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Season Five- Hits & Misses: Part Two

As always, excuse the nitpicks – this is harder than it looks. Also, on review I owe a Hit since Part One was a bit off kilter and off by one hit.

Here we go….

Hit: Lucifer’s seduction of Sam


Lucifer has a simple, matter of fact way about him that despite the complete, utter evil he exudes – has some charm about it.

Miss: Pestilence’s …. Aesthetic

SPN 0240

Matt Frewer is brilliant no doubt, but as far as signs of the apocalypse go – this was my least favourite and the most disgusting.

Hit: Heavenly Memories

SPN 0446

Dean wuvs Hugs – and now we know why pie is so important. If you didn’t at least sniffle when he comforted Mary in this moment, your hearts is stone cold.

Miss: Death of Ellen and Jo

SPN 0954

Really – was it necessary to take both of them? Alright, this might be a nitpick and it was a poignant death, I grant you. But still….

Hit: “Angels are watching over you.”


The Song Remains the Same was excellent – John and Mary meeting their future children, fighting angels, learning about the apocalypse and then being mind-wiped about everything only to have the famous line from the early series come back in a now totally new and twisted way is unquestionably a hit.

Miss: Bound Bobby


This comes down to timing, more than anything else and I suppose warrants a nitpick alert. The plot device of Bobby in a wheelchair could have been much better used somewhere else and it seemed odd to use it here, to keep him largely out of the final battle. Particularly when the method of returning Bobby's mobility was so... meh ultimately. Not to undermine what he did, but was it that big a shock? Or the deciet that came later? No.  

Hit: The Impala Saves the Day


Baby got to play a key role in stopping the apocalypse – only on Supernatural.

Miss: Anti-Christ


Poorly used powerful character never spoken of or referenced again by good guys or bad guys. Let’s play find-the-purpose with Jesse Turner.

Hit: Death Rings In


Death is an amazing character, but in this case having him agree to give his ring to Sam and Dean (over pizza!) because Lucifer is akin to a spoilt child and pissing Death off was a great way to solve a big problem of killing Death. Not to mention his kick-ass entrance.

Miss: Beware the Zombies

SPN 0674

*nitpick alert* Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid was luke-warm use of zombies in a hot season – it could have been better placed and much better used somewhere else in the overall plot (but this is minor)

Hit: " 'Allo Boys."

hello boys

Crowley makes his fabulous entry to the Supernatural world, bringing caustic wit and effervescent charm that will eventually land him a recurrent role and the throne of Hell. Welcome addition if ever there was.

So there you have it - the rest of the season five Hits & Misses. What do we think? Season five is pretty tricky to pick apart, given it was for the most part, tightly written, beautifully acted and overall a wonderful delivery of a great storyline. Sound off below on your hits (and misses) for the season!


# cheryl42 2014-09-23 18:35
No real misses for me mostly hits. It was the big payoff and who could have seen that finale coming (well maybe a lot of you but certainly not me) I don't think I have recovered yet. The introduction of Death and Crowley alone would have made most seasons but there was so much more in store for us. The SPN version of Lucifer was inspired. He almost had me falling for his line (Mark P really sold his devil incarnation). The casting this season was top notch something that seems to be lacking in the later seasons. Everyone played their parts seriously and perfectly. Honestly I think the show has struggled to come up with a plan, not so much to top the story arc of the first 5 but maybe to decide what the show should be about. In no way do I think the show should have ended at S5 but it hasn't really regained the urgency or sense of peril for the boys since then. I don't have to pine for the glory days of the show though. Whenever I want to relive that story all I have to do is pop in a DVD or watch TNT (currently on S3). Still love the show to death but those were the days.