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What better way to celebrate Sammy than to *admire* some of the very best shots of him throughout the years! 
Sam can say everything with the look on his face! 
There's Sparkly Sammy,
Sam Glitter
and Pouty Sammy:
Sam Shoeless
"WTF" Sammy,
SPN 0430
and Smart Sam,
12.15 Sam
but look out for Bad Ass Sam!
Then there's the "Oh Mercy!" Sammy:
9.13 Sam yoga 1002
That's worth another look:
9.13 Sam Yoga 0973
Of course, there's Sam's hair:
Sam S9 Hair
s11e11 k20
Um, where was I? Oh yeah, let's move on to Powerful Sam!
Sam Thor4
and Sleepless Sam:
13.11 098 Sam in Bed
My very favorite Sammy moments?
Maybe the Most Heroic Moment of his life:
vlcsnap 00394
The Most Chilling Moment of His Life:
The Happiest Moment of his Life:
12.22 2734
and my very favorite Sammy closeup:
We need more Sammy Pictures! What are your Faves? How about Laughing!Sam? Hurt!Sam? Baby!Sam? Wish Sam a Happy Birthday with YOUR fave pic!