In a vain effort to try and get more user participation on this site, I kick off a new feature starting with tonight's episode, "When The Levee Breaks." It's simple, watch the episode, share your immediate thoughts. 
It's appropriate that I try something new like this on a night when the episode title comes from a Led Zeppelin tune. Back when Jimmy Page said he was going to carry on with a new band out of his old one, "The Yardbirds," and was considering calling it "The New Yardbirds," Keith Moon of The Who laughed at him, saying his new idea would go over like a "lead zeppelin." With that joke, a legendary band emerged.
So, the way I see it, the worse that can happen is this idea goes down in flames much like The Hindenberg did. I know there are obstacles, since there are about 800 other places to share your opinions, so I guess this becomes 801. Also, the large international contingent that visits this site won't be able to chime in at the earliest until tommorrow, but there's no time limit. Real time is not the goal here. Getting your first reaction is. 
Say one sentence, give a full fledged review, it's up to you! I'm pretty inarticulate after an episode, which is likely why my reviews don't come until three or four days later. I'll be here right after the episode to give my reaction, just don't be surprised if it consists of one word explicatives.
I only have two rules, be respectful of others opinions, and be constructive. Attacks and overly excessive whining will force me to do something I've never done of this site before, edit the comment! I'm a mod and I'm not afraid to exercise that power.
Happy episode everyone, and I really hope to see what you all think. After all, elle2 and I aren't the only ones with opinions! At least I think so.