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Back to Bobby and Dean, who are looking at the books. Bobby brings up the fact that John was right about saving Sam or killing him. Maybe they shouldn't have tried so hard to save him. Dean doesn't like that notion, but Bobby points out Sam ended the world and they weren't strong enough to stop him. Dean doesn't address this, for t he mention of John jogs Dean's memory . He pulls out the card for John's lockup in upstate New York, the one we first saw in "Bad Day at Black Rock." Castle storage, 42 Rover Hill. Could John have had Michael's sword all this time? Dean isn't sure, but what else would Chuck have meant? Bobby nods. "Good enough for me." Then he punches Dean, hard! Dean goes flying across the room, Bobby comes toward him and throws him into a closet next. Then his eyes go black. I knew that wasn't Bobby dissing Sam !

Okay, before I go on to the next part after the commercial break, I've read the debates. How did Bobby get possessed? He has the charms and possibly the same anti-possession tattoo . Remember though that John was possessed by Azazel, but that was one powerful demon. Nothing was going to stop him. I can only assume that either Bobby was caught with his guard down or the demons found a new trick. After all, they found a way to break a devil's trap. It could also be that now that Lucifer's out, all the rules have changed. Either way, it's driving the story. 

Demon!Bobby picks Dean up, and in walks a brunette with malevolent grin. She taunts Dean about being slow and dimwitted, but never dreamt he' d be so VIP. She picks up the demon killing knife, and can't believe that Dean is the one that will ice Lucifer. "If I had known that, I'd have ripped your pretty face off ages ago." Dean guesses its Ruby, but she tells him to go back farther. Meg. Yeah, those are the only two hellbitches to really get under his skin.


Now is her chance to monologue, rejoicing that "these are the days of glory and wonder." It's H eaven on earth, or H ell. Huh, imagine that, a demon with dry wit. "We really owe your brother a fruit basket." Oh, that's good. Could you see that happening, them arriving to their motel room and there be a giant fruit basket in there. "Sam, Thanks for ending the world. Love ya, L and family." Could you also see Sam wallowing in misery while Dean chows down on some primo nuts and lush fruit? No, I'm not writing a fanfic about that. 

Anyway, Meg points out that every single demon is dying for a piece of Dean. He challenges her to get in line, but as she cleverly points out, she's at the front of it. She does have two henchmen and the knife, so I'd say she's right . She kisses Dean real hard, who we know will have a great comeback for being mauled by a demonic whore. "What is that, peanut butter?"

She orders demon!Bobby to kill Dean, just to be mean to Bobby who's still inside watching everything. Bitch. D emon !Bobby goes to do it, and Dean pleads for Bobby. Demon !Bobby hesitates, is ordered again, and pulls the knife back while Dean cowers over the impending blow. Really? I would have thought he'd be defiant. Suddenly the eyes go back to normal and Bobby takes control. Sure, it's a bit contrived, especially since John did that in "Devil's Trap," but it isn't hard to believe that Bobby is every bit as stubborn . Bobby wrestles for control and then plunges the knife into his midsection. Noooooo!!! Bobby! The thing inside him sparks away and Bobby collapses. 

 Dean punches Meg and other demon and fight ensues just when Sam walks in, stunned over the unexpected visitors. He goes to help, and gets clocked with a phone by Meg. She smiles as Sam gets his wits about him. "Hey ya Sammy. Did you miss me, because I sure missed you." "Meg," Sam says. See, he knows his demons! Must be th e fact that he is kind of one. He swings at her and misses so she takes him down. Other demon pounds the crap out of Dean. Meg punches Sam some more, having fun over the fact that Sam isn't so scary without his powers. Sure, we have no idea if this is temporary or permanent, but obviously icing Lilith drained him pretty good. I guess that's Kripke's way of saying "I want demons to kick the crap out of Sam. " It makes for good entertainment. Dean knocks other demon down, pulls the knife from Bobby and plunges it into him . Other demon sparks away. He looks at Meg next with a steely stare and knife clutched , who then abandons her meat suit in a cloud of black smoke.

Right here is where the pacing of everything suffers a bit. We just had that intense action scene, and then it goes back to the slow build up of Lucifer's vessel? The emergency room scene should have come next. I'll recap that scene first, and then get back to Lucifer. Dean and Sam charge into the emergency room with Bobby hanging off their shoulder s , his entire belly covered in blood. The EMTs grab a gurney and get Bobby off quick while Sam and Dean are stopped. They have to stay there and answer questions. Dean realizes that they have to leave now, for the demons know where the sword is. Sam doesn't want to leave Bobby, but chooses to follow Dean's lead. That's a good obedient brother . Of course they have a 3-4 hour drive. Demons can pop up anywhere quickly. Who do you think is getting there first?


Back to Lucifer's soon to be meat suit, who's putting away baby artifacts in a box. The dude is sad. Then he hears a baby crying. It comes from a monitor at the bottom of the box. He cautiously walks into the nursery to see the crib but no crying or baby. As he turns away, baby starts crying. Then blood slowly oozes from the crib. Oh, this is gross and freaking sad. Nick looks in the crib, sees something horrifying and crumples to his knees, crying profusely. We see an empty crib. Yeah, I'm sure the network sensors weren't going to allow mutilated baby.

Gotta keep the story moving! Sam and Dean pull up in front of Castle storage and get some weapons out of the trunk. Against demons? Angels? Ooooookay. They get in there and find a few bodies, plus the place is a little trashed. Zachariah comes out of the shadows. Man, do these guys get a break? Dean has the BEST deadpan reaction. "Oh thank God, the angels are here." Zachariah closes the door with his angel wave. H e said the demons could have grabbed the sword anytime they wanted. Sam wants clarification. Oh great Sam, open the door for more evil angel monologuing.



Amanda P.
# Amanda P. 2009-09-16 00:23
Thanks, i got to see it thanks to itunes but it was great to skim through it here.
Sam dies again had my dying. Poor guy.
# elle 2009-09-16 00:28
I am so glad that recaps are back! Thanks for these Alice, I love them so.
BTW: the "cram it with walnuts, ugly!" is a line Homer Simpson has used. I love the way references sneak in. During my rewatch of Lucifer Rising, though, I have to wonder when Sam and Dean find the time to watch as much TV as they seem to I mean, how *does* Dean know about the Suite Life? (Still one of my top ten favourite Deanisms ever!)
# Narcissus 2009-09-16 00:56
I apologize deeply in advance, but I'm probably going to end up double posting again because I am too full of squee and I just wanna say a couple of things before I move on to the second page of the recap.

1. Red smoke? Hmm..I assumed it was blood, because it looks like swirling liquid to me. But I dunno.

2. Google-Fu tells me that 16 Celsius is equals 60.8 Fahrenheit, and 24 Celsius is 75.2 Fahrenheit. I was born and raised in a tropical country where the temperature averages around late 20s to early 30s in Celsius (30++ in cities). To me, 16 is COLD.
# Narcissus 2009-09-16 04:38
Hi..It's me again (sorry). I think I'll proceed in point form (again).

-Chuck is getting more awesome.
-Bobby is absolutely amazing. Bar none. Period.
-I don't get the Soul Plane reference (?)
-First a Cate Blanchett lookalike, and now Dean? Micheal has a thing for the pretties doesn't he?
-Cas finally kicks ass *woot, woot*
-Whatever divine detox plan Sam might be on, it seems to be amping his puppy-power. Puppy-eyes-of-d oom are really packing more of a punch now!
-Becky...yes, I think her character is gross. Do I mind? No. Kripke is having some harmless fun..he's the one who made us all batshit crazy anyway, so he's entitled to it. I can't figure why some people are so offended by the existence of Becky.
-Lucifer..I can't wait to see all the wonderful ways he'ss torture our boys.
-Dean walking away from Sam in the parking lot, and the little half-turn he did..I think a part of me died. Oh BOYS!!!
# Suze 2009-09-16 11:17
Don't fret, they will get it together again and sooner rather than later, I hope, as the Dean-stoney-gla re-of-unforgivi ngness and Sam's kicked puppy face could get tedious after a while ( say a year or two, anyway! )

I love Becky, just thinking about the hotel room scene cracks me up ... I reckon that Poor Old Chuck's shadow army of sleazy fangurrls are a fabulous idea, they're sort of like the anti-ghostfacer s ... who in turn are the anti-winchester s, and ... er ... well, you get my drift ... I'm so pleased they're back! :D
# Marleen 2009-09-16 11:30
Thanks for the recap, Alice. I really had trouble with some of the words in that episode. Meg’s comment about ‘icing’ Lucifer for instance. Even after I played it back a few times , I still could not understand her. :cry::

I have read all the comments posted about the show, and no one mentioned Dean's 'troubled' look at Sam just before the two of them ran for the door at the very beginning. Dean pulled Sam to go, and Sam didn’t move. Sam just stared at the light….the look was one of complete awe! I thought ‘OMG Sam is completely controlled by the demon. He wants Lucifer out’. They showed Dean’s reaction to Sam for more than a second, so I have to think it was supposed to indicate some point in the story. ….maybe some hint of future demon-Sam. Sam’s look changed though to one of complete fear when he realized Lucifer WAS coming. Then he was ready to go.

Look forward to tomorrow nights episode! The clips show Sam’s ‘puppy-dog’ eyes are in full force!
# BagginsDVM 2009-09-16 13:27
Awesome recap! I look forward to these so much! And the needlepoint idea? Inspired! Sam's puppy dog eyes & Dean's reaction to being mauled by Meg were highlights for me. I needed Kleenex too for Bobby's words to Sam (both times) & the end scene between the boys.
# Randal 2009-09-16 15:08
Great, great recap. I'm surprised myself that Sam hasn't had a trip to straitjacket land. And good catch on the 375 hours of driving in 8 minutes. Maybe there's a jet engine in the trunk. And I prefer my weepy moments to come later in the season. First episode? At least they didn't toss Beethoven's 7th over that last scene or I'd have been crying on the bus to work the following morning.
# Bethany 2009-09-16 18:19
great recap! so lets summerise - bobby is awesome, cas is awesome, chuck is awesome, a defiant dean is awesome, sam is breaking our hearts - and the boys finally get honest with each other. I keep saying it but i think it's a good thing, only once everything is out in the open can you work out the problem and then work to fix it. Although painful and awkward and brutal at times it's better than the lies and the denial of last season.

Also Lucifer is brilliant, hypnotic and persausive, creepy and cruel..... I can't wait for him to come into play!

oh and Dean's never going to get over that fear of flying is he?
Emily H.
# Emily H. 2012-01-01 15:19
I don't know about any other references, but "Cram it with walnuts, ugly" was a line from a Simpsons episode. One of the Itchy & Scratchy ones. Did Kripke ever work on the Simpsons as a writer?