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Can't believe the season is almost over....

What do you hope to see?

Not that we aren’t already tied up in knots with the imminent arrival of the season finale – where, oh where did 22 episodes go? I thought I’d start a little dialogue here about what everyone is hoping to see this Thursday before we’re left hanging on by bloody fingernails for a few weeks, months and the parts of three (definitely two, maybe three *gasp* seasons – as in spring, summer, fall not 1, 2, 3).

So, here’s some things I’m hoping to see/hear this Thursday and some are based off of the Space promo as well as the CW promo…I don’t know if that qualifies that as potentially spoilery BUT….if you haven’t watched any promos and are intending on remaining spoiler free to the fullest, then you may not want to read further. Even though what I’ve put in here is pure speculation, it is based in part on the two promos that have been released…so spoilerphobes (and you amaze me with your willpower) beware.

First, Carry On Wayward Son…it’s a tradition and I love the tradition, so I’m dearly hoping for the recap with the music.
Second, Cas pulling a fast one on the ‘higher powers’ and going rebel with Dean.

Third, Sam realizing Ruby’s been playing him for two years and he kills her…or at the very least sends her to hell…oh, all right, if I can’t have either of those two I’ll just be really happy if he at long last realizes how badly she used him.

Fourth, that Bobby DOES NOT DIE! I don’t scour the sites looking for spoilers and have no idea how so many in the fandom seem to think that Bobby’s going to get killed but it’s out there, so I’ll hope that it does not happen.

Fifth, that Dean and Sam have some realization that while they both are very far apart right now it is simply a matter of their dual traumatic year and that they are still brothers, I need some tiny, miniscule, microscopic bit of hope to get me through the break.

Sixth, which BTW means I hope there isn’t anything gonna happen that says that Dean and Sam are not brothers, I mean, really?????

Seventh, I would love the irony or maybe it’s literary symmetry (thank you Chuck, as in I am the Prophet!) in having Dean, the righteous man sent to hell, breaking the first seal when he became a torturer after enduring three decades of torture and thus Sam breaking (almost maybe?) the final seal as a righteous man on earth nearly becoming a demon after enduring similar torture – you don’t really think the demon blood and the feeling the evil inside of him and the mental/emotional/physical torture he’s been going through of late is anything fun?

Eighth…previews for the 5th season premier – what are my chances on that one?

So, that’s a quick list I just throw out there without even rereading it to see if it makes any kind of sense at all. So, be kind if it’s unclear, I’m in a hurry wanting to post something to keep the fab dialogue going as we all collectively wring our hands (and soon our eyes). We may not be able to physically hug or cling or anything like that but we’ll manage to hold each other together after this Thursday…right?



# Tigershire 2009-05-12 00:37
Good list. I'm with you on a couple of your items. Namely, Bobby NOT dying.

I want to see Lillith gone. I don't care who kills her (although it would be nice if Sam got to do it since I kind feel that he got a bit robbed when he didn't get to kill Azazel - you know cause of the blood and Mary AND Jess).

I want to see the last seal break and Lucifer rise.

Why you ask, incredulously? Because we need fodder for next season, that's why. So something big has to happen and considering all they have done, I figure this has to be it.

I too want a shred of hope for the repair of the brother's relationship.

Something I thought of though. I did catch somewhere that 2 characters are supposed to die. I'm figuring one has to be Lillith but a thought crossed my mind. What if Good!Sam dies and we are left with Evil!Sam?

This show has already proven that death is not permanent, but you know what I'm getting at?

You know in Return of the Jedi (yes, a Star Wars reference...aga in) where Luke finally gives in to the dark side and tries to kill Darth after all that taunting and finally the threat to find "sister" and turn her, but, at the very end he can't kill his father and comes back "into the light". I'm wondering if Sam won't end up doing the same.

So since I don't know what Kripke really has planned, I will go out on a limb and say, I'd like to see Sam actually go over to the other side, but would prefer it to be more like Luke and less like Anakin AND if Sam does go over, he HAS to come back.

Really, my #1 hope to see is an indication that the awesomeness that was Season 4 is going to carry on into Season 5.

And I think the way we are going to know this is if Episode 22 pulls our hearts out with tweezers, shreds it on a grater and then stomps the little bloody pieces into the dirt.
# Bethany 2009-05-12 02:29
I think point 8 is a no go. But I'm really hoping for 'carry on my wayward son' which, although this show doesn't have an official theme tune, is in reality the show's theme.

** potential SPOILER**

I will be so upset if anything happens to Bobby. I heard the rumour that a 'fan favourite' was going to die, but I'm not entirely sure where I read that but it's be circling for a while. I also know that anything Kripke and co says may not be as straight forward as it seems - 'fan favourite' might translate to 'fans love to hate' at least I'm hoping so as I too am hoping for the death of Ruby.

I don't think Lillith is going to be around much longer. By her own admission in TMATEOTB she said she wasn't going to survive and although it might have been a trap for Sam I think the admission might have been genuine.

Definately something to hint of a beginning of brotherly reconciliation. The practical side to me says something must force them together because they can't spend the whole of season 5 apart. As has been said before on this site - this is probably rock botton in 4.22 and it's how they work their way up and out that'll be interesting.

Any more hopes aside from Cas giving heaven the proverbial finger and throwing his lot in with team winchester?

Just that whatever inspiration that came to them this season (I love the other seasons but this one has been above and beyond the others in so many ways) that it carries on over into next season.

...........oh and that the summer goes quickly!
# Suze 2009-05-12 04:33
Right, here's my twopennies worth ...

BOBBY LIVES! Him not dying at all, even slightly, or I'm going to be immensely pissed off.

More Kansas, of course.

Ruby's evil games coming to light and her getting her cumuppance in a very messy and protracted fashion after giving us a full explanation ( with diagrams, if necessary )

Lilith can go as she's getting a bit tedious now.

Huge bro on bro showdown with buckets of blood, angst and general hystrionics ( sorry, Vana! ) Drums, trumpets, marching trees and then whoever staying his hand at the last minute cos they're family, like ...

Cas and his Trenchcoat Of Mystery coming through for the home team after all.

I would love to see Lucifer but if he pops up it's sort of game over, isn't it? I mean with the miniscule budget they couldn't afford a proper armaggedon so it would end up being all lame and laughable a la Buffy ... A few plastic rocks fall over and the camera shakes about a bit ... Not what we want.

Zombie alligators, come on Eric, you know you want to ... :lol:

Lots and lots more of the same come September!
# Dany 2009-05-12 07:10
Hi Alice!

I'm with you and everyone else on the whishing, but I was just checking and they've got new clips for "Lucifer Rising" and....


... Cas chose his side! And I heard Chuck saying to Dean and Cas that they were not suposed to be there, becouse thas not how he saw it and Cas answer that they are making it up as they go! Awwwww Cas, finaly!

Now I'm a little more happy and can't wait until thursday!
# Elle 2009-05-12 10:26
I'm with you on everything on the list. Part of me wonders though, if season five won't be about the re-forging of the brothers relationship in a post-apocolypti c world. As much as I would like the brothers to come back to their old relationship before the season is out, I don't see that happening in one episode - entirely too much as taken place between them for things to go back to the way they were.

I really, really, really want Cas to kick some butt! That guy has got to have enough pent up aggression to wipe our Lucifer himself, by this point!

I can't wait for Thursday!!
# elle2 2009-05-12 18:59
Hi Tigershire, Bethany, Suze, Dany and Elle.

I soooo loved reading all your thoughts...whew , together we will make it.

I've heard a writer talk about Lilith in a pretty spoilery way so HUGE SPOILER ALERT !!!!!! I'll post individual comments and then give you another alert and then what I heard Bed Edlund say recently about Lilith...

Tigershire...I'm so with on the whole Star Wars Luke Skywalker thingy...I'm figuring Kripke is more in tune with the original three and not the campy (as in cheesy, badly done campy) ripoffs we got twenty some years later (not that I didn't go see them all but ohmygosh!) I think part of what does/needs to happen is that Sam does reach his absolute rock here in 4/22 and Lucifer does rise...or sorta or something b/c then it's Dean who started it and Sam who finished it (at least the seal breaking) and now the two of them, whilst reforging their relationship can stop it TOGETHER!!!! Hear me Krip???

Nah, he probably doesn't but that's okay...he's way better at this than me.

Bethany...yeah, I kinda figured #8 had no hope...yet. As for Dany's post...right on. That's in the Space promo spoiler. Like you, I'm hoping 'fan favorite' is a twist on the fact that Ruby is meant to be disliked/distru sted and the fans do...quite wholeheartedly. She's not a love interest so all that think she is...she's not nor ever was...Kripke ain't writing a soap opera...thank goodness.

Suze! You crack me up...LMAO...'wi th diagrams' hey, maybe that's what Cas was drawing in blood on the wall in the space promo...he needs the diagrams too!

Dany...yeah, you saw/heard what I saw/heard....Kr ip and company like to foreshadow literally and figuratively...hmmm?

Elle2...your comments echo my sentiments as I stated in my response to Tigershire...wh at a parallel as the brothers reforge their bond they heal the world *sigh*.


Lilith is still gonna be around in what does that mean to the rising of 'ole Luce???? Don't know.
Nicky Baumler
# Nicky Baumler 2009-05-13 08:54
My pervading bad feeling was that the last seal would be Sam killing Lillith. But if she's still around in Season 5....

I believe in Kripke. There is no SPN without Sam and Dean's relationship. They will be o.k.

I love Bobby! Who else could call Dean a princess! He just can't die!
vana naine
# vana naine 2009-05-13 10:07
First: it's really funny being called "Vana". You see, I know there is no way for you to know, but "vana naine" actually means "an old woman" in estonian and so, you called me "Old", and it is just hilarious.

I tried to avoid this HUGE SPOILER but read the rest of posts and (after terrible inner fight) watched the clips also.


What I want to see. Not what I expect to see but what I want.

* Give me Ruby's cause of actions. Is she Meg-demon? Is she working for Azazel (I think she is, but I really hope that Azazel's plans and Lilith's plans are not the same and they have different coals). But, hey even if she is working for herself and herself only, what is she trying to do?
Give me some understandable motivation for her! I know, I have mentioned before that I like Ruby and I like pretty much all the actresses ever played in more than 1 episode of Supernatural, but this is getting stressful - I can see that she is playing some game, but not what this game is, and 2 seasons is long enough to wonder.

* I want to see the fight between humanity (=Winchesters) and supernatural.
read great meta today btw:

* I want to see Castiel being bad and being pawn and being not able to face the torture that heaven put him through, and so he finally gets WHAT Dean (and also Sam, a little) are suffering and even when he must fight against them, he would look _up_ on them.
But I think this is something I won't get. Castiel as show's regular is going to be on the good side, the Winchester's side, and maybe I will accept him there when the time comes.
(I like Misha Collins, but for me, Castiel's role as part of plot is too similar to Ruby's - 2 characters who reveal nothing of what they are and what they want is too much for me, and as Castiel came in last, I prefer Ruby.)
(And I think I have a little maternal thing there too going on - I tend to take the side of those who get beaten, and I have always hated those popular kids in American movies.)

* I want to see brotherly reunion, and realistic tears (I don't mind tears if they are well placed and not too pretty) and blood and gore and hurt/comfort :D (Come on, you asked!)
Just... dear show, please remember, there can never be too much angst and hurt, but too much comfort ruins otherwise good story.
Or... I think they don't need this memo. At all.

* And I want to have some kind of closure.
Yeah, I will probably not get this either, but cliffhangers are evil.

Bonus points
* if they kill off Lilith (I like evil girls, but I think it's time)
* for every brother-touching
* for every self-sacrifying deed
* for every shirtless moment - or, actually, all the bare skin below the neck counts
* for every mentioning of Jess, Mary, Azazel, John, Adam, Ellen, Jo, demon!Meg, any of special kids or the trickster
* for the surprise-attack from Trickster. 100 bonus points for anything that includes the Trickster, actually! (I think I'm dreamy already, sorry)
* for Chuck


(I know he will be there, but I give those points away happily)

* for Chuck not dying
* for cool chicks (even Anna counts, if she kicks ass - literally)
* for any good music (I hate Carry On my Wayward Son but as Dean likes it, I can take it. But any really good music? Bring it on!)
* for angels dying
* for smart!Sam who understands something that is not obvious to the audience, and uses it well
* for Dean letting go Sam

I probably could find some more things, but - I'm babbling, right? So I better just shut up now.
# Suze 2009-05-13 11:30
:lol: :lol: :lol:

Shit! Sorry, mea culpa, my Estonian is a bit rusty! Actually, try totally nonexistant ...

Very much with you on the wholesale bloodletting/ex tracarricular Trickster/manly nakedness wish list ...

This is why the zombie alligators would be such fab monsters, not just cos of the teeth and the general ooozy-undead nastyness but all the fantastic wet t-shirt possibilities!

If Kripke found shed-loads of cash under the bed what music should be playing over the mayhem and destruction?

I think Orgasmatron by Motorhead/DOA by the Foo Fighters/Summer of Love by Blue Oyster Cult or Highway to Hell by ACDC ... or Immigrant song by Zepp ...

Does anyone else have a hit parade?
# Elle2 2009-05-13 18:27
Hi, Nicky, Vana Naine and Suze.

Wonderful comments all...Vana is Estonian for OLD? So glad you found that funny!!!!

From now on it's Vana Naine...or how about Naine...we'll call you 'woman'

Nicky...I'm with you...Bobby calls Dean 'Princess' yeah, no one else could pull that off!

I also agree (and know that Kripke and Co. know it too) there is no SPN w/o Sam/Dean relationship. Period.

Vana Naine -- your list is fabulous! I agree regarding Ruby...I really, really, really want closure on her (and yes, her gone but that's mostly 'cause we now know she's sooooooo bad -- always knew it but now we KNOW it) and with Lilith hanging around next season (likely about as many times as we've seen her in S3 and S4) and with the addition of Castiel...time for her whole story to come out and then pack her little demon/witch self back to hell...I don't know how I feel about if she's Meg or not...Meg was an awesome demon and she is still 'hanging around' somewhere so I'm hoping she is cooking up a plan.

Awesome wish list...and bonus points...I think I have a handle on who dies but it's purely speculative (and very hopeful) and thus Bobby does not make that list of who dies...I think it's Chuck (sniff) and Zacharia...or Chuck (Sniff) and Ruby...or Ruby (no sniff) and Zacharia...or.. ..awww, heck, I have no freaking idea.

Suze...zombie alligators??? !!! That does have lotsa potential (especially with the Trickster hanging around) ...hmmm wet t-shirts for the boys...*fangirl sigh*

Only 26.5 hours left and then...DAMN YOU K..... (still warming up.