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My apologies, but elle2 sent me this over a month ago.  As with her other great music articles for each season, I had to create clips.  Would you know that right around the time she sent this to me my laptop died and it took Dell over three weeks to fix it.  All my video splicing programs were on there, as were my videos.  I got the laptop back the day of the season premiere and I've just been too wrapped up with season five to get back to this project.  I've been able to work on it slowly this week though, so here you go, delayed but still awesome, The Music - Season Four.

Lazarus Rising:
I love the musical recaps and each season starts different.
“You Shook Me All Night Long” by AC/DC
Are You There, God? It’s Me, Dean Winchester:
My brother would be proud, I recognized this as Billy Squier when I heard it; his voice is distinctive – at least to my ear. And the lyrics work well with what’s happening.
“Lonely Is The Night” by Billy Squier

In The Beginning:
We go back to The Pilot for this one
“Ramblin’ Man” by The Allman Brothers

Monster Movie:
Love it, just love it!
Toccata And Fugue In D Minor by Johann Sebastian Bach

Yellow Fever:
“Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor


 It was fun – both times. (Sorry, could only get the clip at the end - Alice). 
After School Special:
Because I do like Foreigner, and this pic of the Impala slow rolling into the scene…
“Long Long Way From Home” by Foreigner

It’s A Terrible Life:
“A Well-Respected Man” by The Kinks

Lucifer Rising:
I love traditions, they’re comforting and comfortable. When this opened, I relaxed and settled in for the ride.
“Carry On, Wayward Son” by Kansas

There may not have been a lot in Season 4 musicwise but I did like what there was. Season 5 may not be having a lot of music either but I’ll be listening, as I’m sure will you.
Thanks for reading.
Alice’s Take
There wasn’t much at in season four, but elle2 did miss two biggies.
Heaven and Hell
“Ready For Love” by Bad Company. I hate Bad Company (except for their title song, that’s cool) and I think this is a really icky love scene (No chemistry. Jensen shirtless is fine). However, many do like this and it is a huge classic rock moment for a season missing plenty, so I’m throwing it in here.
Oh, and for those that don’t know about the hand sliding down the foggy Impala window, this explains it.
Sex and Violence
“Thunder Kiss ‘65” by White Zombie. I actually love this one. In my Taekwondo class, the instructors are of the headbangers era and love White Zombie. This one gets played quite a bit while we’re kicking ass. It does also work great with strippers. Glad to see it used in a perfect way.
There’s already three great classic rock songs in three episodes in season five. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the season five clips will be twice as many. 


# Alice 2009-09-29 23:53
I think my favorite is Monster Movie. What a way to work in Bach to this show!
# Supernarttu 2009-09-30 02:46
Oh, this was great, thanks you guys :-)

It is kinda sad that the rocksoundtrack has lost its budget but it was so overtly done in s1 and s2 that you didn't always even 'hear' it, so it's also cool that 'cause its so rare that you really do notice it... Still, more rock on s4 wouldn't have killed me :-)
S5 is going great songwise so me not complain :D

Btw, my faves from S4 were the recap in Lazarus Rising and the "well-respected man" in It's a Terrible Life. But Bach was great too.. Classical music is very rare on our show so kudos for using it perfectly here :-)
# Suze 2009-09-30 04:46
Can't go wrong with AC/DC and White Zombie ... They must be able to fit "Dragula" in there somewhere!

Love Kansas, they remind me of home, and The Kinks were a good choice too ... But I'm with you re. Bad Company, serious stodge.

Season 5 is shaping up to have some excellent tunes so far ... Lucky old us! :D
# Randal 2009-09-30 15:01
Am I the only AC/DC fan on planet earth that finds You Shook Me All Night Long exceedingly overrated?

I'd love to see more classical on there, string quartets could work nicely for some of the high-tension moments.
# Sablegreen 2009-09-30 15:31
Wonderful!!! I could watch these clips all day. Thanks!!!!
# elle2 2009-09-30 18:45
Thanks, Alice for sticking to this and getting it done once your computer was back up and running. Having spent several hundred dollars in barely two weeks to debug my highly infected computer, I understand the pain.

As for the AC/DC You Shook Me ALl Night Long, it's not one of my faves but recaps get me every time and since there was so little music, I included it.

Feeling spoiled already with three eps in and four songs (including recaps) so I'm hopeful the trend can and will continue. The music always seems to add so much to the depth of the scene and frequently to the characterizatio n so I really enjoy it.
# Randal 2009-10-01 13:21
Oh no, I love the recaps, I just wish anytime some show somewhere used AC/DC that they NOT pick that song. 8-)
# elle2 2009-10-01 13:39
I agree, Randal, surely AC/DC has some other hit somewhere that could have been used (*** comment is dripping with happy sarcasm ***)

# Suze 2009-10-01 14:49
Well, there's Highway to Hell for a start ... That's sort of apt ( it's just occured to me that that's the one you ment and I'm being incredibly dense, sorry! )