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In the Beginning

--Robin's Rambles by Robin Vogel

Willow Motel - Dean lies asleep. Sam leaves the room and gets into a car with Ruby. "Ready?" she asks. "Definitely," she replies. They take off. Dean dreams of hell, red eyes and screams. He awakens to find Castiel sitting on his bed, asking, "What were you dreaming about?" "You like to get your freak on watching others sleep?" asks Dean grumpily. "You have to stop it," says Castiel mysteriously, and touches Dean's forehead with two fingers. Dean wakes up on a bench, a cop telling him he can't sleep here. "Here" turns out to be a bench advertising Jay Bird's Diner and Sugar Free Tab. He checks his phone--no signal. Dean enters Jay Bird's, where "Ramblin' Man" is playing. He sits beside a handsome, dark-haired man and asks what city and state he's in. "Lawrence, Kansas," the other man tells him, and, realizing Dean's had a tough night, orders a cup of coffee for him.

When Dean pulls out his phone and asks where he can get reception, the other man chuckles and suggests, "The USS Enterprise?" Observing the 70's outfit on the man serving his coffee, Dean says, "You know Sonny and Cher broke up, right?" "Sonny and Cher broke up?" the other man asks. Dean eyes him strangely, then turns to look at the clothing on everyone else in the diner. Dean reads of Nixon's resignation and spies the date on the newspaper over the man's shoulder--4/30/73. "Hey, Winchester!" calls Mr. D, a man entering the diner. Both Dean and his new friend turn around. "Son of a bitch, it's good to see you, Corporal!" He comes over to shake the hand of John Winchester! "Dad?" says Dean softly. Noticing how intently Dean is staring at him, John asks, "Do we know each other?" "I guess not," says Dean. "Take it easy, pal," says John, and exits the diner, but not without shooting Dean a weird look first.

Dean follows his future father down the streets of Lawrence--until he runs into Castiel. "What is this?" demands Dean. "Is it real?" "Very, Castiel assures him. "Angels get their hands on some Deloreans--how did I get here?" All Castiel will tell Dean is that "You have to stop it," but not WHAT he has to stop. When Dean turns away for a moment, Castiel disappears. "Come on, are you allergic to straight answers, you SOB?" yells Dean.

John, working with a salesman who is willing to take $250 off the price, is all set to purchase a VW van, when Dean comes along and urges him to buy the 1967 Chevy Impala instead. John is suspicious that Dean was following him, but really, he just wants to thank him for the cup of coffee by steering him to the right vehicle--his dad taught him everything he knows about cars. The Chevy will still be bad-ass when it's 40. They introduce themselves--John Winchester, Dean Van Halen, and shake hands. Dean asks John if he felt any cold spots in the diner, or smelled sulphur, or have there been any cattle mutilations in town. . .? The last one makes John order Dean to stop it, and he urges John, "Watch out for yourself, OK? John promises he will, but as Dean walks off, he clearly thinks the other young man has problems. The salesman returns; John tells him he's taking the Chevy instead.

John pulls up in front of Mary's house, the engine purring deliciously. Dean, a few houses down on the opposite street in a nondescript car, parks, too. Mary, gorgeous in her Farrah hairdo, runs out, asks what happened to the van. This is better, John says excitedly, repeating the stats Dean gave him earlier about the engine. Dean realizes who this woman is: "Mom?" Diner - John and Mary are having shakes. Dean, watching them through the window, says, "Sammy, wherever you are, Mom is a babe--I'm going to hell, again." Inside, John and Mary discuss the trouble he's having with her father. He's just over-protective, says Mary. John wants to talk to him, sure it's because her dad doesn't want her hooking up with a mechanic from a family of mechanics. "I love you for exactly what you are," she assures him, holding his hand. "I'll be right back." She leaves the table. When she's gone, John pulls a red box from his pocket and reveals a pretty diamond engagement ring. Outside, Mary attacks Dean, demanding to know why he's following them. She beats him up pretty good, accusing him of spying at her house, too. He finally pins her against a fence surrounding the diner and spots a bracelet with protective charms that only means one thing--"Are you a hunter?" he asks, stunned. They stare at each other.

Campbell house - John and Mary pull up in the Impala. "See you later?" he says, "If you're lucky," she replies, and they kiss, lengthily and happily. She leaves the car. Dean leaves his hiding place behind a tree. She's unsure about letting him in her house, but he reminds her they're all hunters, practically family. "It's just. . .my dad. . ." begins Mary. "I gotta meet him," insists Dean. Samuel Campbell gets down to business with Dean: "Tell me, Mr. Hunter, do you kill vampires with wooden stakes or silver." "Neither," he responds," you cut their heads off." Mary grins. "So did I pass your test?" asks Dean. "Yup," says Samuel, "now get the hell out of my house." He doesn't trust other hunters--doesn't want their help or have them around his family. Deanna (Dean's namesake, ha ha) and Mary insist Dean stay for dinner. At the dinner table, Dean remarks how much things have changed in Lawrence--"I think." When Samuel asks if he's working a job, Dean answers "Maybe--I don't trust other hunters either, Samuel." Deanna and Mary smile at that answer.

Mary asks why Dean was following her and John. "I thought something was after your boyfriend," replies Dean, "But I don't think that anymore." "John Winchester mixing it up with spirits," says Deanna, "can you imagine?" Mary chatises her father for his sour lemon look when John is mentioned. Samuel says John's a "nice civilian." "So you'd rather I be with a guy like this?" asks Mary, gesturing to Dean. "No," says Dean hastily. "Of course not," says Samuel. Deanna intervenes: "That's enough. both of you--we've got company." Mary tells Dean her father is working a job at the Whitshire Farm. That name sounds familiar to Dean. Tom Whitshire got tangled up in his combine a few towns over, says Samuel--why was he on it in the first place, when his crops were all dead? "Demonic omens?" suggests Dean. "That's what I gotta find out," says Samuel. "What about the rest of the town?--did you find anything on the web?" Seeing everyone looking at him oddly, Dean adds, "On the web of information you've assembled." "Electrical storms," says Deanna, "the electrical graphs should be here on Friday." "By mail," says Dean. "No, we hired a jetliner to fly them to us overnight," says Samuel sarcastically. "Sounds like we're hunting the same case," says Dean, "if we go in there in numbers, we'll get this done real quick." "What part of 'we work alone' do you not understand, son?" asks Samuel.

Whitshire farm - Samuel, dressed as a priest, and Mary sit in their car in front of the Whitfield house. "Why am I here?" she asks. "Family business," he answers. "Would you rather be waving pompoms at a bunch of dumb jocks?" She smiles as her father heads for the house. When she wanders in another direction, he asks where she's going. "To do the job, Dad," she says, heading toward a young man leaning against a tree. "Father Campbell" finds "Father Dean" already inside. Dean introduces Beth Whitshire to Samuel as their senior, senior priest, Father Cheney. Samuel hands her a fruitcake and extends the condolences of the diocese. Dean explains how ordinary the day her husband died was--except for her husband's guts fertilizing the back 40, that is. Dean leaves Samuel to deal with Beth and joins Mary, who is talking to the dead man's son, Charlie. "Dad drank sometimes," he says, "sometimes he got rough with Mom." "That's when the stranger came," prompts Mary. "He showed up about a week ago. . .did I want the beatings to stop? I just thought he was crazy, I didn't think. Next thing I know, Dad's dead. Am I going to jail?" "You didn't do this," Mary assures him. "Did the stranger want something in return?" asks Dean. "He did say something about comin' to call in 10 years," says Charlie, "maybe he'd want something then." Mary and Dean stroll off to discuss this. "I think he just pimped his soul to a demon and doesn't know it," opines Dean. They return to Charlie and ask what the man looked like. Five foot 10, white, ordinary--except for his pale yellow eyes, says Charlie. Dean looks at Mary, very upset.

Campbell house - While Deanna chops up bananas in a very scary manner, Dean explains to the Campbells that the yellow eyed demon killed his family and ALL of them must go someplace safe. Deanna tries to suggest it's a shape-shifter or something else, but Dean insists, "I KNOW what this is, and I'm gonna kill it." He explains about Daniel Elkins, who has Colt's gun. Samuel remembers telling Mary bedtime stories about that gun; it doesn't exist! It's REAL, insists Dean. "Do you have a crystal ball telling you where this demon is going to be?" asks Samuel. Dean pulls his Dad's journal out of his jacket, looking up those who had contact with the YED--the more he could learn about the SOB, the more he could figure out why it killed his mom. Whitshire Farm is on the list, notes Dean. How, wonders Samuel, that was two days ago. "My father could see the future," lies Dean smoothly. "It says he's going to hit Betty Walsh tomorrow night." As they've been doing ever since Dean started talking, Deanna and Samuel exchange looks. "I know you think I'm crazy," says Dean. Samuel admits, "You seem like a really nice kid, but yeah, Dean, you're crazy." "Yeah, maybe," says Dean, "but I know where this bastard's going to be, and I'm gonna stop it, once and for all."

Mary's room - Mary's listening to music, going through her record albums. Dean wants to say goodbye, and she's disappointed he's leaving so soon. "It doesn't matter what your Dad thinks," says Dean, "I like that John kid. I think you two are meant to be; hell, I'm depending on it. What's John like?" "He's sweet," she says, "kind, even after the war, after everything, he still believes in happily-ever-after. He's everything a hunter isn't. No offense. He's gonna ask me to marry him, tomorrow, I think, oh, Dad's going to explode, but I don't care, I'll run away if I have to, I love John. . .I wanna get out, this job, this life--I hate it. I want a family, I want to be safe. You know the very worst thing I can think of? Is for my family to be raised into this like I was. I won't let it happen!" Dean is about to cry. "Hey," says Mary, you OK?" "Yeah," Dean lies, "Even if this sounds really weird, will you promise me that you will remember? On November 2nd, 1983, don't get out of bed? No matter what you hear or what you see, promise me you won't get out of bed." Tears well in his eyes and fall down his face. "OK," says Mary, perplexed. He wipes his tears away and leaves a solemn young woman staring after him.

Dean, driving, abruptly finds Castiel sitting beside him. "So what, God's my co-pilot now?" he asks. When Castiel doesn't respond, Dean says, "You're a regular Chatty Cathy. Sam would have wanted in on this; why not bring him in on it?" "You had to do this alone," says Castiel, assuring Dean Sam isn't tearing up the future searching for him right now. "If I do this," says Dean, "the family curse breaks--Mom and Dad live happily ever after, Sam and I grow up playing Little League and chasing tail?" "If you alter the future," says Castiel, "you, your father and brother will never become hunters--all those people you saved will die" Dean cares--a lot, but these are his parents, and he's not going to let them die again--"I can't--not if I can stop it." But Dean's last sentence is spoken to the air.

Dean is caught breaking into Daniel Elkins' safe, the Colt in his hands. When he sincerely explains that he needs the gun to save his family and invites Elkins to shoot him, Daniel allows Dean to leave with the Colt. Dean assures him his gun will be safe with a family in Lawrence named Campbell. Campbell house - Samuel and Mary clean and put together various weapons. Mary asks her father if he knew where Dean was going. "Said he was gonna kill a demon," says Samuel. "Impossible," laughs Mary. When her Dad tells her Dean is going to her friend Liddy's house, Mary insists they have to go help, and runs past her mother to the car without saying anything. She wants to hunt, she doesn't want to hunt, complains Samuel--is this some woman time of the month thing? Mary gives him a look. "What?" asks Samuel.

Walsh house - Dr. Brown tells Liddy her husband's cancer has advanced; she should make "arrangements." However, he offers a cure, and all she has to do, when he comes to her in 10 years and asks her for something, nothing she'll miss. . . His eyes flash yellow, scaring Liddy. Samuel bursts through the front door, gun ready. He fires into Dr. Brown's chest, but the demon sends Samuel's weapon flying and pins the hunter to the wall. "Hold that thought," he tells the frightened Liddy. He approaches Samuel, but is aware of Mary behind him, and reaches out to grab her throat. "Well now," he says, "where have they been hiding you?" They fight, Mary slashing at him with a knife, and he says, "I admire your spunk." When Dean joins the fray, the YED has Mary pressed against him, his arm pressed against her throat. "Where did you get that gun?" he asks Dean. Dean cocks the pistol and nods to Mary, who launches herself out of the YED's grip to give him a safe shot. Smoke instantly pours from the human host's mouth. The yellow-eyed demon escapes.

Outside - Dean asks Mary what else the demon said to her. "Just that he liked me," says Mary, "what did he mean by that?" Samuel exits the house. Liddy's strong, she'll be fine, says Samuel, are you OK? he asks his daughter. "No!" says Mary who heads back to the car. Samuel tells Dean he did a good job back there; Dean takes it to mean he screwed up and missed the shot. No, says Samuel, I mean I was wrong about you. "We need to talk, alone," says Dean. (Later, Campbell dining room) "We have to fix this thing now, or Mary dies," says Dean. "This is going to sound massively, massively crazy--Mary is my mother. And I am your grandson. And I know what the hell I'm talking about. My real name is Dean Winchester. I was born January 24, 1979. My parents are Mary and John Winchester." "I don't have to listen to this," insists Samuel. "Mary gets killed by a yellow-eyed demon in 1983," says Dean, "and I think tonight is the moment he caught her scent. If we don't catch and kill this thing, tonight, then Mary dies. So I'm asking you. . .please

Dr, Brown tells Liddy her husband's cancer has advanced to the point that it's time to make "arrangements." He offers a cure, and all she has to do is let him come to her in 10 years, when he'll ask for something, nothing she'll miss. His eyes go yellow, frightening Liddy. Samuel bursts through the door and blasts a hole in Dr. Brown's center. The doctor sends Samuel's weapon flying, then pins him to the wall. "Hold that thought," he tells Liddy, then approaches Samuel, who calls him an SOB. Dr. Brown feels Mary behind him and grabs her by the throat. "Hello, there," he says, "where have they been hiding you?" They fight, she slashes him with her knife as often as she can. "I like you," he says, "you've got a lotta spunk." He overpowers her and shoves her head into a mirror, then grabs her by the throat. When Dean enters and points the Colt at him, he has Mary pressed back against him, his arm around her thoat. "Let her go!" demands Dean. "Where did you get that gun?" asks the YED. Dean cocks the gun and gives Mary a signal; she wrenches herself from the demon's grip. He flees his host body immediately, the plume of smoke arcing upward into a vent. Dean is disappointed. Outside - Dean asks Mary what else the demon said to her. "I told you, just that he liked me," she replies. Realizing this isn't a good thing, she says, "What did he mean by that?" Dean doesn't respond. Samuel exits the house and joins them. "Liddy's a strong kid, she'll be fine," he reports. To Mary, "Are you OK?" "No, Dad," she says, "I'm far from OK, can we go?" "Nice job in there," Samuel tells Dean. "I missed a shot," says Dean, annoyed with himself.

Mary, in tears, runs into John's arms in front of her house. "You promised you'd take me away," she murmurs, "do it now." He helps her into the Impala and closes the door, wondering what's up. Campbell dining room - Dean's asking Samuel, "How did I know about the Colt, about the YED. We have to fix this thing now, or Mary dies," says Dean. "This is going to sound massively, massively crazy--Mary is my mother. And I am your grandson. And I know what the hell I'm talking about. My real name is Dean Winchester. I was born January 24, 1979. My parents are Mary and John Winchester." "I don't have to listen to this," insists Samuel. "Mary gets killed by a yellow-eyed demon in 1983," says Dean, "and I think tonight is the moment he caught her scent. If we don't catch and kill this thing, tonight, then Mary dies. So I'm asking you. . .please!" Samuel reluctantly admits he believes Dean and asks, "How do we find this bastard?" Dean points to his father's journal. "And the Colt?" asks Samuel. Dean takes it from his jacket and puts it on the table next to him. "Lemmee see it," says Samuel casually. Dean pushes it further away. "Sorry," he says, I'm not lettin' anyone hold it." "I'm your grandfather," Samuel reminds him. "Nothin' personal," says Dean. "Sure it is, especially when it's me you're tryin' to kill," says the YED, showing his yellow eyes. He sends Dean in his chair flying against the wall so hard, books rain down on him from the shelves Dean's face quivers with fury and his inability to move.

"Future boy, huh?" taunts the YED, walking toward Dean. "I only know one thing with the juice to swing that; you must have friends in high places. So, I kill your mommy? That's why you came all this way, to see lil' ol' me?" "I came here to kill you," corrects Dean. "Hey," says the YED, leaning in very close, "if that slut Mary's your mommy, are you one of my psychic kids?" Disgustingly, he leans in very close and sniffs Dean behind the ear, an oddly sexual gesture. "No, not you," says the YED, "maybe you've got a sis? Or a bro? That's terrific, it means it all worked out. After all, that's why I'm here." "So that's why you're here," says Dean, "you want these peoples' souls?" "No," says the YED, "I just want their children--I'm here to choose the perfect parents, like your mommy--because they're strong, pure, and they eat their Wheaties." Deanna Campbell has entered the dining room and is listening. "My own little master race," says the YED, "they're ideal breeders. Get your mind out of the gutter, no one's breeding with me--though Mary?--man, I'd like to make an exception, so far, she's my favorite." Dean, furious, struggles against the invisible bonds holding him prisoner. "Why the deals?" asks Dean. "I need permission," says the YED, "I need to be invited into their houses--I know, the red tape'll drive ya nuts--but in 10 short years, it'll all be worth it."

Dean notices Deanna moving through the living room closer to them. "You know what I'm going to do to your sibling? I'm going to stand over their crib and bleed into their mouth, blood is better than Ovaltine, vitamins, minerals, it will make you big and strong!" "For what?" asks Dean, a snarl on his face. "To lead your discount demon army?" "My end game's a hell of a lot bigger than that, kid," brags the YED, but he's not going to tell Dean or the angels sitting on his shoulder--"I'm going to cover my tracks good." "You can cover whatever the hell you want," sneers Dean, "I'm still gonna kill you. Maybe not today, but you look in my eyes, you son of a bitch, 'cause I'm the one that kills you!" The YED makes a face, not believing him. Deanna eyes the Colt on the floor. "I'll tell ya one person you're not gonna save, promises the YED, and grabs a knife out of Samuel's belt, "your grandpappy." He stabs Samuel's host body in the belly. Dean screams out in protest, as does Deanna, who tries to reach the Colt. Unfortunately, she has gotten the attention of the YED, who sends her body flying. She continues to attempt to crawl toward the gun, but the demon snaps her neck, killing her. Dean, released, picks up the Colt, but all he finds is his grandmother, her dead eyes wide and staring. The YED is gone. Dean surveys his dead grandmother for a few sad moments, then remembers-- "Mary!"

John has parked the Impala by a romantic lake and bridge. "I guess it's no secret why I brought you way out here," he says. "There's things you don't know about me," she confesses. He opens the box to show her the ring. "So?" he says. "I will always love you for exactly who you are." She's about to lean over and kiss him when the YED/Samuel bangs at the window. He pulls Mary from the car. When John urges him to take it easy, he breaks his neck, killing him. He kicks him, too. Mary takes John into her arms, gazing up at the YED. "You killed him," she says, crying. "Not just John, sweetie pie," he says, opening his jacket to reveal the bleeding wound in his belly, "Mommy and Daddy, too." She gasps in horror: "You son-of-a-bitch!" She swears to God she'll kill him, but he wants to kiss and make up. He offers a deal: He'll bring back John--but not her parents. She'll be done with hunting forever. She can have a station wagon, picket fence, a couple of kids! No more monsters or fear--the YED will make sure of it. "And all it costs is my soul?" asks Mary bitterly. "I just need permission," he says, "swing by your house. . .as long as I'm not interrupted, nobody gets hurt, I promise." He won't elaborate further. Mary looks down at John, dead in her arms, as the YED talks about her living her life desperate and alone. Mary is crying. It's a good deal, the YED points out reasonably. "What do you say?" Mary looks at him. Dean drives up at breakneck speed to come upon the horrific sight of his mother kissing his grandfather--sealing the deal! "NO"! shouts Dean, running from the car, Colt in hand. He's too late--again--the smoke is erupting from Samuel's mouth, leaving his grandfather dead. Dean and Mary look at each other for several sorrowful moments. John awakens in Mary's arms. "John," she says gratefully, holding onto him. Castiel appears at Dean's side. Mary looks behind her again, but all she sees is Dean's abandoned car. John notes Samuel's body on the ground. Mary will have a lot of explaining to do, and I always wondered what she said to John about how and why her parents died. Mary hugs John tightly.

Motel - Dean awakens. Castiel is there. "I couldn't stop any of it," Dean laments, "she still made the deal, and she still died in the nursery, didn't she?" "Don't be too hard on yourself, you couldn't have stopped it," says Castiel, "destiny can't be changed--all roads lead to the same destination." "Then why did you send me back?" asks Dean. "For the truth," says Castiel, "now you know everything we do." "What the hell are you talkin' about?" demands Dean. Castiel nods toward Sam's empty bed. "Where's Sam?" asks Dean. "We know what Azazel did to your brother, what we don't know is why," says Castiel, "what his end game is, he went to great lengths to cover that up." "Where's Sam?" demands Dean again. "425 Waterman," replies Castiel. Dean gets ready to leave. "Your brother is headed down a dangerous road, Dean," says the angel. "We're not sure where it leads--so stop it, or we will." Dean looks at him, alarmed. The screen reads, "to be continued."

1.            I loved both of Mary's parents very much and seriously mourned their deaths. What did you think? I also felt the guest start performances, especially Pileggi's, were MARVELOUS! Agree? Didn't the YED seem a bit fey in some scenes?

2.            Did what the YED in her father's body did to Mary horrify you as much as it did me?

3.            Were you as scared at the end of this ep as I was? About the upcoming confrontation between Sam and Dean?

4.            Were you upset with Castiel, giving Dean hope to possibly change the future and the present? I sure was!

5.            I loved this episode, even if it was almost Jared free. It wasn't in the least SAM-free, because his presence seemed to permeated every scene, even if he wasn't even a twinkle in Daddy John's eye yet.

6.            This one rates 10 of 10 for me. I really cried when Dean tried to get his mother to change behavior I know NO mother would EVER change, checking on her crying baby. Plus, I just adored the Campbell family, hunters extraordinaire! And YOU?


# digyd 2012-03-20 11:24
OK. So this was the episode I just rewatched most of this morning while I was on my treadmill and a nagging question finally must be released. I was hoping someone had commented on one particular part, but so far I have read Alice's 2-part review and this one and nada.

Riddle me this - Did the YED know Mary before that incident or not? Dean told them what was going to happen so I am thinking while the deal still would have been struck, Samuel and Mary wouldn't have been there if not for Dean. Wouldn't that then mean HE was the one who brought YED into his family's lives and launched all this?

"Hello, there," he says, "where have they been hiding you?" They fight, she slashes him with her knife as often as she can. "I like you," he says, "you've got a lotta spunk."

So where am I misinterpreting this?