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You know, after going back and doing a careful re-watch for this recap, I really found myself being sucked in by Jimmy's sad story and Misha Collins' stunning performance. More so than the first two times I watched this. 

Jeremy Carver is the writer, Charles Besson the director. Since both are rather established on this show by now, I'll just state up front it's another well done effort on both parts. Of course, the acting is incredible. With that out of the way, let's get started.
Nah Na Nah Na Nah Na, Fishing! 
(Guess the reference everyone!) A red and white fishing lure bobs along tranquil waters, and I'm instantly intrigued. Fishing in the teaser? So does some sort of lake monster appear? Wait a minute, is that Dean? It is! He's fishing, alone? He looks so…content. Castiel appears, and now I suspect this is a dream. Yep, it is. So Dean dreams about fishing along with picnics of Lisa? Man, if I were him, I'd never wake up.

Dean might be calm, but Castiel is edgy. "We need to talk. It’s not safe here. Someplace more private." Dean points out the obvious, they're in his head. Apparently, that's not private enough. Others maybe listening. Now I'm wondering how many angels out there are watching my dreams? Considering I often always dream about being naked in public, I'm disturbed now. I know, TMI.
Anyway, Castiel hands Dean a piece of paper with an address and Dean wakes up. The world is dingy again. Sam and Dean complete with flashlights check out the designated place, and it looks like an A-bomb went off. A as in "angel." They find the symbol that Anna drew in her own blood in “Heaven and Hell” on the wall. That means an angel was sent somewhere. Then they find Castiel among the wreckage, out cold. Man, he looks more hot damaged. 
Except it's not Cas! His voice is less authoratative and slighty higher pitched, just so we can tell the difference. The guy's name is Jimmy, and Castiel is gone. Time for a touching hour of "get to know your vessel."
Birds, and wouldn't it be cooler if those were angel wings? Just a thought.
Back at the motel room, and Jimmy is choking down take out like he hasn't eaten in months. Oh, that's because he hasn't. Sam and Dean watch with equal fascination and concern. Dean's worried he'll get angina just by watching him eat. Now you know how Sam feels Dean.

Sam asks what happened back there, noticing it was an angel battle “royale.” Is that like the "royale with cheese?" (Another obscure reference.)  Jimmy doesn’t remember anything other than a flash of white light. Sam asks if he remembers anything about being possessed. Bit and pieces. "It's kind of like being chained to a comet." "Well that doesn’t sound like much fun," Dean says. "Understatement," a still chewing Jimmy replies. It's nice to see someone other than Dean trying to talk with his mouth full.
So what does Jimmy remember? Not much apparently. He doesn’t know what Cas wanted to tell them. His name is Jimmy Novak, he's from Pontiac, Illinois, and he has a family. Hmm, the same place Dean was buried and risen from the dead? I'm still dying to know why Sam buried Dean there. Is it some sort of celestial center? I wonder if that will ever be explained.
Jimmy has the first of many flashbacks to the time when all this started. It’s one year ago. He's having dinner with his wife and daughter, and they join hands for the blessing, pointing out with many anvils that this is the All-American devout Christian family. Everything is perfect, that is until Jimmy is woken up from sleeping in front of the TV on the recliner by the ear piercing screeching of angel. He clasps onto his ears and yells in agony, then goes into a full blown seizure. At least the glass isn't exploding and his ears aren't bleeding like Dean's early Castiel encounter.
Sam and Dean are outside discussing Jimmy. Dean wants to get him a bus ticket home since he has a family, but Sam thinks he knows something but doesn’t know it. Sam wants to get him to Bobby’s, try hypnosis or a psychic or something. Uh guys, you got the last psychic killed, remember? I think Bobby is out of favors with the psychics department. Sam points out it was angel on angel violence, so whatever has happened, its big. Their only lead is Jimmy.
Dean shakes his head, and it’s so clear how much this one eats him up this week. â€œRemember when our job was helping people, like getting them back to their families?” Yeah, you don’t need to tell us that times have changed. Sam claims he’s being realistic. I call it being a party pooper. Sam believes that if they want to question him, the demons will want to too. Dean throws his head back, accepting that Sam is right. 
So, they break the news to Jimmy. He isn’t happy, and doesn’t believe that he has a demon bullseye on his back. He’s done and he wants to go home. â€œI’ve been shot and stabbed, and healed and my body’s been dragged all over the earth, by some miracle I’m out and I am done. I’ve given enough, okay?” Buddy, you haven't put in anywhere near the time Sam and Dean have, and they’ve actually died. Twice.    
Sam jumps in, pointing out his safest place is with them. â€œHow long,” Jimmy asks. â€œWe’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.” Jimmy is now furious. What sort of reaction did you expect with that answer Sam? Jimmy tries to leave, but Sam won’t let him, claiming he’s putting his family in danger. â€œSo what, now I’m a prisoner?” â€œHarsh way to put it”. Sam's been behaving like quite a dick lately, hasn't he? Maybe he needs to have fishing dreams.

It's later, Jimmy is asleep in one bed, Dean in the other, and a very anxious Sam is standing watch. He fidgets some more, does the beady-eyed looking around and then slips out the door. Jimmy then gets up wearing full blue suit, and I'm sorry but after a year of wearing that thing I would have invested in some new clothes ASAP.   He grabs his beloved trench coat, for he can't go anywhere without it, and sneaks out too. 

Jimmy looks all around, sees the coast is clear, and gets out of dodge fast.   The camera then shows an unsuspecting Sam behind the drink machine, jittery, struggling to pour out a few drops of blood from a flask. He slurps it from his hand with a vengeance and the goes back for more. Eeww. Yes, this is what a junkie looks like getting his fix. Why doesn't he grow fangs and go for the neck? Oh wait, that's coming later.

Back to the motel, and one very agitated Sam is packing, prodding Dean to hurry up. Dean, who’s brushing his teeth, is having fun at the expense of Sam and his crack guarding skills. He asks Sam what he was doing. "I was getting a coke," an irritated Sam defends. "Was it a refreshing coke?" Ding, ding, ding. Line of the episode. Sam isn't laughing and again tells Dean to get moving, anxiously tossing more clothes in the bag. Try decaf Sam.
Jimmy’s on a bus, and judging by how empty it is, Pontiac, Illinois is not a vacation hotspot. His long pensive gaze makes the perfect vice for a flashback. He's chopping peppers in the kitchen and static comes on the radio. Jimmy then instantly shoves his arm into a pot of boiling water. Wife comes in drops the groceries, completely freaked out. Jimmy pulls his arm from the pot and its fine. Castiel told him to do it, as a test of faith. So Jimmy, if Castiel told you to jump off a cliff...oh never mind.  Jimmy is in awe. Wife is freaked.
The Impala thunders by, and I get my fix for the week. It's the pretty trifecta! Dean's driving, Sam's in the passenger seat, and suddenly Anna is there. The Impala swerves in and out of their lane. Hee, nice touch! I guess she took Dean by surprise. â€œEver try calling ahead?” Dean asks. â€œI like the element of surprise," Anna replies back. Angels and their mind games.
Dean tells her how great she looks, and she points out this is not the appropriate time. Since when has Dean been appropriate at the right time? That why we love him, anything can come from his mouth at anytime.  She chastises them for letting Jimmy get away. "Talk to Ginormo here," Dean says, not about to shoulder any blame. Sam gives him the mother of all bitchfaces. Ah, sibling rivalry. 
Sam looks back at Anna and she looks back with a frown. "You seem, different." Sam asks if it’s his haircut, but she knows its something else. Sam denies her claim. Come on Sam, this is a fallen angel. She can see right through you. Lying in front of her and your brother is making you look bad. Sadly, that's the least offensive thing you've done lately. 
Anna says that Castiel has been called back to Heaven, or dragged there against his will. Dean doesn't understand the problem. "No, that’s a very bad thing. Painfully, awfully bad," Anna clarifies. Okay, now I don't understand the problem. She speculates he must have really pissed someone off. She's worried something awful is happening to Castiel, and thinks Jimmy is probably dead by now. Okay, maybe more specifics are in order? Oh, right. Angel.
Jimmy's standing outside of a very charming craftsmen style house. He climbs up the porch and looks through the window with those lost eyes, staring at his wife and daughter with deep regret. No one does sad eyes and nonverbal regret better than Misha. Oh, but before he has his hell-bent reunion, he needs to work in another flashback first.  
Wife wants him to take his meds. His "I'm talking to angels so I must be crazy meds." He refuses, because he believes something greater than he is happening. It’s God’s will. "This is the most important thing to happen in my life." Even though Jimmy is being totally adorable over his "touched by an angel" intervention, wife hates hearing that, for that means it's more important than his family. He tells her to have faith. She’s scared, and tells him to leave. Oh sure, banish the religious nut.

Jimmy puts on blue suit and trench coat and exits the house. What, did Castiel request before possession that he look his Sunday best? If so, was that outfit the best he could find? Anyway, he stands outside his house and pleads to Castiel, since he's about to lose his family. Jimmy gets bathed in a flash of yellow light, and I adore the way this part is done. It has a lot of quick cuts in the frame, trying to show Jimmy have a long conversation with Castiel in a short time frame. It's quite effective. Well done Mr. Besson!
Jimmy decides to "do it," but he needs assurance his family will be okay. He gets that guarantee, and next thing he's absorbed by the light. This is where I get impressed, for the facial expression changes and it's the Cas we all know and love. I love how Misha so easily switches gears like that. That's probably why he's a paid actor and I'm a database analyst.
Anyway, Jimmy's daughter comes out calling for her dad, but she gets that tilt of the head and confused stare from Castiel instead. He says to her, "I am not your father," and then walks away. That's the last she sees of him. That's taking care of the family? Emotional scars for life? Those angels are really dicks with wings.


Back to Jimmy on the front porch, and something tells me this reunion won't be joyous. He rings the doorbell, wife answers, pretty blown away. â€œWe stopped looking for you.” He apologizes, and she admits they’d given him up for dead. They’re in the living room, the daughter comes down, but mom sends her to her room. I guess Jimmy isn’t allowed to see her yet. We also find that out when he asks to see her and the wife says no. She’s a little mad that he at least didn’t let his daughter know he was okay. Yeah, well, that concept is a little lost on angels.     
Jimmy lies that he's been in a mental institution all year and wanted to get himself straight before seeing them. I suppose the “I was a vessel for an angel” explanation wouldn’t have gone over well. It's all over now, and this next line is so good. As this show does so well, the line delivered is the honest truth, even though the context isn’t. â€œI was confused Amelia. I was completely delusional. And I thought God was calling me to something and I thought that it was important, and I was wrong, I was such an idiot. Heaven, Hell, none of that matters. The only thing that’s important to me is you and Claire. And I can’t undo what I’ve done. But I just want to come home again.” Oh man, I’m getting teary here. Misha is killing me!  

Amelia isn’t convinced though and tells him she can't let him do that. Man, does everything Castiel touch turn to shit? This man was duped! Oh, but Jimmy is a persistent man too. He pours on those gorgeous blue eyes of charm and suggests they start small. Like dinner. 

Next is a quick shot of Sam and Dean, for those if us who forgot they're on this show. Sam is inside the gas station on his cell phone while Dean is outside gassing up the Impala. Sam is very agitated, breathing heavily, and pacing back and forth over the fact that Ruby isn't answering her phone. "Where the Hell are you Ruby? This isn’t funny anymore. I'm all out," he frantically says into the phone. â€œStop whatever you’re doing, call me. I need more.” Aww Sam what's the matter, getting shafted by your blood dealer? Customer service just isn't what it used to be these days. 

Back to Jimmy, who gets a huge welcome home hug from his forgiving daughter. He's so happy, he's ready to cry. Oh, look at that. Misha can pull off the endearing happy smile too. Not like Castiel ever does that. They stand around the table and share an awkward moment of silence, before sitting down in their regular places at the table to their modest meal of sandwiches. Jimmy takes a sandwich, and darling little Claire asks why he isn't praying. I'll tell you why dear, because angels are dicks with wings. He gets a little emotional, and then Claire asks why he’s crying. â€œBecause I’m happy.” Since this is Supernatural, it won’t last.
Ha! I’m right. This is where the slower back story is done, and the plot kicks into high gear. Dinner is interrupted by a visitor, smiling neighbor and dear old friend Roger. He noticed Jimmy at the door a half hour ago. Jimmy comes over after wiping tears from his eyes, gives his friend a big hug and they go to the living room. Roger in that folksy neighbor way says he scared the Hell out of a lot of people and asks where he's been. Geez Roger, it's not like he took a business trip. He's been gone A YEAR. Jimmy brushes it off. “Honestly, worst year of my life and you wouldn’t believe a word of it, but it’s all okay now. I swear.” Roger points out it isn’t. He states he's going to gut Jimmy's daughter while he watches. His eyes roll black.
Amelia arrives with a beer, which is distraction enough for Jimmy to quickly grab some hammer like object (probably a hammer) and beat Roger down several times. "He's a demon! Run!" Jimmy yells. It seems he learned from Castiel after all. Amelia stands there, thinking he's lost it. 
Jimmy takes Amelia and Claire into the pantry and puts down a salt line. Amelia shouts he's still nuts while Jimmy tries to explain in a frantic way that Roger is a demon and this is very, very real. Amelia stupidly wrestles with Jimmy while Claire runs away, thus ruining that plan. Jimmy runs after her with Amelia following but oops, Roger has a blade to Claire's throat. 
Roger claims he would let her go, but the Mrs. has other ideas. Suddenly Jimmy is jumped by Roger's wife, who has black eyes too. Amelia starts believing Jimmy now. Then, out of nowhere, a demon killing ginsu comes along! Roger's neck is sliced and he sputters yellow light. It’s Dean! The cavalry has arrived! Sam throws out his hand at demon wife, which is enough to keep her occupied while the family runs away, but nothing happens as Sam teeters back and forth, looking ready to pass out.  "Can't get it up, can you Sam?" Dean yells he can, but the black smoke escapes before he can stab her.
Dean helps a woozy Sam and they rush outside, and Jimmy and Claire are waiting. "Where's your wife?" Dean asks. "Right here," she says, coming from nowhere. They get in the Impala and peel out of there. Uh, guys, wouldn't it be wise to see if any of them are possessed, especially the disappearing than re-appearing wife? Especially when the demon got away? This has burned you guys before. Even I saw this coming a mile away.
They find someplace safe (a parking garage?) and the three men talk outside while the shell-shocked girls stay in the back seat. Jimmy admits they were right, and he doesn’t get it because he doesn’t know anything. Dean doesn’t think the demons believe him and Sam points out since he’s a vessel, they’ll want to know what makes him tick. He’s putting his family in danger, and he has to come with them.  Come on Jimmy, millions of us would go with them in a heartbeat. 
“How long?” Jimmy asks, and tells Sam not to give him that “we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it crap.” Sam, whose grumpiness over demon blood withdrawal is turning him into a dick without wings, spells it out for Jimmy pretty harshly. â€œDon’t you get it? Forever. Demons will never stop. You can never be with your family. So either you get as far away from them as possible or you put a bullet in your head, and that’s how you keep your family safe, but there’s no getting out and there’s no going home.” Dean raises his eyebrows over Sam’s blunt delivery. â€œWell don’t sugarcoat it Sam.” 


Sam goes off some more about telling him the truth and this is where I’d love for Dean to kick his sorry ass. Instead, this is where Misha gets to wow us some more. He gets that somber look of devastation and joins his family in the Impala. Amelia tells him she owes him the biggest apology ever. You think? Jimmy shrugs it off, telling her he thought he was crazy half of the time. Amelia asks if they can go home. Jimmy gingerly spells out the situation for her, you know, the total opposite of what Sam did. Sam and Dean are going to get her a car and she needs to take Claire to Carl and Sally's as fast as she can. I hope they’re not demons too! 
Amelia quickly figures out Jimmy isn’t coming with them. He tells her they don’t have a choice. Then she asks the magic question, “How long?” Jimmy has the magic answer! â€œWe’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.” Oh, he’s so learning from Sam isn’t he? Amelia gets all teary and tries the “we’re a family” argument, but Jimmy says they’ll kill her and Claire. She needs to get as far away from him as she can. She busts into tears and hugs him, and Dean watches. He’s pretty affected by this. He’s obviously getting tired of these sad endings. I hope you get to help more people in season five Dean.   

Sam hotwires an old crappy Buick or Chevy and announces to wife, "So, uh, here's your car." Come on Sam, couldn't you have chosen a cool sports car for them to steal? Also, how heartless can you be? He might have well said, "You're on your own, try not to get killed." Someone get that boy some demon blood now! 
Jimmy gives a sweet goodbye to Claire, and then gives Amelia a long gaze while getting in the back of the Impala. I guess they’ve already hugged. Amelia and Claire watch them drive away in the Impala, and Claire asks why he’s leaving again. Mom slaps her good and her eyes go black. Yeah, like we didn't see that coming.
Sam and Dean are in the Impala, Jimmy is asleep in the back. Dean finds that this is the opportune time. â€œWhat the Hell happened back there? You practically fainted trying to gank a demon.” Sam defends that he didn’t faint, he got a little dizzy. Dean manages to point out he’s missing the point. â€œCall it whatever you want the point is you used to be strong enough to kill Alastair, and now you can’t kill stunt demon #3.” Sam still doesn’t get where he’s going with this, but I would have laughed at that comment. I did actually. This is where Sam starts to look really tired, and his words are getting a little heavy. 

Dean tries the diplomatic approach, trying to find out what’s going on with his “mojo” using the always effective "I'm not trying to pick a fight" line.  â€œYou're scaring me." Sam somberly looks ahead and admits "I'm scaring myself." Don't worry Sam you're scaring us too. This is another prime example of the truth being spoken without the context being understood by both. That way, those same words take on a whole different meaning for both sides. I love it when this show does that. 
Just then the Sam's phone rings. It's Jimmy's wife. Except it isn't his wife. Time for a showdown! 
They arrive at some warehouse, and Jimmy is understandably beside himself. Dean assures they’ve got him covered even though they want him to come alone. Sam slightly staggers out of the Impala and looks really tired. His words are slightly slurring, but he’s still able to assure Jimmy they’ll be there for him. Dean tells him to stay calm and stall, they’ll do the rest. Jimmy is having trouble staying calm, and gives Dean the “yeah whatever” when Dean tells him no one is going to get hurt. Jimmy asks for a minute alone and walks off.
A very flat Sam tells Dean, “You know there’s no way they’re expecting him to come alone Dean. You know it’s probably a trap.” Dean isn’t bothered. â€œYeah, I know, that’s why I have a plan.” Okay, I’m curious to see what that is. 
Jimmy finds a private spot and starts railing on Castiel, shouting up in the air. This is another one of those scenes that uses the quick frame cuts, and it again works very well. It adds some intensity to this scene. â€œCastiel, you son of a bitch! You promised me my family would be okay, you promised you’d take care of them. I gave you everything you asked me to give. I gave you more. This is the thanks I get, this is what you do? You’re Heaven? Help me, please. You promised Cas. Help me.”   His plea goes silent, so he shakes his head and says “typical.” What do you expect Jimmy? This is an angel were talking about. Their entrances must be veiled and mysterious. Oh, by the way, this is known in the entertainment circles as a crisis of faith.

A mad Jimmy storms inside, and his possessed wife is in charge of the operation. She’s got that whole demon taunting thing going. He tells her his wife and daughter aren’t a part of this. She says they are, and then chastises him for not coming alone. He claims he did. "You’re such a liar. Like I didn’t think you’d bring Heckle and Jeckle." Demon henchmen drag in Sam and Dean. "Nice plan Dean," a weaker Sam sarcastically mentions. "Hey, nobody bats a thousand," Dean replies. Ha! They don't get to be heroes after all. I like that. 
The demons got the knife from them. â€œYou know what’s funny?” Possessed wife asks. â€œYou wearing a soccer mom?” Dean replies. Ha! I love the Dean funnies in tense situations. She’s happy to have Sam and Dean fall in her lap, since getting an empty vessel is like a milk run. Sam pleads to take them and let the others go, but she taunts him because his “wondergirl powers aren’t working.” She pulls out a gun (hey, it works) and announces this is where everyone dies. She goes to shoot Sam and then turns the gun on Jimmy instead. Dean is stunned.   
She tells one of the henchmen to “waste little orphaned Annie,” and he goes for Claire. Sam watches, but he’s staggering all over the place and can barely stand up straight. A really great overhead shot shows this demon walking the length of the warehouse, past Sam and Dean, past Jimmy in the middle on the floor, and over to Claire on the other end. It’s a nice change. Stunt demon #6 grabs a big stick and swings it at a supposed unconscious Claire, but she grabs it and does the palm to the forehead bit. Demon’s eyes and mouth burst into flash of yellow light. She's an angel!


Dean smacks his demon and fights, and somehow Sam is putting on a fight with his. Claire’s ropes burst apart in a really cool way, and she’s got that stoic angel look we all know and love. She looks at Jimmy, bleeding and wounded, and he gets it. "Castiel," he says. Sam and Dean are still fighting their demons (ha, get it?). Demon knocks Sam to the ground and he rolls her over, taking back the knife and staring at her exposed neck. Dean fights his demon some more so that girl Castiel can show up and do the forehead plant of doom on him. Sam slices the other demon’s neck and she starts bleeding, which makes Sam salivate like a starving dog spotting a piece of meat. His eyes go stark raving mad over the flowing blood. Don't do it Sam! Too late. He dives right in, actually horrifying the demon, as well as all of us.


Sam comes up for air, his mouth all bloody and...yuck. He looks like he's on a roid rage now and Dean and Castiel in girl stare at him flabbergasted, eyeballs as wide as saucers. Sam looks at them like a rabid dog, picks up the knife and pummels it with both hands into the demon's chest. Get enough blood there Sam?

Sam stands up, absorbs another one of Dean’s condeming stares, and throws his hand out. Dean's got this "oh shit!" look on his face, but it turns out demon wife snuck up behind Castiel and Dean. Sam gets that power hungry, really enjoying look judging by the twist on his face as he yanks the black smoke right out of her.

Little girl Castiel goes to Jimmy, who's clearly not gonna make it. "Of course we keep our promises. Of course you have our gratitude. You served us well. Your work is done. It's time to go home now, your real home. To rest forever in the fields of the Lord. Rest now Jimmy." Aww, he is getting redemption after all. But wait, Jimmy asks about Claire, and Castiel intends to stay in her, for she has the same special blood Jimmy has and she made the choice. Jimmy pleads with Castiel, offering himself as the vessel instead of his daughter. Castiel warns him it won’t be one painful year, it’ll be a hundred or a thousand years this time. â€œIt doesn’t matter. You take me!” Jimmy manages to choke out with what little he’s got left. Man do I feel sorry for this guy! Castiel agrees doesn’t the whole angelic light trick on Jimmy again, releasing Claire. 

Castiel gets up and passes by Sam and Dean, staring at Amelia and Claire one more time. He goes to leave and Dean asks what it was he wanted to tell him. "I learned my lesson while I was away Dean. I serve Heaven, I do not serve man, and I certainly don’t serve you." I guess were not going to find out. He had his personality erased! Sounds like an episode of Dollhouse. Dean looks like he lost his best friend. 

Oh boy, now for the juicy part! Sam and Dean are alone in the Impala. It's dark, and they aren't saying a word to each other. This drives Sam crazy. "I’ll right, let’s hear it." Dean isn't sure what he's talking about. "Drop the bomb man. You saw what I did. Come on, stop the car, take a swing.” Dean says he won’t take a swing. â€œThen scream, chew me out.” Dean isn’t mad. Sam doesn’t believe him, and then wants to explain himself. A very resigned Dean says he doesn’t care. â€œWhat do you want me to say that I'm disappointed? Yeah I am, but mostly I’m just tired man. I’m done. I am just done.” 
This doesn't sit right with Sam, but there's no time for more because Bobby calls. Yay, it's Bobby! I've missed him. Anyway, he tells them to get to his place right away. Sam asks what’s going on. â€œThe Apocalypse genius. Now get your asses over here.” He's in the panic room, and there's a cot in the middle of the room and there’s a large bucket next to it. I really don't want to know what that's for. 

Bobby opens the panic room door, and tells Sam to go inside, there's something he wants to show them. A very trusting Sam steps in, and asks Bobby, "What's the big demon problem?" "You," Bobby sternly replies. "This is for your own good. Then Dean and Bobby slam the door shut on him and lock it!

A very shocked and panicky Sam can be seen through the small opening on the door. Sam starts yelling at them, so Bobby closes that too! A determined Dean and Bobby look at each other with approval while Sam's muffled yells can be heard even after the screen goes black. Holy Shit!!! I have to wait until next week to see this play out???

Then there's that wicked, heart stopping preview for the next two episodes. You all know what I'm talking about. I can't recap that, or I'll go into heart failure. I'm now counting seconds until the next episode. Anyone else think it's going to be a long summer?


# Lynne 2009-05-07 14:04
I love your reviews, Alice!
# Tigershire 2009-05-08 01:28
A very, very long summer. Especially since I'm writing this after watching the new episode.

Shell shocked is my current state. I can hardly wait for your and Elle2's reviews.

So, I didn't get the fishing reference but I did get the Pulp Fiction one. :-)

Now it's time to process....
# Bethany 2009-05-08 17:56
like Tigershire I'm reading this after seeing yeserdays episode and i'm still stunned. I watched it before I went to work and was distracted and upset all day. In the rapture - i liked the elements that foreshadowed the future, the change in cas since he met dean and how he's changed since he got back. what did they do to you? but it was also interesting to see another family and how they got caught up and ripped apart in this war. sam and dean aren't the only ones who've given up everything and i think it's good for them to see that.
and yes it's going to be a long week let alone a long summer