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The only thing worse than being temporarily possessed by a monster is becoming permanently transformed into a monster. While Sam technically never became a monster himself, he was forced to watch the horror of that possibility play itself out before his eyes.  


Leviathan!Sam - 7.06 "Slash Fiction"

Cloned by the leviathans, Sam and Dean's doubles went on a killing spree to try to get the real brothers arrested.

SN706 0003 595

Since the duplicates took the exact form of their victims, Leviathan!Sam trained himself to have the same expressions, posture, voice and other physical traits as the real deal.


Only their actions and attitudes set them apart. 



That, and their clothes. I admit to using wardrobe as a clue to tell them who was who in each picture!

"Real" Sam. Can you see it in the eyes?

Vamp!Sam - 15.09 "The Trap" 

In season 15, Chuck showed Sam a future without hope - a future where Chuck no longer held back the monsters and they won the fight against hunters. Similar to the apocalyptic vision the angels showed Dean (5.04 "The End"), Sam once again became a monster in this vision of their doomed lives. In Sam's version, both brother become vampires. 

SPN1509 HLCaps 0759

This face of Sam's looks very different than his human face. His chin protrudes, his eyebrows look farther apart and darker, and his nose looks more prominent than usual. 

15.09 1229 vampire

Sam helplessly watched as his future self terrorized and killed his friends, 

15.09 1254 Vampire Sam

before dying himself. The date is December 9, 2022: the end of Sam and Dean's timeline if they trap Chuck.

15.09 1284 Vampire Sam

That makes six different ways that Sam became a supernatural monster! Are there more? Only supernaturally transformed Sam monsters count here, since parts 2 to 6 will cover Sam's many human variations, Broken Sam and Altered Realities Sam!  Show off your genius below, or simply let us know what you thought of the different versions of Monstrous!Sam! Keep Going with Part 2: DemonBlood!Sam! 

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