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Next scene Dean in a bar hitting on a waitress who wants to be an actress with the whole “I’m an agent” act and oh please. Isn’t Dean past this stuff by now? At least he’s current enough to use the post merger name William Morris Endeavor. I think because Jensen is a client of theirs. Phone goes off and it’s Sam. He traced the previous car’s owners. Sam then hears the crack of a pool table and realizes Dean’s in a bar. Dean denies, saying he’s in a restaurant that just happens to have a bar. I think this part is supposed to show brotherly conflict, for Sam strangely protests about the fact that he’s been working all afternoon while Dean’s in a bar. Dean doesn’t care. “World’s smallest violin pal. I just spent the afternoon up Christine’s skirt.” Oh Dean, you’re using the world’s smallest violin line on Sam? Sounds like it should be playing for both of you.

First, why is Dean being a jerk and second why does Sam care? This is a little odd for both of them. Dean uses the stress over dealing with the car excuse, but Sam has found that it’s not really Little Bastard. The car’s first owner was a cardiologist in Philadelphia who died in 1972. It was never James Dean’s car. So what killed the guy?

Next is a house and in there is an older man, egghead type, in his office. He says good night to his Spanish speaking housekeeper and he gets fog breath. Uh oh. He hears a noise, turns around, and can’t believe what he sees. “It’s you, you’re supposed to be dead.” It’s Abe Lincoln? Seriously? Lincoln growls and chokes the guy and why is this scene coming across as so absurd? Wasn’t there a better way to make Lincoln scary? We get the blood spatter shot and dude is dead. Oh well. You know a scene is badly done when the only reaction is “oh well.”

Sam and Dean are on the scene and the sheriff is back to his crazy theories. Sam brings up the fact that the person died by a gunshot wound to the head, no gun, no gunpowder. Sheriff has concluded a professional killer is involved. Oh man, are law enforcement guys in a mid-sized city like Canton really that clueless? No, they aren’t actually. These are elected officials and the bad ones are usually weeded out. Trust me, I’ve voted out enough bozos. Sam and Dean are incredulous, especially since the sheriff derived his theory from Michael Clayton. “You’re welcome to look around, but these guys don’t leave fingerprints.” Neither do supernatural beings. They go to talk to the witness, who isn’t making any sense, in English or Spanish.

They go outside and sure enough, the maid starts firing off things in Spanish. Dean asks her a question in English, so she naturally answers in fast talking Spanish. Dean doesn’t know what to do, so Sam jumps in and starts speaking Spanish to her! Sam speaks Spanish? He looks at Dean and admits its freshman Spanish. I took three years of high school French and a semester of in college and when I went to Paris, I realized I didn’t know a thing. Communication was impossible. Sam must have had one hell of a Spanish class in college. Although, as history proves he is a fast learner. He tries to find the right words and does, so she slows down and gives him answers that even Dean understands. The culprit is none other than Abraham Lincoln. Couldn’t she had said that upfront? I understood “El Presidente Lincoln” right away and I don’t speak Spanish. Still, the reactions on Sam and Dean’s faces are priceless, so I forgive the fact that this scene makes no sense.

This next scene is pure gold! Sam and Dean are researching, and both have their own laptops! How great is that? I realize the whole point of this episode is to pull the brothers up to equal footing, but what a way to get across the message. Dean is honing in on Sam’s dorky ways. I love it! Dean is looking at the footage of the Little Bastard murder, and sees a reflection of James Dean in the tire covers. Sam concurs it’s him and goes on that there’s a ton of lore about famous ghosts, more so than normal. He’s surprised they haven’t run across one before. I think it’s because the budget wouldn’t allow it before. Hell, I’m surprised it allowed it now. Sam figures out these ghosts are “ganking” their fans. That word again? Sam is smart, he hasn’t seen a thesaurus before? He’s some words. Slaughter, eradicate, terminate, eliminate, slay, butcher, exterminate, or how about just plain kill. It works.

Sam reads about the other guy killed, who’s a Civil War nut. He dug Lincoln. So, does that mean ghosts of Jensen and Jared are coming to get me? Hey, not a bad way to go. Dean calls it “muchos loco” and Sam corrects him, “muy loco.” Smartass. Still, the ghost thing doesn’t fit the pattern. Ghosts usually haunt where they live. Why are they in Canton? What, haven’t they heard? Canton is a virtual paradise for tourism. Let’s forget that the Football Hall of Fame is there (please let’s forget). Thurman Munson crashed his plane and died there. The William McKinley Presidential Library and Museum is there, because the town he was actually from outside nearby Youngstown is too lame. Canton was recently a butt of a Steven Colbert joke, being called “crappy” because Barak Obama visited there. Notable actors, like Jake Abel, who played the third Winchester brother, are from there. Producer Brannon Braga is from there too, but after what sacrilege he did to the Star Trek franchise, we’ll just forget that nugget. Marilyn Manson is from Canton too. That says enough right there. Freaks galore!

Sam does more research and gets the answer. Enter the Canton Wax Museum. Do they actually have one? Does anyone care? Abraham Lincoln is there. Gandhi. JFK, FDR, Nixon, all that jazz. Sam and Dean look around, and Dean comments Gandhi is short. Sam is offended for he thinks Gandhi is a great man. Oh boy, that’s a setup with a capital S. “Yeah, for a smurf.” He’s short, not blue Dean!

A man comes out apologizing for keeping them waiting, but it’s their busy season. Dean looks around and doesn’t notice a soul in the place. “This is busy?” The guy covers, saying not now, but it’s early. “It’s 4:30,” Dean says. Oh Dean, you and your fun. Sam introduces their cover. They’re posing as reporters this time for a travel magazine. “Yeah, on how totally non-sucky wax museums are,” Dean adds. Oh, he is in a snarky mood. You know guys, FBI I believe. Good looking guys like you doing something dorky like writing about wax museums? I wouldn’t believe that cover for a second. Lucky for you museum guy is a doofus.


# Maria 2009-10-13 15:27
I have to admit, Sam a la Horation Caine was dead-on. The expression, everything. It's like a young Horatio! :shock: Fantastic, Jared.

I'm wondering if Sam plays out McDreamy in a la Grey's Anatomy scene? Because of the girl slapping him.

For some - not really strange - reason, I always enjoy Dean rolling down on a car to examine it. Very macho, despite the fact he was scared in this (who wouldn't be!). Ah, I can see him after the Apocalypse, two-and-a-half kids (in Jared's words), and working as a mechanic. Makes sense after he was raised from Hell. Maybe Castiel will visit on advice for his Delorean (ha!).

All in all, I was entertained by this episode. Not every one has to be angsty and dark. If it entertains, it's done its job alright! I experienced a rush of glee at watching Paris Hilton beheaded. Dreams do come true!

I gotta say, I love Dean's reaction at Sam's 'Just the end of the world', and Sam's after being drilled 'where the sun is shining' (has Dean said something like it? I'm pretty sure he has - it gets me giggling!). I'm so looking forward to the next episodes. And yes, Castiel, you have been missed. It would have been funnier if he had mimicked Horatio, come to think of it. Priceless. Angels and jackpots.
# Maria 2009-10-13 16:51
And by the way, it doesn't look like Sam and Dean watching something burn in the warehouse - it's more like they have trapped someone with Castiel's 'vinaigrette' - ha! Some angelic spirit, perhaps?
# elenaM 2009-10-14 01:45
Ok, that was way funnier than the actual thing. Thanks again, Alice, and good luck with the ch53 HD woes. Cute as Sam is in scrubs, you really want your friendly neighborhood medical examiner around if you're looking for cause of hemorrhage. Maybe they just couldn't budget another guest. Sorry, I'm a physician, I tend to get OCD about that stuff. And yeah, Sam's lingering squeamishness doesn't make a lick of sense at this point (among other things in this ep) but it's so cute, I forgive them...

I remember that pause, waiting for the Sam Huff. Like thunder after lightning. Wait for it, wait for it, there it is! Also loved the "See Paris Die" in the background of the House of Wax premiere pic, LOL

As for Sam and Dean as doctors-- Grey's or Scrubs? or something else? I'm hoping for Grey's, Maria, just for a fun dig at the competition...
# Bethany 2009-10-14 05:36
ok so it wasn't the best episode they've done but i liked sam being the annoying little brother while dean was under the car "do you need a flashlight?" i liked that they finally have their own laptops and finally sam told dean to let him grow up - plus who didn't love the house of wax crack and seeing paris die, it was the reason i saw house of wax in the first place (yes i saw it - don't mock).

but the preview had me giggling, although it did give me a mild panic that there was going to be a break. jared's horatio was spot on, anyone else have the feeling he may have done that more than once? but then who hasn't, it's kinda a running joke in our house.
# Maria 2009-10-14 06:30
Haha, Bethany, and your running jokes. :lol: Jared is quite a funny guy, so yes, now that you mention it, it makes sense he puts on the shades and does Mr. Jackpot once in a while.

I'm hoping for Grey's too, Elena!

'Do you need a flashlight?' That was so priceless, I don't know exactly why, but it was. It's like, you expect something awful to happen, and there is lil' ol' Sammy, asking his ol' bro if he needs a flashlight. And Dean's 'Just go', yes, had me cracking up.