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Sammy! There you are. It's so good to see you and your damaged, angsty self. I missed you buddy. As much as I loved "In The Beginning", I found myself this week getting nostalgic, pulling out episodes like "Born Under A Bad Sign" and "Bedtime Stories" so I remembered what Sam's pretty face looked like. Oh and his tortured soul.  

Speaking of those episodes, both were written by the writer of this week's installment, "Metamorphosis." Cathryn Humphris is one of the best writers on the team when it comes to exposing vulnerable, deeply disturbed Sam and again she knocked it out of the park with the issues this week.    The episode as a whole was decent, although Monster of the Week (MOTW) episodes like this usually produce scattered results. Jack, a Rugaru in waiting, wasn't horrible like the MOTWs in "Everybody Loves A Clown" or "Long Distance Call", but he didn't compare with the great ones from "Provenance" or "A Very Supernatural Christmas" either. Jack's standing is right down the middle as his decline proved to serve the perfect parallel for Sam's deterioration. 

Sam and Ruby Sitting In A Tree"¦     

I want a devil's trap made of chains like that on my ceiling. It makes for a great conversation piece at parties. Sam interrogates a demon in a warehouse with a vicious demeanor while Ruby watches in delight. There's nothing like a sexy tall man with some half bred demon abilities to get you off, eh Ruby? The demon easily pisses off Sam by not answering his question (where's Lilith?) and taunting him with comments like "slutting around with some demon," and "things you and this demon bitch do in the dark." Could he be hinting something there? Sam and Ruby"¦oh I better stop, there's plenty more story to focus on.  


Sam stretches out his arm and doesn't need to close his eyes this time in forcing the guy to barf up black smoke. This is way scarier than the first time for the close up of Sam's crazy eyes while he sends this demon back to Hell is chilling. I instantly ask myself, "Did Kim Manners direct this episode?" I find out later during the credits roll that indeed he did.    When Sam's done he's seething, fighting to control all that hatred and anger, giving us the clue that each time he does this it takes its toll on his inner darkness. A satisfied Ruby looks at him very turned on and they are so getting a room. But wait, the camera moves behind Sam and zooms in on the profile of one very disturbed Dean. Uh oh! Birds of the Apocalypse and I'd say the doom is warranted this time.


Back to Sam, who's feeling pretty good because not only did he save the guy but he mastered his demon choking technique sans headache. The good feeling is short lived when Sam, Ruby, and victim turn to see a dark figure enter in the shape of Dean Winchester. Not good. "So, anything you want to tell me Sam?" There's a crack in his voice, so Sam's little show obviously shook him up. Sam reacts like a teenager that's been caught breaking curfew and tries to explain. Oh good luck with that!   

Dean demands to know who the chick is. Come on Dean, you know its Ruby. He embraces this touching reunion by slamming Ruby against the wall and pulling out the demon killing knife on her. Geez, has this become the standard Winchester welcome or what? Sam jumps in and wrestles the knife away, but not before Dean throws him against a wall too. Ruby does some wall slamming of her own and gets Dean in a chokehold. There we go! The tough, mean Ruby we grew to love last season. Genevieve's performance was more convincing this week.   

After a few seconds of a pissed off stare down between the three, Sam convinces Ruby to take the now demon free man to the hospital and I'm wondering if he found the notion of being dropped on the floor and witnessing an explosive Winchester family fight more bizarre than being possessed by a demon. Ruby takes the guy to the hospital, Dean leaves very angry, and poor Sam is left standing alone wondering how he's going to get out of this mess. Not easily, that's for sure.   

That's a way to kick off an episode! I thought they would start with the freak of the week like they normally do. I like the change.         


T.L. Foreman
# T.L. Foreman 2008-10-13 00:44
Another great recap of the latest episode. I kind of like the MOTW storylines and I thought this one was pretty interesting. My question is, now that we know his wife is pregnant, what happened to her? We saw her run out the house and jump in the car and that was it. Could this be something they have to deal with later in the sseries? Oh, thanks for posting a link to my show on your site. :-)
# Shimmerinstars77 2009-01-11 12:32
Sam's speech gave me goosebumps! His inner strength has alway's amazed me!! Feeling bodily invaded by this demon blood ,pumping through his veins,he tells Dean he can't ever rip it out or scrub it clean. That he's a whole new level of freak and that he needs to take this curse and make something good out of it!
Factoring in how hard it must have been for Sam to open up about everything to Dean and yell at him for not liking the way he's been treating him. It was very much in my opinion, like a child even an adult one confronting their parent. There's always been an element of father/son mixed with the big brother /little brother in their relationship .
# Narcissus 2009-06-14 07:15
Sam's entire 'whole new level of freak' was completely awesome, I couldn't breathe watching it!

And I love the part when Sam was locked in the closet, trying to convince Jack that evil was a choice.. he ended up convincing himself too.
# Narcissus 2009-06-14 07:15
Sam's entire 'whole new level of freak' was completely awesome, I couldn't breathe watching it!

And I love the part when Sam was locked in the closet, trying to convince Jack that evil was a choice.. he ended up convincing himself too.