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Hiatus Hunting: Season Four, Episode Seventeen: It’s a Terrible Life
Recap by Alice [Originally Published April 5, 2009] Photos added by Elle

Cause he gets up in the morning,
And he goes to work at nine,
And he comes back home at five-thirty,
Gets the same train every time.
Cause his world is built round punctuality,
It never fails.

And he's oh, so good,
And he's oh, so fine,
And he's oh, so healthy,
In his body and his mind.
He's a well respected man about town,
Doing the best things so conservatively.

I actually hate “A Well Respected Man” by the Kinks. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Kinks, but that song never did much for me, until now. How could it not? Dean Winchester, our very own Dean, getting up at 6:00 am, steaming lattes with rice milk (???) and wearing the most hideous blue striped shirt (with white collar), red tie and red and black suspenders?

There’s a spectacular view from Dean’s luxury high rise condo as it overlooks a beautiful bay surrounded by snowcapped mountains. Hmm, looks like Vancouver. But wait, next we see Dean’s Prius (yeah, you heard me right) and it’s got an Ohio license plate. Please tell me he moved from Ohio to Vancouver, because as a resident of The Buckeye State, and I say with confidence mountains are foothills and they are not snow covered. The only bays in this state are off Lake Erie, and that scenery is flat and hardly picturesque. Kripke is a native of this state. He knows this.  

 Dean turns off the rock music in his Prius, and puts on NPR. Oh, the poor Impala. I hope her alternate reality has her thundering down the road with a cool monster truck. She needs a break too! I’ve read lots of comments where people like the light opening, but this isn’t light. This is just as frightening as any MOTW gore fest. 

Doesn’t it creep you out that Dean arrives at a giant office building? Walks the halls with his bag slung over his shoulder? Goes to his own private office, and his name is Dean Smith? I’m shuddering! Oh, but Sera Gamble isn’t done yet. No, she’s not holding back this week’s horror story. Dean is typing something on the computer, and then talking on the phone using one of those headsets that piss me off anytime anyone near me uses one. Then he talks about Project Runway and eats a salad. What, the outfit didn’t make him a wuss already? What have you done to my Dean? 

The boss man arrives and gives Dean a word of encouragement. ”Good stuff, big things.” Oh, he’s evil. I can tell right now. Another evil is the “sedentary” lifestyle that’s possessing Dean to try the disgusting “cleanse” of lemon juice, cayenne pepper, and maple syrup. Oh, come on, that cleanse had to be an Internet joke that got out of control. 5:30 comes and Dean leaves, ready to start the day all over again tomorrow. This is a very chilling horror story for sure.   

Someone won’t let him read his blackberry in peace. It’s Sam! In a puke inducing yellow shirt. ”Do I know you?” Sam asks. ”I don’t think so,” Dean responds, very uncomfortable. ”Sorry man, you just look really familiar.” Time for Dean’s punchline, for he keeps his sense of humor even in bizzaro world. “Save it for the health club pal.”

 Birds and yes, I really do think the world is coming to an end this time.

A copier, a fax machine, and a pencil getting sharpened. This is the repeating theme of the episode, just to remind us that it’s in an office. Sam’s hideous cubicle the size of a cardboard box is all that’s needed to remind me of that. Speaking of which, there’s Sam, answering a phone. “Tech support, this is Sam Wesson.” Oh God, can this boy ever get a break? 

 Ah the reliable “turn it off and then turn it back on” bit. They try that on me whenever I call Tech Support, hoping I’m some clueless woman that’s never seen a piece of technology in my life. When I start throwing all my technical jargon at them and all the elaborate steps I’ve already taken to troubleshoot the problem, they all end up flustered and never really help me. I do love showing these guys I could do the work of ten of them. Not that I’d ever want to, because see the size of Sam’s cubicle.

Sam’s playing with a vampire bobblehead. He gives the caller a “Great, anytime,” closing and throws the headphone off while raising his eyebrows. I’d say he’s having issues with his job. Co-worker behind him, wearing flannel and a t-shirt as opposed to the yellow shirt, looks like every single IT guy I’ve ever worked with. On casual Friday at least. Slacker wants to “hit that” and the hint is it’s an older woman thanks to the banter of “experience” vs. “tri-focals.” Apparently there’s a MILF there. Uh, if you don’t know, do a Google search. I really hope that my previous co-workers never thought the same of me. If they did, I’d have to barf now. 

Time for a coffee break. I’ll admit, I was guilty of taking about two of those an hour. Corporate America turned me into a jittery mess, and now I can’t live without the stuff. I should sue. Anyway, they approach a co-worker who’s a little edgy. Maybe he’s already had too many coffee breaks. Slacker speculates uptight co-worker got busted for downloading porn from the Internet because he got sent up to HR yesterday. Sorry, but most corporations have filters that prevent downloading porn from happening. It’s a legal liability thing.

We get the view from inside the microwave, and someone’s microwaving popcorn? You know, that’s actually worse than microwaving fish. One whiff of that and everyone is in the break room popping their own corn. By the time that’s done, the entire floor smells like a freaking carnival. Slacker’s name is Ian, and we learn that because Sam is pointing out how to him how stealing pencils and other office supplies is wrong. You know, I believed that for the first ten years, until they broke me. 

Ian asks about Sam’s dreams. Okay, more like prodding like a jerk. Then Sam points out he’s going to be a dick about it, probably because he’s being a dick about it. Sam then confesses, he dreamed about saving a grim reaper named Tessa from demons. Ian thinks that’s fantastic and giggles, thus ending up being a dick. ”How much D&D did you play as a kid?” Oh Ian, if you only knew what his childhood was like. If only Sam knew! Ian pulls a Harry Potter reference. Sam says “Dick,” and Ian replies “Wizard.” Careful Ian, you know what they say about ghosts and karma.

Copier, fax, pencil. We get an overhead view of exactly how jammed into that little cubicle Sam is. He drifts asleep because work is boring. Suddenly, there are flashes of him fighting in “Jus In Bello,” him shooting the Crossroads Demon in “Bedtime Stories,” him and Dean shooting the Shtriga in “Something Wicked,” him swiping the iron poker through the little girl in “All Hell Breaks Loose Part I”  and Dean and his bloody sawing off of the vampire’s head in “Bloodlust.” He jerks awake scared out of his wit. Sam, you’ve dealt with heavier crap than that. 


Sam goes into the elevator where Dean is with several other people. They share an awkward glance. The rest get off, leaving them alone, so Sam breaks the tension by acting”¦more awkward. ”What do you think about ghosts?” Dean squirms when Sam asks if he believes in them, doing his best to avoid the question. ”Vampires?” Now Dean thinks he’s plain nuts. I’ll admit, Sam is breaking some sort of social contract here. Sam mentions he’s been having these dreams lately and asks Dean if he’s had any -uh - weird dreams. Dean responds by pushing the buttons on the panel so he can bail ASAP. “Look man, I don’t know you, but I’m going to do a public service and let you know that you overshare.” He gets off in a hurry, leaving a bothered Sam behind. What did you expect Sam? 

Copier, fax, pencil sharpener. Sam is back in tech support doing the whole off/on routine while sketching vampires. He’s pretty good! He searches the web for vampire sites while waiting for the person to turn on the printer, signing off again with “Great, anytime.” Ian shows up behind him and it seems Ian must go to HR. Uh oh, not the dreaded HR! Sam speculates it’s because Ian steals office supplies. Actually, most companies don’t mind that. Strange how they will spend LOADS of money implementing and maintaining Websense so an employee like Sam can’t look up sites about Vampires while working but they’ll let pilfering of office supplies go unnoticed. 

Sam looks more at the vampire site and hears his co-worker Paul screaming at the monitor. He investigates. Really Sam? That’s actually not unusual behaviour in an office. Paul lost his work when the computer froze and he didn’t backup. He’s determined to find it. It’s dark, everyone’s gone home and he still can’t find it, but I know from experience he’s not exactly doing effective search methods. Disk scans from the DOS prompt don’t usually do the trick. Data logs help! 

Paul goes into the kitchen, breaks the prongs off of a plastic fork and jams it into the little slot that tricks the microwave into thinking the door is closed. He sets the timer for ten minutes and sticks his head in. Normally I’d have a nitpick about how he’s frying too quickly but assuming those are metal eyeglass frames, yeah, that would cause a faster spark. Now I dare Mythbusters to prove that one. 

In the nice touch of dark humor that trademarks this show, the camera pans up to the sign “Don’t heat up your fish here, It stinks,” while Paul screams in agony over being cooked. Black smoke waffles upward, and apparently burning flesh now must be added to the list of don’ts. Then there’s the sound of something squishing and the timer going off. Okay, it hasn’t been ten minutes, but still that’s brilliant.

Sam watches the paramedics cart off the body bag, and broods while looking over at a shocked Dean, who today picked the really ugly yellow striped tie. Since this is a comedy episode, I’ll let it slide, but this is me sending official notice that Dean should NEVER wear such an awful tie again. ”Does something about this not seem right to you?” Dean asks the person next to him. ”Yeah, the whole thing. I’ll tell you man, I’ll never eat popcorn again.” Okay, I’m giggling over that one. That sounds exactly like something a clueless co-worker would say. 

Dean looks up Paul’s personnel record, since managers can do that, and found Paul was supposed to retire in two weeks. Sam rolls back and asks Ian why a man with two weeks to retirement would do that, but we know something is wrong because Ian is wearing a yellow shirt and not making inappropriate comments. He’s working like a slave and doesn’t have time to talk. Uh oh, I knew they were evil in HR. 

Ian gets a call to see someone. He goes to Dean’s office, and I’m sorry, but Dean is WAY too nice a manager. He’s too polite about the 445T not being filled out properly, although he’s right about switching to Vista. That piece of crap throws a monkey wrench into everything! Ian crumbles, and I wonder what would have happened if Dean was a dick. Maybe nothing would have happened. 

Ian runs into the men’s room, yammering about failing the company, so Dean follows. Dean notices the fog coming from his breath, and then the sinks come on and all the hand soap starts oozing onto the floor. The janitor’s gonna be pissed! Dean suggests they leave, but Ian has a better idea. Why not plunge one of his stolen pencils into the jugular instead, just for grins? Dean’s freaked, goes to help Ian and sees the ghost’s reflection on the stall. 

Next scene, Dean explains what happened to the cops and notices Sam playing disturbed bystander. Copier, fax, pencil sharpener. Now phone! Sam answers, Dean wants to see him now. He enters the office and Dean asks who Hell he is. ”I’m not sure I know,” Sam answers. Ha! Do any of us know who we really are?   Then he gives his name and mentions he’s been there three weeks. Yes, I caught the Smith and Wesson reference. Pretty clever, but rock stars would have been funnier. 

Dean is obviously bothered, but won’t come out and say it. Instead, he reveals he started there three weeks ago too and pulls out his jar of “master cleanse.” Sam catches on and asks if he saw something in the bathroom. Like maybe a ghost? Dean isn’t sure what he saw. Sam speculates that maybe these aren’t suicides, and might not be natural. Dean asks if Sam is trying to telling him ghosts did this. Suddenly, they both at the same time reach for chairs and sit at the desk. See, they are brothers! There’s that natural intuitive behavior that only happens with someone you’re comfortable with.    

Dean wants to know why Sam thinks it’s a ghost. Sam waffles, but has a good answer. ”Instinct.” Dean reluctantly admits he has the same instinct. Sam sees the connection, he’s dreaming about ghosts, and then there’s a real ghost. ”So you’re telling me that your dreams are special visions and you’re some sort of psychic?” Sam denies. ”No, I mean, that would be nuts.” These writers know how much fans love meta, don’t they? 

Seems that Sam has been digging around a little, and pulls out emails the others got from HR. Dean is shocked that Sam could break into their private email like this. ”I used some skills that I happen to have to satisfy my curiosity.” ”Nice,” Dean replies. Both dead tech support guys were sent to room 1444. HR is on the seventh floor. Dean thinks they should check this out. ”Now?” Sam asks uncertain. Dean backs off, accepting it’s getting late. ”I am dying to check this out right now,” Sam confesses. ”Right,” agrees Dean, and he says that a lot in this episode. 

Seems that Sam has been digging around a little, and pulls out emails the others got from HR. Dean is shocked that Sam could break into their private email like this. ”I used some skills that I happen to have to satisfy my curiosity.” ”Nice,” Dean replies. Both dead tech support guys were sent to room 1444. HR is on the seventh floor. Dean thinks they should check this out. ”Now?” Sam asks uncertain. Dean backs off, accepting it’s getting late. ”I am dying to check this out right now,” Sam confesses. ”Right,” agrees Dean, and he says that a lot in this episode.

 Sam and Dean arrive and hear a scream, so they rush to the door. It’s locked, so Sam, using that primal instinct, kicks the door in. Dean’s blown away, Sam is impressed with himself. They find yellow shirt pinned underneath a fallen shelf, and go to help but old man ghost flashes behind them. He throws Dean into a shelf, and then Sam. The ghost’s fingers light up and he goes for pinned down yellow shirt. Now it’s Dean’s turn for primal instinct to kick in, and he grabs an iron wrench. Ghost goes poof! They help yellow shirt up, and Sam is floored by Dean. ”How did you learn how to do that?” An equally shocked Dean replies, “I have no idea.”

Back at Dean’s luxury high rise condo. You know, the one in the mountains of Ohio. They’re freaking out over what just happened. ”I could use a beer,” Sam says. Dean’s on the cleanse and got rid of all the carbs in the house. Oh Dean, those angels really turned you into a pansy, didn’t they? Sam wants to know how Dean knew that ghosts were afraid of wrenches. Dean wants to know if Sam’s a black belt like Jet Li, kicking in the door like that. Oh, two quick pop culture references! 

“It’s like we’ve done this before.” Sam says. ”What do you mean before? Like Shirley McLaine before?” Dean answers. Three! ”I just can’t shake this feeling that I don’t belong here, that I should do something more than sit in a cubicle.” Even though Dean is out of character, his gut still knows how to throw a low blow insult at Sam. ”I think most people who work in a cubicle feel that way.” Sam doesn’t take offense. ”No, look it’s more than that. Like I don’t like this job, I don’t like this town, I don’t like my clothes, I don’t like my own last name. I don’t know how else to explain it, it feels like I should be doing something else. It’s just something in my blood.” Uh yeah Sam, it’s called demon blood.

Sam thinks he’s destined for something different, while Dean doesn’t believe in destiny. He believes in dealing with what’s right in front of him. Sam agrees, but asks what they do now. ”We do what I do best Sammy, research.” Sam agrees, and then realizes what just happened. ”Did you just call me Sammy?” ”Did I?” Dean asks, surprised. ”I think you did. Yeah, don’t.” Oh Sam, you’re learning to get over that all over again.   

Dean hits the jackpot. He finds real actual ghost hunters on the Internet. It’s the Ghostfacers! I’m picturing Sam and Dean being very embarrassed when this is all over. BTW, that is the Ghostfacers actual website, so everyone can go there and watch this. Step 1, “Figure out what you’re up against!!” Sam and Dean do that rather quickly. It’s P.T. Sandover, founder of their company. He died in 1916, had no family and said he was the company. There were 17 strange suicides back in 1929, when the Great Depression started. These are the worst economic times since then. ”Yeah, now sucks, my portfolio is in the sewer. I don’t even want to talk about it.” Just wait Dean until you don’t have one again. 

So Sandover is zapping people into model employees to help the bottom line, making them so devoted to the company that they’re driven nuts. Now for another twist. The building wasn’t always that high. It used to be 14 floors, and 1444 was P.T. Sandover’s office. They’re thrown back by the next instruction of the Ghostfacers. ”Kill it!” Don’t you love this lesson in  Supernatural 101? Salt (which is acid to ghosts), iron (which is why the wrench worked), and shotgun shells filled with rock salt. The last tip came from those “useless douchebags” the Winchesters, who suck.  I would have loved to have heard Dean or Sam make on offhanded comment about those Winchesters. That would have been priceless.  

Dean gets the bag of tools together, and then asks “Where do we even get a gun?” Sam shrugs. ”Gun store?” ”Isn’t there kind of like a waiting period or something?” Dean asks. Sam thinks so, and admits getting one sounds impossible. Oh you have to laugh at the obstacles in a normal life. That’s a conversation you’d never expect Sam and Dean to have.  

Back to the Ghostfacers, with more insults for the Winchesters, and the next step is “Burn the remains.” This could get gross, because it means they might have to dig up the body. ”It’s illegal in some states” - "All states.” Sam on the computer finds P.T Sandover was cremated.  Surprisingly, the Ghostfacers have an answer for that. There is something left behind that contains the ghost’s genetic material. They have to find it and burn it. Well that’s easier than digging up a body.


Back to the office, and on the elevator they set their phones to walkie-talkie mode. This is important for later. They start with the supply room/ex ghost boss’s office. While sifting through the desk, Sam gets caught by a security guard. What, Sam’s instincts for lying didn’t kick in? How about his instincts to take the guy out with a swift hit like he did with the SWAT team in “Nightshifter?” Core instincts can be so clueless sometimes. 

Dean hides so not to be caught while Sam and the security guard get on the elevator. You know something is coming because elevator scenes are so popular in horror stories. No wonder so many people have a fear of them. The monitor showing the weather flashes to snow, which is pretty impossible with a digital signal. Sam gets the fog breath, and then the elevator stops. Oh, I didn’t see that coming.    

Security guard opens the elevator doors with his fancy key and pries open the top doors, telling Sam “let’s go.” Hasn’t this moron ever watched Six Feet Under? Doesn’t he know that right around the time he goes through the door the elevator will move? Dismemberment galore! Plus, the sound of the elevator creaking is a plausible warning sign. Sam would rather wait. He has seen a lot of horror shows. Dumb guard climbs out anyway without incident. 

Dean searches the desk, finds an old picture of a bridge, and that’s the clue he needs. Back to the elevator, and this stupid guard won’t play it safe. Sam won’t go with him, so he leans in and angrily says, “Look I don’t have the rest of my life” BAM! Elevator goes down in predictable fashion, and next thing we see is Sam covered in blood, and half a body with twitching legs outside the elevator. Yeah, I don’t see him recovering from that one. 

Since this is a comedy episode, we need the punchline. Dean calls via the walkie-talkie. A very shaken Sam fumbles for the phone and raises it up to speak. ”Call you back,” he barely chokes out. Well, at least there was a payoff. Sam walks through the office wiping off the blood from his face and neck, and Dean tells him to meet him on 22. ”Yeah, just uh, take the stairs.” 

Dean is in front a large display in honor of P.T. Sandover. ”Sandover Bridge and Iron, Building the Dream.” Interesting how the theme of building bridges comes up throughout the episode. That’s essentially what Sam and Dean are doing here, rebuilding their bridges and dreams (aka destiny). We know of course it won’t last, but man is it nice to see them reconnect without any emotional baggage from traumas past.  

Sam arrives, still pretty bloody, and Dean states the obvious. ”Whoa, that’s a lot of blood.” “Yeah, I know,” Sam replies, obviously holding back. Dean points to the gloves of P.T Sandover in a glass case. They speculate his DNA is in there. Aw, these boys are pretty smart. Sam asks “Are you ready?” ”I have no idea,” A nervous Dean replies. ”Me neither,” Sam concurs. They grab the iron pokers and salt. Dean smashes the glass, and Sam gets the fog breath. Man, will this ghost never quit?

Jerk ghost boss appears and throws Dean into a wall, and then Sam in the opposite direction across the room. You gotta admit, that’s one way to deal with slacking employees. Ghost goes for Sam, so Sam throws salt at him and he disappears. He shows up behind Dean next, so Sam yells out and throws Dean the poker. With one quick swing, Dean whips around and takes out the ghost. Sam picks up the other poker, ghost pops up in between him, and they both swing, sending ghost away. Ghost gets really fast, appearing behind Sam, who swings, then Dean who swings, then Sam, who this time gets flung into a wall, then Dean, who gets flung into a wall. 

SPN 0883

Ghost goes for Dean next, so Sam rushes to the gloves, pulls out a lighter, and burns them. Ghost burns up before Dean’s eyes. I love this scene because it’s so fun watching these two handle a simple ghost hunt like it’s their first time. Their wonder and excitement over what’s happening is so cool! Sam is all smiles. ”That was amazing.” Dean enthusiastically agrees. They’re like children.  It's so adorable!

You can’t have a brotherly tale without the bittersweet, for even in alternate reality their relationship is complex. Dean admits he’s never had so much fun in his life. Sam agrees and wants to keep doing this. ”There’s got to be other ghosts out there, we can help a lot of people.” Dean jokes, “Yeah, we’ll be like the Ghostfacers.” I giggle, thinking “If he only knew!” Sam is serious and Dean finds the idea preposterous. ”You’ve got to be kidding me. How would we get by? Stolen credit cards huh?  Eating in diner food drenched in saturated fats, sharing a crap motel room every night?” 

Sam isn’t worried about the details but Dean is. ”You don’t want to go fighting ghosts without any health insurance.” Sam gets all sad. He confesses his dreams had Dean in them. ”We were these like, hunters, and friends”¦more like brothers. I mean, what if that’s who we really are.” Sam questions that maybe a ghost has scrambled their brains. ”What if we think this is our lives, but it isn’t?” Dean denies more, but Sam presses. ”All I know is this isn’t what we’re supposed to be.” Check out this picture. That’s what froze on my screen when I paused the episode on my laptop. Cool, huh?

Dean sticks with his story. ”I’m Dean Smith, a Director of Sales and Marketing. I went to Stanford, my father’s name is Bob, my mother’s name is Ellen and my sister’s name is Jo.” Sam asks when was the last time he spoke to them, any of them. Dean sees that Sam’s upset. ”Yeah, cause I only moved here because I broke up with my fiancé Madison but I called her number and got a damned animal hospital.” Yep, Sam’s upset.    

Dean still doesn’t believe the whole fake memories thing, so Sam goes into his pleading, sad puppy dog eyes mode. I love it when he does that. They’re supposed to be something else. ”You’re not just some corporate douchebag, this isn’t you. I know you.” Dean now thinks Sam has crossed a line. ”You don’t know me. You should go.” A crushed Sam, realizing he didn’t get through, leaves Dean’s office. Even in bizarro world they hurt one another emotionally. 

Sam’s back to Tech Support the next day, and he looks pretty raw. The phone goes off and suddenly his entire face flares with annoyance. Yep, he’s ready to bust. He calmly takes the headphones off, stands slowly up, grabs the poker and pounds the living crap out of the phone. With each strike his face angrily twists and I make a note to never to get on Sam’s wrong side. The phone crumbles into pieces, the surrounding workers cower in fear, and dust flies off the phone as it’s complete destroyed. Sam throws down the bent poker, looks at everyone’s stunned faces and announces, “I quit.” I’d say that is an effective way to do it.

Dean is doing work in his office, but he’s having trouble focusing. Big boss from earlier in the episode comes in, and offers Dean a big bonus in a sly handing of the sticky note across the desk.  Why do bosses do that? I had an entire performance review done that way once. That was a bizarre experience in a long line of bizarre experiences at that place. Anyway, boss sees big things for Dean. ”I see big things in your future, maybe even Senior VP Eastern Great Lakes division. Don’t get me wrong, you’ll have to work for it, seven days a week, lunch at your desk, but in 8-10 short years, that could be you.” 

Dean’s flattered, but then politely gives his notice. The boss is stunned. Dean tries to explain, stammers over words, and then gets to the point. ”This is not who I’m supposed to be.”  Boss smiles. ”Dean, Dean, Dean, finally.” He puts his two fingers in between Dean’s eyes, and suddenly this bright world goes grey. Dean wonders what he’s wearing, and where he is. ”My God am I hungry.” 

The boss welcomes him back, and Dean gets it. ”You’re an angel, aren’t you?” He’s Zachariah. He’s Castiel’s superior, and doesn’t exact like having to pop down into one of these “smelly things.” I see, he doesn’t care for humanity either. After what happened with Uriel, he needed to pay a visit, get his ducks in a row. Dean naturally doesn’t like being one of his ducks, and Zachariah doesn’t like his attitude. Dean doesn’t appreciate the lesson, and calls Zachariah very creative. ”You should see my decoupage.””Gross, no thank you,” Dean says. 

Dean asks if he’s hallucinating all this. No, they’re in a real place, a real haunting, and they were dropped in the middle of it without the benefit of their memories. Dean isn’t pleased. ”Just to shake things up? So you guys could have fun watching us run around like ass clowns in these monkey suits?” Zachariah did this to prove the path Dean’s on is the right one. He’s a hunter, not because his dad made him one or because God called him back from Hell. It’s who he is. ”You’re good at this. You’ll be successful. You will stop it.” Ah yes, the apocalypse. I thought seeing Dean in Corporate America meant the apocalypse happened. 

This is where Zachariah throws destiny at Dean, and then gives him the “tough love” talk. ”I know, you’re not strong enough, you’re scared, you’ve got Daddy issues, you can’t do it right?” Dean threatens him. Mr. Cheerful Angel shows more of his love of humanity. ”All I'm saying is it's how you look at it. Most folks live and die without moving anything more than the dirt it takes to bury them. You get to change things. Save people. Maybe even the world. All the while you drive a classic car and fornicate with women. This isn't a curse, it's a gift! So for God's sake, Dean, quit whining about it! Look around. There are plenty of fates worse than yours. So are you with me? You wanna go steam yourself another latte? Or are you ready to stand up -- and be who you really are?” Please remind me not to hire this guy as a motivational speaker. Dean stares at him, letting it all sink in, and the screen goes dark.


Okay, before any of you Sam fans go off, saying “What about Sam?” please remember this is only a 42 minute show, and tons of stuff was packed into this one. That actually seems to be the norm lately. So, here’s a great fanfic, one that fills in the blanks. If there are others, let me know! 

It’s obvious this episode was a chance to give both Sam and Dean a break in the action, a chance for soul searching and to evaluate who they are. It’s interesting how Sam was included in these plans, and we have to wonder if the angels see the need for Sam to help Dean. Apparently both of them are vital to the mission.

All in all, a nice break. Now I’m ready for more hard core angst


# njspnfan 2014-08-29 10:26
Another solid episode from Season 4. Dean did a great job playing the douchey midlevel corporate management type. The one thing that stood out in this episode was how Sam seemed to be the one more drawn/attracted to the hunting life, even though he spent much of his life trying to escape it. Wasn't sure if that was because the demon blood/psychic thing limited Zachariah's ability to alter his reality, or that was truly Sam.
# Sylvie 2014-08-29 14:55
I absolutely adore this episode! It's my favourite ghost story with "Provenance". I loved all the ways that they ended up being like Sam & Dean but different at the same time in this alternate world. But I must disagree with you on just one thing: Quote:
Yes, I caught the Smith and Wesson reference. Pretty clever, but rock stars would have been funnier.
I thought this was so clever to give them each a name that once put together is actually a gun, just like a Winchester rifle. Kudos to Sera Gamble on that one. :D