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In a vain effort to try and get more user participation on this site, I kick off a new feature starting with tonight's episode, "When The Levee Breaks." It's simple, watch the episode, share your immediate thoughts. 
It's appropriate that I try something new like this on a night when the episode title comes from a Led Zeppelin tune. Back when Jimmy Page said he was going to carry on with a new band out of his old one, "The Yardbirds," and was considering calling it "The New Yardbirds," Keith Moon of The Who laughed at him, saying his new idea would go over like a "lead zeppelin." With that joke, a legendary band emerged.
So, the way I see it, the worse that can happen is this idea goes down in flames much like The Hindenberg did. I know there are obstacles, since there are about 800 other places to share your opinions, so I guess this becomes 801. Also, the large international contingent that visits this site won't be able to chime in at the earliest until tommorrow, but there's no time limit. Real time is not the goal here. Getting your first reaction is. 
Say one sentence, give a full fledged review, it's up to you! I'm pretty inarticulate after an episode, which is likely why my reviews don't come until three or four days later. I'll be here right after the episode to give my reaction, just don't be surprised if it consists of one word explicatives.
I only have two rules, be respectful of others opinions, and be constructive. Attacks and overly excessive whining will force me to do something I've never done of this site before, edit the comment! I'm a mod and I'm not afraid to exercise that power.
Happy episode everyone, and I really hope to see what you all think. After all, elle2 and I aren't the only ones with opinions! At least I think so.


# Alice 2009-05-07 22:23

I've got to wait until next week for the rest of it????

(off to do the re-watch)
# Elle 2009-05-07 23:08
Okay, I have no words for this. That’s a lie – I have many, once I pick my jaw off the ground. Just watching the re-cap of what has lead us to this point had my nerves jittering. Oh Sam- he’s fallen so, so far.

Okay, lets start with our resident angel/dick - Castiel. Ok the only thing that comes to mind is WTF!?! are you doing!? I don’t think the deal he made with Dean is going to be puppies and roses, but rather part of another, as-yet-unseen manipulation of a Winchester. Bobby was so, so wrong when he said it didn’t matter how Sam got out. It matters a whole heck of a lot. Was it on the Angel – Agenda to deliver the death strike to the brother’s already tenuous relationship? They had to know Sam would go to Ruby and Dean would go after. That a confrontation would ensue. Castiel better come to his senses soon – because I have a feeling he’s just as much a pawn in this chess game as the boys are, and he doesn’t even know it. Somehow, these orders of his don’t seem very Godly.

On to the junkie. What. A. Mess. Hat’s off to Jared – some excellent acting in the prison, both the iron one and the mental one Sam is locked in. I enjoyed the parade of past characters (or versions there of). I especially liked Mary being brought back, but obviously not the Mary we know – this was a twisted manifestation of all of Sam’s justifications for his behaviour. The juxtaposition of young-Sam and now-Sam was an excellent yard stick – look how far he’s come (in a not good way). Sam grossly underestimated Dean when he tried to hide his track’s, again I thought this was really telling of how much Sam has changed over the last year. It’s not Dean who doesn’t know Sam, rather it’s the other way around. The scene between Sam and Dean at the end was tragic. Dean’s love and desperation for Sam to be himself again was very clear. But Sam was too blinded by the demon-blood and thirst for vengeance. I think very soon he’ll realize just how much he’s allowed himself to be manipulated, and it might destroy him. Ruby told Sam the story of Lucifer’s first – how Lucifer twisted a human into a demon – that this was final seal. Sam immediately went to Lilith but I don’t think so. A human twisted and tempted into a demon? Come on Sam, let's just think about this harder for a moment. A mirror would help.

I think when this is all over, Dean is going to need a very good therapist and a long vacation. Oddly enough, despite all that is happening and all Dean is going through, I thought this episode really demonstrated Dean’s steadiness which is ironic. He’s come through a bit of a journey himself – like the five stages of grief and he’s finally reached acceptance. Dean, in my opinion, has demonstrated in this instalment his characteristic silent strength. I feel like he’s regained his footing, even if everything around him is a mess and he’s seriously damaged, he knows it, accepts it and is doing what has to be done (whether he’s right or wrong isn’t the point here). All those years ago, Sam begged Dean to kill him if he ever became a monster. Dean promised and here we are at the threshold. Dean will do anything to save Sam, we know that. But Dean is realizing that saving Sam may be letting him die. Dean sold his soul for the sake of Sam (again) – only this time to Heaven but not in a good way.

How can we be expected to wait SEVEN freaking days for the next part of this? Or MONTHS even, following next weeks episode? Like Sam, I will be caught in major withdrawal that may involve hallucinations, fantasies about what will happen, sleeplessness. It’s torture.

Alice – oddly enough, watching this episode I was wishing you had a section on here devoted to instant reactions. “I need an outlet!” was my thought pattern. So thanks! I’m looking forward to your and Elle2’s reviews/reactio ns.
For “When the Levee Breaks”, I think this sums it up --> :shock:
# Elle 2009-05-08 00:44
Kudos for being able to watch again so soon. I need a recovery period - my heart can't take that much. I think the most apt term here is "shell-shocked" .

I have a sneaking feeling that we are being set up for a major cliff-hanger and/or some serious post-apocalypse action in season 5. I could be wrong, but I just don't see a pretty season two-esque bow on the finale. My theory? Lilith doesn't *break* the final seal, she *is* the final seal. I don't have all the mechanics of that figured out, but things seem to be heading that way, what with everyone so gung-ho for her head on a stick and all (actually, what really reinforces this for me - the way Ruby continues to push this as the be-all, end-all for Sam).

Oh Kripke, what do you have in store for us next? (Something "deliciously" ominious no doubt).
vana naine
# vana naine 2009-05-08 05:21
Weird. For me it was kind of average episode.
Did not like kid-Sam's acting or text that was given to him (stating obvious much?), did not feel at all like Mary COULD any way seem real to Sam (Dean's weak? Yeah, very believable from the landmark of loving mother, thank you!), Bobby's text made want to say "Christo!" 2 times at least, and the girl who is playing Anna is playing funny. She was believable as a crazy girl in 4.9, but I can't buy her angel.

Good things: Sam and Dean. Sometimes I feel Dean's reactions about Sam being bit over-dramatic, but in this episode all the drama was in the right place, came in the right amount. And Jared's open-mouth reactions made even stupid phrases from his hallucinations ring true. Or well, almost true.
In the last fight, though - I did not understand why Sam decided to strangle Dean when he was helpless and could not get up from the floor. I mean, yeah, it was for us, to show us that he is, in fact, losing his human side, but I could not see the inner logic of the character.

BTW, this revenge-thing is really getting old - in the prophet-episode Sam gave nice logical explanation to his deeds, but revenge-revenge -revenge is just stupid. John had a logical reason behind his deeds and he did not drink stupid demon blood, oh-holy-mother- earth, so I would say Sam is not like his father - he is far darker. I mean, I get everything, the need to save Dean, save the world and being ready to give up everything, even his soul, for it - but when the revenge is the reason, Sam suddenly looks really stupid.

Castiel - this is the very first episode I really liked Castiel in. Castiel the conflicted traitor - great. Love it. Give me more!
I like Ruby too. Acting and everything. But right now it seems pretty clear that she is the bad guy and it makes me feel bad for Sam - like... every time he makes his own choices, they will go wrong wrong wrong.
He is so screwed.
Of course, Dean's choices goes to hell (sometimes literally) too, but somehow Sam is more troubled by his failures. /For me it seems that Dean still does not regret selling his soul for Sam's life, and this is really pretty weird./

I liked the way Sam and Dean played mouse and cat. And how Dean won so easily. 8-) Nice logic there, Dean. (You are very pretty too, and it's nice to see that even in times of extreme trouble you and Sam still shave at least once in a day.)

And then... "Ruby told Sam the story of Lucifer’s first – how Lucifer twisted a human into a demon – that this was final seal. Sam immediately went to Lilith but I don’t think so. A human twisted and tempted into a demon? Come on Sam, let's just think about this harder for a moment. A mirror would help."

It is so well said and thought, Elle!
Great point, and great storytelling there too. Can't formulate it better.

What else I liked? I liked Sam's blind faith in his drug-dealer too. So typical, and yet so understandable - she was there when no one else could help. Gave you something to numb the pain. I understand Sam, even as I don't approve.

Only thing that _really_ bothers me is the fact that probably they leave brothers reunion into the season 5 (or even deep into the season 5. Hopefully not into the end of the season five, it would be terrible) and I'm not very patient person.

Oh, well. Oh, well-oh-well-oh well-ohwelllll. .. I guess I have no choice here.
Must wait, must be patient...

Btw - one little remark about acting in general: it seems to me that there is some kind of... or actually, a great difference what is considered good acting in USA and what is considered good acting in my small country in the north-east corner of Europe.
Because often (but not always, of course) I see comments (about acting) after episodes being - yeah - exactly opposite of what I think. So the actors, who in my opinion were throwing in far too much and (I can't find good metaphor in english, so I just translate one straight from estonian) pinching the screw too hard, were praised, and those, who were talking like normal person would in this very situation, were dismissed as "the heavy emotional stuff is usually too much for his acting skills" or "I could not feel for him".
So don't be offended, if I dislike some of your favorite scenes and praise some that you found not-so-good. Different cultures, different point-of-views, nothing personal.
# Suze 2009-05-08 06:59
Oh Shit! :shock:
# Suze 2009-05-08 09:22
Right, Ive been having a think while skkivying ( like you do ... ) and I propose the big deal here isn't the bro on bro fist fight about who gets to save the world and who gets an early bath, which has been coming since forever and was probably cooked up by Kripke and co to get their own back on the fangrrls and give the rest of us a pervy thrill, but rather that Dean's been manovered into swearing to love, honour and obey whatever it is that is pulling Cas's strings.

Mind you, Cas shouldn't have added that bit about " like he was your own father ", he's obviously been asleep at the back during some of Dean and Daddy Dearest's more energetic exchanges of views.
Or perhaps he hasn't, knows all about our boy's attitude to his aged parent and it's all part of some cunning plan we wot not of that he's cooked up with Anna ...
Or not, in which case we're back with my original comment.

Oh. Shit.
# Marleen 2009-05-08 10:02
I have been following the Wincester saga ever since I stumbled across the 1st season DVD. For such a great show, it gets very little publicity.

As for this episode, I was very torn and sad. It shows how much Sam has changed, how strong Dean has become since hell, and how devoted the two brothers are to each other. Sam knows both sides to his problem, as shown in his hallucinations, but just can make the realization that his idea for revenge is wrong. His warnings from Chuck, Pamela, the ghouls and Anna didn't register, but he heard them. He doesn't really want to go down this path. Also both boys questioned how Sam got out of the panic room. They are just so tied up with emotion, they are losing sight of logic. They will put two and two together, but I'm betting Dean will realize it first.

Dean should have followed Bobbys warning and, 'been nice to Sam'. What was the worst that could have happened? Dean and Sam died killing Lilith....not likely, angels wouldn't have allowed that. It would have been to quick an ending to the chess game. But Dean would have had a stronger connection to his brother. Driving them this far apart really wasn't necessary. Also Dean should have learn from his last 'deal' to save Sam...They never work, but as Castiel is not playing fair, I see no reason why Dean has to honor that pact either.

As far as Casteil....It's hard to think of him as a 'good' guy. Maybe he is...but then again maybe Ruby is.

I'm just glad to know there is a season 5. Getting back together is inevitable, I just hope they can be happy in season least once in a while.

BTW, I love your site. Took me a long time to fine one as professional, knowledgeable and interesting as yours. I only come here for Winchester business now.

Thanks so much for hosting it.
# Mae 2009-05-08 12:26

Wow. After watching the ep, I had to sit through a few other (lesser) tv shows before I could be anywhere near coherant enough to process this ep's events. And yet, I am still reeling.

So... the one thing that caught my attention (what am I saying? Everything is attention-grabb ing in Spn!) was that when Castiel is waiting for Dean to swear to follow the angels' orders, he (Castiel) gives this look that says he doesn't want to Dean to take the deal. This suggests to me that he's still the good ol' Cas that we love... and is pretending to be the rigid trick his bosses? Hmm. This also implies that Anna's being caught by the other two angels (well, hello new-to-us angels!) is a Plan (with a captial 'P').

About Sam strangling Dean, I think it a was a power thing and a warning. In other words, I think Sam is saying, "I'm stronger than you, and I could kill you if I wanted to, so don't come after me." That's just the feeling I got from it.

BTW Vana Naine, I totally felt the same way about wanting to say "Christo" in front of Bobby... but then thought about how he probably has the same no-demons-tatt as the boys.

Okay, I have lots of speculation... but I would hate to be one of those (possible) spoiler people and love and respect this site too much to become known as one those "crazy" fans. Though I admit, I freakin' love this show.

Thanks for the Great site (with a capital 'G')!!
# elle2 2009-05-08 14:48
babbled incoherently last night and refused to think about it.

Jotted some notes, been working at real work for hours, now to take a bike ride and think...still so much more work to do. Tonight, watch again and take notes.

Previews of my thoughts...thou ght young Sam was a brilliant stroke...and loved the Dean and Sam exchanged (hallucination one) as that really showed Sam's fear.

Oh, Sammy, you've tried to kill Dean before so this didn't surprise me the strangling part.

It was awesome, fantastic, disturbing, it teased at some answers and stirred up a whole new pile of questions -- where is that shovel Sam talked about us needing back in Lazarus Rising? I'll be able to handle the week until the's the next 20 weeks after that that I'm worried about.....aieeeeeee!!!

Kripke you're a :twisted: or perhaps :evil: genius!
# Bethany 2009-05-08 18:04
i don't know about anyone else but i spent a large chunk of the episode yelling at the screen, mainly no and don't do it. and i knew where this episode would end up but what i didn't expect was to feel so upset about it. esp when you see sam in the panic room getting so upset about dean calling him a monster that at the end of the episode although he doesn't show it you know that's how he feels. my mind just keeps going over and over it (Cas how could you/what did they do to you - zachariah i'm looking at you) and i've been thinking about it all day. i even got a bit chocked up at work while thinking about it. Kripke what are you doing to us? I had to keep repeating to myself - in kripke we trust. then watch monster movie to cheer myself up. still shocked and stunned and upset.

Is anyone else really looking forward to next weeks episode and yet at the same time rather nervous - I keep eyeing the envitable cliff hanger and summer with unease. no chance kripke's going to throw us a bone here is there?
# Bethany 2009-05-08 18:09
yes me again - just a final thought, i haven't been able to read through all the comments yet so this may have been said before - anyone else think Sam is the final seal? Dean as the first, Sam as the last nice literary symmetry don't you think?
# Marleen 2009-05-08 22:26
I was thinking that Sam was their final seal. That he would raise Lucifer and Dean would have to stop it. Always thought Ruby was Lilths undercover right hand man. Helping the boys whenever it would get her in tight with the boys, She seems to be able to come and go out of hell as she chooses...which alwasy made me suspicious. But thoughout this year she has never truned Sam off of killing lilith. She even helped them fine ANNA and her grace, Just can;t see her role now as telling Sam to protect lilth from Dean while lilth brakes the final seal. Sam isn't going to hurt his brother amyway. Would be cool if Dean and Sam turned on both the angels snd demons and took themselve completely out of the game...until next year that is.
# Tigershire 2009-05-09 00:41
I found myself..
1. Wanting to sit with a cool cloth and wipe Sam's brow. Jared totally pulled off the withdrawl. His performance and makeup's job on him was perfectly convincing.

2. I shouted "bastard" at Castiel for opening the panic room. I do not know what they did to him, but I want to. Part of me get's the impression that Cas is almost a puppet, like is vessel, in there but with no control.

3. When Dean said the word "monster" to Sam, I broke. I was fine and strangely detached up until that point. My heart snapped in two, and did the brother's relationship right at that point.

It's cool that Kripke didn't end Season 4 right there, however, I get the feeling next week's episode won't make me feel any better.
# Tigershire 2009-05-09 13:58
I totally agree with you Alice.

Actually, here is an interesting observation. I think Mary, in real life, would have had the same urge you did. A big there, there with a hug, hair smoothing and a kiss on the forehead. But, because the boys never new their mom, you notice that neither of their "mom" hallucinations had her hugging them?

I may not be a mom but I have twin nieces who are 5 and when they are upset you can't stop me from hugging them. That urge won't change as they get older so I figure that considering the kind of emotional pain they boys are in, if Mary was "really" there for each of their encounters, she would have hugged them. You couldn't have kept her from them.

This realization has just added a level of clarity as to what they lost in their social development as a result of Mary dying. Heavy....

I also really liked how Sam's response to Mary's touch was so much like Dean's from WIAWSNB. I don't know if Jared intended it to look that way but no matter, I thought it was done perfectly.

Oooh, I bet you are right (is that the sound of fanfic writers madly hammering at their keyboards?). Cas and Anna. Actually that is a paring I would love to see. The two of them actually working together - awesome. I really would like to know (but not necessarily see, cause my imagination is good enough) what they could possibly do to Cas as punishment. It's sort of a morbid curiosity. smirk

Yea, that line crushed the broken pieces of my heart into teeny weeny bits and ground them into the dirt. And I think you are right too. Sam never doubted Dean loves him, but I think he's always felt like he's standing alone. He's always felt Mary's death was his fault and interestingly enough, he might not think that if Cas has sent him along too, into the past, and allowed him to see Mary making the deal as Dean did. Could the manipulation by the angels have been that well planned? Cas did say there was a reason why they only sent Dean into the past.....

Mmmmm, more puzzles to ponder.....
Diana Martins
# Diana Martins 2009-05-12 19:37
Will Dean find out that Cass is responsible for Sam's escape from the panic room in next episode? If so, I hope Dean hit Cass!