The episode is "99 Problems" and I think Sam and Dean have way more than that. Let's get started. 

There have been 99 teasers now and I'm wracking my brain trying to come up with one as intense as this. Nothing comes to mind. "Nightshifter" comes close, but that's it. The episode starts with the Impala's speedometer and it's pushing 90. Dean is gripping the wheel and we see his panicked look in the rear view mirror.   Sam is frantic in the passenger seat with bloody shoulder telling Dean to drive faster. Don't you hear Sam the Impala's engine pushing as hard as it can go? Any harder and it'll explode. She's old for god's sake. Dean confirms this is as fast as she'll go. He asks if Sam's okay and Sam gives a smart ass answer. "I'm amazing." Dean asks Sam if he's ever seen that many and Sam says not in one place. Dean doesn't have much time to discuss theories though, for he fishtails the Impala around a corner and then slams on the brakes just in time to avoid a fiery roadblock. 

I should point out this is a Julie Siege script, because if you look at her episodes she's notorious for causing the Impala harm. She gets it out of the way early. Dean tries to back up but someone smashes in the passenger side window and pulls Sam out of it. Another person gets Dean on the other side. A second later though, a fire hose appears and the people attacking Sam and Dean start smoking. Ah, demons. They yell in agony and suddenly Michael Shanks is on the loudspeaker talking some ancient language. After one sentence the demons smoke away. It's really interesting that this stuns Sam and Dean, who shouldn't be surprised by anything given all that they've seen. Their shocked faces are priceless. 

"Well, that's something you don't see every day," Dean says while Sam is speechless. They get out of the car and Michael Shanks asks if they're alright. "Peachy," Dean replies. Hey, that's my sarcastic line! I use that all the time.   Michael Shanks warns that's they better be careful, it's dangerous around there.   No need to thank them.   Dean still pursues, wondering who they are. "We're the Sacrament Lutheran Militia." Dean is confused. "Hate to tell you this but those are demons and this is the apocalypse. So, buckle up." Well that's a hell of a teaser! Plus Michael Shanks is awesome.   

Title card. Blood, water, and there's plenty of it by the looks of this one. 

Now for the part where Sam and Dean must convince this militia that they're all in the same business. Showing off the trunk of the Impala should work, right? That would make me think Sam and Dean are mercenaries of some sort, but I don't know how that would convince them they're demon killers. Or that the tall guy there actually has demon blood and can kill them with his mind. Or that they're both the chosen vessels for the intergalactic showdown of the century.   Oh, I bet they're going to leave out the last two parts. There's a believability factor involved when meeting new people. 
Dean notices the weaponry they're carrying and how inspired the truck is. Yeah, why didn't anyone think of a fire truck of holy water before? Dean wants to know where they picked up all this stuff. At the Wal-Mart of course. The one guy gives a non-answer and I'm thinking Wal-Mart would have at least been funnier. Dean acknowledges that part of the state is crawling with demonic omens and they're there to help. Sam jumps in essentially saying the same thing, but throwing in some irresistible puppy dog eyes to support his plea. Right, that worked so well with Walt two weeks ago. The three guys look at each other and Michael Shanks invites them to follow. Aww, these guys love puppies. 

The title of "99 Problems" shows and aside from being a Jay-Z song, it's my guess the 99 comes from the fact this is the 99th episode. Am I good or what? Sam and Dean drive in with the truck and it looks like daybreak. It's kind of smoky or foggy all around. I'm assuming that's for visual effect. Sam throws his old shirt over to Dean who puts it in the trunk. So, they just wash and stitch up these old shirts? Or is this Dean's new oil rag? I know, I'm putting too much attention into a shirt, but it's interesting how they showed that. I personally hope we never see the shirt again, for it's not my fave. Any chance in season six a keen woman will take these two shopping for some new flannel shirts? They'll pick them up on the way to the Grand Canyon. 

A redhead greets one of the men, who is really her teenage son. She tells him headphones off, this is a church. Right, the world is ending and you're worried about that? If I were a teenager in that situation, I would be partying at the lake with all the booze imaginable until the lights go out. Sam puts on his jacket to go inside because he knows churches are known to be super cold. That's because they need to keep all the church goers awake. There's a mass wedding going on, but people aren't exactly dressed in white. The patrons are all packing heat and the pastor is trying to sound positive, but he's so pulling it out of his ass. Sam can't believe they're seriously doing a wedding and one of the entourage tells him there have been eight that week. So, does that mean then that the honeymoon never ends until the lights go out? I'd be doing that in Vegas, not Minnesota.
Since I won't give up on season six here, how about the episode where Sam and Dean get drunk in Vegas and marry two hookers. No? Plot overdone? They could do it Supernatural style. The hookers could end up being Monsters of the Week and get their heads blown off. You're right, that's more of a season eight thing. 

Everyone is outside sending the happy couples off and the pastor starts with the small talk. He's heard that they hunt demons. Psst Padre, one of them is practically half demon himself. No, they leave that out, just answering "Yes sir." "You missed a few," he jokes. Sam agrees and then holds out his hand and in one swipe gets rid of all of them. Or he answers "yeah tell us about it." I forget which. Sam wants to know why demons are there. Because demons don't like wreaking havoc on the big cities. That's too easy. All the fun is in podunk towns in rural Minnesota.   

Sam and Dean follow the Pastor to the basement community room where the town's citizens are packing. Families are making salt round shells for the shotguns while other kids are cleaning guns. The whole town are hunters now. "A whole town of hunters? I don't know whether to run screaming or by a condo," Dean says. Ha! I missed that the first three times I saw this. Another irony is the stage has a happy, cheery sun on the wall and Noah's ark animals. Yep, sick ironic humor. Must be "Supernatural."  

Sam asks the question that is completely insane for a demon hunter, why not call the National Guard? My first reaction would be because they would NEVER BELIEVE THAT DEMONS ARE REAL. The pastor says something stranger. They were told not to. He doesn't say why. Dean gives the outsiders view, they're as locked and loaded as they've ever seen and the exorcism they're using is Enochian. They're getting instruction from somewhere. So Dean knows Enochian now? He should I guess, but he obviously doesn't know it well enough where he knows how to translate. I guess that's why Cas is on speed dial. Nope, padre still won't discuss it. 

A young woman comes forward and says it's okay. He calls her out by her name, Leah, and she announces dreamily it's Sam and Dean Winchester.  A fan girl! She knows all about them. Dean is interested how with a flirty glare, until she mentions the word "angels." Suddenly he isn't impressed. She knows they can't see them there, the marks on their ribs hide them. Sam decides to clarify what they're hearing, just in case anyone is confused. "So you know all about us because the angels told you?" Yep. The angels told her the spell and where the demons are going to be before it happens. She's never been wrong and Daddy is proud.
Dean verifies that before she sees something, she gets a really bad migraine and sees flashing lights. Shouldn't Sam be asking that question since he's like, I don't know, HAD THESE VISIONS BEFORE? I guess Dean did have that one that Andy sent him. She wants to know how he knows. "You're not the first prophet we've met." Then he adds right in front of her preacher Dad, "but you are the cutest." Speak for yourself, I actually find Chuck kind of adorable. I like the geeky types though. Dad gives Dean the evil eye and he covers, saying he means that with respect. It doesn't work. 

Next they're in a bar, and Sam among all that noise is trying to use a cell phone. Okay. The phone has gone to voice mail, and lady on the other end says "You have reached the voice mail of"¦ (beep)" and then Castiel is heard saying, "I don't understand, why do you want me to say my name?" Sam's contorted facial expressions while listening to all this is funny, and it's here too I notice his hair is running pretty long. Time to break out Dean's machete again. Better yet, I have some good updates for the Enigma of Sam Winchester's hair article. Interesting how Sam is doing the angel calling now. There are a bunch of beeps like numbers are being pressed and then the beep for the message goes off. Technically challenged angels. I love it. 

Sam leaves a message they are in Blue Earth, Minnesota and need some help. Isn't that were Pastor Jim from season one was? Isn't that were Meg ganked him? Interesting. I wonder why there wasn't a few lines where someone remember him. This is a small town by the looks of it, someone has to remember. Sam gets the beers and the bartender, who is part of the militia, confesses that since The End started, it's been one long last call. Their actions at least earned a round on him. How neighborly.
Sam delivers the beers to Dean and tells him he left a message for Cas, he thinks. Dean has slipped into complacent jerk mode as they discuss theories as to why the demons are in town. Dean figures it's they're after the prophet. Sam is disgusted by the whole thing because these angels are sending the people to do their dirty work. Ah, you gotta feel the Winchester love for angels. Dean agrees but doesn't really care. "We're all gonna die Sam, in like a month, maybe two. I mean it. This is the end of the world. But these people aren't freaking out. In fact they're running to the exits in orderly fashion. I don't know that that's such a bad thing." Sam is not impressed and still remembers the saving people, hunting things motto.  "Who says they're all gonna die. Whatever happened to us saving them?" 

Dean kind of listens, but then the town bells ring so we don't get to hear his response. This is a shortfall of this episode. A lot of quick conversations in between some action that really never get off the ground.   Everyone leaves and Sam asks Paul (I guess that's the bartender's name) what's going on. Leah has had another vision. Cue dramatic pause here. "Wanna go to church?" Sam asks. "You know me, I'm downright pious," Dean says finishing his beer.  It's kind of interesting how that works out to be somewhat true later. Sort of, in a twisted Supernatural sort of way.
Pastor Gideon addresses the crowd, there are demons three miles, no five miles away. Is that a shout out to Monty Python and The Holy Grail? Probably not, but who knows. The demons are there and there are many. So break out the fire hose, what's the worry? He asks who's going to join him and what do you know, it's the militia and Sam and Dean. He offers a prayer and Sam and Dean do what most do in church, pretend to pray and then people watch. He says "Our father in Heaven," and Dean accurately says in a low voice, "Not so much." You've got the inside info there Dean! Paul does one better, pulls out a flask and drinks instead. Now that's my kind of church service. 

Now for the raid and you know what, recapping an action sequence is no fun. That's because it's meant to be quick, frenzied, lots of really cool fighting, and me writing about it bit by bit is as dry as toast. So, how about just a bunch of screen shots instead? You fill in the blanks. 

Here's one nitpick, why is Sam still killing people with the demon killing ginsu? Didn't he embrace his dark powers to save people from that? I know, it's a fine line, but he's all about saving people at the expense of himself, right? The least he could have done was learn the fake exorcism in Enochian. No, inside he leaves with the others feeling all good about themselves even though he's killed innocents. "I guess that's what it's like, huh?" "What?" Dean responds. "Having backup."

Since we all know this show too well, any moment of triumph must be short lived. The teenage boy, who really thinks Sam and Dean are super cool now, wants to ride back with them. Dean checks with Dad, it's okay, and he wait until they are out of sight before breaking out the beers. If a kid can kill demons, he can drink a beer. The kid is pretty excited and so won't tell his Mom. He leans against the Impala and at least gets in one drink before something underneath the car grabs his ankles. He goes down, Sam reaches down and has the demon killed with the knife in no time, but it's already too late. Aw crap, I liked the kid. Why couldn't this week's redshirt be his annoying mother? Dean holds the boy in his arms and isn't taking this death well at all.   You see, he's not too far gone!

For some reason, the Gossip Girl ads this season are ticking me off WAY more than others. No idea why. All I imagine is Sam and Dean coming along and pounding the living crap out of Chuck Bass and his smug look. He needs a little color in his face. Now that's a promo that would get The CW buzzing!

Now for the sad funeral and this annoying bitch mother reminds me a lot of the annoying bitch mother in "Faith." Bad actress, over the top behavior, shallow and not too bright. Why was she blaming Dean? Huh? You took your son into a freaking war zone lady! What were you expecting? Lollipops and candycanes? Okay, anyway, sad scene. Pastor Gideon's got it right, there are no words or answers for what happened. There's no good reason for any of it. Except God has left the building and angels and demons run amok. That might be a reason. Not a good one though. 


Leah then collapses and starts convulsing, and for some reason all I can think about is the scene in The Simpsons Movie where Grandpa Simpson did the same. I half expected her to start shouting out, "EPA! EPA!" That would have been better. No, instead this is where her sugary sweetness starts turning into manipulative bitch. She says Dylan is coming back when judgment day comes and they'll all be together. Everyone will be together with their loved ones. The angels have chosen them. They can have paradise on Earth if they follow the angels' commandments. Paul doesn't believe this but everyone else seems to be eating it up. 

This is where Castiel could have really done some good. He could have shown up in front of these people either now or later and given them hope by proving he was an angel of the Lord. "Don't listen to this bitch!" Then again, he wouldn't exactly be promising paradise on earth either. He'd be taking them to that liquor store. 

Sam and Dean come out of the church and Sam starts spouting off the rules. "No drinking, no gambling, no premarital sex. Dean they basically outlawed 90 percent of your personality." You know Sam, you aren't exactly a choir boy either. Dean is taking a "when in Rome," attitude. I get it. He's not cool with it, but he's not a prophet and he's not a local. No Dean, you've given up. Sam looks at him like "why are you giving up?" Dean will catch up with him later, because this is the part of the program where both brothers bond with the locals separately. 

Dean starts with twitchy, I mean Leah. She's on the couch with a supposed bad headache, but isn't complaining. Right, we aren't buying the preacher's daughter crap. We've watched this show enough, no one is that pure. She asks Dean what's on his mind. He wants to know is she's on the level about paradise. Come on Dean, like she's going to say no. Dean wants to know what the angels are telling her, for he has to know this is a fish story.   "Everything. Skip the rainbows." There's the Dean we love! "There's going to be a prize fight and its gonna to get bad. But after we win, and we will, the planet gets handed over to the chosen and it's finally peaceful.   No monsters, no disease, no death, you're just with the people you love." You know, she's actually not lying here. She's just talking about Lucifer's plan though, not God's.

Dean the skeptic continues. "That's of course if you can get past the velvet rope." Yeah, "the chosen" is the vague part. "Must be nice being chosen." She tells Dean he's chosen. Dean doesn't buy it. "Yeah, more like cursed." Then Leah says something that's so dead on accurate. "Must be hard, being the vessel of Heaven and having no hope." Wow, she must be demonic. She's so good at saying the right thing at the right time. Dean stares at her but doesn't say much. I'm still trying to figure out what's going through his mind, but we've got to move on. 

Sam walks into Paul's bar which is empty now. I love how one of the neon beer signs on the wall is "El Sol." There's continuity! I wonder if the show had to clear or license that name. Sam sits down to help Paul "kill some inventory." I think Sam's getting the far better end of the deal than Dean. Paul goes on. He loves the town, he grew up there, but has an issue with the holy rollers. You and me both pal! Sam has noticed he's not the praying type. Paul confesses half of those guys aren't. They were all in there before getting wasted and "banging the nanny" but now they're Warriors of God. Speaking of which, we're still missing a warrior of God. They both toast and drink their shots and I wish Castiel was there to do ten of them to their one. Sorry, but this episode really misses some angel potential!

Paul believes in demons for sure now, and if there is a God fine, but he's not a hypocrite. He's never prayed before, why start now? If he goes to Hell, he's going honest. You're fine Paul. If anyone deserves Hell it's the guy in front of you and he's been granted salvation. It's all good. He asks if Sam is a true believer. "I believe, I do. I'm just pretty sure God stopped caring a long time ago." Pretty sure? You've got far more proof than that Sam. They both scoff and it's a quick end to what otherwise is a good scene. I needed more there!  More talk about beliefs, fears, horrors, all that jazz. This is after all a freaking apocalypse. It was a chance to at least learn something new about Sam, like how Dean is freaking him out right now. 

Sam staggers into the motel room and I love drunk Sam. We don't get to see much of that. He would have had more, but it was curfew.   You know Sam, if you were rebelling against the drinking law, I'm pretty sure curfew could have been broken too. Dean is sitting on the bed all docile and there a coffee mug next to him. So he's actually drinking coffee? He is depressed. Sam mentions they shut down the cell towers. Dean didn't know, but doesn't seem to care. "No cable, internet, total cut off from (quoting fingers) the corruption of the outside world." Dean again doesn't care. Sam has to spell it out for him. "They're turning this place into some sort of fundamentalist compound." Ah, fun with the fundies. 

Dean gets it, but again doesn't care. Sam finally asks, "What's wrong with you?" Dean has to spell it out. "I get it, but I just don't care." I'm so glad how they're reading each other's signals (sarcasm). Sam is aghast. Dean wants to know what difference it makes. Sam, who's fired up now, wants to know at what point this goes too far for him. "Stoning, poison kool-aid, the angels are toying with these people." Nope, still not Dean's problem. "Since when is that okay with you?" "Since the angels got the only lifeboats on the Titanic." Now that's a great analogy!   No wonder Dean's so defeated.

Dean doesn't hold back now while going to get more coffee. "Who exactly is supposed to come along and save these people? It was supposed to be us, but we can't do it." Sam just comes right out and asks what Dean's been implying all this time (he's good at this). "So, you just want to stop fighting? Rollover?" Dean gives a complacent "I don't know, maybe."   Sam can't take this anymore. "Don't say that." "Why not?" "Because you can't do this." "Actually I can," Dean says, getting angry. Sam stands up and has the glistening puppy dog eyes going. "No, you can't, you can't do this to me. I got one thing, one thing keeping me going. You think you're the only one white-knuckling it here Dean? I can't count on anyone else. I can't do this alone." 

Dean listens at first, but by the end of Sam's speech it's clear he doesn't want to hear this. He can't deal with the burden right now. He puts down the cup, grabs his jacket and goes for the door. Sam says his name and Dean says he's going to clear his head. You can't do that Dean, it's past curfew. "It's past curfew," Sam warns, but Dean goes anyway. Sam repeats that to himself, but it's really not helping the fact he's a bit emotional now. 

Back to the arsenal of joy, aka the church basement, and the manipulation Sam just warned about continues! Leah comes in all teary. The angels are angry. They said they can't go to paradise. Don't worry people, it's overrated anyway. This gets Jane in a tizzy since she's fixed on seeing her dead son again. Leah says the angels gave clear commandments but some people aren't listening. Sounds like another red shirt is about to get it. 

Sam is back at the motel reading a book. He puts that in his bag, picks up another and as the shot moves back up, Castiel is there! He's at the refrigerator. "I got your message." I love these stealth entrances. Castiel goes on. "It's long your message. I find the sound of your voice grating." Sam knows something is wrong. "Are you"¦drunk?" "No," Castiel answers while staggering forward. "Yes." We get the patented Sam Winchester stare of disbelief. "What the Hell happened to you?" "I found a liquor store," Cas answers. "And?" "And I drank it." Ha! Best angel humor ever. Angsty angels are fun.

Castiel steps forward and stumbles a bit, so Sam catches him and asks if he's okay. Castiel motions him closer. He whispers in Sam's ear. "Don't ask stupid questions." Ha! It's about time someone tells Sam that! He's been asking that a lot lately when the answer is so obvious. Castiel moves onto what Sam wants. There have been tons of demons attacks in the town"¦Castiel cuts him off, asking if there's been any sign of angels. Sort of, a prophet. Castiel wants to know who. Leah Gideon. Nope, not a prophet. Sam is pretty sure she is. Castiel is not only drunk, but quite grumpy. "The names of all the prophets, they're seared into my brain. Leah Gideon is not one of them." So what is she? More coming on that.

Dean is walking by Paul's bar and hears a scuffle. Michael Shanks and Paul are fighting. I guess they're trying to drive Paul out of town. You know, cause he's immoral and all. Pastor Gideon is trying to referee. Paul tells Dean his friends are trying to run him out of town and he's not taking this well. Michael Shanks claims it's not their choice and he has to go for everyone's sake. Paul points out the sad fact that they grew up together and that he stood up in his wedding. Jane, in full bitch mode now, says that was then and now he's standing against the flock. This is a town of believers and he's not one of them. Oh, just wait until you get your comeuppance bitch. 

Paul won't leave. They'll have to drag him out. Michael Shanks goes to do that but Dean steps in. They don't want to do that. He tries anyway so Dean punches him. During the mayhem a gun goes off and Paul sinks to the ground. Jane, that bitch, has shot him. That's it, she's banished from the red head club! "No one's going to stop me from seeing my son again." You better hope he's in Hell lady, cause that's the only way you're seeing him. Dean and Pastor Gideon tend to Paul, but it's too late. Um, shouldn't this bitch be going to jail or something for this?

You know what, the 90210 ads are really irritating too. I've seen lately how that show can't even crack 1.5 million viewers on original episodes. You think there's a reason for that? Hmm? Now I want to see Damon Salvatore sink his vampire teeth into these white bred rich kids' necks. All while a bloody Chuck Bass is running by screaming being chased by Sam and Dean. The tagline, CW Thursdays Kick Everyone's Ass!

Sorry"¦can't"¦continue"¦recap"¦laughing"¦too"¦hard. Can't"¦get"¦that"¦image"¦wiped"¦from"¦my"¦brain.
Ahem. Nah, one more time. Bwahhhhhhhh! Okay, its daylight. A stunned Dean enters the room. A worried Sam gets up saying that they went looking for him and he notices the blood on his hands. Dean tells the story. It's not his blood. Paul is dead because Jane shot him. "It's starting," Castiel says sitting on the couch. Dean wants to know what's starting and where the Hell Castiel has been. Oh, now you care Dean? "On a bender," Cas says angrily. Still grumpy I see. Dean repeats that incredulously, but Sam confirms. "Yeah, he's still pretty smashed." Cas does his not of "import" line and wants to talk about what's happening. Dean's ready to listen.


Sam starts while Dean FINALLY decides to wash the blood from his hands. Leah is not a real prophet. I'm trying to figure out if that's a cow's head on the red leather couch Sam and Castiel are sitting on. In Minnesota? Shouldn't it be a Loon or something like that? Anyway, so what is Leah? "The whore," Castiel answers. A little harsh for the preacher's daughter don't you think? Castiel though is talking about a real being, someone who rises when Lucifer walks the earth. The Whore of Babylon. Oh, that makes sense. Especially since she comes bearing false prophecy. That bitch, I mean whore. She has the power to take form of a human, read minds, all that jazz. 

Leah was likely killed months ago. The demons in the town are under her control. What about the Enochian exorcism? Good thing you've got the angel to translate! "It actually means you breed with the mouth of a goat." Castiel laughs, Sam and Dean give him blank stares. "It's funnier in Enochian." So the demons smoking is a con, just so innocent blood can be spilled in God's name. I'm taking that's a bit FU to the man upstairs. Who's not upstairs. 

Her goal is to condemn as many souls to Hell as possible. "She's well on her way to dragging this whole town into the pit," Castiel says. I liked it better when he was telling Enochian jokes. Dean suddenly shows some fighting spirit. "Okay, so how do we go all "˜Pimp of Babylon' all over this bitch?" Leave it up to Dean to always find the right thing to say. Castiel and Sam look at each other. I don't think they got that far. 

Whore, I mean Leah, is in the preacher's office listening to Jane break down in tears while Michael Shanks sits next to her. She's worried that she made it worse, she made the angels angry. Leah assures he she didn't and even Pastor Gideon, who's listening nearby, knows something is really off. She assures Jane that Paul was a sinner, would have taken them all down and she saved them. Jane is buying all this crap, but Pastor Gideon can't hold back anymore. He asks how that can be okay. Murder is a pretty big sin. He tries to argue further and Leah pulls the faith crap. Oh, you are so going down bitch. 

Castiel puts a stick on top of the Whore of Babylon book. The whore can be killed with that. It's a stake made from a Cypress tree in Babylon. Dean's ready to kill her and Sam takes to stick to look at its impressiveness. Ah, that young Samuel is always the curious one.  Killing her won't be that easy, Cas reveals. "The Whore can only be killed to a true servant of Heaven." "Servant like?" Dean asks. "Not you, or me. Sam of course is an abomination." Cue bitchface. Ha! Comedic timing is always so good on this show. They'll have to find someone else. So naturally, next shot is on Pastor Gideon.

The flock is gathering again and now Leah is REALLY evil. The Pastor looks at her with disturbance. Leah goes on about the big plan at midnight. They knew the day would come and it's there, the final judgment. Lots of people are smiling. They need to do this right. The angels say they aren't ready and a few elements need to be taken care of. Sinners. Now some people don't understand, like Jane. You're the biggest of them all babe! Pastor Gideon tries to calm everyone down and says in a low voice she's scaring everyone. She goes on with names but when the Pastor tries to stop her, she warns to let her go or the next sinner she names is him. I'd call that a big fat warning sign.   

Pastor Gideon is walking outside and there's a gust of wind. An angel induced gust of wind. He turns around and sees nothing, moves on and then looks back again to see Castiel. He asks if he's Pastor David Gideon. Yep. He wants to know who Cas is. Cas says in the most disgusted voice "I'm an angel of the Lord." Wow, that's so different than when he proudly gave Dean that line in "Lazarus Rising." Things have so changed since then. Naturally the Pastor doesn't believe him so one touch later and they both breeze into the motel room in front of Sam and Dean. 

Dean takes over, confirming Cas wasn't lying about the angel thing. Yeah, I think he got that. They share the details about the whore. Obviously, Pastor Gideon can't do it. It's is daughter. It isn't though, she's the thing that killed his daughter. He thinks that"˜s impossible, so Sam points out that it's true and deep down he knows it. While the Pastor falls apart Sam throws the huge burden at him, if he doesn't do that she'll kill a lot of people and damn the rest to Hell. The Pastor still doesn't get why it has to be him. "You're a servant of Heaven," Castiel says. "And you're an angel," the Pastor counters. "A poor example of one," Castiel replies rather solemnly. Wow, he's really disappointed in himself. Good line and great delivery. The Pastor looks at the stick and contemplates. 

Castiel sits on a bench outside the motel room, the impact of his bender hitting full force. I'm assuming the vessel can only take so much. A sympathetic Dean reaches into the Impala, pulls out a bottle of aspirin and tosses it to the hurting angel. Cas wants to know how many to take. Dean takes an educated guess for an angel that consumed an entire liquor store, the whole bottle. Castiel thanks him. Dean understands, he's been there. He's a big expert on deadbeat dads. "How do you manage it though?" Dean gives a surprisingly encouraging line given his state of mind. "On a good day you get to kill a Whore." Oh yeah, bring it! BTW, this is another scene that I wish was longer and had more dialogue. It really didn't expose for me enough what causes Dean to make the decision he did. Come to think of it, I didn't do much for Cas either.  


Back at the church and another innocent neighbor is being dragged into the storage room of the "not chosen." She pleads to Michael Shanks and Jane, but these two just don't have their thinking caps on. That's some pretty bad blind faith, turning on neighbors like that. They shove her into the crowded room and lock the door. Leah asks if that's it and then tells Jane to get the kerosene. Wow, she really wants Jane to be her hell bitch. It couldn't happen to a nicer lady. Jane stares at her, now getting a conscience, saying there are kids in there. She's saying that now, after she dragged them down there and locked them up? What a dumb"¦you get it.

Leah says angels named them for a reason and pulls out the dead son card. Man, demons know how to push buttons. So Jane does as told while Michael Shanks looks at her funny but does nothing. Leah goes into the office, malevolently smiles since that's what all sinister beings do, looks in the mirror and her demon face flashes. Yep, a whore. She closes the wardrobe door and Castiel is there behind it to grab her. He holds her back, Pastor Gideon shows up with the stick but naturally can't kill her. She spouts something in Enochian and Castiel collapses in agony on the floor.  Sam and Dean really need to learn that trick.  She then throws the Pastor backward with the demon hand toss, then Sam and Dean. You know, the TK toss Sam used to do so well. I liked it better when he was immune to that sort of thing. Big step backward.
The Pastor chases with the stick, Sam and Dean follow and Castiel stays disabled on the floor. Wimpy angels. Leah runs into the community room and warns that they're trying to attack her. Two yahoos attack the Pastor (what idiots!) and the stick goes flying. Sam and Dean rush into help the pastor and she tells Michael Shanks to light the kerosene. As he's trying to work the lighter, which doesn't spark on the first try (awesome!), Sam tackles him, punches him a few times and tosses the lighter aside. Jane then attacks Sam while Leah goes after Dean. She tosses him onto the floor with the motion of her hand and then starts choking him.
Dean reaches for the nearby stick and Leah taunts him, not believing he's a servant of Heaven. In the meantime Sam has Jane in a bear hug and there's no way she's getting out of that! He's practically swallowed her in those large arms. Leah keeps taunting.   "That's why my team's gonna win. You're the great vessel? You're pathetic, self-hating, faithless. It's the end of the world and you're just gonna sit back and watch it happen." Dean grabs the stick, smacks her one and then plunges the stick into her chest. "Don't be so sure, whore." Hmm, I wonder what that means? 

Sam and Jane stop struggling, both pretty stunned over what they're seeing. On the floor the whore starts phasing in and out, black smoke oozes from her chest, and she starts going all electric while convulsing on the floor. Everyone is watching the show now, even Michael Shanks. Eventually there's a big burst of golden light and the stick is gone. Nothing but a dead whore with a smoking giant hole in her stomach now. We see a stunned Sam and his windblown hair from the explosion looks oh so fine. Then the focus is on Jane, who realizes she's made a terrible mistake. "But, I don't understand. How are we supposed to get to paradise now?" Dean, who's a little less shell shocked then everyone else, delivers the moral lesson that this bitch so has coming. "I'm sorry, but I'm pretty sure you're headed in a different direction." 


Sam helps up Pastor Gideon and Dean goes to help. That's when Sam gives Dean "the look," the "what the Hell just happened?" look. Dean looks at him back kind of ashamed, giving the "oh, you noticed that, huh?" Then, Dean carries Castiel outside while Sam carries Pastor Gideon. Um, hello, room full of innocents locked in a store room, remember? I'll fill in the blanks. Michael Shanks lets them out after Sam, Dean and Pastor Gideon tell him to, and they all proceed to kick his and Jane's ass. Then the Pastor leaves with Sam and Dean because he sick of seeing all their faces and it doesn't matter that his daughter's dead body is on the floor. He'll take care of it later. 


So, back to the foursome leaving. While coming up the stairs, now Sam decides it's time to ask questions. "Dean, how did you do that?" "What?" "Kill her." "Long run of luck held out I guess." "Last I checked, she could only be ganked by a servant of Heaven." "What do you want me to tell you? I saw a shot, I went for it." They get to the Impala and put the wounded in the back. Sam doesn't wait until they get into the car to continue. "Are you gonna do something stupid?" "Like what?" Dean asks innocently. "Like Michael stupid." Dean acts all offended. "Come on Sam, give me a break." A livid Sam isn't buying it.

Meanwhile, back at the motel, Castiel is on the bed and looks like crap. He actually looks like he's in a trance. I guess coma angel is back. Sam is tending to Pastor Gideon's wounds. He tells Dean he's seeing double, but that could be the pain killers. "You'll be okay," Dean tells him. "No," the Pastor says bluntly. No, I can't imagine he will. He's got to be the rock now for an entire town and he's lost more than the rest of them. Dean gets a little fire inside over the sad expression and goes for the door. Sam is all worried, wondering where he's going. Dean assures him he's just getting some clean bandages out of the trunk. Liar! 

Sam finishes bandaging the Pastor's arm and hears that familiar sound of the Impala roaring away. He freaks out and rushes outside. Sure enough, Dean peels away from the motel. Sam shouts for Dean and there's a nice shot of Sam being left behind from the back of the Impala. Sam does the common freak out, running his hands through that wad of hair before watching the Impala disappear in the night. The motel sign is the most interesting thing, for we find out they're getting a free bible for their stay. Bonus! It's probably the cheap tourist version though. 

So that's it for Sam this episode. Now we get to find out why Lisa was in the opening "Then" sequence. A pensive Dean drives alone in the Impala at night and sorry, I have no idea what finally prompted this. I guess something clicked when he either killed that whore or saw the sorrow in the Pastor's eyes. I'm usually good at guessing these things but nada this time.  Dean knocks on a front door and Lisa opens the door. She's surprised to see him. Dean tries to give her the warm smile, but he's obviously nervous. He asks how Ben is and sure enough, he's at baseball. Just like the dream. Continuity galore! He mentions then she moved and man what's up with the small talk? I suppose jumping into the heavy stuff would be awkward.

Lisa cuts to the chase. She asks if he's alright. "No, not really," he answers. At least he didn't use the "ask a stupid question" line. "Look, I have no illusions, okay, I know the life that I live. I know how that's going to end for me, whatever, I'm okay with that. But I wanted you to know that when I do picture myself happy, it's with you. And the kid." She smiles, not sure what to say. She invites him in for a beer but he can't. She looks at him further and realizes something is very wrong. 

He tells her to take care of herself and goes the leave. She tries to stop him, telling him he just can't drop a bombshell like that and leave. Dean apologizes but claims he doesn't have a choice. She insists he does but he still won't go for it. So, instead he goes for more unnerving honesty that's likely to give her nightmares for a while. "Things are about get really bad." She asks if it's his kind of bad. "Worse. Next few days, crap you're gonna see of your TV, it's going to be downright trippy. Scary. But I don't want you to worry because I'm making arrangements for you and Ben." Yeah, she's feeling reassured. She wants to know what he's talking about and she's really scared now.  

"The people I'm going to see next, they're not going to get anything from me without agreeing to a few conditions." She's really frightened now and pleads that he come inside. "Whatever you're thinking of doing, don't do it." It's sweet she cares for a guy she's only seen twice. Other women would back away inside, lock the door and tell him never to come back. Dean grabs her hand, insisting he has to. She asks him to just stay an hour, at least say hi to Ben. Yeah Dean, at least hang out for that! No, it's best he doesn't. I have this feeling he didn't just because he knew she would make him change his mind. 

She nods, realizing she isn't getting anywhere, so he kisses her forehead, and now she starts to cry. Way to freak her out there Dean. He says goodbye, walks away, gets into the Impala and"¦I don't get it. It's a really sweet scene and Jensen rocks it, but who was Dean trying to make feel better there? Is it possible that Ben and Lisa were two of the few things that kept him going? Or is this just the act of desperate, confused mind? Either way, it's a head-scratcher. 

Okay, a decent yet depressing setup for the upcoming big episode, which in turn is a big setup for the rest of the season. This month is going to kill me. Onward and upward!