Survival of the Soulful – Will Sam as a species survive?

The Winchester Family Biz Gazette’s Jaspala Wesson reports exclusively from Europe
Supernatural has long become a topic of scientific research. Scholars, devoted to the paranormal, have begun investigating the phenomenon of weirdness inside the show and developed theories that now leaked into the ‘real world’. 

Supernatural – in many aspects – is synonymous with loss.  We agonize about the loss of innocence, the loss of character continuity, the loss of brotherly love. While that decline is undeniable watching the show at present, it can also obscure years of established relationships and hints at the layers underneath the story at hand.
The Winchester Family Biz Gazette’s own Jaspala Wesson spoke to renowned professors Karloff Shelley and Victor Prometheus from the Universities of Geneva and Ingolstadt, both experts on the field of Transhumanism, Parahuman Science and the Paranormal, who were most eager to reveal their latest research exclusively to The WFB Gazette. Here is the prepublication of their article, soon to appear in Frankenstein’s Weekly. 
Survival of the Soulful Species
The Good, the soulful, the caring are threatened by a new creature soon to be roaming the world freely if not prevented. The soulless species proves to be a menace to the loving character well-admired by  thousands.
A plea for species conservation

The phenomenon of the soulless Sam, known before as the demonic Sam, The Boy King, The Favourite of Azazel (lat. Homo Inanimus Mysticus) spreads inexorably among the episodes of a well- known television show and endangers the image of the good man this character was.  It’s an invasive kind, probably cannibalistic parasite, eating away at the host. This species undoubtedly is of the kind of a non-resident type that have been brought to another habitat (in this case: the world above as opposed to that unknown one in hell) and spread at the cost of the established species. The soulless Sam threatens not only the peace of his brother Dean, the trust of his adopted-father Bobby, but also the sleep of a huge amount of devoted fans.
II-Characteristics and Habitat

Because of his devotion, his stubbornness and re-born status the Soulless Sam belongs to the genus of The Mysterious Beef du Jour (Homo Scitamentus Mysticus), which is protected by a handsome exterior, well defined muscles and beautiful face to easily attract females for breeding or treachery purposes. Typical are disheveled hair-dos, varied sideburns and a charming smile. Often dressed in check shirt, a testament to his tartan heritage (described below), and the same type of jeans. Occasionally to be found in cheap, later in more expensive suits.

His size is to be found at (to some) intimidating 6’4’’ with various ranges of weight, depending on training status, between 200 and 220 lbs. Life expectancy varies depending on presented opponents. Not much is known about his mating habits. Recent observations indicate that the Soulless Sam changes mating partners swiftly, with no attachments. Death expectancy, however, seems to range between one day to about a week before being re-born aka brought back. 
Dietary habits: Genetically a carnivore, this species originally devoured mostly healthy food such as salads the species changed its menu, now fast food have been found various times. 
Initially, the Soulless Sam originates from a blend of Scottish and English ancestors, being a Campbell and a Winchester by birth. The first demonic changes became observable during the fourth season as the influence of demon blood seemed to take effect. First hints of that, however, were mentioned in seasons two and three.
Ever since he’s been spreading over the entire tv series with ruthless progress, fired by satanic circumstances and encouraged by his own conscience that made him sacrifice himself, he’s become more dominant than ever.
The Soulless Sam might be regarded as mostly harmless for any human crossing his path – that is, unless that human’s (or demon’s) life or power is needed for some spell, ritual or the like. This species already competes with the soulful human, the Winchester older brother or the good father figure for the same ecological niche.  As two species cannot occupy the same niche, the so-called competition-annexation principle applies: the stronger kind will reduce the weaker. 


To measure the scope of this species’ expansion correctly, we had to resort to empirically acceptable measurements, that is account of episodes. 

It is safe to say that Sam Winchester’s journey to the so-called dark side which resulted in the new species described here took about 59 episodes, so far, beginning with the end of season two when he learned of his demon/human hybrid status. And counting.  According to those numbers one might assume that the domination of the Soulless Sam was proven. But – even though Sam made many mistakes and ventured into demonic powers, his conscience (his soul) was always a protective factor driving him to do good, even when mislead.

We assume that Sam Winchesters enormous adaptability to inhuman, dangerous and treacherous circumstances will lead to a transformation of the established soulless type. 

There are natural enemies of this species that are yet to be conquered by evolution of evil.
III-1-Reported Sightings

Usually throughout the Midwest of the United States of America. There have been sightings on another continent, in Scotland, near the Eilean Donan castle. There is hardly any photographic evidence on more overseas travels, so one might assume that there haven’t been any more sightings outside the US.
IV-Natural Enemies
IV-1-The loving, yet disappointed brother

According to the psychological structure and life-long devotion of Dean Winchester to protect his younger sibling, he will do anything in his power to arrange a return of the missing soul to Sam Winchester’s body.

IV-2-The treacherous demon

Crowley holds the contract. It is safe to assume that he will try anything to betray the Winchesters. But, as we have also learned, demons have not exactly established high quotients of intelligence and will sooner or later fall for one of the traps laid out by their enemies.
IV-3-The Eco-Angel

Because of the high amounts of demon blood Sam had to swallow to contain Lucifer we assumed, at the beginning of our research, that ecologically and spiritually aware angels (in short: eco-angels) were natural enemies of the Soulless Sam. However, they even supported his development and some feathery friends up there were very much responsible for the tragedy that ensued. Undoubtedly still after such a unique creature as the Soulless Sam the Eco-Angel might try to use him for more War-in-Heaven plans.

Since love in all its variations has always been the strongest bond between the brothers Winchester, the historically, genetically and empirically established structure of brotherly love, also based on experience and fought-through adventures, will assert itself within the story and prevail. 
IV-5-The Tulpa-Energy-Using-Fan

The devotion of the fans that miss the soulful Sam will surely focus all their energy and create a metaphysical force to make the writers restore Sam Winchester to his former, soulful persona. No sigils will be necessary in the process. However, it is safe to anticipate severe agony in the restored soul, depending on its experiences in hell.  

Torture of the writers responsible with such effective methods like the comfy chair and the soft cushions as introduced by our fellow-scientists Monty Python. Suffocation in chocolate as a method of bribe might also prove highly effective.

Immediate measures after restoration of Sam’s soul may contain long brotherly hugs, days of sleep, comfort food. Plus – as Basis Soul Support measure – it is inevitable to arrange for therapy on the couch of the WFB’s resident therapist, to keep the soulful Sam on a functioning level and restore his energy and faith. 

With these measures taken, we safely assume that the Soulless Sam will soon be extinct and the Soulful Sam as a species re-established. 



# boobula 2010-12-01 15:36
Woo Hoo! Jaspala is back. Very nice to hear from her again. Very fascinating article. I'm sure soulful Sam will need some help when he returns. It's good to know he will be in such good hands! ;-) So to speak. The WFB resident therapist is gonna be one busy lady. I'm fairly sure the comfy couch is gonna have a waiting list! :lol: I would like to make an appointment in advance. And if you have to double or triple up, I wouldn't mind sharing the couch with Sam and/or Dean. :D
# Jasminka 2010-12-01 15:54
Hi boobula, thank you, I will forward your thanks to dear Jaspala :-)! She's always so busy, the gal needs some good rest... but I'm very sure she'll be happy to hear that her return was so warmly welcomed.

Appointment noted, dear. My couch might just be big enough for the lot of us, hehehehe.... (witchy giggle ;-))

# Yvonne 2010-12-01 16:49
HA!!!!!! Laughing madly. Jaspala, you genius you!
Tim the Enchanter
# Tim the Enchanter 2010-12-01 17:06
Ah yes, the elusive and wonderful 'Homo Inanimus Mysticus', a rare find indeed and we are lucky to have a prime physical specimen in Mr. Winchester Jnr (Jnr).

A compelling report, Dr. Wesson, certainly worthy of further investigation and should you need funding to conduct same, kindly send in an application to me at The Department of What's Sexy, University of Paddywhackery, Ireland and I’ll be more than happy to assist you.

In relation to the recommendation, I spoke with my esteemed colleagues, Dr's. Roger the Shrubber and Dennis the Filth Collector, and, aside from spending time in the calming surrounds of um... shrubberies and filth baths; they also feel writing therapy would be extremely beneficial.

Dr Wesson, if your method proves unsuccessful and you decide to take the advice of Dr's Roger and Dennis on board (and Dr Roger in particular, was hugely helpful in assisting the ‘Knights who until recently said Ni’ in overcoming their issues) then I feel I am suitably qualified to assist Mr. Winchester with perhaps writing an essay or maybe correcting his written spelling and punctuation? I will provide my own dictionaries.

If on the other hand, you’re just organising an orgy (and that’s what it sounds like, you durty little feck) then I’m available any evening from 6.45 onwards. This, of course, is purely in the name of science. Can’t let an endangered species die out, can we?

Dr Wesson, you are truly a martyr for the cause. I commend you and the sacrifices you have made.
# boobula 2010-12-01 18:29
Tim the Enchanter, all I have to say to you is BAWAHHHH!!! I laughed so hard I have to send my clothes to Cass' drycleaner..... again! :lol: :lol: :lol:
# Julie 2010-12-02 05:33
What an iteresting, compelling ( and hilarious) article.
I commend you on your research and I am also delighted that the subect ie- Souless Sam, will have such an excellent support system inplace when he is re-souled. And he WILL be re-souled soon !! The devotion of the resident therapist here and kind assistance from the esteemed celtic Professor `The Enchanter` will surely facilitate a full recovery.
I do worry about the effect these traumatic experiences have had on the elder sibling of subject, and have noticed these concerns have been expressed in comments about about the changes in the behavioural patterns of said sibling.
I have spent my entire professional career dealing with, mainly boys, with challenging behavioural problems and would like to offer my services to work with subjects` sibling to devise and implement a programme of behaviour management to assist in his recovery from the aforementioned traumas.
I am willing to do this on a charitable basis , after all, it is Christmas, and in the true spirit of the festive season I feel we should all make sacrificies to help our fellow man in any way we can.
# Karen 2010-12-03 07:53
Hi Jasminka
A wonderful article and in-depth research, please send my highest regards to Jaspala. Lets hope this new species is found and disposed of soon, before irreparable damage occurs. The pictures that were chosen just breaks my heart…such sad puppy-dog eyes on Sam and Dean so defeated looking. :cry::

BTW if you need any help with setting up appointments schedules for your Couch Services, I will more than be happy to assist you.

This offer also goes out to Professor Enchanter and Julie, if you are in need of any clerical or hands on help with the patience, I will assist in any way possible.
# Jasminka 2010-12-03 18:16
Yvonne, Enchanting Tim, Julie, Leslie92708, Karen, boobula, and Dany, this is tremendously lovely to hear from you!

Yvonne, thanks for the praise! Jaspala is trying to contain her IQ of 146 (hehehe....)

Enchanting Tim, how in the world did you find out about my doctor’s degree (hiding it behind serious journalism should have been enough, or so I thought, hargh, hargh…) – and, revered colleague, I will gladly call upon you in an hour of need. I would also like to recommend the studies recently conducted at the University of Holy Bombardment in Antiochia (‘Soul or Die’ and ‘The Picture Is Mostly Just Grey’). Orgies included.

Julie, I am touched by your charitable soul, indeed! I know you would do anything on a completely altruistic basis, providing your experience, free time and reserves of chocolate to help poor, traumatized Americans. Feel free to take part in the orgy…

CalifornianLeslie and boobula, happy that you found reasons to laugh here! So happy, really!

Karen, I have to admit that Alice chose the pictures this time – she did some experimenting here, but I would have probably chosen the very same ones. So, it’s her choice that needs to be praised. I will be happy to draw on you when in need to set up schedules. I believe it might be a busy hiatus…

Dany, your offer is most generous, too! I think it’s safe to say: prepare some comfort food in advance. We all might be in need of it… Chocolate Orgies, anyone?

Thank you all so much, it’s such fun to share this with such esteemed colleagues and fellows in madness, chocoholics and histrionics. Hugs, Jas ;-)