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"Death Takes A Holiday" is one of those episodes loaded with so much, that this means an ultra long recap. I'm just going to get started, since there's plenty to cover. 
In what is one of the shortest teasers on record, two guys come out of a bar are having a spirited discussion about fantasy football. You know, I work in a male heavy field and you would think with all the talk that goes on in the cube farm about fantasy football, I'd understand and crave the phenomenon. I don't. I'd rather talk about real games. About how much The Detroit Lions suck. 
Guys go by an alley, robber comes out, gets surprised by an employee by the dumpster and a shot goes off. One guy is hit point blank in the chest, goes down, and then comes back to life with a wound that isn't bleeding. Something tells me Sam and Dean will be hearing about this.
Birds. You know what kind. Logo in Red. Its serious crap. 
Dean messes with a malfunctioning juke box in a diner, while Sam is at the table with his shiny MacBook and talking on the phone. I suppose they made an impression with Apple after the iPod incident in "Lazarus Rising." Hey, if it means revenue for the show, I'll accept the plugging of their stuff. Sam's talking with "Bobby" (more on that later) and Dean comes over to the table looking sad that he can't get any tunes going. Apparently, people aren't dying in Wyoming. That sucks. If I lived in Wyoming, I'd be praying for death (just kidding!). Sam tells him about Bobby's tip, and Dean listens, but is willing to buy the "miracle" explanation. Sam thinks it's weird though, and is eager to go. 
Sam gets up, tells Dean to take his food to go. Dean doesn't move though, continuing to eat his burger, reluctant to follow his brother's charge. Actually, he looks outright sad. "What?" A confused Sam asks. "You sure you want me going with you?...I don't want to be holding you back." Sam rolls his eyes and apparently for the hundredth time explains that was the siren talking. Yeah right Sam, I don't believe you either. He asks Dean to get past this. Dean agrees, although he doesn't sound convincing. 

This is just my take, but as we see later in this episode, it isn't Sam's words that are hurting Dean. It's the fact that Sam wants to sweep that revelation that he and Ruby are going after Lilith under the rug. Dean knows he's hiding something and has given Sam the opportunity to talk, but he won't. Dean doesn't know what to do anymore to get the truth out of Sam, so he's actually depressed. That's a new reaction for Dean. Let's see how long it sticks. 

See that? See that amazing grill shot of the Impala? Freeze the TiVo or DVR, pause and admire, for it's the only appearance of the car this episode. Ah, what a thing of beauty. At least this episode doesn't become another trivia question.  Anyway, according to the caption, they're in Greybull, Wyoming. This week they're bloggers, and "" is quite clever. I wonder if the show registered the site. I'm too lazy to check. "All of God's glory, fit to blog." 
Sam mentions everyone in town says it's a miracle and wants to know why the guy is so sure it is. "How else can you explain it?" He mentions how he hasn't exactly led the life of a saint and that he's been given a second chance. "I feel like angels have been watching over me."  Dean listens, believing the story. Sam ruins the fun by asking if the man has been near a crossroads, or seen anyone with black or red eyes. Oh Sammy, now you're the cynic. The man starts to take offense, so Dean ends it.
Dean is in this week's motel room on the MacBook (see, I can play product placement games too) when Sam enters. Sam says the cancer patient had the plug pulled, and now he's taking his wife out for their twentieth wedding anniversary. No sign of a deal there either. So, does that make you feel bad Sam about being a jerk to the other guy? No, I didn't think so. Anyway, Dean finds out the last person to die is a kid named Cole Griffith, about ten days ago. Dean thinks they should leave well enough alone.  Maybe it just is a miracle. Sam, who's into raining on parades these days, points out "In our experience, when do miracles just happen?" 
Dean points out the souls aren't getting dragged into the light. Sam buys that, and theorizes that's because death ain't in town. In other words, the reaper is gone. Dean isn't convinced. "The local reaper is on strike, playing the back nine?" Sam decides he's going to talk to someone who might. "Last I checked Huggy Bear ain't available," Dean jokes. Too bad, that dude always had some great intel (that's a Starsky and Hutch reference for all you young-ins). Sam wants to talk to the kid that died. "Look how matter of fact you are about that. Strange lives." 
Sam and Dean are at the graveyard, setting up a séance, and they're wearing black leather gloves. I was told that happened in "Route 666" too. So they've worn gloves in like two entire episodes? Maybe it's just something I haven't noticed. In this season, we've learned just how long Jared's fingers are thanks to the hand of demon doom (I'm still not calling it ipecac). What size are those gloves? They look huge to me. 
(Shakes off big hand distraction), Anyway, Sam is doing the work while Dean is reading John's journal. Have we seen that journal at all this season? Heck, I can't remember when we saw it last season. This episode definitely has a lot of season two undertones to it and I'm not complaining. Dean asks Sam if he's sure this is going to work. Sam answers without hesitation, "no." 

Dean is still having problems with the whole thing. "This job is jacked, that's what." If they fix whatever's wrong, people start dropping dead, good people. Sam looks at Dean like he's gone nuts. I'm just going to transcribe the dialogue here, because it's too perfect.
Sam: Look, I don't want them to die either Dean, but there's a natural order.
Dean: You're kidding, right? You don't see the irony in that. I mean you and me are the poster boys of the unnatural order. All we do is ditch death.
Sam: Yeah, but the normal rules don't really apply to us, do they?
Dean (incredulous): We're no different than anyone else.
Sam: I'm infected with demon blood, you've been to Hell. Look, I know you want to think of yourself as Joe the plumber Dean but you're not. Neither am I. The sooner you accept that, the better off you're gonna be.  
Dean: Joe the plumber was a douche. 
Their fun in interrupted by a man with a flashlight, appalled that what they're doing looks like "devil worship." Dean tries to lie his way out of it, then admits, "I don't have a good answer." Sam says they're leaving, and the man breaks out of bible thumping character and tells Sam they're not going anywhere, ever again. He says Sam's name and his eyes go white. Sam puts on his demon hating stare, while Dean announces for the rest of us who it is. "Alastair." It seems only the pediatrician he was riding went into that white light in "Heaven and Hell." 

Okay, okay, this is where I get really excited, because it's all loaded with awesomeness! Alastair flicks his hand and Dean goes flying into a gravestone, getting knocked out. Sam stands firm, still holding the demon hating glare, and Alastair flicks his wrist, but nothing happens. He tries again, same result. "You're stronger Sam. You've been soloflexing with your little slut?" 
"You have no idea," Sam answers all tough, before doing a hand wave of his own. Alastair goes flying into a tree! How cool is that! Finally!  Sammy is using that telekinetic mojo that he's been denying since "Nightmare." That was sixty episodes ago!  Sam extends out the other hand, ready to do his black smoke vomiting ritual, but Alastair quickly escapes. Black smoke flies over a seething Sam, who's itching for revenge. What have you and Ruby been doing Sammy??? Where do I get some of that?

Back at the motel, Dean is stretched out on the bed, ice pack on the back of his head. Sam walks in, wearing a nice brown hooded sweatshirt. It's good and form fitting, which always works with Sam. Dean complains he's in pain and has a concussion. Sam offers aspirin, for he knows what a mean headache is like. "No thanks House." Oh Dean, always finding time for the funny. 
Dean sits up. "Demons, huh?" "So much for miracles," Sam says. Dean wants to know what happened with Alastair again. Too bad you weren't awake for that Dean. It was really something. Sam repeats his flimsy story, that Alastair tried to fling him but couldn't so he bailed. Dean wants to know why, since Alastair had no problem flinging him pretty good in "I Know What You Did Last Summer." Sam shrugs, not sure why. Liar!! Dean looks at him, and says, "Liar!" No, actually what Dean says is even better. "Sam, do me a favor. You're gonna keep your little secrets and I can't really stop you, but just don't treat me like an idiot, okay?" Sam responds by saying "What, Dean I'm not keeping secrets" which is essentially treating Dean like an idiot. Dean drops it with a frustrated "whatever." No Dean, push him around a bit. See if he flings you against the wall.   
Dean asks Sam if he ever got back to talking to the dead kid, and he didn't have to because Bobby called. He thinks Sam is right about the reaper being gone. Sam reads from a book in his hand, "A bloody death under the new born sky, sweet to taste, but bitter from once devoured." He's reading from the very obscure and very arcane version of "Revelations." I know, it should be "The Book of Revelation," but do we really know what the books are called in this is the arcane version? In other words, kill a reaper under the solstice moon, a seal is broken. Sam wants to know where the angels are. So do I! 
Okay, this is where it gets crazy. I know, it hasn't yet? How do they see a reaper? Only the dead or the dying can do that. Now Dean is full of "matter of fact" ideas. They become ghosts. Sam has the right reaction. "You do have a concussion." So how is this going to be done?
Enter Pamela Barnes, who's a very cranky psychic. "I can't even begin to tell you how crazy you are." So Sam tries to butter her up. "Well Pamela, you're a sight for sore eyes." She is not happy. "Aww, that's sweet grumpy. What do you saw to deaf people?" She wants to know which brainiac came up with astral projection. Dean gives her a "yo." "Of course, Chachi." (A Happy Days reference for all you young-uns). Jeremy Carver, this week's writer, is going all out on the pop culture references, isn't he? We aren't even a third of the way in to the episode and there's tons more coming.  

The idea is for Pamela to rip their souls from their bodies and have them take a stroll in the spirit world. Except that's dangerous. Plus they don't know what they're doing. Pamela doesn't want part of their angel/demon, soc/greaser crap (The Outsiders reference. Even young people should know that one). Dean pulls the "this is the end of the world" speech, even throwing leather pants and Ramones CDs in her face. Next thing Sam is drawing the curtains and Dean is lighting the candles, while Pamela points out that they won't be able to do much once they get there. "You're going to be two walking pieces of fog. You can't move or touch anything." Sam recalls ghosts beating the crap out of them, but they've had time to practice. Dean resolves that they'll have to do some cramming. "Wow, a couple of heroes." I love how Pamela doesn't buy into the nobility of a suicide mission. That's the problem. Sam and Dean always come out of things but others involved, not so lucky. 

Pamela has them lie down and does the incantation, albeit with a ton of attitude. Anyone notice how Sam is too big for the bed? He has to lie diagonally. She finishes, Dean sits up, and everything is now a blue tint. He asks what's plan B, but Pamela doesn't hear him. He sees Sam's body, and then Sam behind him. Then he notices his own body. "Oh, I'm so feeling up Demi Moore." Okay, for those keeping track, that's a Ghost reference. For more trivia, that's also the same point of reference for "I full on Swayzed that mother" in "In My Time Of Dying." There are plenty of callbacks to that episode in this one. 
Pamela talks to them like they are far away someplace, and whispers the supposed words to bring them back in Sam's ear. "You have got a great ass." Ghost!Sam smiles, but won't share it with Dean. I'd keep that to myself too. The next part is the comical portion of the episode, with the boys walking down the street and a jogger running through them. Dean thinks that's cool, and puts his arm through Sam next. "Am I making you uncomfortable?" Dean asks. "Get out of me," Sam commands, bitchface and all. "You're such a prude." No Dean, I wouldn't want my brother sticking his hand through me either. It's sick and wrong. 
They walk around and eventually find Cole staring at them through the window of a house. We see Cole's mother entering his room, talking to him like he's there, so he starts throwing balls at her. She freaks out and leaves, so Sam and Dean enter, curious how he's throwing things. Sam tells him in a diplomatic way he's dead, so he says "Thanks Haley Joel, I know I'm dead." Score another reference for The Sixth Sense. 

They all watch Cole's mother with sympathy from the dining room pour herself some vodka, and Cole explains how he died after an asthma attack. He saw the reaper, and the black smoke got rid of him. He knows where the smoke is, but he won't tell them. As they're talking, something else blows in. Cole disappears, Sam and Dean go after it. It's Tessa! The reaper from "In My Time Of Dying." She greets Dean by his name. "Do I know you?" He asks confused. "We go way back."  

During the break they move to the living room, and Dean and Sam are both still confused over Tessa knowing Dean. Dean wants her to freshen his memory, so she kisses him, and all that spirit walking in "In My Time Of Dying" comes back to him. "Tessa," he says. That's one of her names. Dean's got multiple names too. Just call him "pookie." Dean tells Sam he knows her from the hospital after the accident. "The accident with dad?" Yeah Sam, how many hospital scenarios have involved Dean in a coma while being chased by a reaper? That one. 

While they're talking about how Tessa is in danger and should stop reaping until they figure this out, mom walks in, grabs her purse, and leaves. That's an interesting touch, just to remind the audience that they are actually spirits having a conversation in some poor grieving mother's living room. Sam notices, and surely found the whole thing pretty weird too. 
Tessa doesn't care for their whole "angel/demon dance off" either. Why is it that everyone else realizes what bad news this whole mess is except the brothers? Everything they do just gets them deeper and deeper into it. Dean begs to hold off until they fix this, and Tessa agrees, but she gets the kid when it's all over. Sam and Dean agree, and Sam goes to talk with Cole, realizing he's going to have to do whatever it takes to get the kid to talk. Sam goes into Cole's room, and did anyone else notice the iMac on the desk? I usually give my kids the old pieces of crap computers too. iMacs may have looked cool, but they were slower than mud. 
Sam finds Cole in the closet, and does the whole relating thing. Cole is sad over his mom, how she's always talking to him, and keeps getting sadder. Sam listens, and then tells Cole that if he helps him, he won't have to leave there ever. He'll make sure Tessa leaves him alone. You see, I've read several different interpretations on this scene, but in watching Sam tell Cole these blatant lies, I think he gets through it without too much remorse. He's shutting out his personal feelings to get the job done. I'm not saying Sam probably doesn't feel guilty, but he's learned by now to make the hard decisions. The Sam of old would have hesitated, giving an "um" or saying with sadness and uncertainty, "I swear." Here, he said it directly, without breaking form. Did it tear him apart to say that? Maybe, but he lied anyway, and I found Sam's actions here chilling. He's throwing out that rulebook again. I don't think Dean would have done the same thing. 

Back to Dean and Tessa, and Tessa reminisces how they're together again. Dean is the one that got away, and that rarely happens to her. Dean asks if he can tell her something "between you and me." "Who am I going to tell?" She admits. Don't listen to her Dean, the entire ghost world will be snickering behind your back. Anyway, Dean confesses that for a year after their "experience" he felt like he had a hole in his gut, that he was missing something. It was her, the pain of losing his father and Sam, and he wishes he'd gone with her for good. It's all different now though, thanks the angels. "The ones I know are dicks with wings." Notice how Tessa didn't argue that? Dean admits how he's done horrible things, and someone upstairs still decided to give him a second chance. 
Before Tessa could answer (and as we find out later, takes the wind out of his sails), Sam arrives with Cole. The black smoke is at the funeral home. Of course the black smoke then sweeps in and takes Tessa away. Uh oh! They don't know how to fight that, and have to learn some ghost moves. "Yeah, sure, I'll meet you back at Mr. Miyagi's," Dean sarcastically says. Cole doesn't get the reference. For those of you that don't either, it's The Karate Kid. Speaking of that film, Ralph Macchico's signature move is just a simple jump front kick. After studying Taekwondo for two years, I know now I could easily kick Daniel's ass with a simple round kick to the head. 
Now the story copies Ghost again, as Sam and Dean learn ghost moves from Cole. They don't learn just the fighting stuff, but how to move things with their mind. Psst, Dean, I got a secret. If Sam was in his body, he can already do that. Learning it here should be second nature to him. Cole gets to knock Sam and Dean around, showing off his superior ghost fighting skills, and I'm sure this kid was having a blast filming the fact he could beat up on these two big guys. Cole even shows off the phasing in and out move, and Dean is blown away. "Whoa, you've gotta teach us that." 
Sam and Dean go to the funeral home, and there are tons of demonic sigils on it that only ghosts can see, aka, demon invisible ink. Um, I don't need to point out the New Jack City reference since Dean mentioned it, do I? Whatever it is, it won't stop them and they enter. They find the two missing reapers unconscious in the center of a trap, and a demon goon watching over them. They use their ghost moves to beat up on the goon, but another one walks in with an iron chain and traps them by surrounding them with it. Those ghosts and their silly aversions to iron. It's always getting them in trouble.

You know what else gets them in trouble? Alastair with a rock salt gun. You have to admit, as many times as Sam and Dean have shot ghosts with rock salt, they earned a taste of their own medicine. Alastair is now in the form of Christopher Heyerdahl, and he's awesome. No Daffy Duck this week. Dean goes poof! and then comes back. Alastair taunts Sam for not having any abilities without his meat. So the best you can say Sam is "Go to hell"? Don't you know Alastair prefers hell? It's like telling me to "go to the beach" or something. Alastair laments how he has to keep coming up to this "arctic craphole" to kill death twice, since it takes two reapers to break the seal. He figured another one would show up. "They're like lemmings." Sam goes poof! from the rock salt next. 

That gives Alastair and Dean some quality alone time. Dean points out he can't kill them. Uh, shush Dean, he's apparently figured out how. Next shot is Pamela hearing something while watching over Sam and Dean's bodies. She locks the door. Back to Alastair who has a scythe. "An old friend lent it to me. You know he really doesn't ride a pale horse, but he does have three amigos." In other words, it's death, one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. Alastair grabs the reaper that is not Tessa, does his latinating in dramatic cadence, and then kills him. He goes for Tessa next, and by now Sam is doing the twisty face, googly-eyed stare at the chandelier. Dean does it too, but doesn't look anywhere near as ridiculous. 

Back to Pamela, who closes the window, feels around, and taunts the intruder, knowing there's a demon there. There is. She runs to Sam and starts calling him back, but the demon grabs her. She kicks him off and continues the incantation. Back to Alastair, who is now latinating while holding the scythe at Tessa's neck. Dean and Sam stare, the chandelier shakes, and then falls to the ground, breaking the trap. Tessa phases out, appears by Dean, takes down the iron chain, and then she, Dean and Sam all disappear. Cool!
Tessa and Dean reappear outside the funeral home, but Sam is not with them. Dean is going to find him, he tells Tessa to leave. Back to Pamela, who's fighting off the demon, shouting the mystical words at Sam. She's thrown against a dresser, and is stabbed right when Sam wakes up. Sam, who's really pissed, throws out his hand and the demon goes flying against the wall. Sorry, but I pause here to watch that move over and over again. I'm never going to tire of Sam doing that. I've waited way too long. 

The shot goes to Pamela, who's very disturbed by what she's sensing.   Sam twists his other hand and makes a tight fist, pretty much yanking out the black smoke from the demon before it goes through the floor. Pamela is really disturbed now. Sam goes to her and she has a wound, but it's not bleeding yet. She can't die yet. Sam wants to get her to a doctor, but she demands a drink instead.
Dean's walking around in the back alleys alone (not a good idea even when you're a spirit), and there's Alastair, looking all evil. "I'm inside of that angsty little noggin of yours." It's about time someone used the word angsty. I use it so much, I thought about applying for a trademark. Then, a giant strike of lightening comes out of nowhere, strikes Alastair and he goes poof! Dean, rather shocked, says "What the Hell?" "Guess again" says the voice behind him. Castiel! Damn, another perfect entrance!

Might I say, I'm very happy to see a Reaper promo. That show is decent. It's light hearted demon crap, and I enjoy watching it each week. Supernatural fills the hard core stuff, Reaper fulfills the quirk. For those that haven't seen it, I recommend giving it a try.
Castiel is looking mighty smug, savoring a victory for once. They saved a seal and captured Alastair. "No thanks to you" a bothered Dean tells him. "What makes you say that?" Castiel asks confused. I love Castiel's confusion over Dean. Dean figures out Castiel's been there the whole time. He thanks him sarcastically for the help with the rock salt, and Castiel admits that those markings on the wall meant they couldn't penetrate the funeral home. "That was angel-proofing," Dean realizes. "Why do you think I recruited you and Sam in the first place?" Castiel admits. Those angels are so damned clever. 
Dean isn't sure how he recruited them. It seems those calls to Sam weren't from Bobby, they were from Castiel. So, a furious Dean asks, "If you wanted our help why the Hell didn't you just ask?" Castiel gives the best damned reason ever. "Because whatever I ask, you seem to do the exact opposite." Sorry Dean, but you brought this on yourself. Dean is upset that people will start dying now. Castiel gives the popular "To everything there is a season," quote. Dean is still mad, reminding Castiel that he made an exception for him. "You're different," Castiel says, and then flies away. Ooh, just what Dean didn't want to hear.
Tessa appears, asking Dean for help. They go back to Cole's and Tessa is now in white. Cole sees them and tells Dean, "Tell your brother thanks for nothing." Sorry Cole, but Sam has far greater issues than lying to you right now. Tessa goes all angelic, appealing to Cole, pointing out how much his mother is in pain. As long as he lingers, she can't let go. "Why won't anyone tell me what's on the otherside?" Cole asks.  "Maybe nobody wants to ruin the surprise," Tessa replies. Cole hates that answer, and Dean tells him that reapers won't answer that question, but staying here is a whole lot worse that what's over there. Why? Because one day his family will be gone, and there will be nothing left for him there. 
Dean tells Cole it's alright to be scared. "We're all scared. That's the big secret. We're all scared." Cole asks if Dean is going to come with him. "Oh, I'm sure I'll be there sooner than you think." Oh, come on Dean. Don't you want to grow old with Sam, get a little cottage in the mountains somewhere? Play Jenga with the Walshes? Shutting up now. Cole nods and moves into Tessa's warm embrace, before going off into a burst of white light. Cole's mother instantly notices too. Crap, I'm emotional, and I never got this way when they repeated the same scene countless times in Touched By An Angel. 

Now it's time for Tessa's parting words to Dean, and she's not going to sugarcoat things. "I've been around death from the get go. You know what I see most? Lies. He's in a better place, at least they're together now. You all lie to yourselves Dean, cause like you said, deep down, you're all scared. Stop lying to yourself Dean. The angels have something good in store for you.  A second chance. Really? Cause I'm pretty sure, deep down, you something nasty is coming down the road. Trust your instincts Dean. There's no such thing as miracles."
Dean wants further clarification, but she vanishes. So, does Tessa really know something, or is this just the cynic who's been around death too long? We'll wait and see. 
Pamela is calling Dean back now and Sam is looking very worried. Sam helps her back to his bed, assuring that they can talk to Tessa and get her to stop until she's better. She realizes it's too late for that when blood starts spurting from her wound. Dean gasps and comes alive, then sees Pamela's sorry state. Sam asks where Tessa is, but Dean's look pretty much confirms she's back in action. I'm also thinking the bleeding wound did that too, but sometimes these boys need bigger hints.   
Sam tells Pamela he's so sorry, and she doesn't deserve this. Pamela happens to agree, cursing the Winchester name. "Yeah, I don't. I told you I didn't want anything to do with it. Do me a favor, tell that bastard Bobby Singer to go to Hell for ever introducing me to you two in the first place." Ouch, bitter much? Dean gives her the "you're going to a better place" line and she knows he's lying. After all, she is a psychic. She accepts though we all gotta go sometime.

She waves Sam over, and whispers in his ear her dying words. "I know what you did to that demon Sam. I can feel what's inside of you. If you think you have good intentions, think again." She falls back, coughs up blood, and slips away. Sam is spooked out of his wit and while shell shocked, Dean asks him what she said. Sam is at a loss as the screen fades to black. 

Then, just when I'm weepy enough, cue the sad season two score and two memorial pictures to Kim Manners. We miss you Kim. We really do.

Damn you show!!!! Now I've gotta wait until next week to see the fall out from this? Way to leave me hanging. A blubbering weepy hanging.  I'm so coming back for more. 



# Gilardi 2009-03-17 19:49
Alice, great job!
I spent all days since Thursday waiting for your reviews and recaps cause they are so clarifying.

Do you really believe that Sam truly feels that Dean "is holding him back"? I like to think it was because of the syren
# Tigershire 2009-03-17 23:13
Great recap Alice. And I get your point about Sam "getting it done" when convincing Cole to help them and I agree. It's like drinking something that tastes terrible (Buckley's anyone?) if you know you have to do it, you become desensitized and it's easier to do even if it does still taste bad.

Listening to Dean and Castiel talk gave me a bit of a flash on this whole thing. Uriel told Sam he was only around because he was still useful. What if that was the reason why Dean was pulled from Hell? He's useful - he's not being given a second chance, the angels are going to use him because he's a good tool to doing what they need to do? And I guess we'll find out how good on Thursday.

I also thought Pamela was a bit harsh on the boys - yea sure, crap happened to her when she was around them but the whole thing with her eyes was her own fault. Castiel AND Bobby told her to back off and she didn't. It's no ones fault but her own that her eyes are gone. And no one MADE her help the boys this time. It totally sucks that she died cause I really like her and I can forgive her for lashing out because she was dying but I still think she was unfair. Especially wishing Bobby to hell for introducing her to the boys.

Best everyone get comfortable in the handbasket, it's going to be a bumpy ride.
# Elle 2009-03-17 23:56
Excellent recap! I've been checking obsessively since last week for it to be posted.

I feel so bad for Dean...what does he have left? Just about nothing at this point. Now, maybe not even the prospect that when this Heaven/Hell war is over, he can just be a Joe the Plumber. Liked seeing Tessa again, though she was a little more frosty now that she wasn't trying to coerce Dean's spirit into "the light". Thank goodness Dean can now remember what happened while he was in the coma - I have a sneaking feeling that more of that experience may play into the future of this season. Maybe not though. Regardless, I just have to say after watching this episode - Poor Dean. Depressed is exactly the word for it. Everytime we saw him, except when he was ooing over ghost powers, he was like a kicked puppy who needed a hug. Or multiple hugs. Or a good brother.

I'm sorry, but at this point, I have nothing left for Sam (okay, the flinging thing was totally awesome!) except some derision and little bit of saddness. No more Sammy residing here. That scene in the beginning when he ORDERS Dean to finish his breakfast and let's go?? I was really perturbed by his attitude towards his brother and I had to mentally high-five Dean for standing his ground. I'm not partial to one brother over the other, at least not usually, but I do NOT like who Sam has become. (PS- Alice, when I was watching Sam try to learn the ghost-fling, all I could think was that it should come easy to him, so your comment made me laugh).

Castiel [pause to melt into goo] - how I've missed him!! That lightening bolt of his - whew, don't want to be on his bad side. I would really like further Dean/Cas interaction because I like the dynamic they have.

I'm sad that Pamela died - it was really unfortunate. But thank you for someone (other than Dean) FINALLY calling Sam out. Don't know how much good it will do as he's pretty far down the river-of-demon- blood-power at this point, but I was glad for it all the same.

All told, great episode! The action was intense and the emotions were running high. Not to mention the shifting brother dynamic, but also, the individual characters and their solo burdens.

This week's episode scares me a little, but it also thrills me.

Thanks for the great recap, Alice. It's nice to have the show and the recaps back (I love your writing, always makes me laugh and realize things I missed the first time through).

PS- checked that site, and sadly, it isn't real.
# elle 2009-03-20 08:05
Geez, and we thought Dean was in a bad place after last week's episode? He was practically Disney compared to where he's at now. :sad:
# Tigershire 2009-03-20 12:19
I agree! Holy CRAP. Alice, I can hardly wait for your recap of last nights episode.
# Suze 2009-03-23 05:51
I've got some catching-up to do due to giant toad overload and all my esteemed collegues at work having scuttled off on holiday at the same time so I've only just seen this.

Bloody hell ... Sam, you lying bastard! First time ever I want to punch rather than hug him.

Pam got perforated, oh woe! Bye-bye Ramones girl, sniff. Still, rather her than Bobby and she can't have been all that fab a psychic if she didn't see that coming ...

Seriously worried about the next one now, thanks to you lot ... :shock: