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Sizzling Hot Sam Winchester

I really hate to be so shallow, but there's just no denying the most "obvious" breathtaking Sam images! I'm blushing just looking at these sizzling hot shots of Sam Winchester! Early viewers of the show didn't have to wait long before they got to know Sam up close and personal. From 1.17 "Hell House." I mean, really!


Five years later, Sam was still an impressive, um, hunter. From 6.03  "The Third Man."





...and every other screenshot from that scene!  Heaven forbid any other part of Sam's buffed physique go unnoticed! 

Although undeniably hot, Sam's sex scene in 2.17 "Heart" was more tender and loving than gratuitous. He looked so happy and peaceful just moments before his world fell apart.

sleep Sam

Years later, Sammy is still looking mighty fine! Sign me up for that Yoga class! From 9.13 "The Purge."


Give me a minute to walk this off.

Did it get hot in here??  

Just For Fun

This is among the funniest Sam scenes ever! "Playthings" (2.11)! Drunk Sam is hilarious!


Pathetic Sam definitely gets the sympathy of his fans, even if Dean is less amused. "Bad Day at Black Rock" (3.03)


With a classic combo of bitch face and scowl, Sam always gets his point across! 3.04 "Sin City"


Sam hit a dog. You know the rest. Hippie Sam from 8.03 "Heartache."

Supernatural 8x03 2755

But there's only one picture that can close out our breathtaking showcase of Sammy! Glitter Sam, for the win!


Those are just a few of the most breathtaking shots of Sam Winchester! Now it's your turn. If there is a shot that you think is absolutely stunning, please share with your Supernatural family in the comments below! 

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