rides on the shoulders of two remarkable young actors. They handle that responsibility with kindness, humor and a great appreciation of not only how lucky they are but also the knowledge that they set the tone and strive to make everyone feel welcome to their playground. I knew they were special when I heard that they talked about this even before they filmed their first scene. Jared and Jensen who take these characters and make so much more of them that is on the written page. Jared who can, without much supporting dialogue, can convey so much with a look.... breaking your heart or making you chuckle. Jensen who can take a character who, without his deft touch, could be an unlikable stereotype and make him so much more than that. Misha, Jim, Mark S. and the numerous guest stars along the way only added to that particular miracle.
# debbab 2014-05-25 11:34
Jeremy Carver brought season 9 together in the finale. The season had some strange episodes and others that connected to the threads so IMHO Carver pulled off a miracle to end the season strong and take Supernatural up another notch on all levels. Ratings up as well. It would be a miracle if Carver wrote a few more of the episodes or at least directed the writers,but it is hard to bottle creativity. Another miracle is that Mark Sheppard is finally elevated to series regular in season 10. About time too. Maybe his character can be better fleshed out and we can find out why his eyes don't flash as Crowley. The show has once again been reinvented. All minor miracles in tv land. How is it that a show in this genre makes so many people smile? now anything that can bring on joy is a miracle. Thanks for the letter.
# cheryl42 2014-05-25 12:06
Thank you for the appreciation letter for the best show on television. Everything Leah said I would echo. This is the only show that can have me laughing my a** off one minute and in the next almost cripple me with grief. I don't remember what it was like not to have this show in my life and I can't imagine my life without it. I am very grateful that we still have it to enjoy and that everyone from the J's on are still as committed as ever. Jeremy Carver is a miracle worker.
# buffsgirl 2014-05-25 12:56
What a beautiful letter. I too believe in miracles!

This show inspires me personally and professionally and I hope all the talented and creative people who make this world come to life are aware of how much they are loved and appreciated.
# Bevie 2014-05-25 15:15
6 and a half years ago i picked an unusual Christmas Special to watch. Always liked horror movies and reading the synopsis of this episode made me interested. Since my family have all passed away when Christmas comes near, the cosy syrupy family seeasonal shows abound and I have no interest in them as they do hurt too much.

I saw 2 brothers in the business of "saving people, hunting things, the family business". These guys crept into my heart at once. They inspired me to watch the reruns of the show and even immediately purchase the previous seasons on dvd. It was the brothers and their relationship that kept me watching this show for the next 6 years. Their love for each other, in their manly ways, was what made them the most endearing characters I had ever seen on my TV or movie screen. Their acting blew me away just about every episode then and since then.

I have a love for this show and for Sam and Dean and Jared and Jensen that I have trouble describing, it is so profound. I could wish for this show never to end in my lifetime! Even though it will, if I'm still in this world, the dvd's would help to survive the loss.

For every one who contributes to the life of this show, I am eternally grateful. And what marvelous jobs they do! Most of them are still there, and will be for season 10. I see that every one who gets to work on that show expresses how welcoming the cast and crew all are, without the petty stuff seen on many other dramas.

My one and only one complaint I have, is why whenever we fall in love with a character, the writers kill them off? It does hurt, like in real life. Ash, Andy, Jo, Ellen, Rufus, Frank, Sarah, Pamela, Garth (werewolfed), Tessa, Kevin, Gabriel (not declared dead, just missing) and my dear dear Bobby. ( Bobby, Dean misses you so very much). These characters are fleshed out and drawn so well for us that they are forever loved and never forgotten.

So, God bless you Eric for your wondrous creation and for picking your amazing and endearing actors who portray the Unhealthy Co-dependent endearing brothers so amazingly well. Their amusing moments are so needed and their heartbreaking moments rip your heart right out of your chest with their (and our) pain.

This show is head and shoulders over and above any other one I've every seen. It is part of my life now and always will be.

love, Bevie
# karla 2014-05-25 15:51
i miss rufus and bobby.

there are great actors on the show. number 1 is jensen.

thank you for your craft and gift to the world sir.
# Hlnkid 2014-05-25 20:41
An AWESOME letter. Could not have said it any better. And I can't help thinking the Deans last words to Sam, "I'm proud of us", wasn't Carver telling the show and it's fans how proud we should all be of this tiny little show that never should have made it, is now on its way to over 200 episodes. I've had favorite shows in the past, but I've never seen a show that instills such complex thought and emotion into its characters that we still care so much about them and their journey so many years later. It's not perfect, but it still manages to amaze me each and every season.

This show is unique in its ability to make us care. Thanks to the special chemistry of Jared and Jensen and the determination of Eric kripke, we have a show for the ages. I intend to enjoy it for however long it lasts.

Love. This. Show. Always.
# Carryonwaywardson 2014-05-25 22:54
Great article. Jensen and Jared have done an awesome job of making this show truly an epic story of two brothers and what they will do for each other. I would love to see this show for at least another three or four years. Cast and crew thank you; we look forward to what is yet to come. Love a Deans Girl.
# Ilse 2014-05-26 13:32
WOW! This is beautiful. Sharing and being grateful is the most important thing in life so thank you for writing this down. This is how I feel too! I think you captured the things a lot of us are thinking and you worded it amazingly!

So thanks again, I am super excited about season 10, so let's keep it coming :D
# Sylvie 2014-05-26 14:21
Thank you for that beautiful letter Nightsky. You put into words what most of us are thinking. I do indeed believe in miracles. This beautiful little show is proof positive. :)
# Jessica 2014-05-27 11:26
Ditto and etc etc etc!!!
# NOLANOLA 2014-05-29 02:29
2nd generation actor. Keep HOPE alive :P
Jeni Rivera
# Jeni Rivera 2014-05-29 11:07
This is absolutely, positively beautiful. Thank you so much Nightsky, for putting into words what so many of us feel. we love you all SPN family! <3
# Sali 2014-05-29 12:05
Thank you so much, this is really amazing.
Jared is an amazing actor, I actually watch the show for just him when I'm not so happy about the writing, as seeing Jared's great performance is enough reason for me to keep watching, God bless him.
# Anne 2014-05-29 12:10
A beautiful letter for the best show in television. I've bee a fan from day 1 and will always love Supernatural. Sam and Dean Winchester will always have my heart.
# cheryl42 2014-05-29 12:43
I just want to add that my sister came to visit me during a S7 marathon. The episode was Plucky's. She sat through 3 episodes in a row while I tried to briefly bring her up to speed. She was hooked and is now devouring all of the seasons along with her whole family and my other sister. My point is that even in the years that a lot of fans thought were the worst it was still the best show on TV and gaining new viewers. That is the strength of the storytelling, acting and production of the little show that could.
# nightsky 2014-06-01 23:01
UPDATE! Four days after I posted this article, I tweeted it to numerous Supernatural cast and crew members who have a Twitter account. On Sunday, June 1, Mike Carpenter, i.e. Jared's stunt double for 160 episodes from 2005 to 2013, favorited and retweeted my link! I think it is safe to say that he read the article! A "favorite" usually means "I saw this and thank you". A retweet usually means "I liked it enough to pass it on to my followers!" I am very happy that at least one Supernatural cast member read our thank you message! Hopefully, he is the first of many.
# cheryl42 2014-06-01 23:37
That is great news. It was a lovely tribute to all of the hard work that this cast and crew put into every season. I am sure it is gratifying to hear from their fans how much it is appreciated.
# nightsky 2014-06-04 10:12
UPDATE. Christopher J. Richardson, listed on IMDB as a digital compositor / lead compositor for the Supernatural Visual Effects team (42 episodes, 2010-2013) favorited my tweet of the letter! So I'm hoping that the letter makes its way through to the other VFX team members as well! We're making progress! So happy they can read our thanks and know that their work is appreciated.
# Lilah_Kane 2014-06-04 11:15
As a longer thank you...

I started to watch the show and I was immediately hooked. I kept watching and I am re-watching it at the moment with my husband. He also got hooked on it like me.

On a personal note... the series turned me to a dreamer again and what once was lost I found again. I was long time unemployed after school that drained me from writing and drawing which I loved. Even when I got work I still wasn't able to create or even dream. That is until I started to watch the show and something happened. I got my spark back and in a way I feel I am alive again. So, I am writing now my own stories and even took a new leap to video editing and learning the program to make them.

Thanks Supernatural that I could find myself again and dream and also take on new challenges that I probably wouldn't have otherwise.

- Lilah Kane
# st50 2014-06-04 11:38
Hi, Nightsky
I saw you tweeted about this article, and while I don't stop by here very much any more, I did want to check it out. As usual, you've written a lovely letter. And I agree with your sentiment that everyone involved is actually a miracle-worker. 10 seasons. (And counting??) What an achievement!
I believe it all boils down to the chemistry of the leads. Everyone involved is amazing, no doubt, but if we hadn't all fallen in love with Sam and Dean, it would all have been for naught.
As much as I have been unhappy with the direction of the story the last two seasons, I have never been more impressed with the quality of work of Jared and Jensen. How incredible to have the work ethic and passion that they do, after 10 years of long hours inhabiting the same characters!
All this is to say thanks for your words, Nightsky.
I'll add my admiration and thanks to everyone involved - behind the camera as well as in front of it.
# suenash19 2014-06-07 10:01
Nice summary, NightSky!

Best. Show. Ever.

Fantastic cast and crew.

I have much love and appreciation for everyone involved with making Supernatural, but I also think it was an absolute Godsend getting Jared and Jensen for the main characters - and I absolutely adore Sam!

I would also like to add a mention for Sera Gamble. Her writing was exemplary. I was so impressed watching Fresh Blood again the other day, written by Sera and directed by dear Kim Manners. I also treasure the work that Ben Edlund put into the show, most recently "The Great Escapist" was a fabulous episode.

I am sure there are more shoutouts that could/should be made to specific SPNFamily members past and present, but I will stop my rambling for now :-)

Love Sue x