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To see the awards given thus far, here's part one and part two.

Most Awkward Winchester Family Moment

This is one of my favorite categories this year, for every time I think about the winner it makes me smile.  First though, there is an honorable mention.  This moment goes to a place we never thought Sam and Dean would go, even with their always close quarters. Dean is caught doing an "act" in a place where urban legends come true and has the hairy palm to prove it. If that's not funny enough, Sam with one eye roll manages to top that. "You could go blind doing that too." Wow, did that just happen? "Seinfeld" set a precedent I guess. 

SPN 0435
However, there's one better. It is the dream Winchester "family" moment, aka what would have happened if Mary hadn't died. It's the awkward Winchester family roadtrip!  Dean and Sam are in the back of the Impala, young Mary in the passenger seat and John is driving.  John has just found out monsters are real and the other three vehicle occupants are hunters and he's a trite put out.  Mary tries to explain, Sam and Dean tries to defend, but there's no way John's letting them get in a word.  "Shut up all of you! Not another word or so help me I'll turn this car around!”  God bless you Sera Gamble and Nancy Weiner.  Even just one glimpse of the Winchesters behaving like a normal family makes me happy.
SPN 0571   

Most Delightfully Tacky Motel Room
No question this year.  With all the detail that went into "Changing Channels," no wonder it's winning a lot of categories on this list. The motel room at the "Day-Z' was interesting enough with the green and blue floral wallpaper and bright colored comforters as well as the white beach resort type furniture, but change it to the "Sun and Sands" and obnoxiously brighten it in Technicolor and it's hard to believe it's the same motel room. The fake one even let's Dean create his dream sandwich out of something called "Smeet." Yep, I think if Sam and Dean saw this one originally they would have backed carefully away and gone on to the next motel. The Trickster really does know how to twist those screws. 
vlcsnap 00050
vlcsnap 00312
Best Appearance of Single Man Tear

We all know no one does the single man tear better than Dean.  This season, his best comes after being flung into the future five years and having the inevitable confrontation with Lucifer wearing his own custom made Sam suit.  Samifer's plan to wipe out humanity is progressing well and past Dean can only listen to Lucifer's "sympathy for The Devil" speech while seeing with huge heartbreak that Sam is really gone.  He won't buy the story, but this time in his defiance he lets his emotions slip.  He cries for humanity, for his brother, for everything lost.  So beautiful, so simply stated, yet emotionally powerful.  In order words, it's what Jensen does best.  We turn into heaping piles of mush. 

There is an honorable mention though, and it proves that Jared has taken notice in all those years of watching Jensen pull off the single man tear so brilliantly.  He gets a couple moments throughout the season to do the same thing, but none more powerful than the surprise visit from Jess, his dead girlfriend, in "Free To Be You and Me."  Jess comes with a message of guilt, that running away isn't going to fix things and it never has.  Her line "I was dead from the moment we said hello," was brutal enough but the kicker was the parting "Things are never going to change for you, never."  Sam may have had the single man tear, but I was sobbing.  Poor guy can't ever catch a break.

SPN 0067

Best Series Long Myth Finally Put To Rest 

Even though Sam and Dean have seen the most horrible, goriest things in their lives, they still managed to get sick to their stomachs over autopsy scenes and decomposing bodies.  This season, that for the most part finally went away.  Sam even performed an autopsy and surgery without losing his lunch (and looked great in blue doing it).  Okay, so they did flinch at the eyeball soup in "Hammer of The Gods" but who wouldn't have? That crossed a line.

SPN 0818  
SPN 0385

Honorable mention.  Dean has a laptop now!  He's conformed to baby brother's way of thinking.  Granted, we only saw this in one episode (Fallen Idols), but I loved it.  It's a cute black one.  I demand more scenes of dual laptops!

Most Tear-Jerking Moment

That would be the entire finale for me from beginning to end. Luckily I have access to free psychotherapy (Thanks Jas!). 
However, if I had to pick one particular scene, no question it's the scene in the hardware store in "Abandon All Hope." Jo's insides have been shredded by a hell hound and without saying it they know its only a matter of time.  So who's taking this inevitable demise the worst?  Dean.  We see a vulnerable side of him that's we've never witnessed in any other episode.  He's especially ripping our inside to shreds when he talks to Bobby over the radio, the reality hitting him a bit too hard.  Bobby talks him back, but the loss still manages to sting long after Ellen and Jo sacrifice themselves so Sam and Dean can escape and try to kill Lucifer.  His tender kiss and embrace goodbye to Jo positively reduces all of us into puddles of tears.   

SPN 0693  
SPN 0901

It's not just Dean though.  Ellen is distraught yet brave through most of it, but as Jo slips away in her arms just seconds before the hellhounds hit, she rightfully breaks down.  There's no worse experience for a mother than to lose a child, even if it was only for a minute.  What a tragic end for her.  Yep, I'm still weepy.  I'm glad Phil Sgriccia revealed that this scene made Eric Kripke cry.  It feels good to know he suffered with the rest of us. 

SPN 0963  
SPN 0965

Best Pop Culture Reference

This is the best pop culture homage ever on any show! Everyone start humming those familiar beats of the classic TV show Knight Rider.  See those familiar red flashing lights on the front. It's the Kitpala! And Dean is Michael Knight. And Sam's  Bwahhhh!!!!! I love you to death Trickster/Jeremy Carver.  Way to give a shout out to the best TV show opener ever.
vlcsnap 00402
vlcsnap 00398
Honorable mention from the very same episode ("Changing Channels" is sure taking a lot of these categories, isn't it?). What happens when both Winchesters channel their inner David Caruso? A ton of really bad one liners that are sadly dead on the nose. There's none better though than suit clad Jared ripping off the sunglasses and saying in husky voice about a man that had quarters stuffed down his throat, "Well I say, jackpot."  Whoa, it's a genuine Horatio Caine clone!
vlcsnap 00364  
There's also another honorable mention!  Chuck, our very own loveable prophet in "The Real Ghostbusters" playing action hero to the sound effects of "The Six Million Dollar Man."  See, Lee Majors does belong on this show!  Come on Sera Gamble, you know you want it!  Just don't kill him.

SPN 0969

Best Badass Moment

Just like the Pop Culture Moment, this is tough. Castiel had several, my favorite being him taking out all those demons with a sigil carved on his chest.  How brilliant!  When Cas goes into self sacrifice mode, he's one scary ass mother****er.  Sam also gets an honorable mention for his calm yet cold systematic killing of a bunch of Croats one by one in"Two Minutes To Midnight," not to mention his rescue of several innocent bystanders in the process.  No wonder Bobby was impressed enough to believe he could take on The Devil.  Raging Sam is creepy, but cool yet deadly Sam scares the crap out of me!
The most satisfying Badass Moment though comes from Dean.  By the time Zachariah had gotten to "Point of No Return," the dude had just gone too far.  Most demons were less evil and diabolical than this misguided angel.  It was clear by that time he had to be stopped.  Still, we didn't know Dean had the type of power to do it.  We didn't know Dean could hide an angel killing blade, strike the balded one through the chin and watch without having his eyes burned out.  It's a mystery that went through the finale without resolution, but I can live with that for now because the moment was so awesome.  Dean once again shows people how killing the bad guy is done. 


Best Location for Episode

I'm excluding any location that includes Ohio. Been there, done that way too many times, plus as a resident of the state, it's getting boring. Luckily, that eliminates a good chunk of the season five episodes.
Even though Bobby's place has been shown numerous times, this was the first time we actually got to see Sioux Falls, South Dakota, the town he lives in. It's just like any other quirky small town, the citizens are a little off and all quick to label one another. Bobby is the town drunk and considered to be a crackpot and troublemaker. Go figure.  Major bonus points to the mural of Mt. Rushmore at the local diner.

Best Don't Get A Winchester Angry Moment

This season may have brought to light Sam's anger management pitfalls, but once again Dean shows how wrath is done. For one, don't kill the most precious in the world being to Dean right in front of him. You'll be awarded with what Randal coined the "I Will Burn A Hole Through Your Fucking Soul Stare®." And a promise that "when" (not if) he comes back, he's going to be pissed. I would have dropped the shotgun and crapped on myself while running away screaming. I hope we get a scene in season six where he delivers on that promise.

SPN 0068

Best Inside Joke 

This is easy and really damn good. Paris Hilton is monologuing to Dean. He claims not to be a fan. "I've never even seen House of Wax." Cue to Sam, looking offended. Yes, Jared was in the cast of that film, along with Ms. Hilton.
SamHouseof Wax  
Here's another great inside joke.  Look at the bad shirt Jared ended up wearing to the premiere of "House of Wax."  That shirt would have gotten Sam Winchester's ass kicked.  Yikes! 
Honorable mention is just the whole idea of a Supernatural fan convention on the show let alone the boys attending one.   Us fans ended up being total whackjobs with heart and not completely delusional. Dean's appreciative smile at the end spoke volumes. Kripke got it right.

SPN 1151

Best Gratuitous Scene

Not a lot of Winchester sex this year. I count one time, but that didn't even make the final cut (There was a Sam and Lindsay sex scene filmed for "Free To Be You and Me"). I'll tell you what should have been the best gratuitous scene, Sam with a dominatrix. Instead that golden opportunity was wasted with that punk kid. I'm still bitter.
There weren't even any shirtless brother scenes other than Sam in bed with Jessica in FTBYAM.  There was the split second of shirtless Castiel too, but that already earned him an award.   

I don't get it. Every freaking episode Justin Hartley is in for Smallville results in him shirtless. He's saving the world too and looking hot doing it.  So, by default, Justin Hartley, aka Oliver Queen, aka the Green Arrow, is taking the prize this time.  Try again next year show!


Most Out Of Character Moment

Honest, I'm sure the idea looked great on paper. It sounds like something Dean would do. If he was a virgin on his last night on earth, he'd want to get laid, so why can't the same rule apply to an angel? Still, when it all went down, even Castiel's completely freaked out look wasn't enough to save this clunky whorehouse scene. It would have been better to happen off camera.  Dean may have been laughing, but I wasn't.

SPN 0543
Best Appearance By A Supposedly Important Apocalyptic Figure That Didn't Go Anywhere
I know many of you instantly are going "Jesse!" the little boy Anti-Christ that got his own episode, disappeared, and was never heard from again.  While that is an obvious choice, the other is our somehow forgotten about fourth archangel, Raphael.  To me, his omission was a bit more glaring considering the story centered on the FOUR archangels and their family drama.  By the end though, Gabriel, Michael, and Lucifer had all but forgotten he existed.  I think we were supposed to as well, but it's hard to ignore when "Free To Be You and Me" comes back in the repeats. 

SPN 0704

Best Behind The Scenes Story

This is legendary and comes from the Chicago con from none other than Richard Speight Jr. (Trickster/Gabriel).  This is from my transcript of the whole thing from my report of Richard Speight Jr.'s panel at the con.  
"It's not the dog story. I'm so glad something crappy happened on the set so I wouldn't have to tell the dog story. It's not necessarily a practical joke, although I thought it was. I'm doing the scene where I get stabbed. The officer, there's a different guy laughing and it morphs into me. That actor, who's name's Gabriel by the way (laughing) was really nice and had a good time on the set and he said to me when he left "I'm leaving you a little thank you gift back at the base camp. I said great man, nice meeting you.
I go back to base camp and I go to my trailer and in my trailer is my stuff. Sitting on the counter in my trailer neatly folded up are a pair of pumpkin colored men's bikini briefs. I thought "what the hell, what kind of a gift is that?' I get dressed, without the bikini briefs and I'm going to sign out. I've got the underwear and I'm going to the production office to see Adrian and the guys to sign out  and I go "you're not going to believe what I found.” He interrupted me and said "Oh, by the way man that guy Gabriel he left these for you.” Inside was two beers and a thank you card.   Well that makes sense. Who the hell put their underwear in my room?
I'm thinking ah, the tall guys. Ha ha, they're lots of laughs. Leave underwear in the Trickster trailer, ha ha ha. So the next day on the set we're doing the Dr. Sexy stuff and I say "lots of laughs guys' and they're like "what?' "Pumpkin colored bikini briefs I'm wearing them right now.   You're killing me.'  They're stone cold looking at me at this angle (looking down) going (blank face). And I was like, really? bad. Who broke into my trailer and but underwear in there? It's weird. And it was clearly used. It had that wavy waistband.  It had been washed a handful of times. It was clearly bizarre.
I did what anyone else would do, I signed my name to it and put it on the production trailer. What am I going to do with it? I find out the next day, somebody comes over to me and says "we know who's underwear it is.' I'm like "really who's is it?' The guy pointed in the other direction and…it's Misha. (room explodes in laughter).   He's like "That was my underwear.' "Why is it in my trailer?' (Misha says) "I spilled soup on myself at the warehouse all over my wardrobe and I had to switch wardrobes and I spilled soup down my pants, so I happened to have an extra pair of underwear and I put it on. " I said "Pumpkin colored bikini briefs?" (Misha) "It was the last pair I had." (Richard) "Why would you have that pair?" He said "They were a gift from a fan." (Huge laughter from the crowd again). 
The rest of the story goes that the wardrobe department found them covered in his trailer and washed them and put them in his trailer not knowing who else would wear pumpkin colored bikini briefs. Richard finishes the story with this:
"So I went back to the production office, took them off the wall, turned them around and wrote on the back, "This pair of underwear smells like Cas." That's his contribution to the production office.

Sorry, but while I know there is a picture of that underwear out on the production office wall somewhere, I just couldn't find it.  So, here's another goofy picture of Misha instead. 

Okay, that's a wrap on this season's awards.  Got a suggestion of a category and/or prize I missed?  Send the suggestion along in the comments or through "Contact Us."  If I get enough I can do the "Viewer Season Five Awards."  Thanks for checking out my usual warped view on things.   



# Jasminka 2010-06-06 15:36
What can I say, Alice, this made me laugh, tear up a little (I've trained to have a grip these days... not wanting to be reduced to a teary puddle all the time when being reminded of the emotional moments in our show), and reminded me ever again of the fun I have with Supernatural.

Some of the pictures (the goofy Misha or Jared at the premiere) I haven't seen before, thanks for that!

As for the free psychotherapy - anytime, dear! Anytime... :-)

By the way: The changes on our site here look great! Did I thank you and Jen for that?

Love Jas
# Aaricia 2010-06-06 17:33
Speaking of orange underwear, that picture was on Misha's twitter :
# Ardeospina 2010-06-06 19:40
Awesome, awesome season 5 awards, Alice! Those were so much fun to go through. I hope you had just as much fun making them.
# BagginsDVM 2010-06-06 23:44
I still can't look at those screencaps from Abandon All Hope without crying.

LOVED that the Impala got to be KITT & that Sam was her voice.

Thanks for doing these, Alice!
# Karen 2010-06-07 08:14
Hi Alice
Once again loved the list.
To this day I still can’t bring myself to re-watch Abandon All Hope. That one killed me.
The ‘Don’t get a Winchester Angry’…I thought Sam could get pretty scary when mad but Dean in this…all I can say is YIKES! I hope they have Sam and Dean meet up with those idiots in season 6.
And Yeah what was the purpose of little Jesse, maybe they plan to have him return in season 6.
Anyways thanks Alice, these were fun.
# Bevie 2010-06-07 14:27
This was great Alice.

I went from laughing at the hairy palm to tears popping out of my eyes for Dean and Jo in about 30 seconds.

Sam as the car and "I say jackpot" was hilarious.

So much fun!
# Supernarttu 2010-06-07 15:45
Oh Alice, I *love* you.

Thanks for these awards, they made my week, heck my whole summer :D

Heartbreaking some, but funny and hilarious mostly, a nice way to think back at this season.

And I agree, that behind the scene story is the best of the best of the best :-)
# Sablegreen 2010-06-07 19:15
Wow...didn't realize there was a part three. Loved your picks. The last one of a smiling Dean, at the end of 'Real Ghost Busters', I think was the only epsiode with a happy ending this season. I Really hope they don't do that next year. Need for fun stuff!
# ElenaM 2010-06-09 14:40
And this Supernatural season award goes to... Smallville??? :lol: :lol: :lol: Did I mention I love the season awards?

I wonder if just being a vessel is enough to protect your eyes from burning out... Maybe it's not just "your" angel you can look at... still doesn't explain the "only an angel can kill an angel" thing, though. I read more into that scene too.

JP might be trying to provoke the fashion police, but as for Sam Winchester, his ass-kicking prowess is such that he can wear any damn shirt he likes, as evidenced by numerous appearances in the Paisley Peril.

Viewer noms? Cool! I nominate "Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid" for the Eric Kripke Special Award for Gratuitous Gleeful Gore.