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Lazarus Rising
--Robin's Rambles by Robin Vogel
Red, stark eyes, staring, moving wildly from side to side, screams. Dean, trapped inside a wooden coffin, strikes a lighter and hoarsely yells for help. He pushes upward; dirt falls on his face. Aboveground, a simple white cross marks his burial spot. Dean's hands thrust through the earth, and, like a child being born, straining, wriggling, the rest of his body follows, Dean grunting as if he's in agony. Finally free, he lies on his back, staring at the sky. Rising, he stares at the destruction around him--an entire forest has fallen to the ground like a pile of matchsticks, his empty grave a perfect circle in the center.
Dean trudges along a road, mopping his forehead. Heat waves rise. He finds an empty gas station and breaks in, drinks down a bottle of water, gasping with relief. He notes the date on a current newspaper, 9/18/08, washes his face, stares at himself carefully in the mirror. Recalling the hellhound dogs' attack, he's surprised to find his gorgeous bod scar-free. However, he has a puzzling red, hand-shaped welt on his right shoulder. He grabs candy bars, water, and a copy of Busty Asian Beauties. (smirk!) He empties out the cash register. The TV set and radio turn on by themselves, and Dean, spooked, immediately grabs a container of salt and lines it across the doors and windows. A horrible, high-pitched sound causes him to cover his ears. The windows blow in from the cacophony and he dives for the floor, bouncing back and forth to protect himself from flying glass. Later, he tries Sam's cell phone number but finds it disconnected. Bobby hangs up on him, and when he calls back, threatens to kill him if he calls again. Realizing he has to handle this differently, Dean finds a car outside, hot-wires it, and drives away.
"Surprise." says a hopeful Dean when Bobby opens his door, but the latter attacks him with a wicked silver knife, then punches him. "It's me!" insists Dean. "My ass!" replies Bobby. Hastily, Dean says, "Your name is Robert Steven Singer, you became a hunter after your wife got possessed, you're the closest thing I have to a father. Bobby, it's ME!" Bobby reaches out to touch him, but goes in for the attack again, sure he's either a shape-shifter or revenant. Dean wrestles the knife away from him and cuts his arm to prove he's neither. "Dean?" whispers Bobby in disbelief. "That's what I've been tryin' to tell ya," says Dean. Bobby hugs him, hard. "It's good to see ya, boy," he says, "but how did you bust out?" "I don't know," says Dean, "I just woke up in a pine box. . ." Bobby throws holy water in his face; Dean spits out a mouthful and says, "I'm not a demon, either, you know." "Can't be too careful," says Bobby. Dean agrees that he should look like a Thriller video reject after the hellhounds' attack and four months in a coffin; all he remembers is being a chew toy, lights out, then waking up in the casket. Learning that Bobby let Sam go off by himself and hasn't heard from him in months, Dean is angry. "I tried," says Bobby, "these last months haven't been easy, for him or me--we had to bury you." Sam refused to salt and burn Dean, he said he'd need a body when he got him home somehow--Sam was real quiet, then he took off, wouldn't return Bobby's calls, and couldn't be located. "Damn it, Sammy!" says Dean, sure that Sam brought him back--through bad mojo. He describes the gravesite to Bobby--like a nuke had gone off, and a force, a presence that blew past him. He shows Bobby the hand imprint on his shoulder, like a demon yanked or rode him out. They think Sam made a deal. "It's what I would have done," says Dean.
Dean turns on the tracking device in Sam's phone, using the name Wedge Antilles because, "What don't I know about that kid?" He goes on Bobby's computer and notes the empty booze bottles lying around: "Your parents out of town or something?" "Like I said, the last few months ain't been all that easy," admits Bobby. Dean finds Sam in Pontiac IL, right where he, Dean, popped up--"a hell of a coincidence," says Dean.
Astoria Hotel, Pontiac, IL - Sam's hotel room door (207, in a red heart), is answered by a beautiful brunette in a tight little undershirt and panties. She wants to know where the pizza, that takes two guys to deliver, is.  Dean's sure they have the wrong room, until Sam appears behind the girl and stares in astonishment at his brother and Bobby. The girl steps aside as Sam, gasping, attacks Dean. Bobby drags the younger brother off the older. "Who are you?" demands Sam. "Like you didn't do this!" accuses Dean. "It's REALLY him!" Bobby assures Sam. "I know, I look fantastic," says Dean, grinning. Sam steps forward and hugs him, and we are treated to the first-ever, reciprocal brotherly hug. They hold each other fiercely, near tears, and Bobby is close to crying, too. "So are you two like, together?" asks the girl. Dean gives her a WTF look and Sam explains that they're brothers. "Got it, I guess," she says awkwardly, "I'd better go. So call me," she urges Sam on her way out, now dressed. "Sure thing, Cathy," he says. "Christy," she corrects. "Right," he says, embarrassed, and closes the door. Sam joins Bobby and Dean, who asks, "What did it cost?" Sam assures him, "The girl? I don't pay." "Are you some demon's bitch-boy?" demands Dean--"I didn't want to be saved like this!" "I wish I had done it," says Sam passionately—“I tried EVERYTHING--I tried opening the Devil's Gate, I tried to bargain, but no demon would deal, all right? You were rotting in hell for months, and I couldn't stop it. So I'm sorry it wasn't me, all right? I'm sorry." Seeing the real despair on his brother's face, Dean assures him it's OK, "I believe you." Which still leaves a sticky question--who pulled Dean out of hell?
Sam hands out beers all around and explains that once he figured out he couldn't save Dean, he'd go after Lilith for some payback. "All by yourself," says Bobby, "who do you think you are, your old man?" Sam apologizes, "I should have called, I was pretty messed up."  Dean retrieves a bra from the sofa and ruefully says, "I really feel your pain." Sam checked out some demons in Tennessee and followed them to Pontiac. Dean thinks the demons are here because of his demon bust-out from hell. Bobby asks Dean how he feels. Like a little DEMONIC? asks Dean--NO. "No demon's lettin' you out from the goodness of his heart," Bobby reminds him, then suggests a psychic friend of his--perhaps she's heard the other side talking. He leaves the room to call her. Sam and Dean stand up. "You might want this back," says Sam, and takes off the necklace he gave Dean for Christmas many years ago. Dean holds the devilish face in his palm for a moment and looks at it. "Thanks," he says. "Don't mention it," Sam assures him.   Dean slides it over his head. Sam asks what hell was like, but Dean figures he must have blacked it out--"I can't remember a damn thing." "Thank God for that," says Sam. Dean agrees.   
Bathroom - Dean gazes at his reflection in the mirror, stares into his eyes. Once again, he hears horrifying screams and sees blood-red, terrified eyes.
"She's about four hours down the Interstate," Bobby tells the brothers. "Try and keep up." Sam throws Dean the keys to the Impala. "Hey, Sweetheart, ya miss me?" asks Dean, delighted. Then he spots Sam's Ipod jack hanging there. "You were supposed to take care of her, not douche her up," complains Dean. "Really?" he adds when Sam's emo music fills the car, and throws the device into the back seat. "I thought it was my car," Sam reminds him. They talk about that final night--"How did you make it away from Lilith?" asks Dean. Sam explains how he was immune to her deadly white light, and she disappeared fast. Ruby is dead, as far as Sam knows, and he has not been using his "freaky ESP stuff," as Dean describes it. "You didn't want me to go down that road, so I didn't--it was practically your dying wish," says Sam. "Let's keep it that way," says Dean.
Dean, Sam and Bobby arrive at the home of gorgeous, flirtatious Pamela Barnes, "Best damn psychic in the state," says Bobby. Clearly smitten by their handsome faces, she remarks, "Dean Winchester--out of the fire, back into the frying pan--you're a rare individual." She checked her Ouija board, but couldn't find anyone who knew who'd broken Dean out of hell, so a seance seems to be their next step. When Pam kneels to get candles, her jeans slip low down, and just above her butt crack Dean and Sam notice a tat: "Jesse forever." Dean asks, Pam laughs and admits, "It wasn't forever." His loss, says Dean. "Might be your gain," says Pam salaciously. Dean says, "I'm so in," Sam counters with, "She'll eat you alive." "I just got out of jail--bring it!" urges Dean. Pam, overhearing, tells Sam, "You're invited too, Grumpy." "You are NOT invited," Dean assures his brother. Sitting at a table with six candles in the center, the four hold hands. Pam needs to touch something the mystery savior touched, but whatever she grabs, Dean says, "He didn't touch me THERE." He reveals the hand imprint on his shoulder. It's the first time Sam has seen it; he winces. Pam touches her hand to it. "I invoke, summon and command you to appear before this circle," intones Pamela. Dean opens one, then both eyes. The TV turns on. "Castiel?" asks Pam. "No, sorry, Castiel, I don't scare easy. It's whispering to me, warning me to turn back, but I don't scare easy. I conjure and command thee, show me your face!" Everything begins to shake, and Bobby suggests they stop. Pam refuses, she's very close! The candles abruptly go crazy, spewing higher and higher. Pamela screams as her eyes explode into flame; blood runs down her cheeks like tears. She collapses on the table   Sam rushes to call 911 as Bobby gathers Pam into his arms and Dean runs to help him. Pam opens her eyes, exposing two empty, bloody holes. "I can't see!" she wails. Dean and Bobby stare in horror at each other. What have they done?
Johnny Mac's Diner - A waitress has taken Dean's order and promises to be back in a jiff. Sam sits down at the table with him and reports that Pam is out of ICU. "But blind because of us," says Dean. "Now, they have a name--Castiel. With the right mumbo jumbo, we could summon him right to us." For obvious reasons, Sam won't hear of it; he  prefers to follow up on the demons from Tennessee and find out if they know anything. The waitress brings their pie and sits down at their table. Dean asks if she's angling for a tip. "I thought you were looking for us," she says, revealing black demon eyes. The brothers are instantly on guard as a male demon locks the diner's door. The waitress calls Dean a lucky duck and wants to know what makes him so special that he was able to just stroll out of the pit. My perky nipples, he replies with a small smile, but gets nasty when he tells her he REALLY doesn't know. She accuses him of lying, he assures her he isn't--what does SHE know? When she threatens to drag him back to hell herself, Sam makes a violent motion, but a look from the waitress stops him. Dean knows she's bluffing; she would have done something to him already. She's just as spooked as they are and looking for answers. Whoever it was, Dean figures, they're a lot stronger than she is, and they want him out of hell--"so send me back, but don't come crawling to me when they show up on your doorstep with some Vaseline and a fire hose." She threatens to rip out his lungs. He smacks her, twice, to prove how helpless she is. "That's what I thought," he says, "let's go, Sam." He tosses her a tip, "for the pie." They leave. She is infuriated, but can't do a thing. Sam doesn't want to just leave the demons there, but Dean points out they only have one knife between them. "I've been killing a lot more demons than that lately," says Sam. "Not anymore," says Dean, "the smarter brother's back in town." Although he should have said something to his brother about that unkind cut, instead Sam said, "We've got to take 'em, they're dangerous." "Scared," says Dean, "of whatever had the juice to yank me out--we're dealing with a bad mofo here--one job at a time."
Astoria Hotel - Dean lies asleep on a sofabed under a mirrored ceiling. Sam leaves quietly, slips into the Impala, and drives away. The TV and radio turn on by themselves, awakening Dean. He jumps up and grabs his gun. That piercing, horrible sound starts up, shattering all the glass in the room, including the mirrored ceiling. It rains down on his head. Bobby enters. "Dean!" he shouts.
Bobby drives Dean, complaining of the sound of church bells ringing in his head, away from the hotel. Reaching Sam on his cell, Dean asks, "Where are you?" "I couldn't sleep--went to get a burger," says Sam. "In my car?" asks Dean. "Force of habit, sorry," says Sam. Dean tells him Bobby is back and they're going for a beer. "Spill some for me," says Sam. Sam, however, is actually parked outside Johnny Mac's Diner. "Why didn't you tell him?" demands Bobby. "He'd just try to stop us from summoning this thing," says Dean. "It's time we face this thing head on." Even though they have "everything we need," Bobby thinks this is a bad idea--'We could choose life!" Dean doesn't want to get caught with his pants down again. Although Bobby insists they could use Sam for this, Dean insists he's better off where he is.
Sam enters the diner. The cook lies dead on the floor behind the counter, his hands stained with blood. Sam turns him over--his eyes have been burnt out. Flo, the waitress, pounces on him and begins viciously punching him. He gives as good as he gets, knocking into her head with his. "Your eyes," he gasps, realizing that she, too, is blind, her eye sockets bloody holes. She assures him she can SMELL his soul. She saw what it was, but all she tells Sam is, "It's the end, we're dead, we're all dead." "What did you see?" he asks. "Go to hell," she snarls. "Funny, I was going to say the same thing to you." He stretches out his hand, closes his eyes and concentrates very hard. Her demon smoke begins to spew from her mouth, a little at first, then more. Soon, she falls to her knees, the smoky essence sinking into the ground into a little flame, then dissipating altogether as Sam moves his outstretched hand into a fist and drops it. He opens his eyes and checks on the waitress' pulse.  "Damn it," he says, finding her dead. Cathy or Christy from his hotel room exits the back of the diner. "Getting pretty slick there, Sam," she praises, "better all the time." "What the hell is going on around here, Ruby?" he asks (he lied, she is alive)! She doesn't know, but she doesn't believe it was a high-level demon--this guy bleeds, the ground quakes, it's cosmic--no demon can swing that, not Lilith, not anybody-- nothing she's ever seen before.
Bobby spray-paints sigils all over a huge barn--faiths and talismen from religions all over the globe. (There is no way this project wouldn't have taken days.) Dean has prepared all the weapons and salt. Bobby is still sure it's a bad idea, which Dean heard the first 10 times--but ring the dinner bell. Bobby sprinkles things, makes smoke, recites Latin, all to summon God-knows-what. 
Diner: Ruby asks Sam if he's going to tell Dean what they're doing. Yes, but he's got to figure out the right way to say it. "He's going to find out, warns Ruby, and if it's not from you, he'll be pissed." "He'll be pissed either way," predicts Sam. "He doesn't want me using my psychic stuff." She offers to take a step back for a while; Dean doesn't like her, and she doesn't want to come between them. "I don't know if what I'm doing is right, or if I trust you, but I'm saving people, and stopping demons--and that feels good," he says, "I want to keep going." 
Barn: Dean and Bobby wait for their prey to show up. "Are you sure you did the ritual right?" asks Dean. Bobby gives him a dirty look. "Touchy, touchy," teases Dean. Suddenly, the entire roof above their heads begin to shudder, as if blown by a gigantic tornado. All the lights explode into glass splinters. The doors open of their own volition, and a man with dark hair, suit, tie and trench coat walks steadily toward them, despite their firing a barrage of bullets at him. They shoot him over and over, but he still continues his approach. Dean and Bobby exchange looks of disbelief; nothing is killing this guy! Dean grabs the demon-killing knife. The man is within stabbing distance now. "Who are you?" Dean asks. "I'm the one who gripped you tight and raised you from perdition," the man replies, no expression on his face or tone in his voice. "Yeah? Thanks for that," says Dean, and thrusts the knife into the man's heart. Nothing happens.  The man looks down at the knife, then at Dean. He pulls the knife from his chest, reaches up without looking to prevent an attack by Bobby with his sawed-off, then gently touches the latter's forehead and sends him to the ground, unconscious. "We need to talk, Dean--alone," the man says. Dean, mouth hanging open, just stares.
Dean, anxious, kneels to check Bobby. "Your friend is alive," the man in the trench coat tells him. "Who are you?" demands Dean. "Castiel," replies the other man. "I figured that," says Dean, "I mean, what are you?" "I'm an angel of the Lord," says Castiel." "Get the hell outta here," says Dean. "That's your problem," says Castiel, "you have no faith." Castiel stands and reveals his wings to Dean, who gazes at them with wide-eyed amazement. "Some angel you are," scoffs Dean, "you burned out that poor woman's eyes." Castiel gazes down, seemingly ashamed. "I warned her not to spy on my true form," he sighed, "it can be overwhelming to most humans--so can my true voice, but you already knew that." The gas station and the motel, guesses Dean--'"Buddy, that was you talking? Next time, lower the volume." "Certain, special people can perceive my true visage, I thought you would be one of them--I was wrong." "What VISAGE are you in now?" asks Dean sarcastically--"holy tax accountant?" "A vessel," says Castiel. "You're possessing some poor bastard?" asks Dean angrily. "He's a devout man who prayed for this," says Castiel. "I'm not buyin' what you're sellin'", says Dean, "so who are you really?" "I told you," says Castiel, clearly puzzled by this human. "And why would an angel rescue me from hell?" asks Dean. "Good things DO happen, Dean," says Castiel. "Not in my experience," Dean retorts. "What's the matter?" says Castiel, tilting his head curiously, "you don't think you deserve to be saved." "Why did you do it? asks Dean, his face twitching. "Because God commanded it," replies Castiel. "Because we have work for you." Dean gazes at him, shocked, disbelieving.
1.          This ending was a total shocker for us viewers. Kripke had said there would be no God or angels added to the show, but the shortened third season forced him to change Sam saving Dean from hell, which meant he had to save him some other way. Enter Castiel, who has proven popular with many viewers. They can't seem to add a popular gal to the show, but a third male worked go figure! What did you think of this character the first time he appeared and now?
2.          We see that Sam is working with a brand-new Ruby. Many viewers did NOT take well to her. How about you? What did you think of Sam's new skill? About Sam's douching up the Impala? 
3.          I didn't like the way Dean wanted to take over everything. The smarter brother's back in town was not necessary!) What did he think Sam was doing all the time he was away? Why didn't he even ask? 
4.          LOVED Pamela Barnes! Her lust for both brothers matched the way we fans feel about them, and her hinted three-way was a fantasy entertained by. . .ALL of us! What did you think of this sexy psychic? 
5.          The humor didn't let up, despite the awful stuff that went down in this episode. Tell me your favorite funny line. Dean's perky nipples? Sam's insistence he didn't pay for sex? Or the fact that, right out of hell, one of Dean's first actions was to take a copy of BUSTY ASIAN BEAUTIES?
6.          This episode, IMHO, was on par with In My Time of Dying, the best of the best season openers. Agree or disagree?


# Bevie 2010-04-21 15:23
To begin with, I loved this episode in which we got Dean back from hell, after the long long hiatus. But all in all, with the exception of Monster Movie and It's a Terrible Life,(and Eye of the Tiger), this was my least enjoyable season up until the brothers grabbed each other in the finale. I just do not enjoy it as much when there is a schism between the brothers, and right off the bat in this episode, Sam lied through his teeth to Dean and sneaked out on him his first day back. I know the drama and the acting were absolutely AWESOME in the 4th season, but for enjoyability, it is the last on my list. No offence to anyone who loves it the most, as I know most do. Just how I felt and still do.

1. Yes the ending was a shock to me as I too believed that trickster Kripke. I did grow to love our angel Castiel though and hope they keep him around for season 6. The first time I saw him I was impressed and a little scared. He was so unemotional and seemed all business.

2. I did not take to the new Ruby as I had to Katie Cassidy, who with all her attitude and snark made the character a lot of fun. Loved her and Dean's antagonism with each other. The new Ruby seemed to lack that attitude.

I was disappointed in Sam and his partnership with this Ruby and worried about his abilities especially since he decided to hide them from Dean and knew nothing good would come from that. (except for great drama possibilities) LOL! :sad:

Sam's douching up the Impala was comical and especially Dean's reaction. Loved how he ripped it out and tossed it into the back seat. :lol:

3. Dean to me was just being the old Dean, always trying to get a rise out of and annoy Sam and probably hoping for the old bitchface to resurface. I don't think he wanted to ask Sam what he was doing all summer as he was sort of afraid to ask in case he didn't like the answer, so as is usual with Dean, he just shut himself off from all that until he finally asked about it in "I Know What You Did Last Summer".

4. Liked Pamela and she showed good taste when lusting after both brothers. :twisted:

5. My favourite funnies were Pamela grabbing Dean in "that" place, Dean tossing the iPod, Bobby tossing holy water in Dean's face and him putting "Busty Asian Beauties" in the bag with the water and jerky. Life sustaining stuff to Dean.

6. Agree it was a great season opener. Loved it and especially loved the intense hugs with Sammy and dear old Bobby. I think about now another hug is due before the end of the season.