One of the mysteries of season 5 has been the question of where Sam’s powers have gone. In season 4 we find him quite a formidable force indeed.  He re-established the fact that the demon ‘ray gun’ does not affect him when Samhain uses it in It’s The Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester ; an ability which had previously shown up in season 3 in No Rest For The Wicked.    He uses his magnificent telekinesis ability to toss Alastair into a tree for attacking Dean in Death Takes A Holiday, and defeat some of the badiest of the bad in season 4 including Samhain in It’s The Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester , Alastair in On The Head Of A Pin, and Lilith in Lucifer Rising. (That was the best one of all.) 

He could exorcise demons from people with his mind, and leave the human host alive…. the most notable host being Amelia, the wife of Casteil’s vessel, Jimmy in Rapture. But there were many others, and I‘m sure those hosts were very happy Sam was hooked on Ruby’s blood. All in all, Sam did a lot of good with his ‘dark’ side in season 4.  

Since then Sam has shown no powers at all. He has had his legs broken and lungs removed in Sympathy For The Devil, levitated, pinned against a wall (again), and choked in I Believe The Children Are Our Future; strangled by Leshii!Ghandi in Fallen Idol, and held hostage by a witch while Dean died in The Curious Case of Dean Winchester. He also stood by while Dean was levitated, choked, and slammed into few walls also in I Believe The Children Are Our Future; and thrown into a tree by Lucifer in Abandon All Hope ....none of which he allowed in earlier seasons. He let War get the best of him in Good God Y’All , and stood by when hell hounds attacked Dean, Jo and Ellen in Abandon All Hope….not the Sam of season 4. What happened?

Basically, it seems Sam’s powers have disappeared, causing many to wonder where they have gone, or even if they still exist….myself included. So I thought it would be good to revisit Sam, and his abilities during the hiatus. 

Sam’s powers were introduced to viewers in season 1, where they began as dreams, more commonly called precognition. Precognition is actually the most common of all the extrasensory perception, occurring 60 to 70 percent of the time in dreams.  It may also occur spontaneously in waking visions, auditory hallucinations, flashing thoughts entering the mind, and the sense of "knowing." All of which we saw as Sam’s powers progressed through season1….giving Sam some serious migraines.

In addition, we are told that Sam’s psychic abilities were very powerful by a strong psychic herself, Missouri Moseley, in season 1’s Home. A fact that Pamela Barnes confirmed in season 4’s episode Death Takes a Holiday

We watched all the way through season 2 as Sam’s powers, at the hands of Azazel, brought about Sam’s death and resurrection, and the opening of Hell’s Gate in All Hell Breaks Loose Part I and II. Indeed, it is also hinted that the Sam Dean brought back from the dead may not be the same Sam who died at Jake’s hand….a thought that the series revisited in season 3’s episode Sin City. Certainly the eyes of Sam as he killed Jake and Casey, were anything but the ‘puppy dog‘  eyes we had come to know and love in season 1.  

We are also given a chilly warning from Dad. If Dean can not stop his brother, he will have to kill him. I still have to wonder if John meant stopping Sam from opening Hell’s Gate, killing Lilith, or agreeing to become Lucifer’s vessel. I vote for Hell’s Gate, since John did reappear at the end, and through a look and hand on Dean’s shoulder, indicate Dean had done the right thing. Besides, killing Lilith was a very good thing…nobody else could ever have done it, and who wants her running around in season 5, Ruby either for that matter. And we know, as long as the boys are together, Lucifer will never take over Sam. (And yes, I think Kripke & Co could decide to up the tension for SPN fans, and separate the boys again. But come Detroit, Sam and Dean will face Lucifer as a well-honed, well-oiled machine, with quite a supernatural army to help.)

With season 3 came Ruby…the 200 year old demon witch whose only purpose, as stated in season 3, was to help Sam figure out his powers, and keep Dean from going to hell. A powerful concept that Sam, indeed anyone looking to save a loved one, would readily accepted, and Sam did. Of course as season 3 and 4 progressed, we found Ruby was just using Sam for his powers. She became that little devil on Sam’s shoulder …manipulating him through the past 2 seasons using his empathy for humans, his guilt about his brother, and the Winchester self sacrificing drive. Pushing him to the ‘dark’ side to free Lucifer and start the apocalypse. (One has to wonder where Sam’s guardian angel was all this time. Wasn’t he supposed to be on Sam’s other shoulder?) 

We all know the result of Sam’s and Ruby’s pact. Ruby showed Sam the way alright…she showed him the benefits of drinking demon blood, a substance that had addicting potential as well (When the Levee Breaks). Using the ‘booster’, Sam had more power than most angels, as per Cas in On The Head Of A Pin (hummmm…wonder if that includes archangels J ), without it, he was thrown into withdrawal, hallucinating about the monster and freak he thought he was, and had been, since a very young age. His cold turkey detox produced more telekinetic abilities, this time directed at Sam himself. Still no little angel on his shoulder…..or was there…enter Castiel, exit Sam. 

With the help, and encouragement of Ruby, Sam get a new fix of blood, actually a whole body, and does what only he can….kill Lilith, a feat that both demons and angels were very intent on having him do. And in the process, lets Lucifer out, not realizing Lilith’s death was the final seal. A fact Ruby was very skillful at concealing from him. (Still have to wonder why Bobby was not more up on all the ‘seal’ lore.) 

Ruby then offers Sam some very startling information. Sam had thought that his powers were from the blood itself, but according to Ruby, it was never the demon blood.…it was always him. Her comment, “You didn’t need the feather to fly; you had it inside you all the time, Dumbo.” So what was the demon blood? ….a stimulus without which Sam’s powers apparently lie dormant. Not an uncommon event, and a stimulus can be internal as well as external.

We have seen over the series that Sam’s special abilities can be activated from various factors, and manifest themselves in a number of paranormal ways. In Home, his precognitive abilities were activated by his mother’s ghost, in Nightmare he tapped into his precognitive and telepathic abilities and linked with Max, one of Azazel’s other psychic kids. In the same episode, an adrenalin surge, brought on by a vision of his brother’s death, activated his telekinetic abilities allowing him to move a bookcase to get to Dean. But even these were not the first appearances of his abilities. We were told in flashback episodes (one being After School Special) that Sam has had special abilities from a very young age, a characteristic Sam already referred to as  the ‘freak/monster’ part of him. 

Throughout the series, Sam had always wondered why him…and every time the answer was always the same, “because it had to be you”. Why? Because, the series has built up the concept that Sam was born with an innate strong natural talent for various psychic phenomena . Maybe those abilities were ‘turned on’ by Azazel, maybe only amplified. The fact is the creators have made a definite effort to show those powers exist, and the phenomena they manifest can be affected by various factors, not the least of which is emotion, and like any natural talent, without the proper training to control it…it can be used, and misused, by himself and others.

In Sympathy for the Devil, Sam stated his yearning for demon blood was gone…whoever put him on the plane cleaned him right up. â€œSupernatural methadone” Dean said…I don’t think either one fully believed it. Yes, Sam did seem fine…certainly not experiencing the withdrawal we saw in When the Levee Breaks. From a medical POV, a chemical addiction is not eliminated in the span of a few minutes, but a psychological one could be…and realizing you had been played for a fool, let your brother down, wrongly interpreted all you thought was right and released on the world an evil force of unimaginable powers, could certainly have made a psychological impression….pushing any remaining vestiges of paranormal power back into dormancy, but not eliminate that natural ability.

For all purpose, abilities are what you make of them. Anything can be used for good or bad.   From day one, both Sam and Dean were taught that paranormal powers were bad. Why? Why does being different equate with being bad? Why is Sam’s powers considered the ‘dark’ side?

He used his special abilities to very good ends in season 4, and not without some very personal consequences. He opened a door in himself that everyone has, but very few have to face with such huge ramifications.   Sam summed it up in Good God Y’All, "I tell myself it’s for the right reasons, my intentions are good and it feels true you know? But I think underneath I just miss the feeling. I know how messed up that sounds, which means I know how messed up I am. The thing is the problem’s not the demon blood, not really. What I did I can’t blame the blood or Ruby or anything. The problem’s me, how far I'll go. There’s something in me that scares the Hell out of me"

Having powers is a very ego building, power hunger feeling. And that’s the ‘something’ Sam is referring to. How did War sum it up, ‘that lust for power that’s always been inside, the need to be strong again, but not just strong, stronger than everybody’. Did Sam believe his demon blood addiction because he didn’t want to believe he had such extraordinary powers himself? Did it make it easier for him to tap into his powers because he could blame the feats on something other than himself? Could that be what Lucifer is referring to when he said he knows Sam better than he does? 

There is no question in my mind that Sam’s powers are the reason he has been chosen for Lucifer’s vessel. With the stimulus Lucifer’s evil soul can provide, there is probably no limit to what Sam’s abilities can do. 

If you are going into a war with an enemy, having the same abilities is a definite advantage. This  is no different. If Sam and Dean both continue to ignore Sam’s ability, they go into a battle unprepared… that spells disaster. They each need to accept Sam’s powers, and learn how to use them to their advantage......not giving Lucifer any edge. Hopefully this is what the writers have in store for the boys. 

With a boost from demon  chemistry, Ruby had Sam’s talent erupt into an awesome power.  But, I don’t believe Sam needs a chemical stimulus to turn on his power, just the right motivation from the right person. He maybe hiding or denying his ability because he, and Dean, have always been told its wrong. But that is not necessarily the case. If Sam and Dean had approached Sam’s abilities in a positive way, they may have avoided the demon and angel chess game they have been living, and taken over control of their lives a long time ago.

Sam’s powers are still there, waiting for the next stimulus to open them up…hopefully that instance will be with the acceptance and approval of his brother, which will truly make them an unstoppable force indeed. And give the fans some wonderful special effects for the season 5 finale. 


# Jasminka 2009-12-17 04:23
Sablegreen, it’s great you touched on Sam’s powers and their mysterious dearth, thanks for this.

He went through the supernatural jedi-training camp and succumbed to the dark side without actually knowing that he did, that Ruby & Co were messing with him. Well, the troubled characters always held the most appeal to me, those, some might refer to as ‘lost causes’. They are the ones worth fighting for. And, deep down, I’ve always been rooting for Sam, being certain that the man is essentially good. Someone I’d love to have at my side when danger might be ahead. When Sam really chooses a side, he won’t let that down. Not deliberately.

There were moments I felt reminded of Stephen King’s ‘Firestarterâ €™ and ‘Carrie’ – you know, anger and desperation bringing forth immense surges of telekinetic power: the instant Sam moves that bookcase, for example.
Perhaps the catalyst Sam needs is a huge amount of emotion, and he is building up even more anger (well, he wants to ‘off’ Lucifer), and aggression is, before all, energy. You just need to decide in which direction to steer it.

I suppose, Sam might not even need any demon blood to bring out his powers. Perhaps he never did. Perhaps Ruby made him believe that he needed the blood to built an dependency on her so she could control his actions (similar as in placebo-effects : if you believe that drug will have a certain effect, a huge percentage of test subject will react accordingly). And with Sam being emotionally and physically drained by the events he experienced, he might have easily fallen for any of Ruby’s lies.

But sorry,about the psychological addiction – that is the one that lingers on, for years or decades even. When the body is freed of chemical addiction, the ‘addict’ fights the urge and the attraction (and the sometimes feeling of greatness) of the drug. Often the lure of it stays for a lifetime, which means constant restraint and taking control. It’s not wonder that many people don’t manage to stay clean and experience recidivism.

We don’t know, yet, what John knew about Sam’s future – that allows us to speculate… Personally, I’d like to know where John had his information from. Some demon? Angels? Was he psychic and kept this info to himself?

I’m very curious what will happen when the brothers find out that Castiel let Sam out (please, dear writers, don’t forget about that) – which will be a field day for our actors.

Also, I hope to see Sam’s powers return. I don’t think the creators will deny us that story arc. Why establish such an important facet and then lose it? I guess they might resurface in the fight with Lucifer, maybe even when Sam finally gives in (I know… I’d just love to see Jared do his Lucifer-thing again, but then, of course, lose the lightbearer in a spectacular fight with himself that will allow Jared to shine once more, the man is a fine actor. (just in case: this is not a blow against Jensen. I think I’ve made it clear that I admire both actor’s skills tremendously)

Thanks, Sablegreen, keep the stuff coming. loved your title-wordplay, by the way.
Love Jas
vana naine
# vana naine 2009-12-17 08:44
this is not right place for that, but I must say it somewhere.
I just got spoiled. They are bringing (a character that I shall not name here) back!

# Sablegreen 2009-12-17 11:04
Hi Jas…So glad you replied. And you mention some interesting points…See I don’t think Sam ever when to the supernatural Jedi school, because there you learn how to not only use your abilities, but what they are. They were trained how to activate them and how to manage them…a large part of that training was in positivity and confidence. That’s something Ruby never wanted Sam to know. But she did know how to manipulate Sam to get his powers to work for her.

Sam never had a chemical addition really, that was all in his mind, and any physical manifestations were through his powers which he never knew he was using on himself. Once he realized that, no more need for blood. The placebo-effect was gone. It wasn’t the effects of the blood that tossed Sam around the panic room or gave him his ‘detox’ symptoms, it was his own powers. He doesn’t know how to turn them on and off correctly. And yes….just like in Luke…the key is emotion, particularly anger. He just needs to learn how to properly channel it…and I think that is where his brother has to come in. At least it would be neat to see that happen, but who knows what Kripke & Co will do.

In GGYA Sam had a momentary remembrance of that ‘feeling of greatness’ he had when he used his power, and because he is NOT ‘dark’ side, it scared him. He would not have that fear, if he knew what his powers were, why he had them, and how to control them. And Sam would never use it willing for evil. He was used by Ruby in s4, because his brother was not there for him as he always had been in the past. I think even that ‘feeling of greatness’ left him, when he found out he was Lucifer’s vessel. That really has had a profound effect on Sam. Immediately he went back to fighting, and since then has not had any moments of ‘great’ feelings again. I think that is what Kripke meant when he said Sam would never go ‘dark’ side. He didn’t.
# Suze 2009-12-17 11:46
I think he's scared. Last time he let himself go he started the Apocalypse and nearly alienated his brother for good. I reckon he'll only fire them up again if the alternative is even worse ... Hmmm, sort of writes itself, doesn't it? :twisted:
# Randal 2009-12-17 12:53
I'm never going to listen to The Kingston Trio the same way again. 8-)

I'm with you guys, there's no way the powers have been zapped permanently, mainly because, well, they enrich the storyline, so why toss such gold away?

As you pointed out, in Nightmare, they 'came out like a punch' when he saw his brother in trouble, and I can certainly see that occurring again at the inevitable Gunfight at the OK Rust Belt.

Part of his refusal, whenever he realizes/finds out that he still has the powers, is precisely Dean's reaction, that taps into his own long-held sentiment about being the freak. These powers CAN be used for good, but there are decades of psychological baggage to overcome, with an "I raised Lucifer" cherry on top.

Not easy traversing such a black pit of despair, but methinks the younger Winchester is going to have to at some point during sweeps week.
# Jasminka 2009-12-17 15:37
Sablegreen, you’re right about the jedi-training thing… Sam has not yet learned the depth of his powers, and I’m so curious to see what the writers have in store for him. Randal puts it wonderfully – why toss such gold away?!
When I think of those story-facets I can hardly wait for the hellatus to end, even though I’m enjoying it here with you guys.

Randal, well, what can I say, I’d help Sam cope with his psychological baggage at any given time. I will do it pro bono, though, the poor guy lives out of a knapsack… oh, dear… just trying to imagine Sam on my couch… I don’t think I’d be able to think of therapy at all…

:o, Jas
# Lulu 2009-12-17 16:02
Hi there everyone. I'v been reading your site for the last week and I just want to commend everyone on what an awesome job you do on this site. I love coming back everyday because I know there's a new article to read,I love reading everyone's comments and seeing the discussion unfold. Thank you Alice and crew for making this site my new favourite cyber hangout. I think I've read pretty much all the articles now and I anxiously wait each day for the next one! Once again thanks all of you.

I'm a big supernatural fan, I came in late to the series in season 3. Introduced to the series through my teenage sisters who were clearly fan girls obsessed with arguing over which brother was hotter :lol: I actually fell in love with the series and immediately rushed out to my video store and got all the discs until I was caught up with everything. I even got my husband hooked! I'm now anxiously awaiting the return of season 5 and while we're having a blazing summer on this side of the world (Australia), it's still a hellatus for us too!

Sablegreen, thanks for this article! I too have wondered about Sam's powers and have been of the opinion that if he uses it for good (without the aid of demond blood because eeek, that's just gross)then i really don't have a problem with his powers! Matter of fact, I wish they'd bring them back, it doesn't have to be evil!

# Jasminka 2009-12-17 16:16
Hey, Lulu, welcome to the site! I'm touched that you found your fave 'cyber hangout' here. Thanks for appreciating what we do .... Keep coming back. Wow, I'm always amazed that people from all over the world love to 'hang out' here...
I'd love to be in sunny Australia right now... too much snow, feet frozen... and not enough hot chocolate in the house...
Cheers, Jas
# Suze 2009-12-17 19:11
Sun, sand, surf, cold lager, er ... Big sharks ...?
# Sablegreen 2009-12-17 21:16
Lulu, I second Jas’s welcome. So glad you found the site and enjoy it. It’s the first site I check into whenever I get online. I agree with you…Sam’s powers should be used for good… would be so much fun to see! are a can never leave this site either... and Jas, if you get Sam, I get Dean…. Lulu sisters are out of luck!!! Randal…you just pretend you didn’t read that!
Am I bad???? Guess it’s the Bailey’s…ju st got back from a Christmas party.

I agree with all of you…Sam’s powers are a gold lining, and I don’t see why they have neglected them this whole first half. I really am tired of the boys being choked, thrown around, slammed into walls…ect. And it would have been neat to see Sam put trickster in a Polident commercial. Turn a bout’s fair play!!!

Okay…done rambling.
# Ardeospina 2009-12-17 23:00
Great article, Sablegreen. That supernatural methadone is powerful stuff if it gets rid of your withdrawal symptoms AND all your abilities!

I keep going back and forth about Sam using his powers. On the one hand, yeah, if he figured out what he could do with them and if he used them for good, it would be so awesome for him to use them. The boys need all the help they can get with this whole Apocalypse, and super powers would be really, really helpful right about now.

On the other hand, the only time Sam was able to control them was when he was hopped up on demon blood. Even if Ruby was right and he didn't need the blood to use them, it seems that, for now, he needed the blood to control them. That's what it seems like to me, anyway.

I'm also not sure Dean would ever really be on board with Sam using his powers, regardless of how or what he's using them for. I think they freak Dean the hell out, and he'd rather just pretend they didn't exist. Sam has powers because he has demon blood in him, and I don't think either or them want to be reminded of that. Plus, Dean's seen the end result of the last power-use experiment, and he didn't like it one bit. I'm also not sure that Sam's psyche could handle superpower use right now. Sure, he could start off by using them for good, but where would it lead? I think he's said himself that he likes the feeling his powers give him, that it makes him feel strong, etc. That sort of thing won't change because he's only using his powers in a positive way. Sam's intentions would no doubt be good, but oh, I just don't think it would end well if he started using them again.
# Karen 2009-12-17 23:56
Hi Sablegreen
Loved the article, it definitely has been playing on my mind aswel.
I feel the same way as Suze on this one. I think fear is what’s kept them from surfacing.
I believe because his powers lead him to starting the apocalypse and it almost cost him his relationship with Dean, that he has subconsciously suppressed his powers.
The fear of loosing control and possibly loosing Dean for good is too much for him to bear.
I think his power will surface again, but it will be because the situation is so overwhelming that they will instinctively emerge, much like they did in Nightmare.

If Sam and Dean could somehow work out away to develop and use the powers and keep Sam grounded, they could win this, but I just don’t see this happening.
Thanks again for the article.
# Huppy 2009-12-18 00:21
Sablegreen, I really loved your analysis of Sam's powers. I always thought he was using the powers for good in Season 4, saving the possessed people, when Castiel and others were telling him not to use the powers. And who would have guessed that killing Lilith was the final seal? I was glad to see her dead, after what she had done to Dean, by sending him to Hell.

I totally agree with you, that Sam and Dean should accept Sam's powers, and use them to their advantage against Lucifer.

I hope the second half of the season addresses Sam's powers, and whether he needed the demon blood or not for his powers to work.
# Jasminka 2009-12-18 03:54
Thanks very much, Suze, for pointing out my great phobia, :twisted: yeah, thanks for that... Who said I was gonna go for a swim...
# Jasminka 2009-12-18 03:57
Sablegreen, I think we have a deal here...
hehehehe, Jas (and I'm not embarrassed at all... have no excuse, had a Christmas party, too, the night I posted my last comment, but didn't drink anything... Should have, perhaps... :oops:-)
# Suze 2009-12-18 08:33
Heh ... Sorry Jas ... Actually I too have a bit of a thing about big pointy-teeth type fishies ( see my meanderings in one of the Remember the FUN post-its ) So we can cower on the beach together like the chicken-hearted girly wusses that we are ... :lol:
# Jasminka 2009-12-18 09:00
I like being a chicken-hearted girly wuss once in a while... we have to cover so much ground being strong and what-not, that it's sometimes a relief to say 'I'm afraid of that!' and send a guy to do the dirty work.
Sorry, Randal 8-),

Love Jas
# Randal 2009-12-18 11:19
Jas, so *that's* why you became a doctor. It's all so clear now.

And wait, am I being thrown to the big pointy-teeth type fishes while you ladies sunbathe on the golden sands?

I never should have come here. 8-)

To attempt to stay on topic - ha, ha - I can't help but think of Bobby and Dean's atomic bomb back-and-forth at the end of season four. Though still on board despite what he's going through (as seen in 5.10), it wouldn't surprise me to see Bobby at least hint in that general direction if things get extra dire.

I'd have to agree with Ardeospina, I can't ever see Dean liking it. Could he come around in a 'pragmatic' sense (world ending vs. world not ending, if it ever came to that), sure.

Though smoking Alastair ain't quite the same thing as smoking, you know, The Devil®.
# Sablegreen 2009-12-18 16:17
Great points guys. Yes...Sam is very scared, he certainly does not want to lose his brother especially with Lucifer floating around…But Dean doesn’t want to lose Sam either, and he could, if Sam anger erupts again and fires up his powers when he has no means to control it. Dean definitely would need to keep Sam grounded....but that means he has to approve Sam using it, and the two of them have been so conditioned against that, it would be hard. Again it’s a matter of how much trust and confidence the boys have in each other.

Good point Randal (thanks for getting us back on track... :lol:-)...I can see Bobby getting on board with Sam’s powers, if he thinks that’s the only way. He would need to do a LOT of fancy talking to both boys though....and I think Dean would additionally worry about its physical effect on Sam too. What did Chuck say, Sam’s temp was over a hundred and his heart was racing? Maybe that’s why demon host don’t last long...the demons burn them out... (i.e. rode hard and but away wet.)
# Jasminka 2009-12-18 19:45
Randal, dear, no, you got it wrong, really, you are not being thrown to any men-eating fish – you get to be Gawain, Indy and Odysseus at once…
Despite that whole emancipation thing – women still like to be rescued once in a while, even from an imagined monster…. ;-)

Couldn’t help but notice the wordplay of ‘smoking’ the devil – the guy who lives in fire, hell, yes… I don’t think it will be about killing him (after all, God needs an adversary), but sending him back down. I’ve been thinking about how they might do it, but nothing really plausible comes to mind right now… The writers will come up with a huge idea, I guess, perhaps Sam’s powers… Ha, that would be just yummy – Sam hulking up again and, yes, smoking the devil… Sam Winchester body temperature might be hotter than the devil's? Oh, no, this sounds really strange now. Blame it on the cold (about 0 F) and the time (2 a.m.)

:lol: Jas
# Suze 2009-12-19 05:54
Sablegreen, I can imagine there would be something of a stampede to rub Sam down ... Pick his hooves out, plait his mane ... Aaaah ... Cold shower time.

Alice, Vana Naine ... WHAT? WHAT? C'mon guys, the cats can take it ...

Randal, easy-peasy lemon squeezy ... just get all metaphysical on their sharky asses and they'll get so confused they'll forget to eat you. :lol:
# Randal 2009-12-19 07:31
Jas, I think I'll stick with Indy's hat. All that heavy plate might make a quick rescue difficult. ;-)

I completely agree. They can't KILL the devil (c'mon, how unpoetic would that be?) but locking him back up, absolutely. How they'll do it? That's why they get paid the big bucks, ha ha. Perhaps a replay of 4.22, Dean accepts Michael, holds Lucifer, and Sam does his ooky spooky. Of course, I can't imagine his powers would work on HIM.

Given what the show is about, the one thing we can be sure of is that it's going to take the two of them working together. With a little help from their friends and Joe Cocker, if he's around.

0° F? You guys are colder than we are right now. 22°, it's practically tropical!

Suze, oh, you mean ramble on aimlessly until they fall asleep? I can do that. ;-)
# Randal 2009-12-19 07:33
Sablegreen, good point about the physical side-effects. Imagine the juice necessary to even come close to affecting Lucifer. Even being a 'supernatural freak' might not be enough to harm him in any way. I guess Bobby will have to keep a bag of ice handy. :D
# Sablegreen 2009-12-19 16:54
Okay Alice…who is it! Suze said her cat would be fine! Maybe you could put it up in black print for all those who don’t want to know. :o

Yeah Jas and Randal....I never believe they would kill Lucifer, just put him back in lock-up. Can’t have good without evil. But they'd have to find a new location….Luc ifer really wiped out the convent…

Randal…I think the juice needed to kill Lucifer would be huge, but maybe not so much for just imprisoning him. As for the Sam’s physical affect in this, Lucifer did say Sam was the only vessel that could take Lucifer’s soul, so I’m going to guess, he is not going to be seriously affect by power either….least not permanently…. would make it difficult to have a s6 if he were. :lol:

If the series sticks to past episodes, and of course they don’t have too, Dean never says yes to Michael, which is good, because we saw how Raphael’s vessel looked. And if you believe The End was real, and not some fancy trick of Zachariah, Sam never says yes to the devil, because Sam and Dean are back together. (BTW, If The End was supposed to be a real alternate universe, that has already been changed, as the boys have already found the colt).
# Alice 2009-12-19 22:34
Okay, here is the spoiler. It's in the same grey print so highlight if you want to see:

Ash is coming back.  Chad Lindberg said so himself through facebook (I'm friends with him on facebook) and Twitter.  He starts filming in January.  He didn't say how, but "Dr. Badass" will be back!
# Lulu 2009-12-19 23:28
Thanks for the spoiler Alice, I'd read that somewhere as well.

You know who I really wish they'd bring back? John Winchester - as in Jeffrey Dean's hoping!

# Randal 2009-12-20 05:33
sablegreen, I've got the perfect place for Lucifer: Washington, DC. ;-)

re: spoiler. Time to bust out everyone's copy of Nuthin' Fancy.
# Sablegreen 2009-12-20 19:13
Thanks Alice...that's great news. the location too.
# Suze 2009-12-21 05:03
JOY!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D
# Suze 2009-12-21 05:08
The cats survived unscathed, they're all busy dismembering a bit of tinsel under the kitchin table and quite oblivious ... Anyway, living with hoards of small boys they're used to sudden loud noises ... :lol: