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So how did Cas find Dean? Bobby told him . I wonder how Bobby feels about being an angel operator. Plus, can't Cas call Dean? He's already called Sam once. Speaking of Sam, Cas looks around the room like he lost his keys. "Where's Sam?" Geez Cas, you're asking the one person who doesn't know where he is. Dean admits he and Sam are taking separate vacations for a while. "Have you found God yet? More important, can I have my damned necklace back?" Castiel says no and no. Cas has a new plan. He's going after Raphael, the archangel that smoked him. "You were wasted by a teenage mutant ninja angel?" Oh, I never tire of Dean's clever lines.

Castiel hears whispers. Raphael is walking the earth and Cas sees this to be a rare opportunity for information. Dean doesn't think Raphael will spill God's address. Castiel believes he will, for they're going to trap him and interrogate him. Dean realizes he's serious and that must bother him because he goes for another joke. "So I'll just be Thelma and you be Louise and were gonna hold hands and sail off this cliff together?" Castiel blankly stares, so no, he didn't get the joke. I never tire of the blank stares either.

Dean realizes Cas isn't laughing, and goes onto demanding why he should do this. "Because you're Michael's vessel and no angel would dare harm you." Dean objects to being a bullet shield and so Castiel pleads with those adoring angel eyes and goes into that angel cadence with his sentence. "I need your help, because you are the only one that will help me." Aww Dean, you can't turn him down! He's so lost and needy. He even says please! G ood for you Cas, that ' s the magic word. Dean agrees but stops Castiel's two fingers of zapping from taking them to Maine. "Last time you zapped me someplace, I didn't poop for a week. We're driving." Okay, info I didn't want to hear. The vision of constipated Dean is so not sexy.

So, while Dean and Castiel drive to Maine, the story goes back to Oklahoma. Waitress is playing darts and asks "Keith" if he plays. Yeah, I hate that cover name too for Sam. It's my brother's name so I like it, but it's so not for Sam. He looks more like a...Sam. He says it depends, what are they playing for ? She gives a lame answer like world peace, and then takes to time to ask him a personal question. Oh girlfriend, don't go there. You'll get a whole lot of nothin'. She notice d he finished a crossword in the kitchen. Yes finishing a crossword is a capital offense in Oklahoma. Look it up. Sam doesn't get her point. He finished the New York Times Saturday crossword. Trust me, I'm well educated and that son of a bitch is hard. In fairness though, what else does a smart guy do during all that time in the car and cheap motel rooms? It's not like he has to work in time to mow the lawn.

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Sam should know by now that being shrouded in mystery is only going to attract attention. Waitress is nosy and comments that he blows into town a week ago, doesn't talk to anyone, is super intelligent, and you know hot (okay, she was only thinking that). Sam doesn't help her prodding by playing cute. "You mean a riddle wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a taco?" She challenges Sam to a game of darts. When she wins (ha!), he buys her dinner and tells her his life story. Lady, if you really want to know about Sam, I'll let you borrow my DVD's so you can catch up. Better yet, order all of Chuck Shurley's books on Amazon. Sam agrees without hesitation since he's also spent a lifetime in bars with his brother. Three perfect hits on the bullseye. Yeah, he knew he was winning that bet.

Sam whips around to the news on the TV. There was a nearby hail storm and lightning strikes in the area that have caused wild fires. Sam frowns. Another bartender (Hoyt maybe?) turns it off and comments "Is it me or does it seem like the end of the world?" Sam broods. He's good at that.

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Back to Dean and Castiel, who have arrived in Waterville, Maine. They're outside the sheriff's station. Dean asks why they're there. A deputy sheriff laid eyes on the archangel. "And he still has eyes?" Ha! Good point Dean. He asks Cas what's the plan. "We'll tell the officer he witnessed an angel of the Lord. Then the officer will tell us where the angel is." Dean thinks he's nuts too. "When we want something really, really, bad, we lie." He pulls out two FBI badges and puts one in Cas' coat, then straightens up Cas's tie. "Why?" A puzzled Castiel asks. "Because, that's how you become president." Ooh, cynical much Dean?

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Dean introduces himself as agent "I couldn't hear because the satellite blipped out , " and Castiel as agent Moscone. Dean shows his badge, and then all eyes turn on an unhappy Cas to show his. He pulls it out, and then shows it upside down. Ah, the clueless angel gag. It never gets old. They go into the sheriff's office to talk and the sheriff points out how his hearing is all blown to hell in his left ear. It happened during the gas station thing . Dean didn't know there was a gas station explosion? Didn't he do a little research first? Heck, even Cas could have filled him in on the details. Dean covers and says that's why they're there. The sheriff said it was a full scale riot of 30 to 40 people in all out "kill or be killed"combat. Dean wants to know what set them off, but Cas interrupts saying its angels and demons and skirmishes have been breaking out everywhere. The sheriff looks at him like he's nuts and everytime Cas goes on with the words "demons" Dean stops him and does a weak cover of "demons" as in drink and adultery. "We all have our demons Walt." Okay Dean, you have way more than a few demons, but hey, you managed to get the sheriff to stop staring at Castiel like he should send him to the happy home so we move on.

The gas station exploded, but it wasn't a normal explosion. The story was an underground gas tank, but the sheriff didn't believe that. It wasn't the usual fireball. Castiel knows what it was , it was pure white. The sheriff confirms it and goes on to describe how the gas station was leveled and everyone, you know. Then there was only one guy kneeling there, all focused, not a damned scratch on him. It was Donnie Finemon, the mechanic there. Dean guesses he vanished into thin air. "No Kolchack, he's at down St. Pete's." Castiel turns to Dean and repeats "St. Pete's." Yeah, yeah, we get the irony. I should note here the use of the reference "Kolchack", which is from The Night Stalker. Back when Jeremy Carver wrote "Mystery Spot," there was a minor controversy over whether Dean called Sam "Kolchak" or "Kojak". It was the latter, but knowing that Jeremy Carver does read boards, you know he was looking to work the former in somehow. That's my theory anyway.

Next is a black man in a vegetative state in a wheel chair in a hospital room. Castiel and Dean can be seen outside the window looking in. I love little directors tricks like that. Castiel notices its just an empty shell. Dean gets a glimpse into the future. "So is that what I'm looking at when Michael jumps my bones?" Castiel dead pans, "Not at all. Michael is much more powerful. It'll be much worse for you." This part I don't get. Can't angels heal these people? Jimmy came back okay, so lesser angels aren't damaging? I know, it's a setup for Dean and Sam too. Once they become vessels, there's no going back I guess.

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# Alice 2009-09-30 20:29
I really tried to get some more and better Dean and Castiel screenshots, especially with Raphael, but it was impossible. The scenes were too shaky and dark. Plenty of good Sam ones though as you can see.
# elle 2009-09-30 21:43
Excellent recap! Alice, I think you should record commentary for this show, because what you have to say is hilarious! This was my favourite part: “…monloguin g, telling the truth to screw the Winchesters demons” – this made me laugh out loud, mostly because it’s very true!
I pretty much love every moment that Cas is on screen these days. “I just thought I’d sit here quietly.” That makes me go ‘aww’ every time. Not only is it funny, but it’s endearing. Castiel is so cute sometimes, in that floppy-puppy way.

My theory about the vessels is as follows: the basic angels (such as Castiel and Uriel) don’t need specific vessels to contain their energy – just a certain type of person (DNA wise). Angels like Michael and Lucifer, however, require very specific people (beyond Angel-DNA compatibility) to house their essences’ which is why when Raphael is in that body and then leaves it, it’s pretty much burned out inside. Consider: Pamela’s eyes burnt out for ‘peeking’ at Cas – she wasn’t the right type of person able to experience the angels in their true form through her sense (yes, I would categorize her mind’s eye as one such sense). Cas needed a person with specific DNA (Jimmy Novak) to possess him and hear him and Jimmy didn’t suffer the results the man worn by Raphael was seen to suffer because Castiel isn’t as powerful. Lucifer told Sam that Nick’s body could barely contain him – he was the runner up in the Who-Wears-Lucy- Best contest, Sam being the winner. So, to sum up that long and non-sensical babble: more powerful an angel is, the more specialized his/her meat suit needs to be.
Only 23 hours and 10 minutes (give or take) until episode 4! (How can we be at episode 4 already!?)
# Suze 2009-10-01 06:09
While we're getting all deep and thoughtful about vesselology, has any one else noticed that the angel/ninja turtle slated to be wearing Dean in weeks to come is Mikey - The Party and Pizza Mindless Hedonism Turtle ( in case anyone cares the others are Sensible Turtle, Techno Turtle and Punch Anything That Moves Turtle ) This is just too fitting to be a coincedence ... There must be more to it, watch this space ...
# Karen 2009-10-01 07:30
Thanks again Alice for your recap. It’s always such a joy to read.

The amount of light humour this episode was nice after such two very heavy episodes.
Although the brothel scene may have offended some viewers, I for one found the expression on Castiel’s face priceless. (chalk one up for Misha).
It was good to see Dean’s one-liners being said with the old jovial wit.
I found the first two episodes his one-liners were delivered with more anger than actual humour.
Dean’s admission to being relieved to be free of his family obligation and happy to be able to live for himself was quite understandable.
What he has sacrificed for his family has been more than anyone could of given. He needed to step back and take a breather and be his own man.
However after seeing how he was with Castiel, straightening of his tie, assisting him with the FBI badge. Taking him to the house of ill repute. His pep talk to listen to his heart and continue to search for his father.
Sounded to me like some one still needed to be the big brother. Still wanted to be needed. So his comment about not missing Sam, really didn’t come off as his true feelings.
I wonder if Dean’s has had thoughts of regret about selling his soul to save Sam. That if he had not had Sam resurrected than none of this would be happening.
I would imagine the guilt with having these thoughts would be unbearable and make it hard to face Sam.

As for Sam, I also wonder if he is ever going to get a break.
What more could Sam possibly endure, with out having a complete mental breakdown.
The words “Poor Sammy!” have been leaving my lips at the end of each episode since “Rapture”. My heart is simply breaking for him.

I don’t know about you but Lucifer using Jessica’s image to talk to Sam, looked like someone lying and using trickery to me.
# Sablegreen 2009-10-01 11:58
Thanks Alice for the recap. Jared acting was superb! It was the first time I saw an actual tear run down his face in the series, although he has come close. Jensen is an expert in that.
# Randal 2009-10-01 13:24
Great, great recap of a stellar episode. There are a few ways the inevitable God vs. Satan/Dean vs. Sam deal is going, but every so slowly nudging us towards it, these bastard writers are going to wring every bit of maddening lunacy from it. I can't wait to see how this ends up.

@Suze, does this mean Lucifer is Krang? Muah.
# Suze 2009-10-01 14:43
Mmmm ... Possibly, or Shredder ... Like I said, it's a work in progress.
# Sablegreen 2010-02-25 16:36
Good article Alice. I think there is plenty of hope for Sam, and Dean. Both boys just need to stop beating themselves up over events they really had no control over. (And that doesn’t mean I believe in the destiny ideas). Like Lindsey said in FTBYAM, "No one has ever done anything so bad they can’t be forgiven, they can’t change." That is SO true. For me, it’s sad that this has dragged on for so long. Hopefully they will get back to the happier things soon.

I do have to disagree with one thing. I don’t think Sam is a monster. I think he THINKS he’s a monster, and Dean does too. Both of them are wrong. Sam has extraordinary abilities that he needs to learn to use properly, not throw away. I think in MBV, he learned that for the first time, and hopefully soon he will learn that he doesn’t need blood to turn them on. At least that’s what I hope the writers will do. :-)