Today, Sablegreen has some nice diversiony fun, sheer speculation on what Supernatural season six could have.  Join in and share some of your ideas.  I vote for that Grand Canyon episode myself.  We can run a bake sale to pay for the location shoot.  Save the Hawaii episode for season seven.  :) 

Recently, an article on Buddy TV discussed the pros and cons of a season 6 for Supernatural. One of the concepts against the renewal of the series caught my attention, because I have wondered about that same issue all during season 4. Where can Supernatural go after defeating Lucifer and ending the apocalypse? To me, it seemed that killing Lilith in season 4, and defeating Lucifer in season 5, was like writing themselves into a corner for any additional seasons. How do you top defeating Lucifer, and keep the show interesting for fans? 
I thought of some ideas I’d like to see developed in future episodes, and wondered how others would view them. So, here in lies the basis for this article. I warn you now, however, these ideas are purely for escapism, as that’s my cup-of-tea. Realistic drama I leave to someone else.
For me, once Lucifer is gone continuing the angel/demon story would get very old, very fast. However there are others episodes in this arc that could be done. With the end of Lucifer, that part of the arc would end, but would all the problems be gone? Castiel may need help from the boys to rescue Anna, (yes I hope she comes back), locate renegade angels, and restore order and control to the supreme beings. Once God is found, will he reward the boys by telling them their souls are saved, or will he have other tasks for them first. And what about an Anti-Christ, son of Lucifer, or other demons wanting revenge on the boys for putting Lucifer back in confinement. That can be carried into the 6th season, and would allow for lots of opportunities for powers, action and spectacular effects. However this may already be in the rest of season 5, and if so, then where would season 6 go?
So far, the series has stuck to Christianity for it arc stories, but there are other religions to explore. I have always wondered why the Winchester family line was cursed, and a dip into a different belief may provide some answers to that question. Many believe that souls, especially very old souls, are entwined for all eternity. These souls may have multiple lives over eons, but they always find each other in whatever time they are placed.   I can see the boys being very old souls, and possibly in a past life they made a mistake that they need to atone for now. Or maybe they are warrior souls, and were asked to take on these lives to keep evil and good in balance. Once their souls, with John’s and Mary’s, were in the correct positions, it triggered the events leading to the lives the boys are now living. Farfetched I know, but past lives are always interesting, and when well performed, can make for some great episodes. And we already know what great actors Jensen and Jaded are! 
Leaving religion behind, what other paths could the series take? I went back to earlier seasons for ideas I’d like to see completed or more full developed. As I have no way of knowing how characters introduced in season 4 will end up this season, it is difficult to work them into earlier storylines, but I thought of some possibilities.
I can see Chuck, with his psychic abilities, continuing after Lucifer. I always liked the psychic kids from season 2, and had hoped they would do more with them than what they did. Maybe we can find out that Chuck is one that somehow didn’t end up in that ghost town. That he was protected as a prophet so he could help the boys in their fight with Lucifer.   We just can never know all that Yellow-eyes did.
I also liked the psychic, Missouri Moseley. I always found her fascinating, and hoped we would see more of her. Being such a good friend of John’s, she might know more about John’s life before and after Mary died. That would be something interesting to explore.
How Castiel fits in to season 6 without the religious myth arc is a bit harder to visualize. Castiel, right now, is still a developing character. How far he develops this season is unknown, so fitting him into a non-religious storyline is difficult. I can see Anna and Castiel continuing to put heaven back in order in a spin-off. I honestly can’t see how the boys can defeat Lucifer, and completely fix all that seems to be wrong in heaven in the remaining episodes of season 5. I know Kripke has expressed an interest in Supernatural spin-offs, and I’d like to see how Castiel’s and Anna’s characters could develop in their own series. 
On the other hand, I can see Castiel deciding, like Anna, that it is better to be a human than to be an angel, and, after helping the boys do away with Lucifer, being given permission to be completely human at least for a while.    Maybe the boys could spend some episodes teaching him how to be a hunter. After all, I’m sure they are plenty of vampires, pagan gods, and other paranormal entities on which he can start. Might be a good idea if he and Bobby teamed up. I have always wanted Bobby to have a partner of sorts. I just don’t like him out fighting baddies by himself. And if they keep him in a wheelchair, he should definitely have a partner. 
I would like to see more development of the hunter’s society. What are the hunter’s rules, do they have unwritten doctrines they adhere too? How do you know who is a hunter, and who isn’t? How do they communicate with each other? Do they just find each other by running into a hunter on a case? That seems highly inefficient, and I can’t believe that all go through Bobby. I can see it being developed into a very secret society, which it should be, given the evil they fight. Do hunters run in families? Does their tradition go back to the old country? Maybe they all meet in a specific cemetery at midnight on Friday the 13th under a full moon. ?
I have often thought about Dean developing powers to compliment Sam’s. As in everything else, each has what the other lacks. Kripke brought genetics into the series by way of the vessels, and that would works to justify Dean’s powers too. Often times in nature, people have the tendency for a particular ability but it requires an environmental stimulus to turn it on. For Sam it was demon blood, for Dean who knows. Maybe demon blood would have similar effects on Dean, but as Yellow-eyes chose Sam, I’m thinking a different catalyst is needed. On the other hand, one could argue that Yellow-eyes only had permission to enter the house on that particular day in that particular year. At that time, Sam was the youngest, and the most susceptible to Yellow-Eyes’ influence.  
And what about John Winchester? We know he is out of hell after “All Hell Breaks Loose II”. His ghost MUST be around somewhere. He could show up to help his sons occasionally. I’m sure many fans would like to see Jeffrey Morgan again. I would also like to find out more of what is in John’s journal. One possible episode I can think of would be some mysterious writing showing up in dad’s journal, something that was not there before. The story could be that one of the boys has been unconsciously writing in the journal, or maybe it’s John trying to give his sons more information. Maybe he is stuck in a loop continually writing in his journal. Of course, the boys would have to put him to rest...or maybe not. John showing up once in a while might be very interesting.   
We know Dean and Sam’s hunter instincts go back generations on their mother’s side. But what about the Winchester line? My family has long been into genealogy. We have some of our ancestry traced back to the 1400s. Can’t tell you all of the things we have found in our past. We even visited a 200 year old ancestor’s house that is still haunted by our kin.  No, we didn’t see them, but the current residence swear they are there, if fact, that’s why they brought, and restored, the property. Can only imagine what the writers can dream up for the cursed Winchester line.   And no, I don’t think the hunters genes only came from mom. The Winchester name is very old, and a very big association with that name is the Winchester mansion, a very haunted house indeed. I’ve always been fascinated with the house, and thought it might be a good place for the boys to retire. I can see Sam doing research into their history, and finding a tie with that house. After all, he seems to be quite the computer hacker.   Sam could have a great library, and Dean could have 4 or 5 impalas in that huge garage...oh and that gorgeous 65 cherry red Mustang of War’s should be there too. No way should War have that car. That belongs to Dean!
What about retirement? It’s hard to think of the boys retiring, and, based on earlier episodes, they can’ least not completely. There will always be past evil doers out for revenge. But realistically, they will age eventually. So I’d like to see some planning for retirement. Bobby, Rufus and others have a home base, why not the boys?   And they should start a business to build some kind of stable income that they can work at when not on a case. Maybe they can compete with the Ghostfacers for ghostbuster jobs once in a while. Actually get PAID for what they do for a change!   That would be different. Maybe on one of their ghostbuster jobs, some nice female hunters will enter the picture. I know no one wants those pretty boys to settle down. But really, how can we have The Sons of Supernatural in the future if they never get married! And, I’d like to see the boys happy for a change.
Another idea I had, and the most far out one, were the boys starting a trucking business with Bobby.   That’s something they can do in between jobs, and those 18 wheelers can carry the impala anywhere they want. How about a take off on Smoky and the Bandit, with the boys making a beer run for a hunter’s convention. Dean runs interference in the impala, and Sam drives the semi. Or better yet, Sam and Dean run interference and Bobby, Chuck and Castiel drive the semi. Of course we have to have a supernatural baddie in there,, we don’t. This is just the boys being boys, having a good time getting into trouble. A tiny look into what they do in their down time. And maybe we should have other glimpses into off work time for the boys as well. 
Okay, so all these are fanciful, far out, and for some, even silly ideas. I’m sure the creative writers of the series can come up with much better ideas than these, with all sorts of twists and turns to keep Supernatural the way all us die-hard fans like it. But I think these concepts point out that the ending of Lucifer, and the apocalypse, doesn’t mean the end of Supernatural. And I’m willing to bet, that other posters on this site can think of more ideas for a Supernatural 6th season. So in answer to the question, “Where can Supernatural go after defeating Lucifer and ending the apocalypse?”   For me, just about any where it wants!