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They’re leaving the motel for real now and Dean gets off the phone with the Sheriff. The girl they found is going to be alright. “She’s sworn off The Simple Life but other than that…” Heck, it didn’t take Paris Hilton draining my blood to get me to do that. One commercial was all that took. Dean says it gets better, for the sheriff is putting out an ABP on Paris Hilton. Oh, I can see her getting dragged to Canton. Visiting Canton is the equivalent of doing court ordered community service. Oh, did I say that out loud? I’m allowed to rip towns in my own state! Might I say before I go on that I’m quite impressed with Paris Hilton for the first time ever. She is a fan of the show and actually does have a great sense of humor. Not that this will change her behavior any, but hey, I respect her for doing this at least.

As they put the bags away in the trunk, Dean tells Sam he was thinking about what he said yesterday. Maybe Sam is right that Dean keeps too tight of a leash on him. Now, pay attention to this part. This is VERY important and if anything should shut a lot of people up over the “when will Dean do this?” debate. “Look, I’m not exactly Mr. Innocent in this whole mess ever, you know I did break the first seal.” “You didn’t know,” Sam replies. “Yeah, well neither did you. Not saying demon blood was a great way to go but you did kill Lilith.” Sam finds no comfort in that. “And start the apocalypse.” “Which neither of us saw coming. Who would have known that killing Lilith would be a bad thing? The point is, I was so worried about watching your every move that I didn’t see what I was doing to you. So for that I’m sorry.” THERE! It’s all been said and done. We can move on now. We can, because Sam and Dean are and the next few lines prove it.

After Sam says “thanks,” Dean asks where do they go from here? Sam has a good answer and he brings us the “lesson learned” portion of our program. “The way I see it, we’ve got one shot at surviving this. Maybe I am on deck with the Devil, maybe the same with you and Michael, maybe there’s no changing that. But, we can stop wringing our hands over it. We gotta just grab onto what’s in front of us, kick its ass, and go down fighting.” Dean can get on board with that. “We’re going to have to do it on the same level.” “You got it,” Dean says, and then proves it by asking Sam if he wants to drive! Sam asks if he’s sure, and Dean admits he’s tired. Aww, just like in season one when Dean was trying to console Sam over Jessica’s death. The offer of driving the Impala is his highest compliment. Sam looks at Dean with appreciation and takes the keys from him. They drive away as the fantastic rendition of Beck, Bogert , and Appice’s “Superstition” comes on. Wow, another classic rock gem? Five episodes in a row? It’s not even my birthday! Or Christmas. Or Festivus. Or name your special holiday here.

Oh, but it’s not done! After the rolling of credits a “Soon” comes on. Normally I wouldn’t recap in detail such segments, but this is TOO good. As a matter of fact, it ends up being the highlight of the entire episode. Why don’t I just bullet every scene we see.

- Dean doing something with protective glasses asking Sam if he’s ready. “Yeah, Mr. Wizard.

- Sam getting drilled in the nuts on a Japanese game show. Yes, “WTF?” was my first reaction. I laughed after that.

- Someone hits a man with their car.

- Sam and Dean watch an old man’s body pulled from the morgue.

- Sorry, I laugh WAY too hard on this scene. They’re in the brightest, cleanest, most colorful motel room EVER. There’s two beds made neatly with fluffy comforters, flowers in blue, green and white on the wall, red floor, bright white cabinets, and a sandwich stacked a mile high in the middle of the perfectly white table. It’s definitely the bizzaro version of a Supernatural motel room. Dean sees Sam come in the door and cheerfully greets, “Hey Sam, what’s happening?” Sam cheekily puts his hands on his hips and replies, “Just the end of the world.” As the laugh track goes off in the background, Dean shrugs with a smile. Sorry, I’m pausing the Video on Demand here. Then rewinding. Then pausing again. Then laughing my fool head off.

- Sam and Dean are in suits chasing down a woman who tells them to stay away from her. She throws salt on them and realizes they’re not demons.

- Castiel! Wow, I missed him. He mentions a child who’s half human, half demon, more powerful than either. “One word and this child will destroy the host of heaven. And I can’t take that chance.” Castiel approaches the cute little boy with the knife and the boys cowers in fear. Intense! The music is still rocking BTW.

- Sam and Dean bust into a place where a guy is in bed with two women. He and Dean are playing poker for years. Dean bets 25 years. He’s asked if he’s sure, Dean says yes. Next scene Sam is pulling a gun on an old man. It’s Dean! “I see you’ve met John McCain here,” Bobby in the wheelchair says.

- Old Dean climbs up the stairs, while at the top Sam mocks him that it’s only the 2nd floor.

- Sam and Dean go into a warehouse.

- They’re doctors! In brilliant white coats. A nurse comes along and slaps Sam in the face.

- The Impala has a rolling red light going down its front grill, a la Kitt from Knight Rider. Awesome!!

- Sam and Dean watch something burn in a warehouse.

- THIS is the piece de resistance!!! Sam and Dean are in nice suits wearing sunglasses, strolling up to the scene acting all superior. Dean stabs someone in the heart with a wooden stake. Sam hovers over the guy, and oh my God, he’s suddenly Horatio Caine from CSI Miami. He even mimics the voice perfectly. “Well I say, jackpot.” He puts the sunglasses back on (at night) and he strolls away while Carmine Appice drums the final beats of the song.

Whoa, what the hell are we in for the next three episodes?? I can’t wait to find out. That’s a recap folks.


# Maria 2009-10-13 15:27
I have to admit, Sam a la Horation Caine was dead-on. The expression, everything. It's like a young Horatio! :shock: Fantastic, Jared.

I'm wondering if Sam plays out McDreamy in a la Grey's Anatomy scene? Because of the girl slapping him.

For some - not really strange - reason, I always enjoy Dean rolling down on a car to examine it. Very macho, despite the fact he was scared in this (who wouldn't be!). Ah, I can see him after the Apocalypse, two-and-a-half kids (in Jared's words), and working as a mechanic. Makes sense after he was raised from Hell. Maybe Castiel will visit on advice for his Delorean (ha!).

All in all, I was entertained by this episode. Not every one has to be angsty and dark. If it entertains, it's done its job alright! I experienced a rush of glee at watching Paris Hilton beheaded. Dreams do come true!

I gotta say, I love Dean's reaction at Sam's 'Just the end of the world', and Sam's after being drilled 'where the sun is shining' (has Dean said something like it? I'm pretty sure he has - it gets me giggling!). I'm so looking forward to the next episodes. And yes, Castiel, you have been missed. It would have been funnier if he had mimicked Horatio, come to think of it. Priceless. Angels and jackpots.
# Maria 2009-10-13 16:51
And by the way, it doesn't look like Sam and Dean watching something burn in the warehouse - it's more like they have trapped someone with Castiel's 'vinaigrette' - ha! Some angelic spirit, perhaps?
# elenaM 2009-10-14 01:45
Ok, that was way funnier than the actual thing. Thanks again, Alice, and good luck with the ch53 HD woes. Cute as Sam is in scrubs, you really want your friendly neighborhood medical examiner around if you're looking for cause of hemorrhage. Maybe they just couldn't budget another guest. Sorry, I'm a physician, I tend to get OCD about that stuff. And yeah, Sam's lingering squeamishness doesn't make a lick of sense at this point (among other things in this ep) but it's so cute, I forgive them...

I remember that pause, waiting for the Sam Huff. Like thunder after lightning. Wait for it, wait for it, there it is! Also loved the "See Paris Die" in the background of the House of Wax premiere pic, LOL

As for Sam and Dean as doctors-- Grey's or Scrubs? or something else? I'm hoping for Grey's, Maria, just for a fun dig at the competition...
# Bethany 2009-10-14 05:36
ok so it wasn't the best episode they've done but i liked sam being the annoying little brother while dean was under the car "do you need a flashlight?" i liked that they finally have their own laptops and finally sam told dean to let him grow up - plus who didn't love the house of wax crack and seeing paris die, it was the reason i saw house of wax in the first place (yes i saw it - don't mock).

but the preview had me giggling, although it did give me a mild panic that there was going to be a break. jared's horatio was spot on, anyone else have the feeling he may have done that more than once? but then who hasn't, it's kinda a running joke in our house.
# Maria 2009-10-14 06:30
Haha, Bethany, and your running jokes. :lol: Jared is quite a funny guy, so yes, now that you mention it, it makes sense he puts on the shades and does Mr. Jackpot once in a while.

I'm hoping for Grey's too, Elena!

'Do you need a flashlight?' That was so priceless, I don't know exactly why, but it was. It's like, you expect something awful to happen, and there is lil' ol' Sammy, asking his ol' bro if he needs a flashlight. And Dean's 'Just go', yes, had me cracking up.