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Writing this week's recap was a bit of a difficulty, because I'm still laughing or crying over various scenes. To say the least,"Wishful Thinking" was a stunner. Stunning in more ways than one. I like being pleasantly surprised though, and a great way to win my heart is through the device of black comedy. Ben Edlund wrote it, Robert Singer directed, so it has to be interesting. 
This show has kept us on our toes all season, and this week's opening was no exception. A woman is in the shower and the camera cuts wildly in between the water running and the unsuspecting woman lost in her hair rising unaware of what lurks. This is only the most common setup in the entire horror genre, so few of us are scared by the boy who appears on the other side of the frost glass and than disappears into thin air. She gets out of the shower, so we won't be getting a Psycho recreation. The invisible hand swipes the glass, so trouble is coming! 

The creepy score echoes as woman goes to the sink, and wet footprints work their way across the linoleum. Oh I can feel the suspense. Woman turns, calls out, and gets no answer. She takes the towel off her head, throws it across the room, and it lands on the head of invisible man. Busted! Then he talks with the broken voice of a young teenager. "œHello Mrs. Armstrong." She screams. Psych! 

Birds of the apocalypse, and I'm already scratching my head over where this one is going. 

Sam and Dean are in Chotchkies and if you don't know what I'm talking about, I highly recommend Office Space.  One of the funniest films ever. Dean is slamming shots while irritating waiter guy, complete with flair loaded suspenders, comes over and bothers their intense conversation every minute or so. We don't see his back to verify that he has the required 15 pieces of flair (I only counted 10).   
Sam is pushing the issue about Dean remembering Hell that Uriel raise last week. Interesting, Sam has lost faith in these angels, yet he still believes in their ability to know all. Did Uriel leave too harsh an impression? Dean claims Uriel was wrong, he doesn't remember. Sam even pulls the"look into my eyes" bit and Dean does so without flinching. Come on Sam, we know you and Dean are both top notch liars and you both get it from your daddy. That trick is exempt in the Winchester family.     
Time to get to business and Sam says it's been quiet, mentioning a possible vengeful spirit stalking showers in the ladies locker room in Concrete, Washington. That got Dean's attention. "œWomen, showers, we've got to save these people." He throws down the money and they're off!
Next is a gorgeous shot of the Impala going down Main Street of an average town with some spectacular mountain peaks in the background. Whoa, I'm all for this scenery over the dreary Midwestern backdrops from Season three. I live in the Midwest, I see enough of that as it is. The real name of this town by the way is Squamish, British Columbia, which has also played the role of the fictional town Elmo in Men In Trees. What ever the name is, I love it and I'm making vacation plans.

Sam gets dumped off in front of a Chinese restaurant, #1 Lucky Chins, complete with the motto"Good Things Happen To Those Who Eat." That's why Sam has such rotten luck! The boy never eats. I would accuse the décor of being over the top, but just about every Chinese restaurant in Ohio looks like that. They even have the Budda fountain. 
Sam talks with shower woman, who claims she's a"natural sensitive". Sam is playing along, but he's already figured out she's one eggroll short of a combo platter. Sam's guise is author investigating stories across the country, and the title of his book is"Supernatural". Awesome! He really should write that book. I'd read it. 
Sam sees a very geeky guy being hand fed by a gorgeous woman and is rather disturbed. Well, he is trained to spot the weird and unusual! The shower lady says the ghost didn't really push her down the stairs but she fell, he kept calling her"Mrs. Armstrong", helped her up and begged her not to tell his mom. Sam realizes this is a waste of time.
He joins up with Dean who investigated the locker room and found nothing. They were about ready to give up over the disappointment of not being able to save naked women when they see a bunch of boys chasing a smaller kid, inspiring Dean to yell"Run, Forrest, Run!" One of those bullies should have stopped and kicked Dean's ass over that overused reference. If you don't know what I mean, go visit a Bubba Gump Shrimp Company restaurant. It's pitiful (although the food is good).  
Sam and Dean overhear a local hunter and the sheriff on a gorgeous fishing pier. They pull out the FBI badges (I can't read the names to tell what aliases they are this week), and get the skinny. Bigfoot. They go into the woods, touting from their hunting experience Bigfoot is a hoax, yet they can't explain when they see the giant footprints. "œThat is a"¦big foot." They trace them to a nearby liquor store which has been busted into. Empty bottles of Amaretto and Irish Cream litter the floor, so Bigfoot is a"girl drink drunk". Oh, but Dean swipes a bottle of whiskey for himself when Sam isn't looking. We saw you Dean! You can't hide the truth from us. 

Sam finds several porno mags missing. Bigfoot is their type of guy. He didn't take"Backside" though. He's obviously not a back door creature. In a bit that no comedy can do without, there must be the scene for the befuddled nonverbal reactions to the absurd situation. Jensen and Jared perfectly prove here they're meant for comedy. Who wants to see them in a sitcom together after this show is done? They both walk out of the store and sit on the bench in front with the same completely puzzled looks on their faces, even sitting in the same pose. Dean's got nothing, Sam thinks it's a joke. Dean then theorizes it's a"deep woods Duchovny". Oh, snap!

They get a break through when a little girl on bike goes by, and one of the magazines flies out of her basket. Busty Asian Beauties. I'm still not tired of that running gag. Little girl leaves a box on the doorstep of liquor bottles and porno mags with a note saying,"Sorry". Sam and Dean follow her, and now Dean has the Harry and The Hendersons theory going. Wow, Ben Edlund is all over the pop culture map with this one, isn't he? 



# vichi 2008-11-13 04:48
Hey Alice,
Thank you! I always am on your page, even if I am not commenting always:-) But I had a bad month, very tiring so I have problems with my time:-) Your reviews were the first I read, and because of them I gave a chance to the show and I never regretted! Once a Supernatural fan, you stay forever and my love for this show is huge! About my reviews, well is going pretty well:-) I always make time for my Supernatural day, which is friday.:-) I get the episode at 6 o'clock in the morning, see it and then write about it because the romanian fans on the blog are pretty eager and they start commenting right away:-)
I loved this episode, was bizzare but all Edlund episodes are specials:-) This two episodes, 9 and 10 will be epic indeed and I can't wait to write about them:-) Enjoy your convention time and I'll be right here waiting for your reports:-) Hope it's ok to post on our blog some informations from your reports (with credit of course) because that's the only way we can found out what's going on at the convention:-) I'll write for the romanian fans an article with infos from the con and just hope that one day I can attend one(the visa that's a big problem and to be frankly, that's for the first time in my life I really, really want to live in America - for those wonderful possibilitys you have - I mean I love my country but I don't think I could ever have the chance to see Jared and Jensen here:-)I don't think they even know were it is on the map...)
Thank and have a Supernatural weekend, in a good way:-)
# Alice 2008-11-15 10:51
Vichi - sorry, I'm really behind on replies. The con so far has been such a blast. Anyway, yes, feel free to mention whatever I report on your site. I'd be honored!
# Suze 2008-11-15 16:22
Fab. Just what I needed after a workplace near death experience with a giant inflatable Santa and a load of fridge magnets. It even had Xena's rubbish sidekick, bliss!
Being a Brit and therefore a natural gloomyguts I thought the Life-is-shit-an d-then-you-die exchange in the Impala was both sensible and healthy but that might just be something they put in the water in East Anglia.
The manic depressive bear was a stroke of genius but I'm always going to regret that I'm never, ever going to get a chance to bound out of a restaurant shouting
" Women! showers! we have to save these people! "