When I did The Enigma of Sam Winchester's Hair last year, I highlighted some of the key disasters from seasons 1-4. In going back and analyzing season five, I found Sam's hair was pretty even keeled for the most part, but there were some unusual circumstances that happened to come up more than once.  So I'm switching it up a bit. 

For season five, I bring to you the differing yet perplexing styles of Sam's hair by category.  Sure, a lot of these hair circumstances stemmed from misfortune, but this is Sam Winchester we’re talking about.  Let the games begin...  

The "Out of my freaking mind" hair
Oh yeah, Sam had some issues with losing it. Whether it be by fits of rage, falling into an intense hunger for demon blood because of a spell or just plain taking out demons, he lost control quite a few times. When he did, his hair lost it right along with him. 

SPN 0670
SPN 0887

SPN 0962
SPN 1187
SPN 0341
SPN 1033



The "I've been maimed or murdered" hair
I hate to say it, but some of Sam's hottest hair happened during those little times where he was either badly injured or just plain dead. It had this certain fly away thing going at times that was just...yum. Just like in season two, he made one pretty corpse. Getting banged in the nuts wasn't too shabby either. 

SPN 0904
SPN 0905
SPN 0058
vlcsnap-00324SPN 0310



The Bitchface hair
You know the look. Yep, there's a hairstyle that goes along with it. It must be off the face to maximize its full bitchiness. Where it lies from there is anyone's guess. 

SamHouseof Wax
SPN 0451
SPN 0092
vlcsnap-00130SPN 0879



The "Just got out of bed" hair
Oh yeah, there were a couple of days where Sam wished he didn't get out of bed.

SPN 0041
SPN 0011
The "Must give it some attention because I'm pretending to be someone else" hair

Even Samuel knows that under some circumstances, it's a requirement to look your best. 

SPN 0818
SPN 0049



The "This crazy bitch is bothering me" hair
Sam had some major run-ins with crazy bitches this season. At least his hair held up okay.  He must have wanted to look good for the ladies, looney or not.

SPN 1097



The "Why is weird shit always happening to me?" hair
I just can't explain this one. Let the pictures speak for themselves.

SPN 0632
SPN 0690
SPN 0726  
SPN 0217
SPN 0640
  SPN 0770
SPN 0457


The "I'm in distress and so is my hair" hair  
Let's face it, Sam had some major distress this season. I'm sure a perfect coif was in the back of his mind during these times but it certainly wasn't on the top of his head. 
SPN 0469
SPN 0799
SPN 0990
SPN 0279
SPN 1115
SPN 0045vlcsnap-00176  


The "Looking great because I'm not me" hair
Lucifer cared about appearance.  Apparently, so did the other alternate forms of Sam. The younger Winchester needs to take notes.

SPN 0893
SPN 0024



The "I can't do anything with these bangs" hair
Oh come on, sympathize. We've all been there. No matter what we try, those damned bangs won't keep out of our face. Humans infected with demon blood and trying to save the world aren't excluded either. 

SPN 1033
SPN 1038
SPN 0211
Wow, maybe Sam's hair in season five did end up after all suffering the same cruel fate as its holder.  So what will season six bring us?  Whatever happens, the hair with a mind of its own will likely keep surprising us.