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It's later, Jimmy is asleep in one bed, Dean in the other, and a very anxious Sam is standing watch. He fidgets some more, does the beady-eyed looking around and then slips out the door. Jimmy then gets up wearing full blue suit, and I'm sorry but after a year of wearing that thing I would have invested in some new clothes ASAP.   He grabs his beloved trench coat, for he can't go anywhere without it, and sneaks out too. 

Jimmy looks all around, sees the coast is clear, and gets out of dodge fast.   The camera then shows an unsuspecting Sam behind the drink machine, jittery, struggling to pour out a few drops of blood from a flask. He slurps it from his hand with a vengeance and the goes back for more. Eeww. Yes, this is what a junkie looks like getting his fix. Why doesn't he grow fangs and go for the neck? Oh wait, that's coming later.

Back to the motel, and one very agitated Sam is packing, prodding Dean to hurry up. Dean, who’s brushing his teeth, is having fun at the expense of Sam and his crack guarding skills. He asks Sam what he was doing. "I was getting a coke," an irritated Sam defends. "Was it a refreshing coke?" Ding, ding, ding. Line of the episode. Sam isn't laughing and again tells Dean to get moving, anxiously tossing more clothes in the bag. Try decaf Sam.
Jimmy’s on a bus, and judging by how empty it is, Pontiac, Illinois is not a vacation hotspot. His long pensive gaze makes the perfect vice for a flashback. He's chopping peppers in the kitchen and static comes on the radio. Jimmy then instantly shoves his arm into a pot of boiling water. Wife comes in drops the groceries, completely freaked out. Jimmy pulls his arm from the pot and its fine. Castiel told him to do it, as a test of faith. So Jimmy, if Castiel told you to jump off a cliff...oh never mind.  Jimmy is in awe. Wife is freaked.
The Impala thunders by, and I get my fix for the week. It's the pretty trifecta! Dean's driving, Sam's in the passenger seat, and suddenly Anna is there. The Impala swerves in and out of their lane. Hee, nice touch! I guess she took Dean by surprise. â€œEver try calling ahead?” Dean asks. â€œI like the element of surprise," Anna replies back. Angels and their mind games.
Dean tells her how great she looks, and she points out this is not the appropriate time. Since when has Dean been appropriate at the right time? That why we love him, anything can come from his mouth at anytime.  She chastises them for letting Jimmy get away. "Talk to Ginormo here," Dean says, not about to shoulder any blame. Sam gives him the mother of all bitchfaces. Ah, sibling rivalry. 
Sam looks back at Anna and she looks back with a frown. "You seem, different." Sam asks if it’s his haircut, but she knows its something else. Sam denies her claim. Come on Sam, this is a fallen angel. She can see right through you. Lying in front of her and your brother is making you look bad. Sadly, that's the least offensive thing you've done lately. 
Anna says that Castiel has been called back to Heaven, or dragged there against his will. Dean doesn't understand the problem. "No, that’s a very bad thing. Painfully, awfully bad," Anna clarifies. Okay, now I don't understand the problem. She speculates he must have really pissed someone off. She's worried something awful is happening to Castiel, and thinks Jimmy is probably dead by now. Okay, maybe more specifics are in order? Oh, right. Angel.
Jimmy's standing outside of a very charming craftsmen style house. He climbs up the porch and looks through the window with those lost eyes, staring at his wife and daughter with deep regret. No one does sad eyes and nonverbal regret better than Misha. Oh, but before he has his hell-bent reunion, he needs to work in another flashback first.  
Wife wants him to take his meds. His "I'm talking to angels so I must be crazy meds." He refuses, because he believes something greater than he is happening. It’s God’s will. "This is the most important thing to happen in my life." Even though Jimmy is being totally adorable over his "touched by an angel" intervention, wife hates hearing that, for that means it's more important than his family. He tells her to have faith. She’s scared, and tells him to leave. Oh sure, banish the religious nut.

Jimmy puts on blue suit and trench coat and exits the house. What, did Castiel request before possession that he look his Sunday best? If so, was that outfit the best he could find? Anyway, he stands outside his house and pleads to Castiel, since he's about to lose his family. Jimmy gets bathed in a flash of yellow light, and I adore the way this part is done. It has a lot of quick cuts in the frame, trying to show Jimmy have a long conversation with Castiel in a short time frame. It's quite effective. Well done Mr. Besson!
Jimmy decides to "do it," but he needs assurance his family will be okay. He gets that guarantee, and next thing he's absorbed by the light. This is where I get impressed, for the facial expression changes and it's the Cas we all know and love. I love how Misha so easily switches gears like that. That's probably why he's a paid actor and I'm a database analyst.
Anyway, Jimmy's daughter comes out calling for her dad, but she gets that tilt of the head and confused stare from Castiel instead. He says to her, "I am not your father," and then walks away. That's the last she sees of him. That's taking care of the family? Emotional scars for life? Those angels are really dicks with wings.



# Lynne 2009-05-07 14:04
I love your reviews, Alice!
# Tigershire 2009-05-08 01:28
A very, very long summer. Especially since I'm writing this after watching the new episode.

Shell shocked is my current state. I can hardly wait for your and Elle2's reviews.

So, I didn't get the fishing reference but I did get the Pulp Fiction one. :-)

Now it's time to process....
# Bethany 2009-05-08 17:56
like Tigershire I'm reading this after seeing yeserdays episode and i'm still stunned. I watched it before I went to work and was distracted and upset all day. In the rapture - i liked the elements that foreshadowed the future, the change in cas since he met dean and how he's changed since he got back. what did they do to you? but it was also interesting to see another family and how they got caught up and ripped apart in this war. sam and dean aren't the only ones who've given up everything and i think it's good for them to see that.
and yes it's going to be a long week let alone a long summer