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If you've been following The Winchester Family Business' "Breathtaking Photos" series, you know that I've had this idea for a while. What if we put together a series of our favorite photos of Supernatural's lead stars and characters? I'm not talking about the good pictures, or even the really good pictures, because, let's be honest, it's hard for the Supernatural actors to not be attractive in every picture they take! No, I'm thinking about the stunning pictures. The ones that stop you in your tracks. The ones that immediately distract you from what you are doing and demand that you devote your attention to absorbing every light variation, every freckle, every dimple, every pixel of the photo or filmed shot.  Would we all choose the same pictures? What exactly makes one image stand out from all the rest? Would all this pretty fill our hearts to bursting? These are important questions that deserve thoughtful answers!

To do this right, we need an appreciation photo stream for each actor and character individually. So far in this series, we've shown how talented photographers have captured the breathtaking charisma of Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins. Now we turn our attention to the characters they each play on Supernatural! Today we begin with Sam Winchester! He'll soon be followed by big brother Dean, then our beloved angel, Castiel. To find the most breathtaking images of Team Free Will, I reviewed every screenshot, from every episode, from every season aired so far in Supernatural! Weeks of looking at Sam, Dean and Cas pictures to get you the best! 

After Supernatural's three main characters have had their time in the spotlight, we'll celebrate breathtaking photos of the friendship between the actors, featuring first Jared and Jensen together (J2), then Jared, Jensen and Misha (J2M). If sufficiently encouraged by your reactions and comments, we can be convinced to continue the series with stunning shots of the Supernatural supporting cast! Let us know who you would like to see next in the line up! 
To make sure we don't miss any of the best shots, we should open this up to the entire WFB family - writers and readers! After you enjoy our collection, you are encouraged to add the pictures that stand out to you! Let's set some guidelines for your additions:
1. Though it will be hard, hold your favorite pics until that person's feature! No jumping ahead and cross-posting! 
2. Only the person/people featured for each collection may be in the photo.
3. NO MANIPS. Going along with that, no pornographic images.
4. No duplicates. If someone else posts your fave, "love" their posting and go in search of a new fave to add to the collection!

With that all said and done, let's get started! Here are the most breathtaking shots ever aired of Sam Winchester!

Sam Winchester

Turn back time to the year 2008 (season 4), to the blue steel stare of a very young Sam Winchester. If I wasn't already totally in love with Supernatural, this shot would most definitely convince me to watch it!

SN08 JP 0004

Five years later, Sammy knows a little too much about Hell and the cage in a shot full of angst and heart pounding sex appeal...


...and he can still rock a v-neck sweater! CW's season 9 promotional photos. 


Sam trades in his sweater and jeans for the Winchester Detective Agency suit and tie but the starburst light still adds a touch of mystery and sensuality to his aura. Season 9 promotional photo.


There isn't a trace of young Sam's gentle innocence in the CW's recently released blue steel photo for season 15! That's quite a stare, Sammy (it actually freaks me out a bit)! 

Sam S15 CW

The studio's promotional photos rarely disappoint, but many of Sam's best shots have been gifted to fandom by savvy directors. Over the years, breathtaking shots have showcased Sam's good looks and magnetic mysticism in various lights and from various angles. This study of Sam is always among the first images I think of when I want a Sam Winchester photo. It's just Sam - pensive, serious, framed in black.  You can tell there's a lot going on in that mind of his. From 11.09 "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" 


As much as I love the black background of that shot, this close-up may be my favorite. From 11.13 "Love Hurts."


The lighting and the dark background of this shot mimic a studio photo for a stunning effect. From 10.10 "Hunter Games."


Later in season 10, lighting and deep thought in "The Werther Project" (10.19) deliver greener eyes and a soft portrayal of Sam's sensitivity. 


The bunker's unique architecture and soft light add to Sam's silent reflection on the dire situation in 14.10 "Nihilism."

SN1410A 0036r

Is it the side burns, the hat, the soft focus or the emotion in the eyes?  The resulting Cowboy Sammy is someone I would certainly like to get to know.  From "Frontierland" (6.18).


While not exactly puppy dog eyes, this is the face of someone I would trust implicitly. From 9.18  "Alex Annie Alexis Ann."

Sam's story is almost always told in his eyes. His longer than usual hairstyle, side lighting and soft expression instinctively pull you into his world from 8.14 "Trial and Error."


In 10.05 "Fan Fiction", Sam's eyes reveal the love in his heart and acceptance of his life that he finally came to understand.  While the peace may be short-lived, it is a relief to see, nonetheless. 

Sams Look 10.05 1855 LT

These pictures almost make one wish they had a monster problem for an excuse to meet up with Sam Winchester!

Sam's Smile

How many of us were hooked on Supernatural in the very first episode "Pilot," when young Sam Winchester was an adorable, mischievous, college senior with free flowing long hair and a magnetic smile? It was such a relief to see Sam happy and carefree, if only for a few minutes at a time, as in this shot in "Home" (1.09).


The next time we were treated to Sam's innocence was when he was blushing and adorable on a date with Sarah Blake in 1.19 "Provenance."

1.19 0415 Sam Smiling

That same shyness around girls brings out Sam's all-too-rarely-seen smile again in 2.19 "Heart." (Yes, I broke the rules by having Madison in the picture but she's smiling too and Sam's joy in this moment was too good to pass up!)


In 15 years, 320 episodes, sadly there are only a few times when Sam is truly relaxed and happy.  This brief moment is from the series' 200th episode "Fan Fiction" 10.05. I guess Sam instinctively knows he has something to celebrate! 


Click *Next* to see Sensitive and Powerful Sam (split onto 3 pages to ease mobile load time)!

Sensitive Sam 

Even when not flashing his contagious smile, young Sam is adorably cute.  The baby face, the innocence in his eyes, the bangs and the messy hair combine to form an irresistible package. 

SamPlaythings2.11 "Playthings" 

2.04 "Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things"

2.15 "Tall Tales"

2.17 "Heart" 

3.02 "The Kids Are Alright"

Powerful Sam

In season 4, a new Sam begins to surface - one that is full of rage and power. The chains on Sam's soul frame the first shot from 4.16 "On The Head of a Pin." Sam's transformation is nearly complete in the second shot from  4.23 "Lucifer Rising." 

vlcsnap 00223


Ironically, the ultimate grasp of his evil power leads to one of the most chillingly sublime shots of Sam in the history of the show. From 5.04 "The End."


By season 6 (coincidentally post-Hell?), a good looking young man with more knowledge, experience and pain starts to emerge from the previous teen-boy innocence, as seen here from 6.11 "Appointment in Samarra."


Sam's new look is more sultry and dangerous, as hotly capitalized upon by his soulless (and shirtless) escapades in 6.03 "The Third Man."


The man who Sam Winchester ultimately became is strikingly handsome and intensively expressive, befitting the intensity of the saga he has endured. The first shot is from 13.01 "Lost and Found". The second is from 13.21 "Beat the Devil."



His intensity is never more impressive than when Sam is on the job. Warrior, hunter, hero. From 12.14 "The Raid."


Click *Next* for more! The best is yet to come!

Sizzling Hot Sam Winchester

I really hate to be so shallow, but there's just no denying the most "obvious" breathtaking Sam images! I'm blushing just looking at these sizzling hot shots of Sam Winchester! Early viewers of the show didn't have to wait long before they got to know Sam up close and personal. From 1.17 "Hell House." I mean, really!


Five years later, Sam was still an impressive, um, hunter. From 6.03  "The Third Man."





...and every other screenshot from that scene!  Heaven forbid any other part of Sam's buffed physique go unnoticed! 

Although undeniably hot, Sam's sex scene in 2.17 "Heart" was more tender and loving than gratuitous. He looked so happy and peaceful just moments before his world fell apart.

sleep Sam

Years later, Sammy is still looking mighty fine! Sign me up for that Yoga class! From 9.13 "The Purge."


Give me a minute to walk this off.

Did it get hot in here??  

Just For Fun

This is among the funniest Sam scenes ever! "Playthings" (2.11)! Drunk Sam is hilarious!


Pathetic Sam definitely gets the sympathy of his fans, even if Dean is less amused. "Bad Day at Black Rock" (3.03)


With a classic combo of bitch face and scowl, Sam always gets his point across! 3.04 "Sin City"


Sam hit a dog. You know the rest. Hippie Sam from 8.03 "Heartache."

Supernatural 8x03 2755

But there's only one picture that can close out our breathtaking showcase of Sammy! Glitter Sam, for the win!


Those are just a few of the most breathtaking shots of Sam Winchester! Now it's your turn. If there is a shot that you think is absolutely stunning, please share with your Supernatural family in the comments below! 

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