Here we go, the last recap of season four! I hope the ten of you that read these things enjoy this one, for its one of my longest yet. Too many scenes triggered the thought process!

I tingle with anticipation the second "The Road So Far" comes up, because I know what's coming. The season summary to the traditional season finale theme song, "Carry On Wayward Son." So, is it awesome compared to the other seasons? Hell yeah, maybe even more so, since this season was so good. I'm calling season four the series best. There, I said it. I especially got all stoked at the "Don't you cry no more," as Sam walks out on Dean from the previous episode. Awesome.

It's the St. Mary's Convent Ilchester, Maryland in 1972. There's a chapel, and you know since this is Kripke's episode that some very wicked crap is about to go down. In this case, a priest at the alter gets a pretty big stream of black smoke crammed down his throat. Must be a high on the food chain demon. This priest now comes with cavalier attitude when lecturing nuns, who are scared over his behavior, but not scared enough to run for their lives. Silly nuns.

We pretty much know it's Azazel before even seeing the yellow eyes just by the way he talks. After blah, blah, blahing his way through The Lords Prayer, he mentions how he feels like he's been wandering the desert for years. Considering in the Book of Enoch, Azazel was bound and cast into the desert as punishment, that's pretty much correct. He locks the door and mentions he's been looking for his father, whose in jail because their dad put him there. Ah, get it, he's looking for Lucifer.

SPN 0069

He goes on to reveal that the very convent they're in is the place where his father's cage door is. "Life is funny." A nun tries to interrupt and gets a "Shut your freaking pie hole you little slut!" Okay nuns, this is the point where you guys are supposed to start running because something isn't right. The priest smiles and goes on over the irony of the place. The location does kind of make sense, since his dad used to be an angel. He theorizes that some dumb bastard got a jolt of "holy juice" and decided to build a "nun factory." "Right idea, wrong angel." His eyes go yellow, he pulls out a knife, and says "So um, if any of you gals are the praying type, now would be good time to start." Then behind the closed (and locked) doors we hear nuns screaming while the camera moves in on a heavenly angel statue. Nothing is sacred with Kripke, is it?

Bird of the apocalypse and yes, they're for real this time.

A slow focus on a very pensive (and somber) Sam. There's an abandoned house, and Ruby's yellow classic mustang. Other than the fact it's a 69 Mach, I've never been impressed with Ruby's car. Maybe because I'm more partial to the 1965 convertible models. Plus I hate that color. Sam is lost in his own depressive funk, and Ruby tries to play friend, but sucks at it. Sam is ready to go, but Ruby presses further. She tells him Dean was wrong for what he said to him but Sam says he was right. "I don't blame him after what I did."

Ruby tries to give him the consolation, they'll patch things up after. "You're talking like I've got an after," Sam replies. "I can feel it inside me Ruby. I've changed, for good. There's no going back now." Ruby tries again, but Sam insists on staying in self-loathing mode. "Look, I know what I gotta do. It's okay, I'm just saying, Dean's better off as far away from me as possible." Sam's ready to get this done with and they get a move on. Enough with the pity party Sam! Call your brother.


Now, it's time for the same slow focus onto Dean's pensive face. Oh you two, you're killing me with this family strife! Bobby calls out to Dean, and instantly Dean has the better end of the deal. I'll take Bobby over Ruby any day! Dean is in Bobby's library, looking out the window. Bobby asks if he's heard a word he's said. Dean refuses to call Sam. "Don't make me get my gun boy," Bobby tells him. Mental note, don't get on the wrong side of Bobby. Dean defends they are too close to Armageddon and they've got "bigger fish to fry." Bobby tries to talk sense into him, trying to remind Dean that no matter what Sam's done he's his brother and he's drowning, but Dean has a pity party of his own. "It's too late."

Bobby tells him to try again, but Dean is being a whiny brat. "I've gotta face the facts. Sam never wanted part of this family. He hated this life, ran away to Stanford first chance he got. Now it's like deja  vu all over again. Well I'm sick and tired of chasing him. Screw him, he can do what he wants. Sam's gone, he's gone. I'm not sure if he's still my brother anymore. If he ever was."

Bobby, not being the fan of whining, turns around, throws everything off his desk in one clean swipe and let's Dean have it. "You stupid, stupid, son of a bitch! Well boo hoo, I am so sorry your feelings are hurt, PRINCESS. Are you under the impression that family's suppose to make you feel good? Make you an apple pie maybe? They're supposed to make you miserable! That's why they're family!" Bobby, this is the most awesome you've been in a LONG line of awesome. I bow right now to your greatness. Another thing I bow too? Kripke for not killing Bobby. We get him in season five! I'm so relieved that I don't mind that this is his only scene in the episode.

Dean brings up how he told Sam not to walk out the door and he did anyway, and Bobby not only points out that Dean sounds like a whiny brat (see!), he sounds like John. He calls John a coward. Dean takes offense, but Bobby has a great point. "He'd rather push Sam away rather than reach out to him. That don't strike me as brave. You are a better man that your daddy ever was. So you do both of us a favor, and don't be him."

Dean swallows his pride and says nothing, turning back to the window to think it through. He turns around when he realizes Bobby is right, but suddenly he's not in South Dakota anymore. He's in Jupiter and the Infinite Beyond from 2001: A Space Odyssey. Kripke you twisted bastard. Castiel greets him with that trademark, "Hello Dean," and tells him it's almost time, like the world's gonna end or something. Oh wait, it is.

SPN 0242

Time for Kripke to twist that proverbial 'worst nightmare' knife in our guts, for possessed nurse from last week has found herself an adorable newborn boy to snag. She wheels this adorable sleeping baby down the hall after he's been with mom and dad and does a very twisted version of "pat-a-cake," all while looking at the child like he's a delectable entrée. No, I'm not bothered by this (sarcasm). Of course just as it seems she's made her getaway, she goes flying against the wall courtesy of an amped up Sam Winchester. "We need to talk." Whew, no babies were harmed in the making of this episode.

Back to Dean, who's checking out the room and being strangely calm for someone being kept there against his will. He passes by a table with a lovely red vase (what's the accent color in season five, black?), admires the luxury surroundings complete with pictures on the wall of idyllic settings, then is suddenly stunned as his favorite beer from "What Is And What Should Never Be" and a huge plate of thick cheeseburgers are there on the table. Do these angels actually think Dean can be bought so easily?

Suddenly with Castiel is the big boss angel himself, Zachariah. He greets Dean with a warm smile and tons of enthusiasm. Yep, he's evil. Dean still has his sense of humor, for he says in return, "Well look at this. The suite life with Zack and Cas." The angels don't get the reference, but I'm dying! My kids watch that nauseating show on the Disney channel daily. Isn't Kripke's kid too young to watch that show? How does he exactly know The Disney Channel that well?

Dean tries to explain the joke, then says never mind. He gets to the point. Why is he there? Zack says that it's like a green room and they're closing in on the grand finale. They want to keep him safe before show time. He offers Dean a burger, mentioning they're his favorite, from that seaside shack in Delaware when he was eleven. Considering I'm often visiting family in Delaware, somebody better cough up the name of that place now! Those burgers look good.

SPN 0288

Dean isn't hungry. Aww, remember the days when he'd never turn down free food? This whole apocalypse mess has changed him. Zachariah is going out of his way to be accommodating, even offering up every young man's fantasy, season two Ginger from Gilligan's Island (when the show went to color) and Mary Ann for free. So does that mean Dean likes redheads? Hot dog! I'm so in.

Dean only has two words for that. "Tempting, weird." He wants to "bail on the holodeck," and pop culture references in this scene are swarming like flies! Dean asks for the game plan. Zachariah doesn't want to share, and tells Dean they'll worry about that while Dean stays focused and relaxed. Dean gets madder because he's all about getting answers, and he threatens to leave. "Start talking Chuckles." Aww, Dean and his pet names again. I've mentioned this a few times before, but I never get tired of saying my secret pet name for Dean. "Pookie."

All the seals have fallen, except one. Dean jokes "That's an impressive score. That's right up there with the Washington Generals." Man has it been a long time since I've seen the Harlem Globetrotters play. They used to be on TV every Saturday afternoon. Yes, I'm showing my age. Dean is harshly reminded that he's the one that started this. Yes Dean, people in glass houses. Oh, but the final seal is different, for only Lilith can break it and its happening tomorrow at midnight. Dean asks where, but only gets a "we're working on it," answer. Like he expected something straight forward from these guys.

Notice how during all this Castiel is just standing like a statue in the background? I'm sure Misha read that part of the script and said "Alright!" Anyway, Dean asks what he's supposed to do. He doesn't need to worry about that right now. He wants to know how he's supposed to stop Lilith, like with the knife or something. You know Dean that doesn't work. "All in good time," Zachariah tells him. "Isn't now a good time?" Dean shoots back. He's told to have faith. Dean asks for one reason why he should. "Because you swore your obedience, so obey." Oh, if looks could kill, Zachariah would be stone dead.

SPN 0365

Baby cooking demon wakes up to find herself pinned to a table. Badass Sam arrives and man is he hot when he's like this. She asks where the devil's trap is and Sam mentions he doesn't need one. "Well look at you, all roided up. It's like A-Rod and Madonna over here." Hee, she's a funny smart-ass demon.

Sam asks where Lilith is, but the demon isn't scared. She asks what's her up side since she's in a no-win situation, for either Sam will kill her or Lilith will. Sam snarls and tells her she should worry about what happens before she dies and pulls out his hand of doom. Demon screams her fool head off. I also noticed that they're in the same abandoned house as from "I Know What You Did Last Summer." I always loved that set, despite the hot demon monkey sex that happened in that room.

SPN 0392

Dean holds onto the cell phone and finally realizes he has nothing to lose. He gets Sam's voice mail. "Hey, it's me, uh, look I'll just get right to it. I'm still pissed, and I owe you a serious beat down, but (long pause), I shouldn't have said what I said. I'm not dad, we're brothers, we're family, and not matter how bad it gets that doesn't change. Sammy I'm sor-." Phone cuts him off. What's really cool is the next shot shows Dean all alone in this beautiful room, looking pretty small in the middle of it. Awesome directors trick in the story telling. He's truly isolated.

SPN 0405

Sam does his thing on the demon more, she screams bloody murder, and she'll tell him if he kills her. She reveals Lilith will be at the St. Mary's convent in Ilchester, Maryland tomorrow night at midnight. Sam wants to know the final seal is, but she doesn't know. Uh, Sam, I know you're getting really good at your demon torture with your mind thing, but wasn't that a little too easy? Something tells me they want you there.

Sam wants to kill the demon as promised, but Ruby stops him. They need her alive, for Ruby doesn't have enough blood and this one will give him what he needs. Demon calls Ruby a bitch (which is what she is), and Ruby just gloats that you can't trust anyone these days. No Ruby, no one can trust you. Then, other demon gets ruthless and goes deep into the subconscious, thus letting the nurse she's possessing, Cindy McKellan surface. Nurse pleads for help, Sam and Ruby aren't happy.

SPN 0521

Back to 1972, and Azazel in priest suit bows at the altar surrounded by slaughtered nuns. So lovely, isn't he? He confesses he's not the praying type, but mentions he did make the sacrifice. "I got you a bag full of nuns. So, uh, can you hear me? Can you whisper through the door?" Sure enough, Lucifer ends up channeling through a dead nun draped on the altar. Gotta love the imagery. Azazel mentions he's been looking for him for so long. The others have lost faith, but not him. After being told he's done well, Azazel asks what he can do to get him out. Lilith will break the seals. Azazel isn't sure how that'll be possible, but asks what he can do to help. "Find me a child, a very special child." Azazel is confused, and asks "what child?"

SPN 0522

So, next shot, there's Sam! Special child himself. Sam's on the laptop and its great abandoned houses get wireless Internet access these days. He reads about the disemboweling of "a bag full of nuns" at St. Mary's in 1972. "What's black and white and red all over?" Ruby jokes, but Sam doesn't have his sense of humor today. Oh come on Sam, lighten up. He goes on about how the priest said he was possessed and even remembered the demon's name, Azazel. Since this place involves the A-listers (there's only two demons on that list?), it must be where they have to go. Ruby tells him they need to grab "nurse betty" and leave.

Sam is hesitant because, you still, he has an actual conscience. He asks Ruby if they can't let the nurse go and find another demon. Ruby switches to cold hearted bitch mode (okay, she was always there) and points out its all an act. There's still a hellbitch inside her. Then Ruby really twists the screws. "Come on, it's not like you haven't done this before, right?" Oh, bring that up! You left him high and dry you bitch, so he had to snack somewhere. Sam just pouts. Come on Sam, you choked Dean over talking trash to you, but you spare Ruby?

Sam drags the desperately pleading for her life nurse out to the car. She tells him her name and that she has a husband who's probably worried about her, but Sam is acting all mean and dangerous and stuffs her into the trunk of the Mach while she screams. Sam closes the trunk, and the guilt tears him apart as he hears her muffled cries. This isn't you Sam, don't do it!

Meanwhile, back in Shangri-La, Dean is still being a bit too patient for my tastes. He looks at an angel statue, gets this wicked impulse and casually knocks the statue over. Then Castiel shows up and Dean acts like he's busted. Gotta love Dean's inner mischievous streak.

SPN 0582

"You wanted to see me?" Castiel asks. Dean wants a favor, he needs to see Sam. Castiel asks why. "There's something I want to talk to him about." "What?" "The BM I took this morning, what's it to you?" Ah, that's what you get Castiel for being a nosy angel. Cas doesn't think it would be wise, to which Dean points out he didn't ask for his opinion. Castiel asks Dean if he's forgotten what happened the last time they met. Of course Dean hasn't forgotten, so that's exactly why he wants to see Sam. He wants to tie up this one thing before going off to do his mission. Castiel says no anyway. Oh Cas, you know never to tell Dean no. It makes him angry. Dean pushes farther, asking if he's trapped there. I love this rapid fire dialogue between the two:

Castiel: You can go anywhere you want.
Dean: Super, I want to see Sam.
Castiel: Except there.
Dean: I want to talk a walk.
Castiel: Fine I'll go with you.
Dean: Alone.
Castiel: No.

Dean gets disgusted and says he's out of there. He goes to the door, but Castiel in a creepy way tells him "Through what door?" Dean looks at him puzzled, turns around and the door is gone. He turns back to Castiel and he's gone too. I'd say that's a pretty good hint that he's trapped.

Sam and Ruby are in the Mustang, and Sam looks on his phone at the voice mail message prompt from Dean. Ruby tells him to play it, he tells her to mind her own business. You know Sam, that doesn't work with Dean, and it won't with Ruby either. They're into your business, like it or not. In the background are the horrifying screams of nurse Cindy. This is tearing Sam apart, while Ruby is pretty calm. Sam wishes she would shut up. Ruby, all smug, says she can arrange that. Sam looks at her like she's evil, which she is. "I don't get it," she says. "All the demons you cut with the knife, what do you think happens to the host? How is this any different?" "Is that supposed to make me feel better?" Sam asks. Um, no Sam, it isn't. She's evil, remember?

Ruby points out they're in the final lap and now's not the time to be feeling this way. Sam is really appalled by Ruby's heartlessness. "I'm about the bleed and drink and innocent woman while she watches." Ruby, being the lying bitch she is, replies "And save the world as a result." Okay, your definition of saving the world anyway. Then Sam has this awesome moment of clarity (which doesn't last) and finally says it. "I don't know, I'm starting to think that Dean was right." "About what?" Ruby asks. "About everything." He is right about everything Sam! Listen to your inner voice. Ruby asks if he's going see this through, and Sam has that look of uncertainty..

SPN 0680

I can't help but think this is the end of "Jus In Bello" coming full circle. I finally get that ending now. For whatever reason, aside from it being totally demonic and evil, Ruby is getting kicks out of throwing Sam into these moral situations where there is no win and pushing him toward the darker path. He has to go against everything in his nature in order to make one sacrifice that supposedly will serve the greater good. Except it doesn't, something Dean saw in "Jus In Bello." Such a sacrifice involves throwing away the rule book. Now, without Dean to intervene, Sam can't wrap his head around the rule book and is probably thinking about those six deaths he could have prevented when they refused to sacrifice the virgin. Except he doesn't realize that he likely couldn't have prevented them, for Lilith would have killed them anyway. It's all part of the demon manipulation plan, and Sam's only voice of reason through it all is Dean. Without him, he's vulnerable. That's likely why they were eager to get Dean into Hell.

Okay, now for the dinger! Dean is pounding into the drywall with a candlestick base when Zachariah shows up. Dean turns and the wall is miraculously repaired. "Quit throwing feces like a howler monkey," Zachariah tells him. Come on Zach, he's technically a caged animal right now.

Dean is angry, and demands they let him out of there. Zack points out its too dangerous out there, demons on the prowl. Liar! Dean isn't buying it. "I've been getting my ass kicked all year, and now you're sweating my safety?" Then he tells Zack he's lying. He wants to see Sam. Zack says that's ill advised. Dean goes off, throwing an insult about being sick of seeing his fat face and demanding to know why he can't see Sam and how he's supposed to ice Lilith. Oh Dean, you know what happens when you start demanding answers. You get them, and they suck.

Zack essentially gives the jig up. "You're not." Dean is shocked. Zack goes on. Lilith is going to break the final seal. "Fait accompli at this point, the train's left the station." Asshole. While unveiling the dastardly plot, Zachariah sits in front of a large mirror, and that mirror shows his reflection in endless repeating pattern. How cool is that? It's the house of mirrors; its all an illusion and we don't know what's real.

Dean says they can stop it, and then realizes Zack doesn't want to stop it. "No, never did. The end is nigh, the apocalypse is coming to a theater near you," he says with absolute excitement. Dean is dismayed. "What was all that crap about saving seals?" It seems it was just a ploy to keep subordinates like Castiel in line. Otherwise they'd have a full scale rebellion on their hands. "Think about it. Would we really let 65 seals get broken unless senior management wanted it that way?" Well that plan worked. I guess that's what happens when you're dealing with a few thousand years of trained monkeys.

Dean asks why. Zack goes into an evil diatribe that essentially equates what's happening to Ali-Foreman on a slightly larger scale. I'll say. As Zack goes on boasting about how much they like their chances, Dean looks up at the pictures on the wall and they aren't so serene anymore. They depict dark battles involving demons and Hell. "When our side wins, and we will, its paradise on earth. What's not to like about that?" Dean ain't feeling the warm fuzzies.

SPN 0751

 Dean has a good question. "What happens to all the people during your little pissing contest?" Zack has all the answers. "Well, you can't make an omelet without cracking a few eggs. In this case, truckloads of eggs, but you get the picture." Then, just like Ruby, Zack goes for the less than consoling reality of things. "Look, it happens. This isn't the first planetary enema we've delivered." Asshole. Dean looks at an angelic statue, which is now dark instead of white, and Zack points out to Dean that bashing his head in wouldn't be a good idea right now. True, but I'm sure it'll make Dean feel better!

Ah, but Dean still has hope. He asks about Sam, and says that he won't go quietly, he'll take care of Lilith. Zack mentions that Sam has a very important part to play in all this, and might need a little "nudging" in the right direction, but Zack will make sure he plays it. Now Dean is all worried, and wants to know what that means and what he's going to do to Sam. The spectrum of emotions Dean is going through in this scene is incredible. Jensen, again you've blown us away. I collapse in his greatness.

"Sam, Sam, Sam, Marcia, Marcia, Marcia." Now Kripke is pulling The Brady Bunch? Wow, will he stop at nothing? Zack brushes off Dean's concern with Sam, and tells him they weren't lying about his destiny ("Just omitted a few pertinent details). They still have greater plans for him. He's chosen, he will stop it, just not Lilith and the Apocalypse, that's all. He's going to stop Lucifer. "You're our own Russell Crowe complete with surly attitude." Ha! I'm willing to bet Kripke had that line tucked away for a while, dying for the right chance to use it. He did!

When it's over and they've won, Dean's rewards will be unimaginable. "Peace, happiness, two virgins and seventy sluts." Dean isn't laughing. "Tell me something," Dean says, "where's God in all this?" "God? God has left the building." Uh oh, something's rotten in Heaven. Then Zack leaves the building too. Dean is all alone, now more chilled than ever. He looks at the graphic painting of Michael defeating Lucifer and realizes how screwed he is.

SPN 0793

A security guard is at the abandoned convent, and we know he's toast. He turns and sees Lilith all dressed in white. Yep, toast.

Back to Dean, who isn't so calm anymore. He tries the cell phone, it doesn't work anymore. The camera shows Dean alone, then goes behind a post and suddenly Castiel is there. The king of cool entrances. "You're outside of your coverage zone." I'll say! Dean's thoughts are of only one person, and his worry really gets me. "What are you going to do to Sam?" Aww, he does care. "Nothing," Castiel replies, "he's gonna do it to himself." Dean wants specifics, but Castiel just gives him that evasive look away. Dean understands, Cas has to tow the company line.

SPN 0857

Aww, now Cas cares. "We've been through much together, you and I, and I just wanted to say I'm sorry it ended like this." Dean isn't in the mood for apologies. He hits Castiel, and apparently it's like striking Superman. Castiel turns a cheek but is unaffected, while Dean winces and shakes his stinging hand in pain. I don't think he'll be doing that again. "It's Armageddon Cas, you need a bigger word than sorry." Castiel tries to make argument this is long foretold and Dean's- "Destiny," Dean interrupts. He thinks all this talk of God and destiny is a bunch of crap to keep them both in line. "You want to know what's real? People, families, that's real. And you're gonna watch them all burn?" Castiel doesn't understand what's worth saving, since people are in so much pain. He sees Dean's guilt, anger, and confusion and assures him he'll be at peace, even with Sam.

SPN 0876

Oh Cas, do you not know Dean? He's not a peace loving kind of guy. "You can take your peace and shove it up your lily white ass." He'll take the pain, guilt, and Sam as is, for its "a lot better than being a Stepford bitch in paradise." Castiel is confused as hell. Dean tries to appeal to Castiel's sense of right and wrong, and makes Cas turn around and look at him. These two are so deliciously explosive on the screen together. Anyway, Dean guesses Cas was going to help him once and warn him about all this before they dragged him back to "bible camp." He pleads for Cas to help him now. Castiel isn't sure what Dean wants him to do. Get him to Sam and they can stop it before it's too late. Castiel knows what that means. "If I do that, we will all be hunted, we will all be killed." Dean, who apparently still has his "going down swinging" mindset, says "if there is anything worth dying for, this is it." Castiel shakes his head, not convinced, and that sets Dean off more. "You spineless, soulless son of a bitch. What do you care about dying, you're already dead. We're done." Castiel tries to talk but Dean repeats they're done. Castiel leaves and Dean is again alone in the big room, isolated. Love that shot.

SPN 0946

Sam and Ruby have stopped at an old road marker that says St. Mary's is in two miles. Sam is really wrestling with his conscience now, for the choice has to be made. Ruby is standing behind him, cleaning out her nails with a knife, eager to get to the gory part. Bitch. Sam needs a minute. Ruby protests and he shouts her down. He pulls out his phone and finally listens to Dean's message, but it's not the one Dean actually left. It's actually very heartbreaking, and this is the one part of the episode that chokes me up, for those words crush Sam. "Listen to me you blood sucking freak. Dad always said I'd have to save you or kill you, well I'll give you fair warning, I'm done trying to save you. You're a monster Sam, a vampire. You're not you anymore, and there's no going back." While Sam closes his watering eyes in devastation, Ruby smiles behind Sam's back. Bitch. He hangs up and tells Ruby to do it. Next we hear a scream as Ruby slices.

Okay, a few thoughts there before I go on. Zachariah told Dean he had to take a few steps to push Sam in the right direction, so he probably tampered with the message. Of course Ruby judging by her smile knew what the message was, so did she do it? Or did Zack do it, and they're in cahoots? It would kind of make sense that Ruby was working with the angels. I remember seeing a deleted scene from "It's The Great Pumpkin Sam Winchester" where Castiel and Uriel were walking in the forest. Castiel was reminding Uriel that their orders were to not only leave Sam alone, but Ruby as well. They both had a purpose. It makes sense now, the higher angels were working with Ruby to play Sam and Dean. It's brilliant, but it's also tragic.

Also, poor Sam! Since fakeDean called him a monster and he thinks he's not coming out of this alive, he can't do what's right in the end. He'll go out a monster and be done with it. Talk about self-esteem issues. Did he think about the consequences if he survived? I wonder if we'll see his intense guilt over this next season. I wonder if he'll continue on his death wish more than ever.

Okay, onto the drama. Dean is pacing back and forth pretty frantic now, and sees the burgers in front of him. He goes to eat one but Castiel comes up behind Dean, slams him against the wall and covers his mouth. Aww, come on Cas, wait until the poor boy eats. They look into each other's eyes and come to an understanding while Castiel pulls out the knife. Cas lets Dean go, slices his arm and begins to make the angel banishing sigil in blood on the wall. Hell yeah Cas!! You're going rogue!! That sets up plenty of possibilities for you in season five.


Zachariah arrives asking Cas what he's doing. Cas finishes what he's doing and puts his hand in the center of the circle while Dean is wise enough to shield his eyes. Zachariah disappears in a flash of white light. Cas tells Dean he won't be gone long and they have to find Sam fast. He doesn't know where Sam is, but he knows who does. Also he says this while giving Dean back the knife. "We have to stop him Dean, from killing Lilith." "But Lilith is the final seal," Dean says. "Lilith is the final seal!" Castiel proclaims. "She dies, the end begins." Dun, dun, duh!

There's a screenshot of a computer monitor. "Lucifer Rising," by Carver Edlund. It's Chuck the Prophet! Chuck is on the phone, inquiring about rates for hookers. One thousand an hour. Good, he wants twenty for all night. "Lady, sometimes you gotta live like there's no tomorrow." I guess he knows what's coming! BTW, anyone notice that Chuck's house looks rather similar to Bobby's? Hey, if it saves the budget. Chuck turns around and is shocked to find Dean and Castiel behind him. "This isn't supposed to happen." He hangs up on the service.

Lilith is at the altar with a chalice of blood and sees all her minions in the hallway collapsed. Sam turns the corner in super hopped up mode and with the wave of her hand Lilith closes the door.

Dean reads the pages, and asks if St. Mary's is a convent. Chuck says yeah, but also points out they to aren't supposed to be there. "You're not in this story." Castiel replies, "We're making it up as we go." Ha! Cas, a funny at a time like this? Dean is rubbing off on you. Suddenly a golden light appears and the room starts shaking. The archangel is back too! Castiel tells Dean to get to Sam while he holds off the archangel. He plants a palm on Dean's forehead and poof, he's in Maryland. Angel transport is cool! That even works faster than a transporter.

Dean arrives in the hallway at the convent and goes searching. Meanwhile Chuck and Castiel are still dealing with the bright light of the archangel. Chuck puts his hand on Castiel's shoulder, and Castiel intimidates him enough with his look to have him take it back. Oh, how I love the subtle humor in the most intense of circumstances!

SPN 1102

Sam barges into the convent chapel, and with quick hand strike in the air flings Lilith against the altar. He looks at her with those revenge filled eyes and pins her against it. Dean arrives in time to see the scene, but Ruby is the only one who notices him and smirks before closing the door with her hand. She's powerful enough to do that? That lying bitch. The camera does this weird thing where it gives several rough cuts of Sam's dying for revenge face. Interesting technique. Sam announces he's been waiting for this for a very long time. "Give me your best shot," Lilith tells him. Oh come on Sam, can't you see right through this?

More jagged rough cuts between Sam, Ruby and Lilith before Sam sends a few jolts Lilith's way. He stops and turns his head behind him, for he hears a voice. "Dean?" We see a livid Ruby shouting frantically at Sam (but we can barely hear her) asking what he's waiting for. Then Lilith starts laughing at him, and he hears that. "You turned yourself into a freak, a monster and now you're not gonna bite? I'm sorry, but that is honestly adorable." Sam gets really angry, because everyone know his trigger words are "monster" and "freak."

SPN 1177

Sam's eyes then turn completely black! Oh no, he's a demon! Okay, he always technically was, but now he really is! Sam puts his hand out all pissed off and zaps the holy hell out of Lilith all with black eyes. He's freaking scary like this. The spark eventually goes out after a few intense jolts, and Lilith gasps falls to the floor dead. Considering there's a whole act left to go in this episode (not to mention a promised cliffhanger), something tells me there will be some fallout from this.

SPN 1178

Final act and suddenly a stream of blood oozes from Lilith, and begins to form a pattern on the floor. Sam is puzzled, Ruby is joyous. "I can't believe it, you did it. I mean it was touch and go there for a while but you did it." An alarmed Sam wants to know what he did. "You opened the door, and now he's free at last. He's free at last." Sam still hasn't caught on, proclaiming that he stopped Lilith, so Ruby recites the scripture. "And it is written, that the first demon shall be the last seal."

Sam clutches his forehead, it all hitting him now, while Ruby gets pretty stoked. "Now guess who's coming to dinner." Another pop culture reference Kripke? How do demons know these so well? Sam in the meantime is still absorbing the shock over the fact that he just started the apocalypse. No, that doesn't look too good on a resume. "Oh my God," Sam says. "Guess again." Ruby is having fun now.

SPN 1224

The blood has formed a full circle, and Dean is still trying to bust through the door, which is a great setup for more Ruby monologuing. She tells Sam he doesn't know how hard this was, and goes into full gloating mode. "I was the best of those sons of bitches, the most loyal! Not even Alastair knew! Only Lilith. Yeah, I'm sure you're a little angry right now, oh but come on Sam, even you have to admit, I'm awesome!" You think he's a little angry Ruby? Think again.

Sam gets all furious and calls Ruby a lying bitch. He puts out both hands to zap her one and ends up falling back in pain. Ruby points out he shot his payload at the boss. So he has limits to his demon killing supply? Interesting. Then it all starts to unfold for poor Sam. "The blood, you poisoned me." Ruby denies it, claiming he didn't need to demon blood, and all Ruby did was present him with choices. He chose the right path every time. No Ruby, you kept berating him with choices and kept pushing his guilt and anger buttons until he caved in. I have to admit though, looking at how all those little choices unfolded over the last two seasons, the manipulation was quite brilliant.

SPN 1256

Then Ruby drops the bombshell that takes us to season five. "You didn't need the feather to fly, you had it inside you all along Dumbo." Okay, that reference had to come from Kripke watching Disney DVDs with his kid. I know Dumbo is over sixty years old, but who remembers that lesson unless it involves a recent viewing? Ruby tries talking sense to Sam, even coddling him and calling him Sammy, while talking of a miracle. Everything Lilith and Azazel did to get him there, and he was the only one that could do this. "Why? Why me?" Sam asks. "Because, because it had to be you. It always had to be you." In other words maybe we'll get an answer in season five. Ruby goes on, telling Sam he "set him free" and "he's going to be grateful." "He's gonna repay you in ways you can't ever imagine. By this time Sam looks like he's going to lose his lunch and doesn't share her enthusiasm.

SPN 1259

Oh goody, goody, time for the totally awesome part! Dean breaks through the door, and he's pissed! He comes briskly charging forward and yanks out the knife. Ruby gets up, leaving a totally despondent Sam on the ground. "You're too late," she taunts. Dean doesn't stop his brisk charge. "I don't care." Suddenly Sam comes in from behind and grabs Ruby, holding her firm while Dean plunges the knife right into her! She sparks and Dean twists the knife harder! And meaner! Awesome! Finally the sparks go out and Sam drops her on the ground. The wicked witch is dead!

While I'm visualizing munchkins coming out from the woodwork singing and dancing (or maybe a group of slaughtered nuns), our cliffhanger happens. Sam looks at Dean with the most intense remorse I've ever seen and says "I'm sorry."

Suddenly, a huge bright light comes from the circle formed by the blood. Dean grabs Sam and says they need to get out of there. Sam grabs onto Dean and they're both clutching onto each other as the light gets more intense. "He's coming," a panicked Sam says as they're both bathed in white light, followed by the credits. Noooooo!!!! You can't do that to us Kripke!

Oh but he can, and he did. Thanks a bunch. Oh, and "Damn You Kripke!" See you in September! In the meantime, I need to wrap my head around all that's happened this season. I'm exhausted!