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Dean gets the bag of tools together, and then asks “Where do we even get a gun?” Sam shrugs. ”Gun store?” ”Isn’t there kind of like a waiting period or something?” Dean asks. Sam thinks so, and admits getting one sounds impossible. Oh you have to laugh at the obstacles in a normal life. That’s a conversation you’d never expect Sam and Dean to have.  

Back to the Ghostfacers, with more insults for the Winchesters, and the next step is “Burn the remains.” This could get gross, because it means they might have to dig up the body. ”It’s illegal in some states” - "All states.” Sam on the computer finds P.T Sandover was cremated.  Surprisingly, the Ghostfacers have an answer for that. There is something left behind that contains the ghost’s genetic material. They have to find it and burn it. Well that’s easier than digging up a body.
Back to the office, and on the elevator they set their phones to walkie-talkie mode. This is important for later. They start with the supply room/ex ghost boss’s office. While sifting through the desk, Sam gets caught by a security guard. What, Sam’s instincts for lying didn’t kick in? How about his instincts to take the guy out with a swift hit like he did with the SWAT team in “Nightshifter?” Core instincts can be so clueless sometimes. 

Dean hides so not to be caught while Sam and the security guard get on the elevator. You know something is coming because elevator scenes are so popular in horror stories. No wonder so many people have a fear of them. The monitor showing the weather flashes to snow, which is pretty impossible with a digital signal. Sam gets the fog breath, and then the elevator stops. Oh, I didn’t see that coming.    
Security guard opens the elevator doors with his fancy key and pries open the top doors, telling Sam “let’s go.” Hasn’t this moron ever watched Six Feet Under? Doesn’t he know that right around the time he goes through the door the elevator will move? Dismemberment galore! Plus, the sound of the elevator creaking is a plausible warning sign. Sam would rather wait. He has seen a lot of horror shows. Dumb guard climbs out anyway without incident. 

Dean searches the desk, finds an old picture of a bridge, and that’s the clue he needs. Back to the elevator, and this stupid guard won’t play it safe. Sam won’t go with him, so he leans in and angrily says, “Look I don’t have the rest of my life” BAM! Elevator goes down in predictable fashion, and next thing we see is Sam covered in blood, and half a body with twitching legs outside the elevator. Yeah, I don’t see him recovering from that one. 

Since this is a comedy episode, we need the punchline. Dean calls via the walkie-talkie. A very shaken Sam fumbles for the phone and raises it up to speak. ”Call you back,” he barely chokes out. Well, at least there was a payoff. Sam walks through the office wiping off the blood from his face and neck, and Dean tells him to meet him on 22. ”Yeah, just uh, take the stairs.” 

Dean is in front a large display in honor of P.T. Sandover. ”Sandover Bridge and Iron, Building the Dream.” Interesting how the theme of building bridges comes up throughout the episode. That’s essentially what Sam and Dean are doing here, rebuilding their bridges and dreams (aka destiny). We know of course it won’t last, but man is it nice to see them reconnect without any emotional baggage from traumas past.  
Sam arrives, still pretty bloody, and Dean states the obvious. ”Whoa, that’s a lot of blood.” “Yeah, I know,” Sam replies, obviously holding back. Dean points to the gloves of P.T Sandover in a glass case. They speculate his DNA is in there. Aw, these boys are pretty smart. Sam asks “Are you ready?” ”I have no idea,” A nervous Dean replies. ”Me neither,” Sam concurs. They grab the iron pokers and salt. Dean smashes the glass, and Sam gets the fog breath. Man, will this ghost never quit?

Jerk ghost boss appears and throws Dean into a wall, and then Sam in the opposite direction across the room. You gotta admit, that’s one way to deal with slacking employees. Ghost goes for Sam, so Sam throws salt at him and he disappears. He shows up behind Dean next, so Sam yells out and throws Dean the poker. With one quick swing, Dean whips around and takes out the ghost. Sam picks up the other poker, ghost pops up in between him, and they both swing, sending ghost away. Ghost gets really fast, appearing behind Sam, who swings, then Dean who swings, then Sam, who this time gets flung into a wall, then Dean, who gets flung into a wall. 

Ghost goes for Dean next, so Sam rushes to the gloves, pulls out a lighter, and burns them. Ghost burns up before Dean’s eyes. I love this scene because it’s so fun watching these two handle a simple ghost hunt like it’s their first time. Their wonder and excitement over what’s happening is so cool! Sam is all smiles. ”That was amazing.” Dean enthusiastically agrees. They’re like children.  It's so adorable!