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 Now that we have seen Dean's room, it is time to take a closer, detailed look at Sam's room since moving into the bunker.

"In My Room": A Closer Look at Sam's Supernatural Bedroom
(The Beach Boys)

There's a world where I can go and tell my secrets to
In my room, in my room
In this world I lock out all my worries and my fears
In my room, in my room

Do my dreaming and my scheming
Lie awake and pray
Do my crying and my sighing
Laugh at yesterday

Now it's dark and I'm alone
But I won't be afraid
In my room, in my room
In my room, in my room
In my room, in my room

Part Two - Room Twenty-One

SPN 1573 
aka Sam's Room
 In episode 9.4, we got our first look at Sam's bedroom. The structure of the room and some of the furniture is identical to Dean's bedroom. I imagine for economical reasons when the bunker was first built, the bedrooms would have been set up much like a motel/hotel, where every room is the same.


Much like Dean, Sam has incorporated his belongings with the original furnishings. The shelf has been neatly arranged with an abundance of research material along with a wooden box, desk lamp and what looks like an old military signal generator with the inscription on the flap 'calibration book inside.' He also has neatly placed research material on the little table and chair.

SPN 0555 

There is also a stack of books on the shelf. In the corner is the same item that Dean had in his room. I'm still thinking it's a heater of some kind. However, Sam found another use for it.

SPN 0556 

Beside the bed is a bedside table with a rotary phone and lamp.

SPN 0564

Along the other wall next to the bed is a desk and chair. The desk has a lamp and notary press.

SPN 0618

On the opposite wall of the bed Sam has a TV and DVD player and more research material.

SPN 0088

In episode 9.22, we see the entrance side of the room. Sam has the same sink and medicine cabinet, and wall hangers for his shirts. There is also a trunk with research material and a dresser.

Sam sleeping 0057

This episode also let us get a glimpse of Sam sleeping on top of the covers, with his wrist watch still on and we learn that ..... 

SPN 0061

he keeps a gun under his pillow.

normal spn1017hd0073

In episode 10.17, we get a better look at what is on the opposite side of his bed. He has a desk with pencil sharpener, notary press, lamp, desk pad, tape dispenser, letter holder, pencil holder and stacking letter trays. Next to the desk is a dresser with his TV, and a smaller dresser with more research items on top.


At this time, it looks like a few items have been shifted around or possibly removed from the shelf as there are fewer research materials. The wooden box is actually a Henry Troemner apothecary scale. The little table no longer has research materials - only a lamp and a tea/coffee cup.


The signal generator is now closed up and a floor lamp now stands in the corner.


The heater has been moved and another dresser with research material is in its place.


On the other side of the bed is another beside table with lamp and the heater.


With another view of the desk, we see a real cool magnifying glass and an old letter opener.

IM 21

Here we can see that Sam keeps his toothbrush in a glass on the sink.

spn1106 0288

In episode 11.6, Castiel took refuge in Sam's room.

spn1106 0293

The little table has been moved down and there is now a mirror replacing the dresser in the corner.

spn1106 0310

The research material has been shifted around and the signal generator has been moved or possibly removed.

spn1106 0559

On the other side of the bed still resides the table and lamp.

spn1106 0568

The desk is still by the dresser with the TV set and a trunk. 

spn1107 0208

In episode 11.7, we get another look at Sam's room.   He still has his lamp and rotary phone on the bedside table.

s11e07 50 Sam Praying

He kept the heater beside the other bedside table with lamp. However it looks like he now has a end table with books beside the sink.

s11e07 51 Sam Praying2

From this view, it looks like Sam has been doing some heavy reading at the desk.

1107 04276

The shelf is still well occupied with research material and the table has remained. As for the unit on the wall, I'm going with a speaker, possibly for a intercom, since Dean had one in his room as well. 

s11e11 k81

In episode 11.11, beside Sam's bed is still the table and heater but now next to the bedroom door is a  little trunk.

s11e11 k79 

I love how the hall light is shining through the bottom lattice section of the bedroom door, blanketing our Sam.

spn1111 2615

In this episode, we find out that Sam keeps a box with mementos in his room. It looks like the box that the brother received from Jenny from 'Home.' In it we see some family pictures, deck of cards, an old lighter, pen knife, the fake amulet from Marie, a leather  wallet......  

s11e11 579

and now the Oak Park brochure. 

spn1111 2661

Lastly before Sam goes to sleep, we see that he keeps a stack of books in the bottom of the bedside table. 

Good Night Sam!

I hope you enjoyed Part Two of 'In My Room'
Is there anything  I missed and you would add? Please share!