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On May 2nd, 1983, somewhere in Lawrence, Kansas, a boy was born to Mary and John Winchester. At the time of his birth, no one thought he would have to fight ghosts, demons, ghouls, vampires, and all the other natural and "supernatural" creatures of the world. Neither did they know how important he would be in the fight to stop the apocalypse and other calamities of the future. Sam Winchester, today we celebrate your 36th birthday! This Is Your Life!

Sam Winchester, May 2, 1983, Lawrence Kansas

Birthday Lawrence

Let us start with what we know about Sam's early years.


November 2, 1983 The night everything changed. Sam is fed demon blood and his mother Mary gets killed - both by Azazel.
(Episode 01.01 "Pilot")

01x01 Baby

1989 Fort Douglas, Wisconsin: Sam gets attacked by a shtriga but rescued by his father John (Episode 1.18 "Something Wicked“)


Christmas 1991 Broken Bow, Nebraska: Sam finds out that supernatural beings exist and that his father is a hunter. He also gives his brother an amulet for Christmas (the one they could use to locate God) (Episode 03.08 "A Very Supernatural Christmas")


1997 Sam and Dean are in Fairfax, Indiana, at Truman High School while John is on a hunt. (Episode 04.13 "After School Special")


1998, Sam meets Amy and they feel they have a lot in common, i.e. they both feel like freaks. He doesn't know that she is a kitsune. She saves his life and he lets her go. (Episode 07.03 "The Girl next Door“)


Now we are at the point when we learn of the existence of Sam Winchester.
This is the beginning of a journey we have followed for more than 13 years.

October 2015: We see Sam in a Bar with his girlfriend Jess and other Friends. Later that night he will get a visit from his brother Dean who tells him that "Dad is is on a hunting trip and hasn't been home in a few." This is the moment when the adventure starts. (Episode 01.01 "Pilot")

01x01 Bar

Sam, Then & Now 


Memorable Sam Moments

The night Jess died burning on the ceiling (like his mother) and Sam could not save her. (Episode 01.01 "Pilot")

01x01 Jess

Sam is afraid of clowns. (Episode 02.02 "Everybody Loves a Clown“ & Episode 07.14 "Plucky Pennywhistle's Magical Menagerie“)


The first mug shot of Sam, when he and Dean help a friend of their dads. Normally, they try to avoid getting caught. This time, they want to go to jail. (Episode 02.19 "Folsom Prison Blues")


The first time we lost Sam. He is saved by his brother Dean because Dean made a deal with a crossroad demon.
(Episode 02.21 & 22 "All Hell Breaks Loose - Part 1 & 2)

02x21 und 22

“Yesterday was Tuesday, today is Tuesday too” is the only description needed for this moment! Poor Sammy. (Episode 03.11 "Mystery Spot")


Sam has powers which are amped with demon blood (Episode 04.16 “On the Head of a Pin“)


Sam Wesson living a normal life, working at Sandover’s tech support. (Episode 04.17 "It’s a Terrible Life")


A doctor, part of a Japanese gameshow “Nutcracker”, an ad for “Herpexia”, being in a sitcom, working as a CSU Investigator and getting transformed into the Impala like KITT:  Sam´s journey thanks to the Trickster. (Episode 05.08 “Changing Channels”)


Sam mentally overpowers his possession by Lucifer and stops the apocalypse. (Episode 05.22 "Swan Song“)


The moment Sam gets his soul back (he was soulless in Season 6 until Episode 06.11 "Appointment in Samarra“)


Dean and Sam get transported to an alternate reality by Balthazar. Sam finds out that he is someone called “Jared Padalecki”, he is an actor, married to "fake Ruby“ and the supernatural does not exist. (Episode 06.15 "The French Mistake")


“Good Morning Vietnam”:  poor Sam is haunted by Lucifer. (Episode 07.15 “Repo Man”)


Sam gets healed when possessed by Gadreel and fights his way back to control his mind. (Episodes 09.02 “Devil May Care” & 09.10 “Road Trip”)

09x02 und 09x10

Sam and Dean investigate a series of murders at a local B&B that also happens to be Lizzie Borden's old home. (Episode 11.05 "Thin Lizzie“)


Reunion with Sam's "imaginary“ childhood friend Sully. (Episode 11.08 "Just my Imagination“)


Sam gets his Mom back. (12.02 "Mamma Mia“)


Scooby, dooby doo, where are you?” Sam is a cartoon figure in Scooby-Doo. (Episode 13x16 "Scoobynatural")


Sam gets killed by vampires & resurrected by Lucifer (Episode 13.21 "Beat the Devil“)


"Family Reunion“ (Episode 14.13 "Lebanon")


Sam Winchester or Justin Smith? Something goes wrong in Charming Acres. (Episode 14.15 "Peace of Mind“)


So much has happened, but Sams's adventures aren't over. Happy 36th Birthday Sam.

Sam´s Quotes



We have been accompanying Sam on his journey since he was 22! Can you believe it?
Too much has happened to write it all down here, but I wanted to share some of my favorite Sam moments as a special birthday present!

What’s your favorite Sam moment, and what do you like about him?
How do you think he would celebrate his 36th birthday?
I think he would celebrate it with his family.

Happy Birthday

Please share your comments, questions, and reactions below!

Thanks for reading.
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