Dear Jared,

It has been almost a week since your SPN family sat in front of their TV screens in awe of the season 8 finale. If everything was as it should be, you probably would have watched it with us, live tweeting occasional comments and interacting with friends, fans and fellow cast members. I imagine you would have experienced a few anxious feelings wondering how the episode would be received, but after a while you would have relaxed a bit, and allowed yourself to absorb the joy of knowing that the show was a success. It should have been an hour of exhilaration and professional pride for you. Instead of basking in excitement, however, I know you are completely consumed with a family crisis right now, so I assume you either missed the show entirely or have not had the time or the heart to tune into fan reactions. At some point in the future, though, when your life starts to return to normal, you will check in with Twitter and emails again, you will think about work again, and you might just have a fleeting sadness that you missed the enthusiasm that surrounded the season's end. You gave so much of yourself to us in that episode that I thought we should return the favor. So I would like to capture here the thoughts and feelings of as many fans as possible while the finale's effect on us is still raw and unmuted by the passage of time.

Jared, your performance in "Sacrifice" was nothing less than stunning. The entire episode was a masterpiece, but your portrayal of Sam's suffering and heartbreak was breathtaking, literally. Every analyst's review and fan comment I have read has used words like "award-winning" and "ground breaking" with phrases like "raised the bar yet again" and "hit it out of the park". You brought passion to every minute of Sam's self-doubt, physical pain and human need. The scenes with Mark Sheppard were touching, believable and transformative. (You have mentioned that working with a variety of other actors stretches your creative capabilities, so I am so glad you got a chance to craft that scene with such a deeply talented actor as Mark. Together, the two of you struck a perfect balance between intensity and sensitivity, resulting in an incredibly moving character exposé.) Then Sam's climatic revelation to Dean was arguably the most poignant scene in the series. It was long ago established that you and Jensen have unmatched chemistry, and while he added immeasurably to the emotion of that dialogue, you truly owned that moment. Your gut-wrenching confession of (perceived) failure was a window into our most guarded human frailties. You showed us a human's soul, leaving our hearts pounding and our nerves wrecked. (I can't imagine filming that scene several times to get the angles, camera shots, etc. perfect. You had to go through that over and over again!)

I can't say I'm surprised. While your acting is always superb, over the past eight years you have given us several outstanding performances as Sam. You reduced us to puddles of empathy in "Heart" (s2), "Croatoan"(s2) and "Mystery Spot"(s3). We enjoyed your humor and comedic timing through entire episodes of "Bad Day at Black Rock" (s3), "The French Mistake" (s6) and "Plucky Pennywhistle's Magical Menagerie" (s7), as well as through quick one-liners, as in "Reading is Fundamental" (s7). You left us awed in horror as you transformed yourself into a mocking and sinister Possessed!Sam in "Born Under a Bad Sign" (s2), showed us unforgiving rage in "Fresh Blood" (S3), then mystified us as you delivered a haunting, emotionless Soulless!Sam in season 6. There have been the intense, highly emotional scenes such as those in "I Know What You Did Last Summer" (s4), "Sex and Violence" (s4), "When the Levee Breaks" (s4), "Swan Song"(s5), "The Man Who Knew Too Much"(s6) and "Hello Cruel World" (s7) (Sorry! I started out to list just a few of my personal favorites but the list just kept growing!). Then, at the end of season 8, you began the road to your best performance yet in "The Great Escapist". None of these achievements, though, prepared us for the perfection we saw in the finale, in "Sacrifice". Your vulnerability was gripping and unforgettable.

Without taking away from the prior seasons' accomplishments, the distinction that elevated this episode's performance was that the impact did not come from what was happening in the scene. The audience was not affected by watching you die from being stabbed in the back, or watching Dean be killed after a season of trying to save him. We were not watching you kill Lilith or raise Lucifer. No, the power of your scenes came solely and completely from what was said and how it was said. There was only dialogue. There were simple movements like you drawing blood on yourself, holding a syringe up to Crowley or showing your arms to Dean but these were there only to support the dialogue. The intensity of the moment came entirely from the honesty of the human emotion. The movements of your eyes, voice inflections, breath, posture, the way you walked, the way you stood and the heartbreak in your face all delivered the dominance of this episode. Acting at its absolute finest.

During the New Jersey convention panel, Jensen said you were "wrecked" after filming the finale. With all respect, you did look tired. Then when your family crisis happened and you had to leave Rome unexpectedly, Jensen said you were "heartbroken" about missing Jus In Bello. He said that interacting with fans rejuvenates both of you and that talking to fans is what makes the long hours of your filming schedule worth it. So ironically, while we were watching a fictional show about sacrifices, you were being asked to make a real life sacrifice of your own for the good of your family. Hopefully, though, our comments give back to you some of that wonderfully grateful, positive enthusiasm that you missed. I wasn't one of the people affected by your absence in Italy or England, but I know I can speak for at least some of them when I say there is no need to explain further or to feel bad. We are your family too. We understand. We are proud of what you did and we support you.

Our love to you, Genevieve and her family. Our thoughts, hopes and good wishes are with you all. When you are ready, read these comments, and understand what your performance meant to us.

Love and gratitude

and your SPN family


WFB friends, I know many of you already left your reactions to "Sacrifice" in review comments, but this is the place to discuss what you specifically thought of Sam in this episode. What did you think of Jared's performance in the finale? How did it affect you? Feel free to list your favorite "Sam" moments of the series as well or good wishes to the family! I will tweet or mail this to him at a future date (when it seems appropriate), but even if he never sees it, we will have recorded our reactions and that kind of positive energy always has a way of reaching its intended target!

Copyright 2013, Nightsky

[Editor's Note: Fan response to this letter was amazing. SPNFamily left several hundred comments of support for Jared, all of which were archived during a recent system conversion.]


# mer 2013-05-21 15:57
This is such a great, wonderful, well worded letter!! I hope he sees this!!
RGNYC Rebecca
# RGNYC Rebecca 2013-05-21 16:13
Thanks for this great letter. Jared's performance was amazing and the scene with Dean at the end broke my heart. We are so fortunate to have at least another season (here's hoping for 3 more!) to enjoy this fine actor's stellar work as Sam on Supernatural. Cheers. -RG
# nightsky 2013-05-21 21:42
Jensen recently said that with the new storylines, he doesn't see any reason why the show couldn't continue for a long time! Here's hoping, indeed!
# Laura 2013-05-21 16:15
Jared, your performance in "Sacrifice" was one of the best of the series. I was truly blown away by the honesty and vulnerability of your performance. You are an extremely talented actor and it has never showed more than in that episode. Please know that we are all praying for you and your family.
# nappi815 2013-05-21 16:19
i told jared at the nj con during autographs that he was having an amazing season....he looked up with a smile and said thanks....littl e did i know how i never even touched how truly amazing a job he really character has ever touched my heart the way sam winchester does....jared has come such a long way...he is a fantastic actor and a genuine human being.... both boys are...and i am so proud to have met them personally and to be a part of his fandom....

all my prayers are with you guys....

so looking forward to seeing you again, both of you, in season 9....

thanks for all you are.
# Caro 2013-05-21 16:39
Well said, ditto to it all! I so appreciate your words of praise for Jared. He deserves them. Jared was stunning in this episode! Boy did he ever shine! I feel like he's long overdue for this kind of opportunity to show his acting ability. And he did not disappoint any way shape or form.

I'm biased, I do call my self a Sam girl after all but I was very happy the direction this season least the last half of the season. I felt completely alright with Sam taking on the trials (know this is a source of controversy among some in the fandom) but personally I felt he needed vindication of sorts. Even though we didn't get that all important specific answer we needed-why he didn't look for Dean-he was able to finally, finally bare his soul to Dean. Let him know in no uncertain terms how unworthy he felt. In that painful and tortured moment he threw it all out there and no question....thi s was one of Jared's best ever moments on SPN! He was so savaged, so wrecked and ruined at this moment, there was no denying how much Jared had poured himself, heart and soul into this scene.

Jared has had some great moments in the past, S4 and 5 come to mind. But I feel he's been shorted a bit in the dramatic material dept. the last couple of seasons. I felt triumphant for him and so proud of his portrayal in Sacrifice esp, but also from the moment Sam undertook the trials.

I'm sorry he can't really bask in the glory of the praise and kudos he's getting right now with what's going on in his personal life, but I couldn't be more proud or impressed by his performance. Bravo Jared...Bravo! :-)
# st50 2013-05-21 16:43
Nightsky, Thanks for writing this.

I could never put into words how deeply I am affected by the talents of both Jared and Jensen, and I wouldn't know how to even start.

This episode was OWNED by Jared! - Much like that scene in Hello Cruel World, and all the others you have listed - This one just rocked me. Incredible. Heartbreaking. Devastating.... .All of what we, the audience, felt written all over Jensen's face. The way they feel the emotion off each other. Pure Magic. Together these guys are AWESOME. Award-worthy indeed.

If I ever have the chance to speak to Jared in person, I know I'll never be able to find the words, let alone the voice to say these things. I'd like to think that someone could let him know about this piece. As you said, he was rather absorbed in family matters at the time of airing. (Right where he needed to be - where we'd expect him to be. Because Family is Everything. I am so thrilled to see that everyone on the show has their priorities in the right place. )

I don't have the skill with words that you (and so many of the other writers on this site) have - so thanks again.
And thanks to Jared for being so open with his own heart - willing to "wreck himself" for us, giving so much of himself to this show. May we always respect what all these guys - cast and crew - so graciously give us.

I add my support and best wishes to the entire Cortese and Padalecki families.
# nuke333 2013-05-21 17:00
This is so beautifully written and stated! Thank you so much for putting in words what is in all our hearts. I hope Jared somehow gets to read this.

Love to him and his family.
Moose Girl
# Moose Girl 2013-05-21 18:57
OMG, he MUST read that. Is there any possibility that he does??
# nightsky 2013-05-21 21:46
I can only promise that I will send it to him. Then I will leave it to faith that he hears about it somehow....
Moose Girl
# Moose Girl 2013-05-21 22:15
Oh, please, do it!! And thank you so much for your words. :-)
# Maya 2013-05-24 22:34
I got here 'cause Genevieve tweet it sooo he's definetly read it or he will, and also I want to said that this letter hit the right points I cry again thinking in that powerful scene and of course the heartfell performance that Jared gave us!
# 1keepyousafe 2013-05-31 00:04
I think he did... Genevieve posted the article on Twitter to thank the fans :-)
# Trucklady 2013-05-21 18:57
Ah Nightsky you do have a way with words! :-) I found myself reliving all those feelings I was having while watching the last scene. I also hope that Jared gets to read some of these comments and the letter. I hope he knows just how much we all support his decision to be where he belongs, with family, and that he feels no regret for missing the cons. My thoughts and prayers are with him and Gen's families and I am so glad to hear some positive news about Gen's sister and her recovery.

I have been a fan of Jared's since GG days and watching him growing each season with SPN has just been such a treat. He took it to a whole different level in the Sacrifice final scenes. Anyone that watched that and didn't at least get a lump in their throat has to be numb. I personally cannot watch it now without heading to the kleenex box. :sad: Not to slight Jensen in anyway (I have to admit I have always been a Dean girl) his performance also made one feel his pain in the realization of what his brother was feeling and saying to him. This all comes down to just plain old excellent acting and knowing their characters so well they bring it to screen each and every week.

Thank you J&J and all the crew and guest actors. You guys make this show worth coming back to season after season and I am with the rest of the commenters in hoping this goes on for many more years.
# hlnkid 2013-05-21 19:59
Beautiful letter. You said everything I was thinking and more.

I am still, a week later, mesmerized by that final emotional scene between Sam and Dean. As much as I have loved Jared's various versions of Sam through the years, this one, this insecure, scared, desperate for his brother's approval version, laying it all out there...was Jared's finest performance so far as an actor. The raw emotion was the most powerful thing I've seen on TV in a long time. Matched against Jensen who is the master of subtle emotion, they made for a scene that no SPN will ever ever forget. Chemistry like theirs is rare, but when 8 years in, they break your heart yet's the sign of something special in the actors and in the respect they have for their characters. Kudos to Jared for laying Sam's soul bare for all of us to see. I can't imagine I'll ever get tired of watching that scene.

And thanks to Jared, Jensen, Misha, Mark S, Carver, all the writers, special affects people, music, make up, etc, etc...for making Season 8 another great run.
# TeresaPezzino 2013-05-21 20:29
Dear Jared, I know this has been said by many fans many times, but this show has saved me over and over again. And one of the main reasons is Sam Winchester. All of the times in my life that I chose the wrong path, all of the regrets I have for letting my family down, for not saying things that I should have said before it was too late, for not being the person I thought I would be, for not being there when I should have been have been deep pains that I have never really expressed. To anyone. The strength you have portrayed in Sam to keep going, to keep trying have given me strength to do the same. The way you continue to share yourself with us in spite of the negative side of fandom you have to deal with gives me the courage to share my vulnerable side in ways I have never had the courage to do before. I am grateful to Jensen and all of the cast and crew but I am especially grateful to you for being the person you are - one of the best of us but still human. So very human. I will be there to support you in all your future endeavors and I am sending prayers and positive energy in your family's present time of crisis. Thank you for being who you are.
# mj 2013-05-21 20:31
Thank you so much for writing this. Sacrifice is now my absolute favourite episode of the entire series (so far). All of the actors, especially Jared and Jensen, really put their whole selves into this episode, making it such a powerful emotional punch in the gut. I loved getting to see into Sam's heart and soul in such a deep, raw way. I loved that the brothers got to say those long overdue much needed words to each other, and the way those deep seeded fears and needs and truths were expressed so simply and clearly, and in such a moving way... I have no words for just how fiercely I loved that scene!

Thankyou Jared for giving your all time and again for the story we all love. I wish health and happiness to you and Genevieve and your family.
# eilf 2013-05-21 21:10
Thank you Jared for going all in for this episode and making it so memorable and moving for all of us. Wonderful job.

I also wanted to thank you for the little scenes that you do so well too week after week where you are there in the scene supporting what's happening and being so giving. I admit I love those scenes as well as the big set pieces.

Sacrifice was wonderful and made the season (for me) but don't think we don't notice the work that you and Jensen (and Misha and Mark and everyone else who makes this fantastical show so believable on a human level) put into the mid-season workaday episodes along with the showy ones that are the most popular. We do! We love you guys, keep up the good work.
# LEAH 2013-05-21 21:31
Even though I have always loved the way Jared and Jensen portray their respective characters, Jared was a revelation to me the last few weeks. His baring of the soul of Sam Winchester tore at my heart. I haven't always understood Sam as well as I did Dean but I have always loved him. Jared helped me to see inside of Sam and it was painful. How hard that must have been to act. Hopefully the takes were few. To be that emotionally raw over and over, must take it's toll. It is no wonder Jared was "wrecked". Beautiful work Jared.

Good thoughts go out to Jared, Gen and their families. The majority of the fandom are good people who only want the best for these amazing actors and the people they hold dear.

Thank you Nightsky for your lovely letter!!
# Pam 2013-05-21 22:11
Thanks for putting into such eloquent words what we all feel about Jared and his wonderful performances in this show. I am so happy to have found this site and the outstanding articles that embody this show. The SPN fans are so smart and loving and I feel connected to these people who share my love for Supernatural. The total Supernatural experience is soulful and heartwarming and I derive so many positive benefits from it. I hope that Jared and Jensen can maintain their passion for this project so that we can enjoy them for years to come. I also hope that Jared and Genevieve find comfort in knowing that there are many fans loving and supporting them in their time of crisis.
# Sofy 2013-05-21 23:32
very beautiful letter, Jared performance was brilliant, He is very talented and deserve all the awards.
# Jody 2013-05-21 23:37
His acting was stealer, he really rocked it and broke my heart.
Jared performance always amazing to me, but his performance in the finale was brilliant in away I don't even find a words to describe.
Good job Jared you are brilliant actor.
# Sandy 2013-05-21 23:48
My reaction after the episode was
# Tigershire 2013-05-22 00:09
I find myself wanting to say so much, yet cannot find the words. I have watched the show from the beginning and have never once been disappointed. However, I agree, Jared knocked his performance out of the park in this episode.

Thank you, Jared, for all you give to us (the fans). I don't think there will ever be a way to put into words what it means to us, all that you and Jensen and everyone else (cast and crew) put into this show that we love so much. So while I feel it's woefully inadequate, Thank You.

You have my love and support to you and your family during this troubled time.

And thank you too, to Nightsky, this letter is wonderful.
# Kara1940 2013-05-22 00:14
Sacrifice was an the episode that proved to me that even after eight seasons, SPN still has so much to offer. And Jared's performance was the emotional heart for me. Still leaves me breathless and a little teary eyed.
# Maria3 2013-05-22 01:11
This is so beautiful! If only Jared could see this and all the fans' reactions after the finale...
But, like in SPN, family comes first in real life too!

The scene at the church is one of all time favourites. It's the scene I have already watched countless times (and keep watching!) and even though I never doubted Jared's talent I was jaw-dropped by his performance in this episode, I guess mostly because I felt that there had been aaages since the last time we had a Sam insight.
We really need to have Sam POV more often. Jared knocks it out of the park everytime, so we really need to have more scenes like this.
# KG_SPN 2013-05-22 01:19
Nightsky, your letter to Jared is wonderful & I think reflects what many of us feel, but don’t quite know how to say. Thanks so much for giving us this opportunity to comment. I truly hope Jared does see this outpouring of love from his fans :-)

Dear Jared,

I just want to let you know how much I’ve enjoyed watching your portrayal of Sam in season 8. I’ve been trying to come up with a question for you (at VanCon) about how you prepare for those incredibly emotional scenes, and how you disengage once the camera stops rolling, but I doubt I’ll get the chance to ask. I have, however, heard Jensen talk about how much those last few episodes really took it out of you... so I can’t imagine it is easy.

You and Jensen are exemplary actors, with wonderful chemistry. That’s why we love Sam and Dean so much, and why we care so deeply about what happens to them (even though they’re only fictional characters). Like Nightsky, I could list all my favourite Sam moments from prior seasons, but, I think, somehow – and it’s a bit of a mystery to me that this is even possible – you’ve raised the bar and given us your best performances yet.

I honestly cannot remember a run of episodes that has moved me as much as the last few episodes of season 8. I’ve definitely had to keep the tissue box in close proximity through repeated viewings. There have been several stellar moments in your portrayal of Sam this season, each surpassed by the next one. Sam telling Dean that Benny didn’t make it; Sam telling Dean about his childhood memory of Sir Galahad; Sam totally gutted when he couldn’t save Sarah; and finally, the entirety of Sam’s scenes in the finale.

What can I say about Sacrifice? The entire episode was flawless. But I was particularly spellbound by the Sam/Crowley scenes and have watched them several times now. Both you and Mark knocked it out of the park (to use one of Dean’s sport’s metaphors). The final moments between Sam and Dean were also brilliant and heartbreaking. You somehow managed to lay bare all of Sam’s emotions; his insecurities and his deeply-buried desire for his brother’s approval. Your choked-up delivery of the line, “It was how many times I let you down”, was impeccable. Even though I’ve watched this scene several times now, it still makes me cry. So does Dean’s wonderful response (which Jensen delivers beautifully) :cry:

Congratulations to you and everyone at Supernatural for another wonderful season. I’m really looking forward to season 9 (and hopefully 10).

On a more personal note, in the past couple of weeks on Twitter I’ve seen so many beautiful tweets being sent to you & Gen; thousands of positive vibes and prayers for Sarah. I truly hope that by the time you read this (if you do get the chance to read this) Sarah has made a full recovery. My thoughts are with you, Gen, Thomas and all your family in this difficult time.

Take care,
# Gwen 2013-05-22 03:45
What a beautiful letter, Nightsky. I am so glad that you are going to send this to him.

I've always loved Jared's acting (I've been a Sam girl since The Pilot aired over here in Wales, no television character has ever taken hold of my heart as much as Sam) and he just keeps getting better and better with each season. His performance in Sacrifice was spellbinding. I just can't stop watching his scenes with Mark Sheppard and, of course, the Sam and Dean scene. That scene instantly became my favourite scene throughout the entire series. There are so many Sam scenes/episodes that I love; scenes and episodes were Jared did truly incredible work - e.g Nightmare, IMTOD, ELAC, Croatoan, BUABS, HOTH, Heart, AVSNC, MS, Fresh Blood, the whole Addict!Sam storyline in S4, Soulless!Sam in S6, Lucifer!Sam in The End, meeting his mam and dad in TSRTS, Hello Cruel world, TBAI and, now, the trials storyline in S8. I always love the emotional moments/episode s, Jared is so heartbreakingly good. Nobody does messy crying better than Jared. But he's also wonderful at the comedy - Bad Day At Black Rock is a classic. :lol: Jared truly is a very gifted actor.

Anyway, Jared, I hope you manage to read this and all the comments here. You really do deserve all the praise being sent to you. Thank you for all the hard work you put into the show and into making Sam such a wonderful character; a character who's broken my heart, made me laugh and intrigued me more than any other television character ever.
# Tami 2013-05-22 07:05
Just this,absolutely . Thanks for such a great letter that really says how so many of us feel about Jared's phenomenal performance.
# SecretWillow 2013-05-22 10:23
Thank you so much for this letter Nightsky, and for so beautifully stating everything I wish I could say.

Dear Jared,

I will never be able to adequately convey what it has meant to me to be able to watch you and Sam grow together over the years, and for sharing so much of yourself with us. Though it might sound cliched, Sacrifice sincerely took my breath away. Whether it was the demon blood issues, the soullessness, or the turmoil of a broken Hell-wall, you've always fascinated me at every turn. But this time, you found a certain emotional pitch that genuinely left me unable to breathe, blink, or think. I know that wasn't easy, and it took a lot out of you, and I can't tell you enough how much your efforts and dedication are appreciated. My most heartfelt thanks to both you and Jensen for all that you do, and all that you are.

All my love and support and prayers go out to you and your family during this hard time.

Thank you,
Ginny Anderson
# Ginny Anderson 2013-05-22 14:52
THANK YOU for putting into words what I and so many other fans feel but don't quite know how to convey. I absolutely agree with all of it - and with all of the previous fan comments here too.

Dear Jared,
I turly hope you get to read this - it is a beautiful tribute to the wonderful man you are.
You and the Cortese and Padalecki families are in my thoughts and prayers. Sending heartfelt wishes for a full recovery for Sarah.
I also want to say Thank you for all you give to us (your fans) and for all you put into the show. You and Jensen and the whole cast and crew put your hearts into everything you do for the show - and the fans. And it means so much to us.
Thank you for all of your hard work thoughout all of the 8 years - your performances are always amazingly captivating and awesome.
In Sacrifice Jared, you were absolutely stunning - the raw emotion you showed - you literally took my breath away. Words can't even describe how brilliant you were. No matter how many times I watch that episode it still makes me cry (and I can't seem to stop watching it!).

I hope you feel the love and support for you and your family.

Again - Thank you,
Ginny Anderson
BK Darkchild
# BK Darkchild 2013-05-22 14:52
I second everything you said in your article. Jared's performance was BRILLIANT. Watching TNT every day it's easy to see how much he has grown as an actor. I'm telling you: Jared Padalecki should have an Emmy. I feel a Write In Campaign coming on. My prayers go out to him, Gen and their respective families. May Sarah have a Full & Complete recovery, so this will end up just a really bad memory...
# josieposie 2013-05-22 17:02
I feel a little funny adding my voice to such a wonderfully eloquent letter and to all the previous comments above because I will probably end up reiterating everything said, but, I feel compelled to add my praise too. Since Sacrifice aired one week ago I have watched the church scene between Sam and Dean at least a dozen times and each time I feel the emotional impact. The pain and heart break of Sam's revelation so beautifully portrayed by Jared is something that I can never forget. It's like an incredible movie that you can't stop talking or thinking about long after you've seen it. You just love it that much!

Thank you, Jared, for baring your heart and soul and bringing such depth to the character of Sam!

Like the rest of the SPN family, I too would like to send my thoughts, prayers, and love to your family during this crisis.

# Bella 2013-05-22 18:22
One word for Jared's performance EPIC
4 little words He blew me away ......
# Katie 2013-05-22 21:42
One week later and my family and I are STILL talking about Jared's performance! Jared's Sam is the tortured soul of the series and Jared is the reason we keep watching year after year, he is absolutely BRILLIANT every time and we thought, this is THE scene. But then there more, and again and again, and oh, another outstanding performance so this is THE scene, but oh no, Jared keeps on giving us more Sam and his heartbreaks . Jared totally owned Sacrifice and when people are still talking about it a week later, you know it was something incredible, something epic, something that left a mark in the heart of all of us.
Far Away Eyes
# Far Away Eyes 2013-05-22 21:45
Jared amazes me each week, and here he tore my heart out with his performance. It had everything a fan could ask for and he delivered it all.

I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but I often feel like we get cheated---as does Jared and Jensen---by all the awards groups. Both Js deserve to have a ton of awards cast their way for their hard work and artful portrayals of these two men. It is through them the story comes to life and it is through them we feel Sam and Dean are real.

All. The. Awards. All of them.
# LordAniline 2013-05-22 23:03
Jared's acting = brilliance, outstanding, soul searing

The church scene was genius in its simplicity - no actions, no grand gestures, no cliffhangers, just dialogue and a short one at that, and yet it left me gutted in the best possible way. The raw emotion in all its bare honesty and fears and grief left me stunned. I've always been a great admirer of Jared Padalecki since the pilot episode, his work is deep and at times fathomless, so I thought there couldn't be any more surprises, every season I'm shown otherwise and further validates to me that Jared is truly the finest actor of his generation.

Sam's frailty is the true mytharc of Supernatural and brings us along in his journey of self discovery and the many heartbreaks he endures along the way.
# nightsky 2013-05-23 14:55

Sam's frailty is the true mytharc of Supernatural and brings us along in his journey of self discovery and the many heartbreaks he endures along the way.
That actually is a very interesting idea. I had not heard that before. Huh. I will have to ponder that a little....
# Dori 2013-05-22 23:26
I was so blown away by your work in "Sacrifice." Just, wow. There have been many times during the series that you completely broke my heart as Sam (that's a good thing, trust me); I didn't think anything could rip me up the way "Mystery Spot" did, and then I watched the Galahad comic scene in "The Great Escapist." And then there was this episode. I'm usually very physically involved when I'm watching Supernatural, but when Sam turned around to face Dean, and explained what his confession had been, I literally stopped breathing for the entire speech. In a show with so many amazing acting moments from you and Jensen over the last eight years, those two scenes are right up there at the top.

But it's not just the heart-wrenching moments that make your Sam such a great character. It's the way Sam rolls his eyes at Dean, it's the perfectly timed snark, it's the humor you give Sam, too, because the big dramatic moments may be what people remember first, but comedy is hard, and you nail it every time.

So thank you for Sam Winchester, for the goofy kid and the mad, bad, dangerous to know hunter; he has made my life a lot more fun for the last eight years.

I hope that by the time you see this, if you do, that all is well with your family again. Meantime, we're all thinking good thoughts for all of you.
# Amyj 2013-05-23 10:00
Such a beautiful, heartfelt letter.
# photoshopgrl 2013-05-23 10:39
This letter is the epitome of perfection. It states exactly how I feel. Jared, the person, is amazing. His acting is so under appreciated most times that I get overly excited when I see people giving him such high praise. THANK YOU! And just in case he hasn't seen it I linked Clif to this article so hopefully he'll pass it on to Jared so he can read.
# nightsky 2013-05-23 14:41
And just in case he hasn't seen it I linked Clif to this article so hopefully he'll pass it on to Jared so he can read.
Thank you for your kind words about the letter and THANK YOU for sending Clif the link! I thought about doing that, but I thought it would look a bit self-serving coming from me! If Clif sees it, we are One Step Closer!
# photoshopgrl 2013-05-24 16:03
I'm so happy they saw it. I don't know if Clif showed them from my message but either way Jared read all these amazing things we all think about him and I could not be happier!!!!
# nightsky 2013-05-24 22:03
I don't know how Gen learned about the letter, but if it was from Clif, THANK YOU.!!! This whole thing is amazing!
# Sharon 2013-05-23 12:57
Thank you for this letter and I truly hope Jared does get to see it .
His performance's sometimes go under the radar but the literal sense both emotionally and physically he put himself in to portray Sam in that scene was amazing to watch. Jensen said Jared wrecked himself in those last few episodes and it wasnt hard to see that . He deserves every bit of praise he gets .
# Annie 2013-05-23 13:03
Dear Jared

We missed you at Asylum last week but we understood why you couldn't make it. However after seeing your performance in the finale I really wish I had had the chance to thank you personally for the wonderful performance and the emotions it bought.

I have been a Sam fan since Episode one and you always moved me. I have been far too invested with a character who isn't actually real so that proves how perfect your performance is because Sam is so real to me!

Jared - you have saved my life literally - I was seriously ill for two years and had to have test after test. Alongside my family Supernatural was the one thing that kept me going. I watched episodes to take my mind off what was happening and I was thankful for you and Jensen during those awful times.

Thankfully I had a life saving op in October and life is definitely looking up! I wish I could say thank you to you in person but it appears you have your own terrible problems. I hope and pray that everything gets better for you and your family. You deserve it.

So thank you Jared for everything and keep smiling that smile. You have made Sam your own and please keep on doing that.

Much love from the UK

Annie xx
# nightsky 2013-05-23 14:51
Annie, thank you so much for your comment. I had goose-bumps reading it. It is GREAT that you are doing better now! You deserve so much credit for your courage.

Thank you, too, for mentioning that you were at the UK con. I was hoping that someone who was actually there would write. It is easy for me to say that I understand about Jared not being there because I wasn't there either! There is a whole different impact, though, for someone who actually missed him to say that the Asylum fans understood.
# SarahJay 2013-05-24 18:17
I was at Asylum too, and am a member of a Facebook group where over 300 attendees have spent the last 12 months chatting and planning our weekend.
I can assure you (and Jared, if he sees this!) that I have not seen a single negative reaction. Disappointment, obviously, but 100% understanding. Hell, the show that brings us all together tells us it's all about family.

Thank you so much for the letter above. It's perfect, and I completely agree that Jared's performance in this episode, opposite a pretty damn impressive Mark Sheppard, was nothing short of stunning.

Much love to Jared & Gen, and here's hoping for positive news soon. xxx
# suenash19 2013-06-06 20:38
Hey Nightsky,
I was at Asylum too. I missed Jared terribly but totally understand him being with his family. That is part of what makes him the beautiful man he is.

I have tweeted love and prayers to them and also a link to a lovely letter from Jibcon and this article. I am so pleased that they have now seen your letter, I think it sums up our feelings so well.

I look forward to hopefully meeting Jared one day and being able to tell him in person how much he is appreciated.

Sue x
# Lou 2013-05-23 13:52
Beautiful letter! But it's hard to argue that the most poignant moment of the series for most will always be Dean talking to Sam's dead body/selling his soul in AHBL2.
# nightsky 2013-05-23 14:59
But it's hard to argue that the most poignant moment of the series for most will always be Dean talking to Sam's dead body/selling his soul in AHBL2.
You might have just given me an idea for a future "Let's Discuss" article!
# LEAH 2013-05-23 15:42
That is a great idea nightsky! I wonder if there hasn't been something like that done before? Alice would know. There is a goldmine of poignant moments to choose from and it would be fun to pick the top 10 or so, or just our personal favorite.
# m 2013-05-23 15:22
There are a lot of poignant moments imo, but with all due respect, I don't feel it's right to make it seem like a contest.

I do like the idea of a Let's Discuss article, though as long as it goes beyond 'who has the best moment' mentality...
# Jess 2013-05-23 15:09
Jared acting always amazing, He make me feel Sam emotions and actions and relate to him, He always break my heart in his emotional scenes especially in sacrifice, His performance was brilliant and really stole the show with his incredible performance.

You are very talented actor Jared and I enjoy your work all the time, every time I say it is the best moment for Jared ever and he reached the top you surprise me with more brilliant scenes and better performance over and over.
# Rem 2013-05-23 15:16
Really great letter, It reflect my feelings exactly.

Emmy For Jared Padalecki
# Thisoldbag 2013-05-23 17:01
I was hooked on to Supernatural in the 2nd season with "Born Under a Bad Sign". That was the moment my occasional viewing of 2 boys ( very young to me as I am usually a fan of those nearer my own age) became absolute fan. I was in awe of the talent as well as the story. That has not changed, I knew and I know there is nothing this man can't take on. Wimpy or confident, silly or serious, subtle or dramatic. It has (and will continue to be) a true pleasure to watch and be a fan of Jared and his work.
# Kristi 2013-05-23 22:30
This is such a great, wonderful, well worded letter!! I hope he sees this!!
He was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Totally captivating! So proud of you Jared!!! AWESOMELY BEAUTIFUL!
# samjacklover 2013-05-24 15:35
Jared kicked the finale in the ass as usual !!! AWESOME PERFORMANCE! HE ROCKED!!!!! He had me an emotional wreck by the end of the show!


The guys are killing us! BRING ON SEASON 9!!!
# Meredith 2013-05-24 16:45
From Twitter:

Genevieve Padalecki @realGpad 2h
@jarpad and I thank you. This is very special. x Dear Jared (A Reflection on 'Sacrifice')
They heard you. How awesome is that?!
Moose Girl
# Moose Girl 2013-05-24 17:53
Did he see it??
# nightsky 2013-05-24 22:06
YES!!! See my comment below, but as of a few hours ago, Genevieve tweeted that they saw it and thought it was "very special". How very wonderful!
Dawn Willoughby
# Dawn Willoughby 2013-05-24 17:15
I knew I liked Sam and I knew I loved Jared but this really set it in stone. I believe I like Sam more than Dean now and that's a big thing for me.

The performance should win you awards Jared, all of the awards.
# Matt 2013-05-24 17:27
A well written letter to one hell of an actor.

I have my own thoughts to add. I was hooked on Supernatural from the first night in September of 2005. The entire cast has always given great performances, and has carried the show for 8 years now.

Jared has a way with taking great opportunities to portray different aspects of the human condition (or not so human in some cases) become phenomenal displays of acting in emotionally charged scenes. Sam has been written to be good, evil, possessed, and pretty much every neutral area in between with the absence of a soul. Jared has always knocked it out of the park in every aspect of who/what he is trying to portray.

Jared emotes with his body extremely well, and his eyes alone can dictate the current mentality of Sam in the most subtle of ways.

So to you Jared (if you read this), I thank you for your performances and the inspiration you give to me as an actor. I confess I have used your monologues in acting classes (to much success!) and used your mannerisms and style as a jumping board to give a go at things like playing Lucifer myself. So much fun!

I only wish that the Academy of Arts and Sciences would take an interest in shows that don't fit their typical demographic so that actors like you, Jensen, Misha et al. could receive the nomination nods you clearly should earn. Your talent is worthy of an Emmy, and a Golden Globe. Don't think anything less.

While you were taking care of your family, we were being shown another flawless performance of yours in "Sacrifice". A performance I'm sure was exhausting to deliver so perfectly. You took years of Sam Winchester angst, and summed it up in moments in an emotional confession that broke hearts (and probably killed many fans at home).

I pray for your family member's speedy and full recovery , that you can soon breathe easier, that you, your wife, your son, and your dogs can have happiness; and that you can again bask in the fruits of your labor... the eternal love and support of all your fans and peers.

Thank you,

Carrie Nielson
# Carrie Nielson 2013-05-24 17:35
This is such an impeccable letter to Jared and though I wish I could so eloquently put down words for how 'Sacrifice' touched me, I am not that talented.
Jared deserves and Emmy, no doubt! I hope you, Jared, know that your fans are all in awe of you & your talents.
Being a sibling, gives me a small relation to SN. But, having lost my sister, draws me closer & closer to the relationship of Dean and Sam. I deeply feel the need the 2 of the have to save each other and disappointment you want to to not give the other. There is not another show out there that can draw so much from the watchers....SN is steps beyond the current Emmy winning shows and I am a fan who would like it to be recognized as such.
My daughter and I are looking forward to rewatching the seasons, in anticipation of Season 9.
My thoughts and prayers go out to Jared, Gen & their family.
My happy thoughts go out to Jensen, Danneel & baby Ackles.
# Elisa 2013-05-24 17:42
I'm still completely blown away by "Sacrifice" and especially Jared's performance in it. I was sobbing my eyes out through the last ten minutes of the episode when Sam bared his soul out to his brother. It was such a raw emotionally scene and I could literally FEEL the heartache - and that's what makes an outstanding actor; to be able to transfer the character's feelings to the fans watching it. So amazing! And the chemistry between Jared and Jensen never lets us down. Hands down, it was one of my favorite brotherly moments throughout the entire series!
Btw, I was one of the people affected by Jared's absence at the JIB convention in Rome, and this letter says it all. There're no hard feelings here - only concern and care. We are indeed your family too Jared and we've got your back. ?

Elisa Brogren Andersen (Denmark, Europe)
# Elleke 2013-05-24 18:01
I wholeheartedly agree with this letter; the episode was stunning, the acting perfect and Jared's portrayal to Sam very very touching, especially the scene with Dean where he finally said what was weighing on him all those time. Heartbreaking.
# Chantal 2013-05-24 18:06
I was left speechless by Jared performance in the finale. The depth of emotion captured was breathtaking!
This letter to Jared has said it all. Love and prayers.
# Juline 2013-05-24 18:06
This letter is wonderful it envelopes everything I have thought throughout the series. I agree with the depth and conviction of Jared's performance and it moved me to tears. I hope his life returns to some level of normalcy soon and he sees all he truly does for the SPN fans.
# nightsky 2013-05-24 18:53
@realGpad: @jarpad and I thank you. This is very special. x Dear Jared (A Reflection on 'Sacrifice')
Everyone!!....J ARED AND GENEVIEVE READ THE LETTER!!! Genevieve thanked us on Twitter a few hours ago. Thank you so much to everyone for your loving comments! Your heartfelt wishes and gratitude reached them!
# st50 2013-05-24 19:54
Congratulations , nightsky, and thanks to you for writing this - and being a voice for all of Jared's fans.
I think it's wonderful that your beautiful words reached their ears. Hopefully it gave them a reason to smile during a trying time.
# Abby_1987 2013-05-24 19:06
WOW! you have spken for all of us who love this show, and of course, these amazing and talented guys. I'm from Mexico, but it's just like you've said, we all are a big family, and our love and grattitude is the same. And you can be sure that, if for some reason, Jared can't read this, he can feel our love & support. He knows that we will always be there for him, Jensen and the rest of the crew, week after week.
So thank you for your beautiful words. I can say that I feel so proud of being part of this awesome fandom.
God bless y'all :)
# Lynn 2013-05-24 19:42
I'm so glad that Jared and Gen got to read this - I know how genuine and heartfelt your words are, Nightsky (in addition to being eloquent), and I'm absolutely certain that genuine emotion came through to them and meant alot in what's been a difficult time for their family. I will always be honored that Jared read Fandom At The Crossroads cover to cover and that what we wrote in that book meant something to him - I hope he knows how special he and Jensen and Misha (etc!) are to all of us :)

Kudos on a beautiful letter.

Nikki H.
# Nikki H. 2013-05-24 20:09
First of all, the above review encapsulates so perfectly how I feel about Jared's performance as Sam throughout the years. It's been wonderful to see the characters evolve and I agree that Jared keeps raising the bar, as does Jensen.

A few weeks ago when I was watching Mystery Spot with my daughter she commented "Why does Dean have to die over and over again in this episode? Why can't it be Sam?" I gave her a look comprised of both shock and horror to which she replied. "Yeah, I said it." Why did she say it? Because she knows just how much I love the character Sam Winchester and how impressed I am with how Jared portrays him. Jared and Jensen have brought so much realism to their portrayals of Sam and Dean that it's sometimes hard to forget they're fictitious.

Secondly, this is the only show I've watched where every single cast member, regular or guest, is approachable, thankful and naturally comedic. The reason the Supernatural fan base is so different from others is that the cast and crew constantly go out of their way to show their appreciation to the fans. They give 100% in everything they do and don't take a single thing for granted and because of that we, the true fans, are fiercely protective of them and their families.

When I watched Sacrifice I was blown away by the performances of everyone but when Sam began confessing to Dean how he truly felt...I was reduced to tears. It was so raw and real that couldn't help but cry. My daughter looked at me like I was nuts and said "It's just a show, Mom." Yes, I know it's just a show but the performances were so spectacular that I couldn't watch it and remain unaffected.

Truthfully, I was introduced to the show around 2007, 2008. I'm not sure how I wasn't aware of its existence prior to then but it was my best friend who kept telling me about it. If I visited her home on the night it was on then I was watching it with her, whether I liked it or not--and without a doubt I always liked it. When I finally decided to really start watching it I watched the first four seasons in less than 3 weeks and I haven't missed an episode since.

I have nothing but respect and love for the cast and crew of Supernatural and I anxiously look forward to Season 9.
# SHARON DORMAN 2013-05-24 20:10
loved this letter. saw it from twitter. jared you did such an amazing job in the last episode. I've been a fan since the beginning. that last episode had me in tears. i loved the scenes with you and mark. you're both very talented actors. you're confession to dean was heartbreaking. you deserve an award for this episode. i hope everything works out with yours and gen's family issues. you're both in my prayers.
# MELISSA STRAUB 2013-05-24 20:47
# Mellonie 2013-05-24 22:26
I was privileged to meet both Jared and Jensen. They have had long hours of travel to come see tens of thousands of us crazy fans. The long days and nights away from home to make an hour of our lives fun and entertaining. We get the escape and they work very hard to make sure to hit it home for the fans. We always feel that their family is our family and we hope that they all feel our love and prayers.
# Carla 2013-05-24 22:30
Jared..That scene where Sam is explaining how he feels he's let Dean down... Wow.. Raw Sam feelings portrayed excellently..So me of the finest acting I've seen.. I was totally in the moment with Sam and you made me understand exactly what
he was feeling.
Robin Vogel
# Robin Vogel 2013-05-24 23:06
I have watched, awestricken and proud, as Jared has evolved from a fledgling actor on GILMORE GIRLS to the utterly amazing actor he is today. The depth of his performance in "Sacrifice" was nothing short of breathtaking. Jared had me laughing during his scenes with Mark Sheppard and sobbing during his scenes with Jensen Ackles; watching him grow weaker and more exhausted did the same to me! Jared has grown into an expert actor, and I, who have watched him for all these years, could not be more proud! Love, Robin
Moose Girl
# Moose Girl 2013-05-24 23:06
This Samgirl here is beyond herself with joy with the praise and recognition Jared is getting. Life has not always been easy for Sam fans. Character bashing and even personal attacks to the actor/person jared were in virtually every board. In my firece attempts to defed Sam and Jared, I got in trouble with other posters in some boards until I finally gave up posting. Thanks to everyone here for making this a place where we can express different opinions and feelings without being insulted because we are Samgirls or Deangirls.

I was lucky enough to meet Jared in person last year at the Rio Con. I had one of the happiest times in my life. He's a wonderful person and actor and deserves every bit of love from his fans. And thank you NIGHTSKY for being our voice. We owe you. :-)
# debbab 2013-05-24 23:57
Beautifully written letter to Jared. So much portrayed with the word"so?". The scene wrecked me for days. Bravo. Sending positive energy to Sarah, Gen and the whole cortesse.padale cki clan as well. SPN has been there for me during some very difficult times, so let the appreciation of the fandom wash over y'all when you are ready.
# Cheryl 2013-05-25 00:47
I love how Sam put this line to Dean: "What happens when you've decided I can't be trusted again?

Dean does have trust issues that seem to come and go most of them having nothing to do with Sam but rather with Deans own insecurities

His expectations of Sam to never make a mistake and to fill his every need are expectations no human being can ever meet or should be expected to. And tonight all that frustration hurt and pain Sam has stuffed down for years trying to meet those impossible expectations and feeling a failure was triggered when Dean told Sam he couldn't do this without him.

Sam started with telling Dean what he confessed. That his greatest sin was that he let his big brother down too many times.

So bad was it for Sam that he would rather be successful at shutting the hell gates and dead then letting his brother down one more time. I mean how freaking chilling was it to hear Sam say "So" when Dean told him if he finished the third trial he'd be dead.

Jared was amazing as Sam the way he bared his soul to his brother He was at rock bottom and desperate and Dean stepped up and in the most loving way said what Sam has long needed to hear.

Thank you Jeremy Carver for returning the show we know and the brotherly relationship we love and have so long nissed and now even better than ever. The second half of Season 8 has been a dream come true
# Jessi 2013-05-25 01:41
Jared was incredible - I cried a little and then cried some more. As the seasons have gone by, Sam has grown and changed so much. I absolutely love the man he has become. Sam and Dean's relationship gives hope for what real family should be. Not everyone is so lucky to have that. What great role models.
It was definitely a Sam season!!
Don't worry - I still love Dean too. Always have and always will. Sam just has a larger part place in my heart now.

Looking forward to growing old watching Sam and Dean grow old fighting evil till the end of days. Guessing by the time we get to Season 30 the boys can retire - maybe.

The SPN family shows over and over the love and support for their members in so many different ways. Proud to be a part of it.
Prayers and best wishes to Sarah and the whole family.

Also - best wishes to Jensen and wife on the upcoming birth of their baby girl. What an awesome time in their lives. Excited to hear what they name her - I like the name Ryleigh and Faith too.
Ashley Joe
# Ashley Joe 2013-05-25 02:12
I personally think this was one of his best scenes. He wasn't Jared Padalecki, the actor that plays Sam; He was Sam Winchester. He became his character. And that was what made the scene so perfect. Jared did a wonderful job at showing his emotions, and reacting to other's lines. Jared, if you ever read this, I would just like you to know that you are my favorite actor and I really look up to you. And you really took my breath away in "Sacrifice". I hope someday that I can be as good of an actor as you are. You are award-winning material.
Isis Molina
# Isis Molina 2013-05-25 03:04
I love Jared so much, and I've always admired the emotion he inputs into Sam Winchester. It's so real, so true to the character's history. I adore Sam and I've always been on his side because he's such a selfless beautiful man. Jared is so talented, so wonderful, and so abundantly talented. I hope his family issues get resolved. I wish him and all of his family the best!
emma winchester
# emma winchester 2013-05-25 04:50
i have a lot of things i wanna say but i couldn't find the words .. Sacrifice was one of the great ep. ever .. the last scene was more than heartbreaking was one of the kind .. that makes me watch it over and over and over again b/c i don't know how Jared and Jensen did that great performance .. this scene makes me watch the whole show through 8 years in j/ a mins.
Thnaks Jared and Jensen for that great performance .. and i wish everything going well w/ U Jared and Gen
# Ola-l 2013-05-25 05:15
Awesome performance! Bravo, Jared!
Russia, Saint-Petersbur g
# Nafilah 2013-05-25 05:17
you have beautifully expressed the feelings of all of SPN family members.... And i second what u have said about the episode.Its been weeks that the show end but we still cant get out of it...Jared have done an amazinggg job and he did justice with the character.The scene with crowley and Jensen is the best scene of the season.It really made us cry.Jensen's acting was also very supporting.They both made the episode worth watching.
We Thank the entire crew and and both of them for working so hard for us.We love them so much.
# JessicaTS 2013-05-25 08:16
I have nothing to add to this beautiful letter, you said all that needed to be said, Nightsky. So glad Jared got to read it, and hope it gave him some joy in this trying time.

Loving regards from Sweden, our prayers are with them.
# Jensenfan1978 2013-05-25 08:35
I must admit I was overcome with emotion with this episode more than I have ever been with the show. There has never been a series that can control my emotions like this one. jared knocked it out of the ball park. I enjoy his acting, but it is usually Jensen who reaches me, but not this time. What Jared did deserved an Emmy. It is aggravating to know it won't happen. I broke himself apart or us. I'll never forget it. Never.
# @DS_SD 2013-05-25 09:05
At the first I must admire the message that crossed all our feelings and thoughts about the series and Jared or Sam and I want to say that our prayers and our thoughts positive for Sara Gen 's sister and I must say that Jared has provided the best performance I have ever seen, especially the scene with Jensen in the end, confession his feelings for his brother, I've had a very epic and amazing and So far, I could not overcome my feelings whenever I have seen and frankly I can not wait to see what will happen in the next season of the series, and I hope that there will be more and more seasons with the wishes of Jared and his family happiness and safety
# Anths-Girl 2013-05-25 10:56
Wow...well, I hardly even know what to say. I don't think I'd be able to coherently add anything to this post, which stated EXACTLY how I felt watching 'Sacrifice', and the few preceeding episodes.

One moment that REALLY gave me gut wrenching pangs, though, was when Sam told Dean about remembering when Dean read him books as a child... That entire scene, and Sam's confession that even then, he felt 'not clean', was SO heartbreaking! To think that Sam, even as a child, had to suffer what had been done to him by Azazel!

Though again, this post states EVERYTHING perfectly. Jared WAS phenomenal in the last episodes of Season 8. And this I say, when I myself had totally disliked the first half of the season! But these last episodes, and Jared's potrayal of Sam, has just, again, made me fall in love with the Winchesters all over again!

So I want to say THANK YOU, to Jared, and I want to wish him and his family all the best during this hard time!
# Mooseketeer 2013-05-25 13:29
I usually don't do this type of thing, but watching sacrifice, in fact watching the entire eighth season, I felt that I, as a fan owe Jared a huge thank you and a deep debt of gratitiude. There is no question in my mind that he poured every ounce of his heart and soul into telling Sam's story, a story that means so much to so many fans, and I am certain that it took its toll on Jared as well. It was equisite acting and exceptional storytelling at its finest.

Right now, , personally, I am dealing with a challenging time in my life (yea, lets call it challenging:)), and I know that whenever I have a difficult day and just feel fed up with everything, I will grab my laptop and curl up with an episode of Supernatural. And guess what-I always find something to give me that boost of hope and strength that I need. Be it Sam promising Dean that there is a light at the end of "this ugly ass tunnel" or Dean telling Kevin that , we "suck it up and push through, because that's what we do".

That is the singular magic that is Supernatural, and personally I cannot imagine anyone other than Jared (and Jensen and Misha too....:)) bringing these beautiful words and this incredible message of perseverance, family and love to life. For that thank you seems kind of empty , don't you think? But it's all I've got and I suppose it's a good start.

Much love to you, Jared and Gen. I really hope you guys can put this trying time behind you and come out stronger on the other side!
# Melanie 2013-05-25 13:48
Nightsky, Thank you so much for writing this letter. I see in the comments that Jared & Gen have seen it and that makes me so happy.

Jared's entire performance was just stellar -- the physicality building up from the previous episodes was nothing short of remarkable.
For me, a single moment literally punched me in the gut and it was just one word.

Dean says, 'Sam, if you finish the trial, you're going to die.' And Sam says, 'So?'

Done, destroyed, puddle of goo, blinking away tears for the rest of the scene. Dean was making me feel a little better and then the bookend from Sam 'I don't want to stop.' just wrecked me all over again.

After eight seasons, I cannot believe that I am still so invested in these characters and its because of the wonderful, layered performances by Jared & Jensen. I honestly believe that Sam & Dean Winchester are the best characters on TV.

One of the things that I have enjoyed the most about SPN over the seasons has been watching all the nuanced variations on Sam -- possessed, souless, Lucifer, demonblood hopped-up, revenge driven -- that Jared has brought. I just love how I can tell from an expression in a picture that its Lucifer or Souless and not the 'real' Sam.

Anyway -- I'm so glad that you wrote this to Jared. I hope he knows how much we lin the SPNFamily love & support him and how much his work enriches our lives.
# novi 2013-05-25 14:00
Imagine Jared playing president Lincoln ( in due time, of course, several years hence), or Reacher! I so hope that there will be a great future career for the boys, they deserve it!
# ?SPN? 2013-05-25 14:03
This letter is so beautiful nd well written it covers all our emotions ??? thanks for putting it into words. Jared u're an inspiration, an amazing human being nd actor, u proofed it once again during this awesome finale. U took ur acting abilities to a hole new level. The last 10 minutes were so heartbreaking, i was about to cry nd i never ever cry during a tv show or a movie, perfect job jared! Thank u for all u're doing for us. I remember one of ur first tweets "i will never ever forget u........ As long as u remind me!" congrats! SPN has changed so much in my life, u will always be a part of it! Thanks for the continued inspiration ??? our toughts are with u nd ur family, sending healing vibes sarahs way ? greets from austria
# ?SPN? 2013-05-25 14:07
??? was supposed to be a
# ?SPN? 2013-05-25 14:11
..heart :oops:
# Shrunga 2013-05-25 15:54
Always have been and always will be a Sam girl :D This letter perfectly sums up how I feel about Jared. He truly deserves the waves of praise being directed towards him after "Sacrifice".
I didn't think I would tear up for anyone the way I teared up for Sam.
Angelika Zimmermann
# Angelika Zimmermann 2013-05-25 16:48
Thank you nightsky for your wonderful letter. I'd love to add something personal:
Dear Jared,
I hope so much, that you will read not only the wonderful letter from nightsky, but also all the great comments and good wishes from all of us here. I am already 57 years old and a huge fan of SN and especially of you and your Sam since season 3, when my son didn't stop begging me to watch this tv-show, because he knew I would love ist. Finally I gave in to him and one or two episodes were enough that I was hooked on SN completely until today. At first I watched it in German, but your german voice is awkward, so I started to watch it in English and as soon as it is put on the web. And even today my son, who is 22 meanwhile and a medicine-studen t, and I have the ritual to sit together watching every new episode - of course I myself have seen it already a few times, because I can't wait till he has time to watch it with me. I love this show, the caracters, the stories, the music, everything. I can't stop watching it over and over again. Every summer-hiatus I start again from S1. I'm crazy, I know, but hey, I'm okay with that.
I hope there will be a lot more seasons and I so hope for a good ending, please!!! Let us see Sam and Dean in the Impala driving in the sundown to the Grand Canyon with a smile on your faces. Don't you dare to die as heroes in a blast of glory!!!
Jared, I'm so glad, that I can thank you for your hard work and your brillant performance as Sam Winchester. I have never in my whole life experienced such deep feelings for a fictional caracter in a movie or a tv-show and that is due to your outstanding abilities as an actor. I hope you will soon receive the appreciation you deserve for your great special work for this show and for all of us. Lots of love and best wishes for you and your family
Angie from Germany
kerinda h
# kerinda h 2013-05-25 17:40
thanks for making me cry. I was thinking of the SF this last 2 weeks and thinking dean made another mistake again letting sam die closeing the gates to hell would have been saving the world now with the falling A coming to earth and the demons still on earth they started a war so WAY TO GO DEAN! you took away sam's time to be a hero and damned us all thanks. please tell me you guys think if that will happen or what please. I love the part at the end a heart-breaking and I love sam I do and I think it hard to say but I wanted him to die he would have saved us from demon that what he allway wanted and we do not know whats happening he looks like he dieing anyway so why not? I love jared meeting him was a dream and hope to do it again sometime and his acting is awesome and sometimes heart-breaking he needs more jobs he is sometimes better then the writers give him and sometime I say he should get off the show to do movies because he that good I love the show and love him I just wish they can write better for him.
# Kell 2013-05-26 00:15
I have really enjoy Jared's performance in the show. Over the years his development has been incredible. I believe that also has to do with the dialogue/script he has been given every season, and of course the other fantastic actors and directors he works with. Jared encompasses all the deep complexities of Sam perfectly, with genuine raw emotions ( especially in the episode's Sacrifice and The Great Escapist). I was very lucky to meet Jared at Vegas Con this year in the private Q&A, he was lovely person, I thank him for giving up his time to share his experiences with his fans. My Fav eps with Jared are Sacrifice, The Great escapist, When the levee Breaks, Lucifer Rising, Sex and Violence, Swan Song, The Man who Knew too Much, Mystery Spot, In my time of Dying, The French Mistake, Hello Cruel World, The Born again Identity, Bad Day at Black Rock, Night shifter, Born under a Bad Sign, Fresh Blood, and Tall Tales.
olivia forest
# olivia forest 2013-06-11 18:57
add to that favorites list "metamophosis", "it's the great pumpkin, sam winchester" & "unforgiven" and i'm right with you sister!
Angie R
# Angie R 2013-05-26 12:17
I started watching Supernatural in reruns in the mornings on TNT about a year ago. I liked it soo much, I went in search of, to watch the entire series. I have now gotten my Best Friend hooked as well. I was very sorry to here about Gen's Sister. My prayers go out to her everyday. I truely hope things are improving daily!!! To Jared, Gen and family...You should never have to worry about others in a time need. Family is what matters and anyone who cares about you would understand that without complaint or ridicule. Please concentrate on getting your family well. I am just another fan...but Know that my prayers go out to you always.
# emilyBz7 2013-05-26 19:06
reading this letter left me crying. I could not begin to put how wonderful Jared's performance was in any better fashion. Thank you for doing that. Jared and Jensen continue to amaze us and along with a spectacular supporting cast, it is no wonder Supernatural continues to be the BEST SHOW ON TV!
Sarah Gallimore
# Sarah Gallimore 2013-05-26 19:23
Jared's performance in 'Sacrifice' was in a word, amazing!! His portrayal of Sam's heartbreak came through in not only the dialogue, but in him. He made me feel the pain in which the character was feeling. Every word he spoke, every movement he made, every time he stood, I was mesmerized! I've seen him portray Sam with emotion and feeling in previous episodes, but this is by far, the best! When he told Dean about his confession, of his failures, I started to cry, because I could feel the disappointment Sam felt in himself and the disappointment Jared portrayed! His confession of failures to Dean was heart-wrenching and I could literally feel Sam's pain! This was by far the best finale ever, the best performance ever, not only by Jared, but by the other actors, such as Mark and Jensen, who both gave in my opinion one of the best performances of their careers and the best end to the best season! All season long we have seen Sam's sufferings and pain, but the finale was epic!! It goes beyond anything I could have ever foreseen to end this season!! Jared, if you read this your performance in 'Sacrifice' was truly awe-inspiring, heart-wrenching , emotional, and not only the best performance of your career, but the best performance I have ever seen!! My heart goes out to you, Gen and your family, my prayers are with you and I wish you the very best in the future! We are your family and we will always understand and never feel the need to apologize! We will always love you!
# Lorene 2013-05-26 20:22
Dear Jared,

I echo all the comments of praise for your breathtaking performance in the season finale. I sobbed my way through the whole episode. I first began watching Supernatural because my daughter said how much Sam and Dean were like my son and his best friend. My son is like Sam, the quietly honorable soul and his best friend is so much like Dean, the wise cracking outgoing one. Yet, in each of your characters there is so much more. Your portrayals of these brothers give them a depth of character that is truly rare on television. I laugh in almost every episode when you say a classically Sam line because I find myself saying, "Yep, Tyler would so totally say that." Then, of course, when Dean lips off I laugh because it could easily have come out of Korbin's mouth. But most of all, what I see in your performance is that you give your heart to these characters. As well written as they are, without you breathing life into them, they would just be two more hunks running around the tube. But they aren't, and it is you that makes them so much more. You are the heart of this show and that is what keeps us fans so devoted. There are hundreds of shows out there that have action, adventure, fantasy, good stories, and crazy special effects. What is truly one of a kind about Supernatural is YOU. You never hold back. You never deny your fans anything in your performances. You give it your all time after time after time. Even when Sam lost his faith, it was easy to see in your performances that you never did. That gave your fans faith. When my daughter told me how much you reminded her of my son and his friend she was so glad she was a "Dean girl" cause, well... let's face it crushing on her brother would have been AWKWARD. Not me, I'm a "Sam girl" all the way. Not only that, I'm a "Jared girl". I'm a little old to be crushin' on either of you, but truth is I adore the kind of man Sam is. I respect him for his quiet strength, his determination to never let past mistakes keep him down, his iron will to do what he can to make things right, and his continued faith in spite of all that he has seen and experienced. Seeing you give so much to this character, it is clear to myself and many of your fans, that Sam could not have these amazing characteristics if they were not already a part of who you are. That is the kind of man I see my son growing to be and it makes me so proud and deeply grateful. These qualities have been a gift you have shared freely with us, your fans, and for that we say thank you. We are also so grateful to your dear family for sharing you with us. I'm sure it isn't always easy to have to do it. Right now as they need you so much, know that our thoughts and prayers are with you, that you will be able to be the strength they need and the comfort they deserve. God bless you and your family.
Sandi Dowding
# Sandi Dowding 2013-05-27 04:19
Having read through everyone's comments/opinio ns, there doesn't seem like there is too much more to add! Both Jared and Jensen delivered jaw dropping performances, but Jared's performances was like he fired off every raw nerve ending Sam had. I have re-watched the finale about 12 or 14 times, and it NEVER ceased to captivated, thrill, move and touch me to the core. A magnificent display of total perfection.
I do continue to send thoughts and prayers to Jared, Genevieve and all family.
Tim the Enchanter
# Tim the Enchanter 2013-05-27 06:58
A lovely letter, Nightsky, and one thoroughly deserving.

I can only echo the comments and sentiments of all the posters on here. In a show that is filled to the brim with memorable moments and fantastic acting, what we saw in ‘Sacrifice’ was the epitome of both.

For much of the season Sam and his story, his thoughts, his depth of emotion, his desires, his motivations etc were relayed to us through a variety of acting nuances, how he held himself, how he spoke, his expressions etc; it was the whole non-verbal aspect of acting at its finest. However, when Sam is given a voice it is memorable beyond words. To see such a typically reserved character being stripped bare and finally exploding with such raw emotion was both memorable and haunting to see, and the realisation of the amount of talent and dedication it must have taken to be able to do that is quite humbling.

Much has been written up above of the many and varied unforgettable incarnations of Sam Winchester JP has had to portray over the years, and the many memorable episodes and scenes he’s made his own so I won’t add to them. The time is too short, and the plaudits (though well deserved) would be too many!

However, for all that JP has given to the show, I thank him. Supernatural is blessed to have both him and JA to bring those very complex, though hugely human, characters to life.

Thanks, Nightsky, for the opportunity to add to your letter.
# nightsky 2013-05-28 08:00
In a show that is filled to the brim with memorable moments and fantastic acting, what we saw in ‘Sacrifice’ was the epitome of both.

For much of the season Sam and his story, his thoughts, his depth of emotion, his desires, his motivations etc were relayed to us through a variety of acting nuances, how he held himself, how he spoke, his expressions etc; it was the whole non-verbal aspect of acting at its finest. However, when Sam is given a voice it is memorable beyond words. To see such a typically reserved character being stripped bare and finally exploding with such raw emotion was both memorable and haunting to see, and the realisation of the amount of talent and dedication it must have taken to be able to do that is quite humbling.
Tim, This was a very eloquent description of both Jared's acting and Sam's character. Thank you for posting it. You are a talented writer.
Kaitlyn Gebrosky
# Kaitlyn Gebrosky 2013-05-27 15:58
I was completely amazed at Jared's performance in "Sacrifice". I was already aware of his talent on screen but my heart was literally hurting for Sam in that moment. The moment that he said "So?" After Dean told Sam that he would die... I was shocked by the dialogue and the delivery that followed. Jared portrayed Sam's emotions, conflicts, and heartaches perfectly and if he doesn't win something for it.. Then there is no justice in this world. Not only is Jared a brilliant actor, but he's an all around great guy and it's horrible that their family is suffering through this terrible time. The Supernatural fandom is so supportive and caring of their own personal lives. We all genuinely care and that's amazing. "Sacrifice" had me in tears and I just wanted to reach through the TV screen and hold on to Sam and never let go. They are all so broken at this point but to see Jared portraying Sam breaking down like he did.. I could simply go on and on about how incredible the performance was. Everyone on the show are brilliant actors and actresses and brilliant people as well. My heart goes out to Jared's and Gen's family in this time that they need it. And this fandom will be one of the crutches that are always there to hold them up. We love you guys. ?
Rhonda Benedict
# Rhonda Benedict 2013-05-28 03:42
I've been sick for the last four days, and missed being online. I just want to say that, for me and my family, season 8 has been the most intense, and satisfying, to date. My youngest son is on the Autism Spectrum,
Elisha Dagoc
# Elisha Dagoc 2013-05-28 12:52
Jared has always been a great actor but "Sacrifice" just showed how much of an understatement that is. When I was watching that scene.. I was just breathless and gripped with such a sadness for Sam. I don't even know how to say it properly but that was just perfect. Every single one of the words Jared said were delivered perfectly. It felt like all his feelings of inadequacy from season 1 to the present just exploded in this episode. It was truly breathtaking and just simply amazing. I hope you and your family are doing well Jared. God Bless you.
# BagginsDVM 2013-05-30 00:13
Thanks, Nightsky, for this wonderful letter!

I was completely mesmerized by Jared's performance. My goodness! When Sam said "so", I literally cringed & tears welled in my eyes as "no!" escaped from my lips.
I am so grateful for the amazing work that Jared & Jensen & everyone else does to make me so addicted to this show!

Much love & positive wishes to Jared & Gen & their family!!
# Sabath68 2013-06-02 05:17
Thank you Jared for your outstanding performance.

"So?" and than my heart stopt beating....

All has been written and Nightsky beautiful summarized the quintessence of your stunning acting.

God bless you and your family.

Karin, Berlin Germany
# Becky 2013-06-03 01:53
Lovely! ...and Ditto. And ditto! Amazing show, amazing writers, amazing actors.
# krystal 2013-06-03 18:54
As I mentioned before I feel you summed it all up here - this is what we the fans truly feel and want Jared to know. He is amazing and as I have mentioned in other posts this year he has truly show cased his talents in so many ways. He has always been great but this year it seemed he upped the ante. Thanks for everything you have given us Jared!!!
Sarah H.
# Sarah H. 2013-06-04 20:10
I admit that I started watching Supernatural only because Jared and Jensen are very attractive. I was so happily surprised to find that I enjoyed the show, and I am always realizing what amazing actors J & J have become. Their facial expressions alone, without dialogue, would make a magical episode.

I have no idea what medical problems Gen's sister, Sarah, is having, but I am sending my best wishes to Sarah and to those who love her.
Rebecca Vera
# Rebecca Vera 2013-06-05 00:38
Very beautiful letter. My daughter was watching SPN & was so into the movie that I watched with her, & now "I'm hooked" Thank goodness for, anyway He is truly a brilliant actor. I am a fan for life...
cecilia calabrez
# cecilia calabrez 2013-06-18 18:02
# Amyh 2013-06-19 10:29
It's easy to see how you would have this perception Cecilia especially as the writers have catered to the Dean charector for 8 seasons. They have catered to his every emotion, thought, his 'issues', his psycological make up in extruciating detail too the exclusion of sam (and Jared) POV. Lets face it when your every emotion and thought is shown on screen to the detrimment of the other supposed main charector its easy to say Dean carries the show. I doubt anyone could honestly say this if the writers have given just as much weight to Sam's POV, his thoughts and feelings at the same time through out the series.

And i'm sorry but to say what you did about Jareds acting is incredibly offensive and insulting to Jared, too Sam and his fans. Jared has always been a wonderful actor and has grown enourmously through the years. jenen may have encouraged Jared to step up his game (and vice versa) but Jensene is in no way responsible for Jared's talent. Jared (and his parents) are responsible for Jared's talent.
# Pam 2013-06-19 11:06
I find it interesting that Sam's fans perceive Dean being given the front and center while Dean's fans see it the other way around. I think that both characters have been given equal opportunity to show their acting chops. They have had to portray different characters within each of their roles. Sam as himself, soulless Sam, Meg possessed Sam, and Satan possessed Sam. Dean as himself, shape-shifter Dean, Post-hell Dean, Future Dean and Dreamscape Dean. They are both good actors and have been given a range of emotions to portray by the writers. These guys being real life friends, encourage and yes, influence each other's acting. I see them both as adorable and talented and we are lucky to have them in our favorite TV show.
cecilia calabrez
# cecilia calabrez 2013-06-20 20:15
Leah unlogged
# Leah unlogged 2013-06-19 14:30
Gosh, I was hoping people wouldn't take the bait here. This was so blatant. Hoping this doesn't turn into a big thing as Jared and Gen are aware of this article. Jensen would be VERY unhappy with this "defense" of him IMO. :-)
# Pam 2013-06-19 15:40
What bait are you speaking of? I'm not sure what you are trying to say but I don't think you can presume to know how Jensen would feel. It sounds more like you trying to start something where there is nothing. The bottom line is that we are all fans of a fabulous show with fabulous stars and I, for one, don't like it when fans put each other down when we should be united to support a common interest.
# LEAH 2013-06-19 16:30
When someone comes to a thread that is in praise of an actor and says that another actor has carried the show, that appears to be an attempt to stir up controversy. I was merely trying to calm things down. In case you missed it my comment about Jensen's reaction was tagged with an IMO (in my opinion).He is very protective of Jared. I never put the actors or the characters down. Thanks for the lecture though. :-)
# Pam 2013-06-19 18:22
Sorry if I came across as preachy. This media sometimes does not reflect our intent. I just want us all to get along and love this show in harmony. That's all. :-)
Rebecca Vera
# Rebecca Vera 2013-06-19 19:54
I agree with the ones that want peace.. lets show some class here please. THEY are both beautiful and very talented actors. Lets just please unite as their fans and enjoy the show that we have ALL come to love...
# Abby_1987 2013-06-19 23:06
totally agree :) we are part of an incredible family, let's keep it that way.
# Abby_1987 2013-06-19 23:09
I agree with the ones that want peace.. lets show some class here please. THEY are both beautiful and very talented actors. Lets just please unite as their fans and enjoy the show that we have ALL come to love...
totally agree :) we are part of an incredible family, let's keep it that way.
# Mommielitmonster 2013-06-28 14:17
Beautiful! Brought a tear to my eye!
# Mel 2013-07-19 13:01
Jared and Jensen are both VERY talented and have given us 8 amazing seasons. However, they both took it to new levels in Sacrifice. Jensen did great work with Misha and Amanda. There were some humorous moments and suspenseful moments interwoven in this "mission" storyline. Jared worked well with Mark during the third trial. While, this too, was a sort of "mission" storyline, it gave plenty of emotional and humorous moments. However, Jared and Jensen brought it all home during the brother scene. You could feel Sam's pain and self-doubt, as well as Dean's worry and shock (and, in the end, his relief). I cried my eyes out during that scene. They played off each other so well and deserve awards for that scene. It's been 2 months, and I'm still in awe of their performances. My thoughts and prayers to Jared, Gen, and their families!
Chrissy Castro
# Chrissy Castro 2013-07-26 09:18
People can say this about J.A or that about J.P but they both together make this show GRRRATE! (Duh I know how to spell great) What egos you peoples have to think they care about what you write, Ask the 8 ball.....doubt it! haha
# Wynny 2013-10-31 19:38
I LOVE JENSEN/ DEAN. I adore him. I love misha/castiel. They keep my heart pounding when I watch the show. Add Osric/kevin to that list. Although I am not a crazy diehard fan of jared/sam, I like him a lot, he is a badass talented actor. Hell he is talented. There will be no dean without sam and viceversa. Those two bring out the fire in eachother.a SPN episode without sam will suck, so too for dean. They both own the show, not just dean or sam.
# weston 2013-10-31 20:12
Jared's acting in this scene left me in tears. I wish I could do it justice, but I simply don't have the vocabulary to express that. To this day, all I have to do is think about the look on his face and tears start to well up in my eyes. Jared is an incredibly talented actor and I just want to thank him for portraying the ending scene in Sacrifice. I was blown away by his acting in so many scenes through all the seasons, all the emotion he was able to express with a slight movement of the arm or a small change in facial expression, but Sacrifice really took the cake. It left me with chills, and so much sympathy for Sam. Anyway, this turned really long and rambly, but just thank you Jared for being such an inspiring actor and an awesome person!
# blushenka 2013-11-01 04:42
*sigh* I cried.
But reading the letter again and remembering the episode, add to that the idea that Jared reads it after a rough day and feels touched so he thanks the author and shares the moment with us... *sob* Sometimes I feel JP doesn't get enough credit or appreciation and this makes me sad, so moments like these help :)
I'm in an emotional mood these days, in my defence :P
Sarah Maria Mathew
# Sarah Maria Mathew 2013-11-04 02:38
i think both jared and jensen r amazin actors...their brotherhood is heart melting... both with their amazing talents have won my heart...there is no divide...
- a devoted fan