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Dean smacks his demon and fights, and somehow Sam is putting on a fight with his. Claire’s ropes burst apart in a really cool way, and she’s got that stoic angel look we all know and love. She looks at Jimmy, bleeding and wounded, and he gets it. "Castiel," he says. Sam and Dean are still fighting their demons (ha, get it?). Demon knocks Sam to the ground and he rolls her over, taking back the knife and staring at her exposed neck. Dean fights his demon some more so that girl Castiel can show up and do the forehead plant of doom on him. Sam slices the other demon’s neck and she starts bleeding, which makes Sam salivate like a starving dog spotting a piece of meat. His eyes go stark raving mad over the flowing blood. Don't do it Sam! Too late. He dives right in, actually horrifying the demon, as well as all of us.


Sam comes up for air, his mouth all bloody and...yuck. He looks like he's on a roid rage now and Dean and Castiel in girl stare at him flabbergasted, eyeballs as wide as saucers. Sam looks at them like a rabid dog, picks up the knife and pummels it with both hands into the demon's chest. Get enough blood there Sam?

Sam stands up, absorbs another one of Dean’s condeming stares, and throws his hand out. Dean's got this "oh shit!" look on his face, but it turns out demon wife snuck up behind Castiel and Dean. Sam gets that power hungry, really enjoying look judging by the twist on his face as he yanks the black smoke right out of her.

Little girl Castiel goes to Jimmy, who's clearly not gonna make it. "Of course we keep our promises. Of course you have our gratitude. You served us well. Your work is done. It's time to go home now, your real home. To rest forever in the fields of the Lord. Rest now Jimmy." Aww, he is getting redemption after all. But wait, Jimmy asks about Claire, and Castiel intends to stay in her, for she has the same special blood Jimmy has and she made the choice. Jimmy pleads with Castiel, offering himself as the vessel instead of his daughter. Castiel warns him it won’t be one painful year, it’ll be a hundred or a thousand years this time. â€œIt doesn’t matter. You take me!” Jimmy manages to choke out with what little he’s got left. Man do I feel sorry for this guy! Castiel agrees doesn’t the whole angelic light trick on Jimmy again, releasing Claire. 

Castiel gets up and passes by Sam and Dean, staring at Amelia and Claire one more time. He goes to leave and Dean asks what it was he wanted to tell him. "I learned my lesson while I was away Dean. I serve Heaven, I do not serve man, and I certainly don’t serve you." I guess were not going to find out. He had his personality erased! Sounds like an episode of Dollhouse. Dean looks like he lost his best friend. 

Oh boy, now for the juicy part! Sam and Dean are alone in the Impala. It's dark, and they aren't saying a word to each other. This drives Sam crazy. "I’ll right, let’s hear it." Dean isn't sure what he's talking about. "Drop the bomb man. You saw what I did. Come on, stop the car, take a swing.” Dean says he won’t take a swing. â€œThen scream, chew me out.” Dean isn’t mad. Sam doesn’t believe him, and then wants to explain himself. A very resigned Dean says he doesn’t care. â€œWhat do you want me to say that I'm disappointed? Yeah I am, but mostly I’m just tired man. I’m done. I am just done.” 
This doesn't sit right with Sam, but there's no time for more because Bobby calls. Yay, it's Bobby! I've missed him. Anyway, he tells them to get to his place right away. Sam asks what’s going on. â€œThe Apocalypse genius. Now get your asses over here.” He's in the panic room, and there's a cot in the middle of the room and there’s a large bucket next to it. I really don't want to know what that's for. 

Bobby opens the panic room door, and tells Sam to go inside, there's something he wants to show them. A very trusting Sam steps in, and asks Bobby, "What's the big demon problem?" "You," Bobby sternly replies. "This is for your own good. Then Dean and Bobby slam the door shut on him and lock it!

A very shocked and panicky Sam can be seen through the small opening on the door. Sam starts yelling at them, so Bobby closes that too! A determined Dean and Bobby look at each other with approval while Sam's muffled yells can be heard even after the screen goes black. Holy Shit!!! I have to wait until next week to see this play out???

Then there's that wicked, heart stopping preview for the next two episodes. You all know what I'm talking about. I can't recap that, or I'll go into heart failure. I'm now counting seconds until the next episode. Anyone else think it's going to be a long summer?


# Lynne 2009-05-07 14:04
I love your reviews, Alice!
# Tigershire 2009-05-08 01:28
A very, very long summer. Especially since I'm writing this after watching the new episode.

Shell shocked is my current state. I can hardly wait for your and Elle2's reviews.

So, I didn't get the fishing reference but I did get the Pulp Fiction one. :-)

Now it's time to process....
# Bethany 2009-05-08 17:56
like Tigershire I'm reading this after seeing yeserdays episode and i'm still stunned. I watched it before I went to work and was distracted and upset all day. In the rapture - i liked the elements that foreshadowed the future, the change in cas since he met dean and how he's changed since he got back. what did they do to you? but it was also interesting to see another family and how they got caught up and ripped apart in this war. sam and dean aren't the only ones who've given up everything and i think it's good for them to see that.
and yes it's going to be a long week let alone a long summer