Can't believe the season is almost over....

What do you hope to see?

Not that we aren’t already tied up in knots with the imminent arrival of the season finale – where, oh where did 22 episodes go? I thought I’d start a little dialogue here about what everyone is hoping to see this Thursday before we’re left hanging on by bloody fingernails for a few weeks, months and the parts of three (definitely two, maybe three *gasp* seasons – as in spring, summer, fall not 1, 2, 3).

So, here’s some things I’m hoping to see/hear this Thursday and some are based off of the Space promo as well as the CW promo…I don’t know if that qualifies that as potentially spoilery BUT….if you haven’t watched any promos and are intending on remaining spoiler free to the fullest, then you may not want to read further. Even though what I’ve put in here is pure speculation, it is based in part on the two promos that have been released…so spoilerphobes (and you amaze me with your willpower) beware.

First, Carry On Wayward Son…it’s a tradition and I love the tradition, so I’m dearly hoping for the recap with the music.
Second, Cas pulling a fast one on the ‘higher powers’ and going rebel with Dean.

Third, Sam realizing Ruby’s been playing him for two years and he kills her…or at the very least sends her to hell…oh, all right, if I can’t have either of those two I’ll just be really happy if he at long last realizes how badly she used him.

Fourth, that Bobby DOES NOT DIE! I don’t scour the sites looking for spoilers and have no idea how so many in the fandom seem to think that Bobby’s going to get killed but it’s out there, so I’ll hope that it does not happen.

Fifth, that Dean and Sam have some realization that while they both are very far apart right now it is simply a matter of their dual traumatic year and that they are still brothers, I need some tiny, miniscule, microscopic bit of hope to get me through the break.

Sixth, which BTW means I hope there isn’t anything gonna happen that says that Dean and Sam are not brothers, I mean, really?????

Seventh, I would love the irony or maybe it’s literary symmetry (thank you Chuck, as in I am the Prophet!) in having Dean, the righteous man sent to hell, breaking the first seal when he became a torturer after enduring three decades of torture and thus Sam breaking (almost maybe?) the final seal as a righteous man on earth nearly becoming a demon after enduring similar torture – you don’t really think the demon blood and the feeling the evil inside of him and the mental/emotional/physical torture he’s been going through of late is anything fun?

Eighth…previews for the 5th season premier – what are my chances on that one?

So, that’s a quick list I just throw out there without even rereading it to see if it makes any kind of sense at all. So, be kind if it’s unclear, I’m in a hurry wanting to post something to keep the fab dialogue going as we all collectively wring our hands (and soon our eyes). We may not be able to physically hug or cling or anything like that but we’ll manage to hold each other together after this Thursday…right?