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They head for the kitchen and another zombie crashes there, so Dean takes Bobby's gun and pummels the guy with the butt of the rifle. More zombies arrive so Dean takes him and Bobby into the closet and locks the door. Zombies all stack up outside the door and begin pounding.  "Kind of a tight fit, don't you think?" Bobby asks, not too pleased with this plan. "It's alright, they're idiots. They can't pick a lock." Naturally, the pounding stops and they start picking the lock. This scene is definitely in the spirit of Shaun of The Dead, my favorite zombie movie. An irritated Bobby looks at Dean. "Don't you ever get tired of being wrong?" "I'm making this stuff up as I go, sue me." Yep, a modern day Butch and Sundance.

The door flings open and Dean starts whacking zombies with the butt of the rifle, but he's clearly outnumbered. Then that familiar voice of our other Winchester hero shouts "Get down!" Dean does and now Sam and the sheriff get their turns at the shooting gallery. They're perfect shots too. Zombies drop like flies, blood flies everywhere and when Sam blows away the last guy, blood spatters on the camera lens. Great shot! I've seen that done with other shows once in a while and I love when that works. Sam and the sheriff look at the bloody pile of bodies, just making sure they're all toast. Considering many are headless, I think their work is done. Dean gets up and looks out to see the sheriff and then Sam, who looks back at a shaken Bobby and Dean. "You okay?" Um, define okay Sam.   If okay means rattled to the last raw nerve, then yes.   

This next interesting shot starts at the trees and pans down to a cemetery, showing Dean and the sheriff walking from the Impala and Sam looking over a giant funeral pyre. Dean says if there are any zombies left out there they can't find them. Sam asks the sheriff how are the townspeople. Um, what do you think Sam? How are they possibly going to understand this one? The sheriff says they're freaked out and traumatized.   Some have tried to call the papers but no one believes them. Yeah, some things should just stay between neighbors. Sam then asks the sheriff how's she holding up. She can't find words and her look says it all. She isn't. Sam knows that feeling and she gets puppy dog eyes again. Lucky woman.

Dean asks if that's everyone, meaning are all the zombies there burning. "All but one," Sam says. Back to Bobby's place and he's in front of his own raging fire. He's pretty distraught. Violins are playing in the score, which adds in volumes to this very sad scene. Sam and Dean join him, each taking a side.  Once Bobby is aware of their presence, he says he should apologize for losing his head back there. Sam again points out the obvious, he doesn't owe them anything. Dean, going for the utterly clueless words of comfort, acknowledges he doesn't know anything about love but at least he got to spend five days with her. 

"Right, which makes things about a thousand times worse," Bobby says. "She was the love of my life. How many times I gotta kill her?" His voice trails off on the last word. Crud, I've got to stop and go for the Kleenexes. I was holding up until that. Excuse me"¦deep breath"¦puppies and kittens"¦okay. So, Sam AGAIN asks the stupid question. "You going to be okay Bobby?" Enough asking Sam. He clearly is not. Sam and Dean share a big look of concern. Bobby then takes the opportunity to share the big reveal. There's a reason Death picked Sioux Falls. He came for him. "Death came for me. He brought Karen back to send me a message." Why? "Because I've been helping you,  you sons of bitches. I'm one of the reasons you're still saying no the Lucifer, Sam." 

Dean is stunned. He wonders if they wanted to take a hit on Bobby's life. "I don't know if they wanted to take my life or my spirit, either way they wanted me out of the way." I'd say that messing with the spirit is far more effective warfare than killing and its quite demon like. "But you're gonna be alright, right Bobby?" Sam says, trying to fix his own guilty conscience. Excuse me Sam, but I think you got the answer the first two times. NO! Bobby says nothing and gives Sam the look of a completely broken man. Sam's face falls, for he gets the message. His resistance is tearing apart those that matter. They continue to watch the fire in silence as the camera pulls away.

Wow, what a downer. I know it serves a purpose, it's a setup for Sam and Dean in episodes to come as the showdown draws near, but it breaks my heart to see Bobby suffer like this. I wonder how supportive he's going to be of the boys from now on. Seven more episodes to find out. 

(FYI, the recap for "Dark Side of The Moon" will be out in a day or two. I've buried myself in power recapping mode).


# Tigershire 2010-04-05 02:43
Ah, Alice. I love the way you recap an episode.

I mentioned this before somewhere on this site, but I'm gonna do it again. The actress who plays Bobby's wife is NOT the same actress as Dream a Little Dream of Me, however, she was in a previous episode, namely, In My Time of Dying - she was the nurse, dying on the floor.

She also happened to attend MY high school. Not the same year as me, but I still think it's cool.

And, I know it was a long time ago, and it wasn't for very long, but Dean did in face fall in love with someone. He loved Cassie enough to tell her about his life. That's something. Right?
# Maria 2010-04-05 05:05
I just wanted to ask what the "Must be Thursday" quote means. :D
# Julie 2010-04-05 09:49
Alice I love your recaps. Thank you.
The episode where they broke Bobby. This was just so painful to watch, but wasn`t Jim just wonderful in it. I think he broke all our hearts, the scene with the humming in the kitchen, the totally shattered look when he killed his wife again,and then the end!!!
I just loved the scene in the scrap yard with the `zombie invasion` great use of background music there too I thought.
I have to agree with you, I too think that Mr.Edlund was out grossed here (never thought I would type that!) I have eaten through every episode, the maggots in the sandwich, I ate along with Dean through the description of Doc Bentons escapades, but I will never attempt it through our meeting with Ezra, know it`s not real but how they even filmed that God only knows,poor Jared!
I am there with Dany too,suprise suprise , in that I would like to thank you for providing my new screensaver!
# Sablegreen 2010-04-05 09:53
Wow, Alice Superb! As for Sam bitch face at Dean eating zombie pie, I always remember when Sam kept Dean from eating food from the Winter pagan gods in AVSC. Like the idea of Sam feeling bad because he just eats salads. That never occured to me. I have be thinking one of two ways, he wants Dean to eat healthier, or he's afraid their might be some king of nasty stuff in it. Just trying to protect his brother. Either is sweet..

Thanks for the screencap of Dean and the impala! Love it.
# Ardeospina 2010-04-05 13:44
Great recap, as usual, Alice! That scene with the Ezra zombie was totally gross, but I for one think you should still include that stuff in your recaps. I mean, it happens in the episode, so it should probably be in there. Maybe just put that stuff in its own paragraph with a warning to skip ahead if you don't want to read the gross parts?

And poor, poor Bobby. It just killed me when he said that line about "how many times do I gotta kill her?" I really hope he can recover enough to provide support for the boys because I have a feeling they're going to need it before the end.

And I have to agree with Sablegreen: Dean does lounge very attractively. He must practice leaning up against things.

Looking forward to the Dark Side of the Moon recap!
# Bevie 2010-04-05 14:39
Love your recaps Alice!

And please don't cut out the gross. As suggested, just put them in with a warning and they don't have to be read if not wanted.

Also love the lounging Dean pic. He is a beautiful lounger indeed. ;-)
# Jasminka 2010-04-06 14:38
You don't sound like a romance novel, at all, Alice, this recap is as moving as it gets... Love it,hate it, love the episode, hate the episode, My heart breaks for Bobby.
I will always remember it, though, as the one episode I watched live in L.A.. No one can spoil that for me.

THanks for this, love Jas
# Randal 2010-04-06 15:36
Another fine recap (you are the master) but heartbreaking? This episode was a lighthearted, gay romp through verdant meadows pocked with yellow flowers.

Oh, you can't ever cut out the gross, ever. That would be a crime punishable by forced watching of C-Span. :D

Down with salads! Up with burgers and fries!
# Starfish 2010-04-29 01:29
Loved your recap (as per usual, of course) and thought I could clear up the Buffy reference. It's just like this one, really--Buffy aired on Tuesdays like this airs on Thursdays and, in talking about her little sister, she said, "Dawn's in trouble. Must be Tuesday."
# ADADF 2012-10-30 20:34
Just real quick, I don't know if it's been mentioned or not, and it is very late in mentioning this. But I used to live in Sioux Falls, and it's actually not a small town. It's the largest in SD (which isn't saying much), but at least I can say not everyone would know everyone and it's not too small. About 150,000 people live in Sioux Falls
# Mayflowergirl 2014-05-15 14:00
My favorite line is Dean: What's that smell? Is that soap??