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It all snaps into place for Bobby. The place is crawling with reapers because they’re waiting for the big boss to show. Both Bobby and Dean take another pause to crumble over the revelation of what’s happening. The glances in this episode from everyone are so devastating. Dean with cracking voice again asks for anymore good news. Yes, Bobby has more. The angel of Death must be brought in at midnight through a place of awful carnage. There was this Civil War battle in Carthage years ago so intense it was called “The Battle of Hellhole.” Where did it go down? The land of William Jasper’s farm. Which I think by now would be a Civil War battlefield memorial. It seems every open field in Pennsylvania and Maryland was converted into one.

Back to Castiel and Lucifer, just to break the monotony. You know, in case we get bored with Dean losing it. Lucifer watches Castiel through the fire and a smiling Meg comes in. She’s very pleased with herself. She’s got the Winchesters pinned down. She wants to know what to do with them. Lucifer tells her to leave them alone. Meg doesn’t understand. “Trust me child, everything happens for a reason.” Yeah, your reason being you don’t want Sam and Dean interfering with your plan to raise Death. While Lucifer and Meg are pre-occupied Castiel calmly sees piping overhead. It’s a way to escape. Lucifer asks him if it’s time to change his mind. Castiel says nothing.

Ellen is tending to Jo, who looks horrible. That’s a great acting job for a young girl that looks so good. Sam and Dean are going through the odds. They have to get to the farm by midnight but have to get by eight or so hellhounds to do so plus get Ellen and Jo out of town. As Sam gets ready to look for a stretcher Jo speaks up. If for some demented reason your Kleenexes weren’t close by, fetch them now!

“Stop guys, stop. Can we be realistic about this please?” Jo can’t move her legs. She can’t be moved and her guts are being held in by an ace bandage. She isn’t going anywhere. Ellen tries to pull authority on her but Jo goes on. They’ve got propane, rock salt, wiring, iron nails. “Everything we need?” Sam asks. “To build a bomb Sam.” Ellen and Sam look at her alarmed, Dean instantly says no. Jo asks him if he’s got a better plan. Yeah, argument actually works for Sam too. Jo also mentions that these are hellhounds that have all their scents. They will never stop coming after them. I love the idea mind you, but it’s interesting that bombs like this can kill hellhounds. I’m sure since no canon has been established on how to kill one, why not?

Flash on the somber faces of Dean, then Ellen, then Sam. They know she’s right. They hate she is, but they know it. Jo’s plan is to let the dogs in. They climb up to the roof and make a break for it while Jo waits with her finger on the button. Ellen is in tears now and the reality is hitting her hard. She won’t let Jo do it. “Which is why we’re here, right? If we can get us a shot on the Devil, Dean we’ve got to take it.” Going to Dean for the practical response? Sorry, but I’d be making my plea with Sam.

SPN 0827

Ellen tearfully protests more, taking her objections to both Sam and Dean. Jo stops her. “Mom, this might literally be your last chance to treat me like an adult. Might want to take it.” Ellen’s too busy bawling by now. I’m a mom, I don’t blame her one bit. She finally looks up at Jo who bravely smiles at her and nods. Ellen nods back. I honestly do think death is harder on the loved ones than the one actually dying. Ellen sobs some more than pulls it together. “Well you heard her, get to work.”

There’s a little montage of Sam and Dean putting together the bombs that I won’t cover too much. Nails, buckets, wiring, a door buzzer, propane tanks, salt, BOOM! Oh wait, not yet. The bombs are in place and Dean does the final setup for the wiring on the buzzer. Sam is holding Jo’s hand, doing his trademark Somber Face of Despair. He squeezes her hand in goodbye and she gives a slight nod back. Again, these guys don’t need words. They all know.

Dean arrives with the buzzer. He looks completely torn apart. He’s putting Sammy’s trademark look to shame. So much so, this is the part that starts the waterworks for me. “Okay, this is it. I’ll see you on the other side. Probably sooner than later.” She gives him a smile and hands him his shotgun. “Make it later.” Oh man”¦talk amongst yourselves. (Deep breath). Dean isn’t taking her bravery well and really struggling internally. We all know that look. He somberly pauses and then places the buzzer in her hand. BOOM! Oh wait, not yet. Sorry, I have to joke in order to get through this.

Dean gently strokes the back of her hand with his thumb and looks at her with no clue what to say. They both exchange heartfelt glances of goodbye. Dean then leans forward and kisses her on the forehead. The sad score starts playing as Jo gets emotional. Dean pulls back, looks into her eyes and then gives her the most tender kiss on the lips. Oh that does it. **profusely sobbing now** Their relationship has always been so understated yet special. As two kids of hunters, they knew the life wouldn’t bring them together as a couple, but they have this special bond that’s unlike any other one they’ve had in their lives. It not love as much as deep admiration and respect.

SPN 0889
SPN 0892
SPN 0900

Dean pulls away and as he holds her one last time, the distraught look on his face says it all. He’s heartbroken. Dean quickly pulls away and moves on. You know, Jensen has always proved he could bring it in the big scenes, but I think this is the most vulnerable we’ve ever seen Dean. The losses are really starting to take their toll. The acting here is some of the best work Jensen has ever done.

Ellen comes over next and I can’t tell because my freaking eyes are too watery. (Reaches for the tissues). Okay. The camera goes back to Sam and Dean now side by side. Sam is hurting, Dean is outright freaking devastated. This shot, even though it’s quick, is amazing. They’re really playing to all the actor’s strengths here. Take Ellen and Jo. Best performance from Samantha Ferris and Alona Tal ever on this show.

Ellen takes Jo’s hand and bravely smiles. Jo is weeping now. They both communicate with glances and nods. Jo loses it. “Mom no.” “Somebody’s got to let them in. Like you said, you’re not moving.” Back to Sam and Dean, still sad and devastated. Ellen states her reasons and as a mother, I back her 100 percent. “You’re right, this is important. But I’m not going to leave you here alone.” Jo weeps. Sam says “Dean” obviously not liking the idea, but Ellen orders them to get going. Then Dean protests with “Ellen” but she tells them again. They know never to doubt Ellen’s orders.

Okay, if ANYONE wasn’t crying by now, this is the bust out in inconsolable sobs moment right here. Especially for a diehard fan. As Sam and Dean go to leave Ellen says her final words. “Oh and Dean, kick it in the ass. Don’t miss.” Oh that does it. Back in five. I’m a wreck. We love you and really miss you Kim Manners.

SPN 0937

(Ten minutes later). Still sobbing. Oh, where were we? Ellen gives them her brave glance, then to distraught Dean then to distraught Sam and back to Ellen again. Again, bouncing between the glances of these three really adds huge power to an already loaded scene. Sam and Dean go and Ellen gives her heroic smile to Jo next. Jo smiles and cries at the same time. Suddenly the hellhounds are making noise. They must have figured out Sam and Dean have left.

Ellen goes to the front door and undoes the chains. She kicks away the salt line and turns on the propane tanks. She takes her place next to Jo’s side and yikes, Jo isn’t looking too good. Not that she was before, but now her eyes are fluttering. There isn’t much time. I’m so damned nervous now! Ellen puts her arm around her and holds on tight, grasping the trigger in the other hand. “I will always love you baby.” Ellen hears a hellhound and then goes back to Jo, who’s slipped away. Ellen shakes her and then busts out crying, saying Jo’s name. Aw man, I was wreck before. This is making me worse! No mother should have to see their child die, even if she’s only beating her to the great beyond by a minute. Ellen weeps and I weep, for we mothers have an understanding. She tells her it’s okay and kisses her on the top of the head. Like I do with my daughter every night. Oh crap. Excuse me, I’m going to hug my kids right now.

SPN 0963
SPN 0965

(Ten minutes later). Okay, I’m better. No, actually I’m not. Let’s just get through his heart crushing, stomp on it until there’s nothing left scene. The hellhounds burst in. Ellen holds onto the trigger while Sam and Dean get away. Finally Ellen feels the breath of one at her ear. “You can go straight back to hell you ugly bitch.” She presses the button and blows the store to kingdom come. Sam and Dean watch with horror outside and then run. Welcome to the distinguished Supernatural death pool Ellen and Jo. You’re in perfect company and adding some real class to it.

On a side note, the day this episode aired, a well known activist for breast cancer in Ohio, Stephanie Spielman, passed away after an 11 year battle with the disease. In that time she offered so many women and their families hope in fighting breast cancer. She went through five rounds of it herself. Through her name and fundraising efforts, she started a goal to raise $100,000 for the James Cancer Hospital at Ohio State University. She ended up in her 11 years raising over $6 million. Her husband, Chris Spielman, former OSU Buckeye and NFL football player, does a radio show here in Columbus. For years we got firsthand accounts of this family’s struggle and bravery. I was already an emotional mess when I watched this episode and then found out afterward Stephanie had died. I was a complete wreck at work that Friday. Both of these things are the smack you in the face reminders that life is fragile and should be cherished.

(Pulling myself together to move on, because that’s what heroes do.) Sam and Dean arrive at the field in time to see Lucifer digging a massive hole while people look on. That’s where the townspeople went. Sam asks, “Last words?” Dean ponders this for a second. “I think I’m good.” “Yeah, me too,” Sam says. Yeah, it’s not much, but it’s what these guys would say. They share one more troubled look. “Here goes nothing,” Dean says.

The devil keeps digging and Sam walks through the crowd with the shotgun. “You wanted to see me?” Lucifer tells him he doesn’t need that gun. He’d never hurt him. “Not really.” Then we see the barrel of the colt at Lucifer’s temple. “Yeah,” Dean says, “well I’d hurt you.” He cocks the gun. “So suck it.” He blows Lucifer away right in between the eyes. Lucifer falls to the ground. Sam and Dean don’t exactly know what to think. They’re on the brink of possibly being relieved when Lucifer wakes up. Oops, I guess it doesn’t work. “Oww,” Lucifer says. Okay, it doesn’t kill, but at least it stings. Sam and Dean are not happy as Lucifer gets up. “Where did you get that?” He asks Dean before tossing him across the field and into a tree. The mark of death of his forehead disappears. “Now, where were we?” He asks a very troubled Sam. Yeah, I’d put that as the right time for a commercial break. So much to absorb!

SPN 1027

“Don’t feel too bad Sam,” Lucifer says while Sam looks more than bad. Outright terrified actually. “There’s only five things in all of creation that thing can’t kill and I just happen to be one of them.” Five things huh? Let the speculation begin! Lucifer will get to Sam in a minute though, he’s almost done. Sam takes this opportunity to rush over to Dean to see if he’s okay. Well at least he has his priorities in line. As Sam checks out an unconscious Dean, Lucifer stops his digging and asks if Sam wouldn’t happen to say yes right here and now. Judging by Lucifer’s tone, he doesn’t seriously think Sam will.

Sam’s answer is more than predictable. “It’s never gonna happen.” Oh, but Lucifer thinks it will. In less than six months. In Detroit. As someone very familiar with the town (being born and raised there) I can’t think of a better place for an apocalypse. I think it’s already started there. I’m still dying from speculation over what happens to Sam between now and then that gets him to say yes. I’m sure Kripke is somewhere in LA rubbing his hands in evil delight over driving us fans crazy about that.

Sam stays defiant. “You listen to me, you son of a bitch. I’m going to kill you myself. You understand me. I’m going to rip your heart out.” Uh Sam, angel, remember? No heart. Lucifer loves hearing this. “Good, you keep fanning that fire in your belly. All that pent up rage, I’m going to need it.” None of this though prevents Lucifer from throwing dirt on the big pile. Why? That’s Sam’s next question. What did he do to this town? Lucifer claims he was generous with this town. One demon for every able bodied man. “And the rest of them?” Oh Sam, why do you ask these things? The answer is never good. You notice that mass grave he’s digging? That’s everyone else. “I know, it’s awful, but these horsemen are so demanding. So it was women and children first.” Sam is horrified. Um Sam, Lucifer remember? Total destruction of the human race? Ring a bell?

Lucifer tells Sam he has to do this. “You of all people should understand.” “What’s that supposed to mean?” Sam asks. Fine, if he must spell it out for you. “I was a son, a brother like you. A younger brother. And I had an older brother that I loved. Idolized in fact. And one day I went to him and I begged him to stand with me. And Michael, Michael turned on me. Called me a freak. A monster. And then he beat me down, all because I was different. Because I had a mind of my own.” Could it also be because you’re a misguided homicidal jerk? I can’t wait to hear Michael’s side of the story.

“Tell me something Sam. Any of this sound familiar? Lucifer drops it for now since midnight is calling and he has a ritual to finish. He tells Sam not to go anywhere, not that he could. Sam stands and broods more then goes back to Dean. Lucifer says his mumbo jumbo to the pile of dirt in front of him, then turns to the demons watching. “Now repeat after me. We offer up our lives, blood, souls, to complete this tribute.” The demons repeat and then start falling lie flies, each going out in a flash before dropping to the ground. Dean is awake now and watches with Sam in disbelief. “What?” Lucifer says with repugnance. “They’re just demons.” So Crowley was right! Wow, does Lucifer want everybody dead?

Back to Castiel. Remember Castiel? Pretty boy angel in a ring of fire? He’s turning with his mind a screw to an overhead pipe while talking with a smug Meg. “We’re gonna win,” she gloats. “Can you feel it? You cloud hopping pansies lost the whole damned universe. Lucifer’s going to take over heaven. We’re going to heaven Clarence.” Castiel smirks for he gets to gloat too. “Strange, because I heard a different theory from a demon named Crowley.” Meg doesn’t believe he knows Crowley. “He believes that Lucifer is just using demons to achieve an end and that once he does he’ll destroy you all.” While doing this Castiel is unfastening the bolts one by one and Meg doesn’t notice. She’s not exactly the sharpest demon in Hell. Meg thinks he’s wrong. “Your God maybe a dead beat but mine walks the earth.”

SPN 1172

Castiel takes offense but gets payback by loosening the last bolt. The pipe swings down and knocks Meg right into Castiel’s arms. The scene is actually steamy. Castiel puts his palm to her forehead and nothing happens. Uh oh, angel can’t kill demons anymore. It’s a bummer Sam can’t either. That really hurts to lose both demon killers on Team Winchester. Meg of course taunts Castiel for not being able to kill her. “So what can you do you impotent sap?” “I can do this,” he says and pulls her closer. Just when it looks like he’s going to kiss her he throws her down to the ground on top of the ring of fire. While Meg screams in agony Castiel steps over her freeing himself from the circle. Awesome! There’s the Cas with balls we all know and love. I knew he was still there!

Back to Lucifer who’s doing the ritual thing. The ground shakes and Sam and Dean watch completely helpless. Then Castiel shows up! Suddenly there’s a flash of light reflecting off Lucifer. The three are gone. Lucifer isn’t too worried. He knows he’s not done with the Winchesters. Something rises from the ground and Lucifer greets it with a smile. “Oh hello Death.”

The final scene is short, tragic, and to the point. Back at Bobby’s house and the news is on. It seems a bad storm touched off a string of tornados that went and wiped out Carthage, Missouri. The loss of life and property is staggering. Those are the only words heard in this scene. Bobby, Sam and Dean are by the fire. Bobby holds the picture he took and throws it into the fire. It’s the closest thing to a salt and burn they’ll ever get. They all watch somberly as the fire burns away the images, especially the part of Ellen and Jo with Dean in the middle. Dean especially is looking at Jo. The flames over take her image and burn it away.


Roll credits. Damn you Ben Edlund! Damn you Phil Sgriccia! Damn you all. I need nine weeks to recover from that one.


# Jasminka 2009-11-30 02:35
Alice, I’ve already run out of tissues, couldn’t you wait with posting this until I replenished my stocks? But thank you anyway for this deeply moving recap, though I had to use a towel in lieu of Kleenex. ;-)

I really liked Crowley, too, I like his style, his weird combo of listening to easy music and watching the worst division of Nazi-soldiers. If I’m not mistaken those were SS-uniforms, the so-called death’s head squadron, infamous for their cruelty. Fitting for demon, I guess.

Please, keep speculating about Sam’s craving for demon power, I do it as well. He was very cold there, no more hesitating about killing humans ridden by demons. Desperate times, desperate measures. I miss the gentle Sammy, but I love this one, too. I guess, I just love Sam, period, in whatever mood he is in.

I second your remark about whether things are perfect between the brothers – I don’t think so. They probably put it away to not waste their potentially last night with fighting, but the issues are certainly still there and will undoubtedly surface again, soon.
But seeing them at that table, so grown up and supportive of each other (despite the undertones) made my heart leap with joy. For the last time while watching this episode. There was no room for that afterwards.

Cas showing in his conversation with Lucifer how hard he will fight for the Winchesters and this world, was great, and Castiel keeps growing on me (and, by the way, Misha never looked better).

After that first encounter of Cas and Luci (yes, I know…) there is no time to admire the good looks of anyone here, as it is pure heartbreak that ensues. Dean carrying a lethally wounded Jo into the store, everyone realizing she won’t be going anywhere but they still tried to lie to themselves about that, because they can’t handle that notion, Dean’s breakdown, Bobby’s splitsecond-bre akdown before pulling Dean back, Ellen’s breakdown, silent good-byes, Ellen staying with her daughter, Jo’s heartbreak and relief about her mother not leaving her, ever missed Kim Manners.
I’m growing tired of every fiend rubbing Sam’s history with his brother into his face – come on, guys, he knows. No need to bring it up again and again. Running out of arguments, folks?

And then the ‘funeral scene’, burning that picture… the guys’ solemn and silent expressions are all we need to know what’s going on. It was a heroines’ burial. Sort of. But it captured the emotion…

Speaking of… I’m an emotional mess. I just watched this episode with a friend who wasn’t able to get it online yesterday. I couldn’t stop crying, it got even worse than watching it the first time. What’s going on with me?! I feel quite vulnerable these days, but this – oh my. This episode reminded me like no other of my losses, and it drowned me in those emotions. Great film making, be it movie or such an incredible tv-show does that. Kudos to everyone – I have rarely seen better acting on this show, and the composition of this episode was exceptional.

Thanks so much for doing this episode justice with this great review. I’m going to need another pot of hot chocolate and a lot of those candles that smell like Christmas cookies which I pile up every winter to recover from that episode. Whatever it takes.


Cheers, Jas
# Suze 2009-11-30 07:03
Bastards. It's just not fair.

I've been cheerfully imagining Jo dead ever since " No Exit " and she finally goes and it's awful! Be careful what you wish for ...

Love Crowley ( he reminds me of someone I know, which is slightly worrying ... ) Also loving the whole Doomladen Pit of Hopeless Despair thing they've got going ... Darkest hour before the dawn, surely ( or rather, knowing Mr. K, the darkest hour before the really dark bit where everyone dies horribly and evil triumphs forever, but we've got that to look forward to ... lucky old us ... )

Castiel channels Legolas, hurrah! Perfect profile, no people skills, it all fits ...
# Randal 2009-11-30 12:25
You all cried during that episode? Really? Saps.

That was one mofo of an hour (six hours if you include all the goddamn commercials). If that was Totenkopf, those psychopaths were originally mixed up with the early days of the political camps. Yeah, demony. Crowley simply must come back.

I, too, don't think things are 100% hunky dory between them, but even if issues are on the back burner, time can surreptitiously heal. Will they ever be perfect again? Who's to say, but they know (even Dean) that the other is still fueled by a humanity.

Cas is adapting to the dissipation of his powers, which is cool to see, and if he is channeling Legolas, he too will soon be fighting side by side, not with charges, but with friends.

Dammit, I'd love to type more, but this damn cat keeps on walking on the keyboard.
# Jasminka 2009-11-30 14:42
Randal, I’m going to have t-shirts printed, saying ‘I’m a happy sap’ – are you really trying to convince us that it was only something in your eye? 8-)

P.S.-do you actually say 'totenkopf'? One of those German words that entered the English language? So, there was no need to translate it, good to know.

# Sablegreen 2009-11-30 15:25
Alice, thanks so much again for such a great recap.

I was also surprised that the boys tried the devils-trap-und er-the-rug- trick. I thought that was just a ruse to lull Crowley into a false sense of security and they really had Cas or Ellen or Jo ready for the real attack. That was a let down. Also the boys were certainly over powered very easily. But they had too much to cover in this episode so, acquiring the colt couldn’t take much time. Yes, the interplay between the boys and Crowley was not as one would expect from the boys. Again it just seemed this part of the epi was rushed. I would have liked to see this as a stand alone epi myself. I know there are only 22 epi, they can do, but there are one or two so far this year I could have done without.

The connection with Cas and Crowley was a surprise. I wondered if it was more than just picking up on grapevine gossip. After all Cas is still an angel, and while he may not have ties to his angel brothers, I wouldn’t have thought he knew many demons either. My mind went back to Ruby. How she always found the right answer, how she always came up with info ‘through the grapevine’, how she saved the boys on many occasions, but we found out she had her own agenda, and all that was necessary for her goal. I was happy to see that Cas really seemed sincere in his vow of loyalty to Sam and Dean. So far this season, Cas has been developing into a good friend. Given Kripke’s twists and turns, I hope that is true.

I also liked Cas’s reaction to Lucifer. Cas really never once accepted or even considered Lucifer’s comments as true. He lies and Cas has not a doubt in his mind about that. Sam on the other hand, was not as solid. His weakness is he anger, and I really wish Kripke had put more effort in dealing with it this first half. And yes, that involves Sam’s powers…which are not gone. Not if you believe past episodes.

The boys toasting each other was a good sight too see. Yes, I think they are really back....deep down, I like to think they never left. I suspect Kripke will still tear at that concept, but that’s just what he does..

I do have to agree that Dean’s caution was valid. When Sam came on so strong, I really reminded me of the Sam of s4. Hell bent on revenge, letting anger guide the way. It was risking a lot to put Lucifer and Sam in the same space. Sure we know there are 12 more epi, but Dean doesn’t. With so much at stake, this was not a good tactical decision. This resulted in the death of Jo and Ellen, and flaring anger from Sam….just want Lucifer wants.

Bobby held Dean together which is what the boys counts on Bobby to do. Hope that connection is ever touched by Kripke. The hint of a relationship lost between Jo and Dean was pivotal to this episode. Too bad Kripke didn’t ever have this relationship develop in past seasons. But then, it probably would have ended just as Sam’s and Jessica’s did. The boys are NOT allow any ‘life’ outside of angels and demons.
# Sablegreen 2009-11-30 15:30
Oops, meant 'hope that connection is NEVER touched' Don't know what happened to the 'n'. :-)
# Bevie 2009-11-30 17:15
Thanks a bunch for making me cry AGAIN! LOL

Just kidding. A fine recap indeed, capturing all the emotional pitfalls from all the marvellous characters inhabiting this Supernatural universe.

I was never one of the Jo haters. I really liked her from her first appearance with the rifle in ELAC, and she just got better in all of her following episodes until excelling in this AAH. Whatever was unspoken between Dean and Jo will never be known now that she is gone. I really believe that Dean had a great affection for her (Maybe even a possible future love).
I'm really grieving for the loss of wonderful Ellen and Jo. I admired Ellen's no nonsense character from the first viewing as well. Rest in Peace you two exceptional women!

Loving Cas being the badass he can be, defending the boys and loving the way he walked over Meg to get out of the fire. Hope he is taking care of Dean's amulet
and NOT LOSING IT! Did he steal Dean's ring and bracelet also? Still wondering where they went to.

Love the way the boys are back together. Things must be a little better now if they can snark back and forth again. The losses of Ellen and Jo should drive home the need for them both to be adamant with not becoming mere meat suits for two warring angels. Let the very HUMAN Winchesters triumph in the end to defeat the smarmy Lucifer! And for God's sake, Kripke, keep Bobby alive for they really really need his backing, advice and loving encouragements to be able to persevere in the face of all this tragedy. Please, haven't they lost enough already?

Wondering just what Lucifer is wanting. Does he hope to put himself in God's place in heaven? If he rids the world of humans and demons alike, what else is there for him? Ruling over the heavenly hosts? What about all the humans through the years that also occupy a place there. Are they at risk from him?
# Randal 2009-11-30 18:57
Jasminka, those shirts would go well with the 'got salt?' ones. 8-)

No, that word hasn't 'entered' English, really, I'm just a history geek.

sablegreen, that's really my one big problem with the episode: almost too much for one hour. They did a good job (obviously, as it was f-ing great teevee), but I would have loved it over two hours, could have fleshed out/mercilessly teased stuff even further.
# anene 2009-11-30 19:22
Eh! This episode fell flat for me on account of the lack of a cliff-hanger and Sam and Dean moments that i watch the show for.

High points:
Ellen and Jo's death were really heartbreaking. I'm gonna miss Ellen. That was Alona's and Samantha's best work.

Cas is back to being the warrior he was back in season 4 that i liked with the bonus of being on team Winchester. I just hope he stays that way instead of the weepy sap he turned into since season 5 began.

Mark Pelligrino was wicked as Lucifer. Of all the angels, he is my favourite. I really want to see how he plans to get Sam to say yes to him.

There was a lot of pretty shots of Sam and Dean's lovely faces.

Misha is very pretty.

Crowley's smooching of the business man.

Low point:
The taking of the picture and burning it doesn't make any sense and seems too rushed and forced. Good riddance anyways.

It didn't do it for me. Dean shouldn't have been knocked out. He should have been awake to hear what Lucifer said to Sam. The scene would have been better.

Too much secondary character that i like but i seriously would rather have more Sam and Dean to bother about for a re-watch.
# Narcissus 2009-11-30 21:43
Another great recap in a line of great recaps :mrgreen:

I agree with you guys, the boys definitely still have some issues simmering away on the 'back burner' as Randal said. I think they're going to leave it that way, until the pot boils over and everything explodes, then they're going to have one angsty showdown, and then push everything to the back again. But the show being the show, things will never happen as predicted. Heh.

Ellen and Jo...what else can I say that hasn't been said? It was mind-blowing, amazing, spectacular, heart-shatterin g, sweet, scary, tragic....etc.. .

For me, I think Lucifer has become the guy I love to hate...he's such a slime-ball, and everyone who's played him did such a great job. him too. I'd love to see where the writers are going with him. Alice, I love your theory about Lilith in makes sense.

Castiel is raising the kick-ass quota, big time. He's making up for his lack of powers by learning some of the subtle nuances which makes humans, humans. Love the way he handled Lucifer and Meg too.

And I can't believe I'm finally saying this after five seasons: Sam needs a haircut!! Actually, his hair is looking pretty good this season, except that it's just getting a bit too...floppy.

To finally shut up, this episode is one of the best bits of TV of all time. Tune in world, and see how good story telling is done!