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Everybody brace yourself - here comes one of those episodes that even in retrospect, no matter how many times you see it, read about it or talk about it - it takes a deep breath and some mental preparedness before you dive in. Even this recap, written in the emotional wreckage that was the aftermath of 4x16, had to be divvied into two pieces. So if you’re ready, here they are again for this week’s Hiatus Hunting feature:

Hiatus Hunting: Season Four, Episode Sixteen: On The Head of A Pin

Recap by Alice  [Originally Published March 25 & 26, 2009]

Man, why does this show keep doing this to me? Thursday at 10:00 comes around anymore and I’m a jittery mess, going back to the TiVo for a rewatch. This one earned a third re-watch, then one the next day and I think I’m up to number ten now. I lost count around seven. 

This episode is even more action packed than the last one, and that was huge. As a matter of fact, with the exception of “Mystery Spot” and “A Very Supernatural Christmas,” no episode is more crammed with details in the entire series. As a result, I even have to break this recap into two parts. It’s that long. Things are intense from the opening teaser, so let’s get started.  


# Rene4 2014-08-21 13:33
This is in my top 10 best episodes of Supernatural. It was so well acted by every single actor in it. each character showed their power, so the writing was great. Dean made me cry in both instances that you mentioned but I think when he was torturing Alaister and realized that he had broken the first seal-that was so potent. that is the scene that gets me every time I watch this episode.
It is an interesting idea that Ruby knew Deans role in this-she must have knew. She worked pretty hard to get him on her side or, if that failed, to get him "dead". She was with them at the finale of season 3, she saw Dean go down via hell hounds, she was working with Lilith, so I say Yes, she knew Deans role.
# njspnfan 2014-08-21 13:34
This was an excellent and intense episode in a season full of great episodes. Christopher Heyerdahl and JA really knocked it out of the park in their scenes together. Then we have Sam chugging demon blood from Ruby's arm; that was shocking but kind of made sense when you thought about why Sam's mojo waxed and waned over time. Some of the parts with Uriel and Castiel dragged a little bit. Loved the look of shock and horror on Castiels face when he saw Sam tossing around Alastair like a rag doll, then killing him. Then, the juxtaposition of Sam - brutally taking out Alastair, then in the next scene being the worried brother sitting by Dean's hospital bed.

One thing I wasn't clear on - when angry Moose demanded that Castiel heal Dean, and Castiel refused, was it because he couldn't or was he under orders not to?