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Season Four Highlights/Lowlights and other stuff:
Just ‘cause I felt like dabbling in the fun of this, I present you a quick, random, somewhat thought out at other times purely emotional response to season four. 
In no way is this completely encompassing of the entire season (I think that’s three words to say the same thing – you get the point, right?)
Worst Ruby scene…
Lazarus Rising:  in the motel room, other than hyping the fandom, being skimpily clad and given a completely silly name, Kristie, it made no sense…
How to improve it: clothe her, then have Sam call her Kristie and she respond, Katie …that would have been funny.
Best Ruby scene…
Lucifer Rising: Die Demon Die!!!!!!
Best use of the word douche….
Lazarus Rising: â€œI told you to take care of her, not douche her up.” Hah!!!!
Runner up…
It’s a Terrible Life: â€œThose douchenozzels the Winchesters”…cool.
Best Castiel entrance…
Lazarus Rising:  Granted all he does is walk in the door, but still he does it with style.
Honorable mention
Death Takes a Holiday: It had been five episodes since he’d been seen, when he appeared, I actually sighed thinking…I’d missed you, Cas. Also, he looked so pleased with himself having captured Alastair.
These next groups I found too hard to pick a best/worst or a best/honorable mention so I just listed them (in the order they came to mind as I wrote this). Feel free to let me know your favorite from what I’ve included or by all means add to the list…or you can pass; it’s your Hellatus too, pass the time as you choose.  I know some of you just lurk, feel free to lurk away but it is safe here; Alice has a lockdown against any vampires or werewolves so you won’t get hurt…still no zombie alligators to worry about either.
Saddest Sam moment…
  • Sam lying to the ghost kid in Death Takes A Holiday
  • Drunk Sam vs. the Cross Road Demon in I Know What You Did Last Summer
  • Sam as Pamela is dying and she reveals…I know what you did to that demon, Death Takes a Holiday
  • Sam hallucinating Dean calling him a monster in When the Levee Breaks
  • Sam hearing the fake phone message from Dean in Lucifer Rising [chokes up]
Best Dean reveals all season…
  • Dean was yanked from hell by an angel
  • Dean was in hell for 40 years
  • Dean tortured people, and liked it
  • Dean broke the first seal
  • Dean has been rehymenated – chuckle/snort
(Sorta honorable mention…Dean gets his memories back from IMTOD, courtesy of Tessa)
Best Sam reveals…
  • Sam had sex with a corpse possessed by a demon
  • Sam drinks demon blood
  • Sam can con tough guys at pool [hee]
  • Sam was jealous of Adam and wanted to mold him into a fighter
  • Sam likes emo music???? [really?]
(Sam breaking the final seal doesn’t make it for me because I saw it coming after it was revealed that Dean broke the first one and I added to it the idea of literary symmetry from Monster at the End of This Book)
Best Castiel lines…
  • You should show me some respect.
  • Uriel is the funniest angel in the garrison, ask anyone.
  • We’re making this up as we go.
Best bro moments…
  • Lazarus Rising…they hugged!!
  • Wishing Well…are we going to shoot this teddy bear?
  • Heaven and Hell…Sam willing to kill angels to protect Dean
  • Jump the Shark…rock, paper, scissors [buyah!!!]
  • On the Head of a Pin…bedside at the hospital and then…“Miracle, NOW!”
  • Lucifer Rising…two hands fisted in jackets…and Sam grabs Dean’s a second time…fade to …white?
Grossest scenes of the season…
  • Metamorphosis…Jack eating raw ground beef
  • Metamorphosis…Jack after eating – uh, Travis
  • It’s the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester…Impala egged – wrong, wrong, wrong
  • Family Remains…girl eats rat
  • After School Special…kid’s hand in blender..icky
  • The Rapture…Sam drinks demon blood in middle of fight, his face is reminiscent of Jack from Metamorphosis
Best Bobby moments…
  • Lazarus Rising…gives Dean a face full of holy water after everything else failed
  • Are You There, God; It’s Me, Dean Winchester…“Bobby, you are awesome!” a panic room and massive weaponry
  • Sex and Violence…phones, phones and more phones
  • When the Levee Breaks…“Suck dirt and die, Rufus!” [tee]
  • When the Levee Breaks…“We are trying to help you, boy.” [tears]
  • Lucifer Rising…“Do us all a favor, don’t be him.” [wow]
  • [extra credit…who called Dean ‘princess’ first and in what episode? – we have prizes…*right, Alice, we have prizes here somewhere, don’t we?*
Best guest actors… soooo many to choose from so I just started writing.
  • Lazarus Rising…Tracie Dinwiddie (also in Heaven and Hell and DTAH)
  • In the Beginning…Amy Gumenick – very believable younger Mary Winchester
  • In the Beginning…Mitch Pileggi – just inspired
  • It’s the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester…Robert Wisdom (also in IKWYDLS, HAH, OTHOAP)
  • I Know What You Did Last Summer…Mark Rolston (also in IKWYDLS)
  • Death Takes a Holiday…Christopher Heyerdahl (also in OTHOAP and WTLB)
  • Criss Angel is a Douche Bag…Barry Bostwick
  • Criss Angel is a Douche Bag…John Rubenstein
  • Criss Angel is a Douche Bag…Richard Libertini
  • It’s a Terrible Life…Kurt Fuller (also in MATEOTB and Lucifer Rising)
Lest you think I’m not a Ted Raimi fan, I so am. But, similar to the excellent Billy Drago who was lost behind his makeup (at least that’s my first and second opinion on that episode, shame too as Billy Drago is superb) I found Ted Raimi’s character lost in the premise. Audrey was so cute and not over the top, the teddy bear was hysterical and Dean’s tragic memories rising to the fore simply took too much away from Ted Raimi’s underdeveloped and underutilized character. 
It’s really a shame for Ted Raimi is superb, while his character is forgettable, he is not; having him come on the show illuminates how much of a character-driven show this is. Look at the above list, many greats come here; they know a good thing.
Most jaw-dropping, whoa I did not see that coming moments of the season…that were really, really, really cool (and sometimes gross):
  • Lazarus Rising…“I’m an angel of the Lord…we have work for you.”
  • In the Beginning…Mary was a hunter, so cool.
  • Yellow Fever…Dean was in hell for forty years
  • I Know What You Did Last Summer…Sam slept with corpso-Ruby (yeah, that one is gross)
  • Wishful Thinking…six-foot tall teddy bears DO work in the Supernatural series
  • On the Head of a Pin…Dean broke the first seal
  • On the Head of a Pin…Sam drinks demon blood
  • Jump the Shark…John had another child, raised him normally – sorta – [and the storyline worked really well]
  • Monster at the End of This Book…“I am the prophet, Chuck!”
  • Lucifer Rising…Sam broke the final seal…now both brothers share the blame equally for the apocalypse…way cool.
Coolest shots…
  • Lazarus Rising…Dean’s hand coming through the earth
  • Lazarus Rising…Castiel’s wings are revealed
  • On the Head of a Pin…dead angel’s wings are backlit on the pavement from above
  • On the Head of a Pin…Sam’s eyes grow blacker and blacker with each pass of the wiper blades
  • Jump The Shark…bullet hole looking back at Sam and Adam
Best episode without the Impala in it: [Everyone, this is where you MUST make your opinions heard – even in our little corner of the Supernatural fandom]. I will list the four choices (yes, there are four choices for Season 4) and we really, really, really need you to voice your opinion in the comment section. Even if you just lurk, even if you want to remain anonymous, click and reply – call yourself anonymous, it’s okay [everyone has done it] but make your opinion known.
Here are the choices:
  • Criss Angel is a Douche Bag
  • It’s A Terrible Life
  • Lucifer Rising
  • None, no Impala in an episode of Supernatural is just wrong, and we won’t stand for it, Mr. Kripke!
Scariest Rumors for Season Four:
  • Jensen is not coming back because Chad Michael Murray is taking over
  • Ruby is a love interest for Sam
  • Ghost bees [too funny]
  • A third Winchester brother is to be introduced
  • Bobby might die
So that’s it in a nutshell, actually a quick hour spent at the computer. Season four highlights, lowlights, best, worst, honorable mentions, there’s-just-too-many-to-choose-from-so-I’ll-just-list-them-and-let-you-read and others for Season four.
Let me know your best and worst, faves and anything else you like. And don’t forget…let your voice be heard, the Impala needs us!
Until I get something else done…thanks for reading. 


# Deborah 2009-06-02 22:24
Thanks, Elle! Great article. Just need to add one thing -- to your best Castiel lines I need to add what I think is one of the funniest lines of the season, from "The Monster at the End of this Book":

"You should have seen Luke."
# Narcissus 2009-06-02 23:52
I absolutely love and agree with everything you said above. Two of my favourites was the "Miracle, NOW" line, and the jacket-clutchin g bit in Lazarus Rising.

As for the Impala, Supernatural with no Metallicar is as wrong as Supernatural without the Winchesters...i t must not be allowed!!

A couple more things I loved this season:
-like Deborah said, I thought the "You should have seen Luke" line was hilarious
-in Lazarus Rising, the shot of Dean from behind the harp. Seeing Dean through the harp strings reminded me of jail bars and reinforced the fact that Dean was a prisoner in there
-the ending of JTS. I was already in sadist's heaven watching Sam being bled half to death. And then there was the way Dean killed the spite the boys drifting apart this season, Dean still won't let anyone get away lightly with messing with his Sammy!! :D
# Tigershire 2009-06-03 01:52
OK, first, Jo is the only other one to call Dean "princess". She says it in No Exit after Dean wakes up from sleeping in the chairs (sheesh Dean, the floor would have been hard but much better than those chairs!).

Next, option #4 - no Impala is like one of the boys missing!

Season 4 had an unexpected emotional twist for me. See, my mom's name is Anna and although she died a number of years ago - having Cas and Uriel come in at the end of IKWYDLS and say Anna must die - I burst into tears.

And, not to say there wasn't emotional scenes for me from other seasons, but bursting into tears is not something I do, and I did it twice this season. The other one was right at the point in WTLB when Dean called Sam a monster for real. Ripped my heart out more than any other scene.

And to wrap up this short missive - one of my very favourite lines from this season "What, don't you recognize me? Oh, I forgot, I'm wearing a pediatrician."
# Suze 2009-06-03 07:09
Lucifer rising totally rocks ... even with no Impala!
I'm with you guys, You should have seen Luke ... Top Casism ... Also the Hands Off glare at Chuck in the finale.
Scaryiest rumour definitely Death-Of-Bobby as everything he touches turns to gold and so best Bobby moment is pretty much all of them ... Don't make me choose!
Saddest Sam Bit ... Fake voicemail - heartbreak now!
Best Bro Mo's got to be the mutual panic clutch at the end of Lucifer Rising, the end of the world's here and all they can really rely on is each other ... Gulp ...

Don't completely write off the Zombie Alligators, stranger things have happened! Not many, granted, but we thrive on hope ( and toast ... )
# elle2 2009-06-03 11:38
Hi Deborah, Narcissus, Tigershire and Suze,

Great comments from all of you.

Deborah, I totally forgot about that line from Monster...great additions.

Narcissus, those shots from the 'green' room in Luc. Rising were awesome and you are right, those harp shots remined me of prison bars...great for including them, thank you.

You are also spot on with your thoughts on the brothers, despite their differences and drifts, throughout the season both brothers showed they did not take kindly to threats to the other...evil be warned.

Tigershire, YOU WIN!!!! Now, as soon as we find those zombie alligators we'll get that prize to you -- see, we have the zombie alligators guarding the prizes.

As for your mom and the name Anna -- major gulp! Wow, that would be so hard to be hit with that out of the blue...grief is like that (and while I've had some in my life, nothing as traumatic as the loss of someone so close to me, yet) and sometimes out of the blue it slams you...I'm so sorry, thank you for sharing here.

That scene in Luc. Rising when Sam heard the phone call where Dean called him a bloodsucking monster...that blew me away as it drew upon Sam's hallucination from WTLB and just added to the about piling it on.

You are so right, ...don't you recognize me? That was a delicious Alastair performance...a nd then he slugs him!

Suze, Lucifer Rising does totally rock, it may not have had the emotional angst or dangle or torture of NRFTW but it opens up new possibilites for the future, how do they rebuild, what now Cas and Chuck, how do they get out of that convent ruin and more (like why Sam was "THE CHOSEN ONE" and how exactly does Dean stop Lucifer. I for one was actually relieved (I don't think I could handle another hiatus like last season's) and I'm still totally psyched for the season premiere...whic h is any day now, right (Yeah, I know they aren't even back filming yet but a girl's gotta cling to hope)

I would say the Bobby is dying rumor had me the most worried...whew, thank heavens (and Kripke) that was all blown out of proportion. Great summation of the bro-clutch at the end of the season...all they can rely on is each other (oh, yeah and Bobby who is probably freaking out at Dean's sudden disappearance)

I'll hang onto hope for those Zombie Alligators...di d just watch Playthings last night so soaking wet Sam was cool (and drunk Sam even more cool -- hee)

Great comments all. Thanks for adding to the fun.
# trina 2009-06-03 16:40
The saddest Sam moment for me was by far the Bobby and Sam scene from "When the Levee Breaks" When Bobby says that they are trying to help him, and Sam's response is "then shoot"....that just about killed me. Sam knew full well how much trouble he was in, and that he thought the only way out was to die.

One of my favorite guest stars was Jake Abel (Adam in Jump the Shark) I thought he did a great job. I also completely agree with the three magicians from Criss Angel. That was one of the few episodes where I didn't mind so much emphesis on the guest stars because they were so darn good.
# elle2 2009-06-03 20:26
Hi, Trina,

You are so right...Jake Abel was excellent as Adam Milligan...that shot of the real Adam dead, evicerated and clearly terrified at the moment of death is just heartbreaking.

Like you, the three magicians were so well cast and together in their camaradrerie that I too did not mind the extra focus given to them (and I'm sure it gave Jared and Jensen a little break, maybe half a day, that had to have helped.
# Alice 2009-06-03 23:49
The ENTIRE episode of "When The Levee Breaks" reduces me to a blubbering mess. Saddest Sam moments? That episode had saddest series moments, period.

I thought about doing top ten tear jerking moments, but When the Levee Breaks and both parts of All Hell Breaks Loose would take up a good chunk of that list.
# Narcissus 2009-06-04 02:01
Alice, how about consider WLB and AHBL each as one unit of a tear-jerking moment...
# Suze 2009-06-04 07:27
Narcissus's right, Alice ... If you're going to do top 10 tear-jerkers ( and it's a fine notion ) You'll have to chunk them into episodes or you'll end up with a shortlist of 10,000 and your brain will melt, Elle2 will crack under the strain of carrying on alone and then what will the rest of us do till September? :lol:
# anonymous 2009-06-04 09:27
"Lest you think I’m not a Sam Raimi fan, I so am. But, similar to the excellent Billy Drago who was lost behind his makeup (at least that’s my first and second opinion on that episode, shame too as Billy Drago is superb) I found Sam Raimi’s character lost in the premise. Audrey was so cute and not over the top, the teddy bear was hysterical and Dean’s tragic memories rising to the fore simply took too much away from Sam Raimi’s underdeveloped and underutilized character.

It’s really a shame for Sam Raimi is superb, while his character is forgettable, he is not; having him come on the show illuminates how much of a character-drive n show this is. Look at the above list, many greats come here; they know a good thing."

It was TED Raimi, not SAM. ;-)
# elle2 2009-06-04 11:19

Thank you for catching that terrible blunder on my part.


That's what happens when you assume (and then don't check your facts) Thank you.

# Mae 2009-06-04 17:09
Regarding best non-Impala epidsodes: As much as I enjoyed the whole episode of Lucifer Rising and watching Dean drive a Prius in It's a Terrible Life (which was just so wrong), I'd have to go with No Episode Should Ever Not Have The Metallicar.

You know how in Lawrence of Arabia the desert is basically the female lead? Well, I'm convinced that the Metallicar is the female lead in Spn.
# elle2 2009-06-04 19:09
Hi, Mae,

LOL!!! That's awesome and so correct, the Metallicar is the female lead...finally we know why Jo and Bela and Ruby and anyone else just never caught on with the fandom, they take away from the one and only 'girl' of our [yeah, they're our] boys...Metallicar!

I truly believe with a bit of creativity the Impala could have made it into It's a Terrible Life...parked on the sidewalk in a shot...a picture of her on a maginze cover that someone hands Dean (Smith)...somet hing?
# Tigershire 2009-06-04 20:26
OOH, Elle2, that would have been a great idea for them to do on the show. Make it a game that if the Impala were not "IN" the episode that we'd have to find out where she you say, magazine cover, photo hanging on the wall, whatever.
# Mae 2009-06-04 20:30

Holy crap! That would have been so great for them to have included the Metallicar in It's a Terrible Life like that!
That's such a great idea... do you think they did include her and we just missed it? Okay. You've convinced me to go back and rewatch it (not that I needed much convincing)
# Narcissus 2009-06-04 22:04
You guys are genius...about the including Metallicar bit

*runs off with Mae to rewatch* :D
# Zazreil 2009-06-07 13:17
Impala episode - Its a Terrible Life - it was the only episode where I could justify not even a glimpse of the impala through a window or something. Besides which the joke of Dean getting into a PRIUS was just too good

The scariest Rumor:Bobby might Die. It was so scary because it made logical sense and because Jim Beaver himself was having fun teasing the fans
# elle2 2009-06-07 13:49
Hi, Zazreil,

I agree, the whole Dean drives a Prius was pretty good. When I first heard that several weeks prior to this episode (it was many weeks prior actually) I assumed it was for something during the After School Special, something with Dean being a driver's ed instructor and thought there might be some joke about how well the car handles or somehting since Jensen has commented before that the Impala handles like a shopping cart.

Jim Beaver is pretty good at stringing folks along in the knots they've tied themselves into. Someone commented on another site that Jim had even teased fans about having to belt one of the guys in the mouth over and over again in a scene...then the scene comes and he does -- stuff his belt in Jared/Sam's mouth...too funny.
# Anonymous 2009-06-10 23:47
Fabulous list. Grossest scene: definitely girl eats rat in Family Remains. Ewwww. Best Bobby moment: Lazarus Rising. Loved that face full of holy water, giggle every time I see it. Mitch Pileggi was amazing in In the Beginning.

Impala handles like a shopping cart? Oh my, YES! I actually owned a 1968 Impala (a dreadful aqua color) in high school. I've often said she handled like a boat. Metalicar now, she's a beauty! My poor little beast, not so much. But we could fit, oh, eight people in her, seven if the driver needed space to move. Plenty of space in that car.
# Bethany 2009-06-14 09:16
What about Rob Benedict - he appears in one episode then in the finale I found I was really happy to see him again I found my self thinking "Chuck yay!"

I don't pay much attention to the 'Jensen's being replaced but CMM' rumours as they're just implausible but I have to admit to quite a few nerves about Bobby, because it was only too likely - think of all the people they've killed off.....

Baby needs to be in all episodes....all ! I had never thought about it like that but yes baby is like the girl in their lives, constant, faithful and lets face it sex on wheels!

oh just a quick thought how about another catagory? Best lines (from anyone) i have a few personal favourites: “There’s something in my throat, I think it is my throat” Alistair OTHOAP, Dean same episode - "I’m not all here, I’m not strong enough. I guess I’m not the man either of our dads wanted me to be. Find someone else. It’s not me.” actually that episode has some amazing lines but then all Ben Edlund episodes do. Also a large chunk of TMATEOTB had me cracking up "well I can't see you face but those are definately your brooding and pensive shoulders".
# Scullspeare 2009-06-14 12:35
I'll add a 'Word' to Bethany's thoughts on Rob Benedict.

And, in the same vein, to the Best Sam Reveals list I would humbly add the scene between Sam and Chuck in Monster at the End of This Book when Sam reveals how much drinking the demon blood scares him. There was such a huge size difference between the two actors and yet JP seem to shrink as Sam slid into that chair and began to talk about his fears.

I'm not sure whether this should get a nod among 'Best Lines' or 'Best Delivery' but when the brothers first meet Adam in Jump the Shark and tell him John died on the job, Adam looks puzzled, says, "He was a mechanic, right?" Dean tersely replies, "A car fell on him." On paper that doesn't read the least bit funny but JA's timing and delivery crack me up every time.

As for the Impala, she should definitely be in every show. She will always be the only female lead whom Dean can call 'Baby,' and 'Sweetheart' and still have the unwavering support of all fans. :lol:
# elle2 2009-06-14 15:55
Hi, Anonymous, Bethany and Scullspear,

Loving all the -- erh, love, for the Impala (baby, girl, Metallicar) yep, we're in agreement, every episode she's a must, MUST!

I very much enjoyed Rob Benedict as Chuck, I too was very glad to see him. Something about the whole normal yet somehow involved and totally weirded out persona added to the mix that just works for me.

Ben Edlund eps do have great lines and Alastair sure had quite a few of them... "Heaven, I'm in heaven..."

I did like the scene between Sam and Chuck, Chuck knew all about it and didn't dismiss Sam or belittle him but simply confronted it. Sam's denial the moment Chuck got to the point of perhaps Sam liked the control...Jared handled it beautifully. It was also perfect that Sam sat and Chuck stood (sure it helped the framing) but for the characters at that moment, it adds to the story.

Great thoughts.