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Sam goes off some more about telling him the truth and this is where I’d love for Dean to kick his sorry ass. Instead, this is where Misha gets to wow us some more. He gets that somber look of devastation and joins his family in the Impala. Amelia tells him she owes him the biggest apology ever. You think? Jimmy shrugs it off, telling her he thought he was crazy half of the time. Amelia asks if they can go home. Jimmy gingerly spells out the situation for her, you know, the total opposite of what Sam did. Sam and Dean are going to get her a car and she needs to take Claire to Carl and Sally's as fast as she can. I hope they’re not demons too! 
Amelia quickly figures out Jimmy isn’t coming with them. He tells her they don’t have a choice. Then she asks the magic question, “How long?” Jimmy has the magic answer! â€œWe’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.” Oh, he’s so learning from Sam isn’t he? Amelia gets all teary and tries the “we’re a family” argument, but Jimmy says they’ll kill her and Claire. She needs to get as far away from him as she can. She busts into tears and hugs him, and Dean watches. He’s pretty affected by this. He’s obviously getting tired of these sad endings. I hope you get to help more people in season five Dean.   

Sam hotwires an old crappy Buick or Chevy and announces to wife, "So, uh, here's your car." Come on Sam, couldn't you have chosen a cool sports car for them to steal? Also, how heartless can you be? He might have well said, "You're on your own, try not to get killed." Someone get that boy some demon blood now! 
Jimmy gives a sweet goodbye to Claire, and then gives Amelia a long gaze while getting in the back of the Impala. I guess they’ve already hugged. Amelia and Claire watch them drive away in the Impala, and Claire asks why he’s leaving again. Mom slaps her good and her eyes go black. Yeah, like we didn't see that coming.
Sam and Dean are in the Impala, Jimmy is asleep in the back. Dean finds that this is the opportune time. â€œWhat the Hell happened back there? You practically fainted trying to gank a demon.” Sam defends that he didn’t faint, he got a little dizzy. Dean manages to point out he’s missing the point. â€œCall it whatever you want the point is you used to be strong enough to kill Alastair, and now you can’t kill stunt demon #3.” Sam still doesn’t get where he’s going with this, but I would have laughed at that comment. I did actually. This is where Sam starts to look really tired, and his words are getting a little heavy. 

Dean tries the diplomatic approach, trying to find out what’s going on with his “mojo” using the always effective "I'm not trying to pick a fight" line.  â€œYou're scaring me." Sam somberly looks ahead and admits "I'm scaring myself." Don't worry Sam you're scaring us too. This is another prime example of the truth being spoken without the context being understood by both. That way, those same words take on a whole different meaning for both sides. I love it when this show does that. 
Just then the Sam's phone rings. It's Jimmy's wife. Except it isn't his wife. Time for a showdown! 
They arrive at some warehouse, and Jimmy is understandably beside himself. Dean assures they’ve got him covered even though they want him to come alone. Sam slightly staggers out of the Impala and looks really tired. His words are slightly slurring, but he’s still able to assure Jimmy they’ll be there for him. Dean tells him to stay calm and stall, they’ll do the rest. Jimmy is having trouble staying calm, and gives Dean the “yeah whatever” when Dean tells him no one is going to get hurt. Jimmy asks for a minute alone and walks off.
A very flat Sam tells Dean, “You know there’s no way they’re expecting him to come alone Dean. You know it’s probably a trap.” Dean isn’t bothered. â€œYeah, I know, that’s why I have a plan.” Okay, I’m curious to see what that is. 
Jimmy finds a private spot and starts railing on Castiel, shouting up in the air. This is another one of those scenes that uses the quick frame cuts, and it again works very well. It adds some intensity to this scene. â€œCastiel, you son of a bitch! You promised me my family would be okay, you promised you’d take care of them. I gave you everything you asked me to give. I gave you more. This is the thanks I get, this is what you do? You’re Heaven? Help me, please. You promised Cas. Help me.”   His plea goes silent, so he shakes his head and says “typical.” What do you expect Jimmy? This is an angel were talking about. Their entrances must be veiled and mysterious. Oh, by the way, this is known in the entertainment circles as a crisis of faith.

A mad Jimmy storms inside, and his possessed wife is in charge of the operation. She’s got that whole demon taunting thing going. He tells her his wife and daughter aren’t a part of this. She says they are, and then chastises him for not coming alone. He claims he did. "You’re such a liar. Like I didn’t think you’d bring Heckle and Jeckle." Demon henchmen drag in Sam and Dean. "Nice plan Dean," a weaker Sam sarcastically mentions. "Hey, nobody bats a thousand," Dean replies. Ha! They don't get to be heroes after all. I like that. 
The demons got the knife from them. â€œYou know what’s funny?” Possessed wife asks. â€œYou wearing a soccer mom?” Dean replies. Ha! I love the Dean funnies in tense situations. She’s happy to have Sam and Dean fall in her lap, since getting an empty vessel is like a milk run. Sam pleads to take them and let the others go, but she taunts him because his “wondergirl powers aren’t working.” She pulls out a gun (hey, it works) and announces this is where everyone dies. She goes to shoot Sam and then turns the gun on Jimmy instead. Dean is stunned.   
She tells one of the henchmen to “waste little orphaned Annie,” and he goes for Claire. Sam watches, but he’s staggering all over the place and can barely stand up straight. A really great overhead shot shows this demon walking the length of the warehouse, past Sam and Dean, past Jimmy in the middle on the floor, and over to Claire on the other end. It’s a nice change. Stunt demon #6 grabs a big stick and swings it at a supposed unconscious Claire, but she grabs it and does the palm to the forehead bit. Demon’s eyes and mouth burst into flash of yellow light. She's an angel!



# Lynne 2009-05-07 14:04
I love your reviews, Alice!
# Tigershire 2009-05-08 01:28
A very, very long summer. Especially since I'm writing this after watching the new episode.

Shell shocked is my current state. I can hardly wait for your and Elle2's reviews.

So, I didn't get the fishing reference but I did get the Pulp Fiction one. :-)

Now it's time to process....
# Bethany 2009-05-08 17:56
like Tigershire I'm reading this after seeing yeserdays episode and i'm still stunned. I watched it before I went to work and was distracted and upset all day. In the rapture - i liked the elements that foreshadowed the future, the change in cas since he met dean and how he's changed since he got back. what did they do to you? but it was also interesting to see another family and how they got caught up and ripped apart in this war. sam and dean aren't the only ones who've given up everything and i think it's good for them to see that.
and yes it's going to be a long week let alone a long summer