Here we are, part 2 of the season eight hits and misses. This was such a difficult list to compile: I really enjoyed season eight and there just aren’t that many over all major misses for me. So, most of what comes into this list are teeny-tiny little nitpicky things. Please, make your thoughts known below!

Hit: Krissy: Take IIkrissy

As it has so often before – Supernatural can do kids well. Krissy was never stupid or annoying, she was taken advantage of maybe, but she quickly realizes and rectifies. Plus, how can’t you enjoy a kid who can match Dean in the wit?

Miss: Martin
Old friend of John’s or not, Martin was just unlikeable. Clearly he operated under the black and white hunter code that others like Gordon have used and wasn’t interested in souls, innocence or otherwise – just the human status of his kill. The problem with Martin was I found nothing empathetic, redeemable or otherwise likeable in the character whatsoever. Even villains have something, some spark, that makes them good bad guys – Martin was just irritating in the end.

Hit: Abaddon
Abaddon was just fun – hard to kill, enjoyed her evil-doer ways and didn’t hide her endgame as she went about the slaughtering. Lots of fun and it made the ultimate slaying that much better.

Miss: Taxi Cab to Hell
Sorry – this just didn’t work for me. It’s a little thing, but it was a little….huh?

Hit: Moondoor/LARPing

Does this really need explanation? Charlie comes back, Dean is a “handmaiden” – there is the epic battle scene in the end. It’s just a great episode.

Miss: Revealing the Hound

**nitpick alert** This isn’t exactly a miss, so much as a preference. Personally, I think the hellhounds would have been better kept unseen – they were more terrifying when left to the imaginations eye. Not to say the incarnation they were given wasn’t frightening, but it wasn’t what I imagined either.

Hit: Bye, Bye, Benny
Ok, ok, don’t skewer me yet! I am not glad Benny is dead – rather, the way it was done. No fuss, no dramatic muss. It was on his own terms. In fact, having Benny struggling being back in the world and ultimately opt not to leave purgatory a second time to save Bobby and Sam? Thanks Benny.

Miss: Samandriel’s Death
Supernatural 2429
Again, more a preference than anything else: I enjoyed Alfie.

Hit: Cas Mind Control

cassandnaomi 1
This was done well in so many ways: the opening watching Cas kill the multiple Dean’s to the end when he broke Naomi’s hold and came back to himself. The flashing between Naomi ordering Castiel to kill and Cas fighting Dean in the cave – it was intense, dramatic and emotional.

Your thoughts?


# cheryl42 2016-01-14 01:30
Yes to Charlie, I loved LATRG. Abbadon was also a big hit. Too bad about S9 for her character. I would say the hellhound was a hit specially when Sam gutted it. That was a pretty dramatic scene. Benny was a miss for me only because he could have been a great monster ally for the brothers instead of an uncharacteristi c wedge between them. I was glad to see him go. Of all the kids on the show I will have to say Krissy is my least favorite. Why does SPN make teenage girls so bratty? With all that they have seen you would think they would have gained the skills to manipulate adults not smart mouth them (because that works...never). Martin was just a bad choice for a returning guest star or he was written badly, whatever the less said about that whole mess the better. And why did Alfie have to die:(
# anonymousN 2016-01-14 07:44
Krissy: Miss then and meh the second time.
Martin: Hit the first time and hit the second.This was THE character to showcase how different a character liked by Dean and not liked by Dean are treated by fans.
Taxi Cab to Hell: nothing to remember.Hope I forget.
Moondoor/LARPin g: anything to do with charlie was a miss.
Revealing the Hound: yes more scary invisible but it was not a miss.
Bye, Bye, Benny:http://pa 91/02a66ccc618f 80ae7e7807b46e1 dd54172f14654_h q.gif
Samandriel’s Death: one of the good angels hope he was not dead.
Cas Mind Control:hit
# JJA 2016-01-14 13:36
Krissy II --- hit!
Martin -- hit!
Abaddon --- BIG HIT !!!
Taxi Cab -- miss
LARP/Moondoor --- cute
Seeing the Hound --- we didn't really see it !!
Benny's Death --- BIG WASTED OPPORTUNITY !!!!! (this character was awesome, and should have stuck around longer ..... kill Cas instead!!)
Samandriel's Death --- It had to be this way!! Good character, but doomed from the start.
Cas Mind Control --- HIT!!
disgruntled viewer
# disgruntled viewer 2016-01-14 19:59
I liked the episode with Krissy in season 7 and disliked it in season 8 - miss.
Martin is a miss, he was very convincingly written character in season 5, in season 8 they turned him in another Travis.
Abbadon was a miss also. Too hysterical for a knight of hell.
Moondoor/LARPin g - hit. It was the last episode with Charlie which I liked. She was a great charachter in season 7 and in this episode. After this episode she became too cartoonish.
Bye, Bye, Benny. - I liked how he died. He did it on his own terms. And I really liked Benny as a character, he had a certain integrity. My problem was Dean putting him before his brother.
Revealing the Hound - Hit. it was a great episode. And a hellhound was creepy.
Alfie. I liked Alfie. But the law of this show that every angel who likes Cas is to die. I wonder why?
Cas Mind Control. It was a hit, as well as the whole story with the Angel Tablet and how Cas guarded it. The last meaningful storyline for Cas.
# BoGirle 2016-01-14 21:35
Krissy - Miss overall. In season seven she was a miss, and a double miss in season 8. Bratty, smart mouthed know-it-all teens are not my fav and she was really a smart mouthed know-it-all.
Martin - Miss overall. Hit in season 5, but horribly mishandled in season 8 so big miss there.
Abbadon - Hit. I loved her uncomplicated, vicious villainy. She wasn't corrupted by mommy issues and illogical affections for Dean. She remained true to what she was. Hit!
Moondoor - Hit. Back in Charlie's heyday before she became a ludicrously and unrealistically written plot device. And it was nice to see S&D have some fun for a change.
Benny - Miss. Any monsters Sam likes are evil and any monsters Dean likes are noble. Yuck. I guess it's a hit considering that I was glad he was finally gone.
Hell Hound. Hit. I found the way they chose to reveal it very interesting and I thought it was well done and scary.
Alfie. HIt. Possibly the only other angel in the garrison with any integrity at all. I guess it was inevitable that he'd have to die.
Cas. Hit. Interesting how he hid that thing. Even more interesting is that the only one who understood him enough to find the tablet was Crowley.
# njspnfan 2016-01-15 10:18
Krissy - okay but I've had my fill of smart-ass or angsty teens on the show over the past couple of seasons.
Martin - a complete miss - this was hamfisted and poorly handled.
Abaddon - Hit and Miss; I think there was a lost opportunity with her; a lot of potential which wasn't followed thru on. And her death scene was awful and cheesy, with the wind machines, etc.
Taxi Driver / Rogue Reapers - Epic Fail and downright insulting to viewers that think canon matters.
Castiel mind control - Hit
Moondoor/LARPing - Hit
Revealing the Hound - Hit; all things considered, I thought this was done well
Bye Bye Benny - Miss - a little too over-the-top, maudlin, and too much Saint Benny for me. I thought it would have worked better if they left in the scene that was cut, where Benny all but admitted to feeding off of live humans. The show is better when things/decision s are more gray then black and white.
Samandriel's Death - Hit - I liked the weiner on a stick angel but his death served its purpose in showing how much control Naomi was exerting.