Elle2's Season 5 Wrap Up:
Hey, better late than never, right? We're about eight weeks into Hellatus with only a few more weeks to go until Season 6 begins"¦okay, okay, a few more weeks beyond what we initially had hoped for but at least they started shooting last week and with the extra two weeks of Hellatus we here at The Winchester Family Business will just have to write more articles, design more inspirational posters, develop more puzzles, conduct more polls and link more videos.
I've been doing a lot of meaty articles (for me anyway) so it's time to change it up a bit and knock out a pure spur-of-the-moment article that gives a quick look at some of my favorite and some not so favorite moments of Season 5.
These are in no particular order, just typed 'em as they came to me. Hope you enjoy this look back at Season 5:
Best Reveal: Trickster = Gabriel - loved it, what a tie-in for the character that has charmed us in Tall Tales and mystified us in Mystery Spot.
Worst death(s): Ellen and Jo
Best returning character: Ash - I'd forgotten how much I missed him but when he appeared it was such a moment of joy.  ASH!!!!
Best Castiel lines: Hmm, hard to choose:   
"God's not on any flatbread."
            "They're not incontinent."
            "Hey, ass-butt!"
"I found a liquor store"¦and I drank it!"
So much to choose from - hopefully I'll have something about Castiel later on this Hellatus.
Best running joke this season: Castiel and the cell phone - bwah!!!!
Best Bobby moment: "I ain't a hunter anymore!" Oh, the pain!
Best Sam moment
Takes charge in Point of No Return.
Outplays Patrick the witch at poker.
Takes back the reins from Lucifer, "It's going to be okay, Dean, I've got him."
Best Dean moment:
            Stays with Sam no matter the beating, "I'm here, Sam, and I'm not going to leave you."
            The wink in Point of No Return
Tells Sam it's not up to him to 'let' him do anything.
Hell Yeah! Moment:
            Zachariah dies - sorry, Zach (and especially Kurt Fuller who was brilliant in this role) I loved to hate you and will miss you but "Hell, YEAH!"
Awesome Effects:
            Anna is smoked in The Song Remains the Same
Great camera shots:
            Shovels thrust into the grave only to shift to an above the scene shot in Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid
            Rapid camera zoom on Dean and 90 degree turn to see Karen in Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid
            Pull back from Lisa's dining room table to exterior of house and then drop down onto Sam standing in shadows, Swan Song
Funniest Episode:
            Fallen Idols - just messing with you! Changing Channels!
Episode that provoked tears so much so that I could not watch it for almost five weeks:
            Swan Song
Inspired Casting:
            Mark Pellegrino (Lucifer)
            Julian Richings (Death)
            Titus Welliver (War)
            Matt Frewer (Pestilence)
            James Otis (Famine)
Worst Episode:
            Swap Meat - at least we now know why thanks to the boys' reveal at the Rising Con in Barcelona

Best ways to Humiliate Sam:
            Give him the clap!
            "I am doing all I can to slightly lessen the spread of - of genital herpes, and that's a good thing."
Episodes that knocked it out of the park:
Sympathy For the Devil
The End
Changing Channels
Abandon All Hope
The Song Remains the Same
My Bloody Valentine
Dark Side of the Moon
Point of No Return
Swan Song
Episodes that nearly knocked it out of the park:
Good God, Y'All
Free To Be You And Me
The Curious Case of Dean Winchester
The Real Ghostbusters
Sam, Interrupted
Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid
99 Problems
The Devil You Know
Two Minutes to Midnight
Episode that I'll watch but only "˜cause I'm dedicated:
Fallen Idols
I Believe The Children Are Our Future
Swap Meat
Hammer of the Gods
Best Music (Classic Rock that is):
Anytime it's on, I'm not choosy!
Best Best original score:
The piano score during Lucifer's scenes in Abandon All Hope
New directors that I'll happily look for in Season 6:
Jeff Wollnough
New abilities of Sam (and possibly Dean) that I hope to never see again:
The ability to conduct autopsies - uh, no, that's just unbelievable (yeah, I actually said that!)
Script that surprised me the most:
Dark Side of the Moon - never would have thought Andrew Dabb and Daniel Loflin could have written such a masterpiece, please let this be the first of many more to come of this caliber.
There's sure to be many other moments that make this season great so I'll be looking for your comments to share your favorite moments and you'll likely trigger some more of mine.
In the meantime, celebrate that we're now a week closer to September 24th from when you first learned that that was the Season 6 premier date. Jensen should be over half way done directing his first episode (congratulations!) and likely we'll have a much shorter mini-hellatus at the half-way point come December. There's a silver lining every time!
Thanks for reading.