Today, Sablegreen has some nice diversiony fun, sheer speculation on what Supernatural season six could have.  Join in and share some of your ideas.  I vote for that Grand Canyon episode myself.  We can run a bake sale to pay for the location shoot.  Save the Hawaii episode for season seven.  :) 

Recently, an article on Buddy TV discussed the pros and cons of a season 6 for Supernatural. One of the concepts against the renewal of the series caught my attention, because I have wondered about that same issue all during season 4. Where can Supernatural go after defeating Lucifer and ending the apocalypse? To me, it seemed that killing Lilith in season 4, and defeating Lucifer in season 5, was like writing themselves into a corner for any additional seasons. How do you top defeating Lucifer, and keep the show interesting for fans? 
I thought of some ideas I’d like to see developed in future episodes, and wondered how others would view them. So, here in lies the basis for this article. I warn you now, however, these ideas are purely for escapism, as that’s my cup-of-tea. Realistic drama I leave to someone else.
For me, once Lucifer is gone continuing the angel/demon story would get very old, very fast. However there are others episodes in this arc that could be done. With the end of Lucifer, that part of the arc would end, but would all the problems be gone? Castiel may need help from the boys to rescue Anna, (yes I hope she comes back), locate renegade angels, and restore order and control to the supreme beings. Once God is found, will he reward the boys by telling them their souls are saved, or will he have other tasks for them first. And what about an Anti-Christ, son of Lucifer, or other demons wanting revenge on the boys for putting Lucifer back in confinement. That can be carried into the 6th season, and would allow for lots of opportunities for powers, action and spectacular effects. However this may already be in the rest of season 5, and if so, then where would season 6 go?
So far, the series has stuck to Christianity for it arc stories, but there are other religions to explore. I have always wondered why the Winchester family line was cursed, and a dip into a different belief may provide some answers to that question. Many believe that souls, especially very old souls, are entwined for all eternity. These souls may have multiple lives over eons, but they always find each other in whatever time they are placed.   I can see the boys being very old souls, and possibly in a past life they made a mistake that they need to atone for now. Or maybe they are warrior souls, and were asked to take on these lives to keep evil and good in balance. Once their souls, with John’s and Mary’s, were in the correct positions, it triggered the events leading to the lives the boys are now living. Farfetched I know, but past lives are always interesting, and when well performed, can make for some great episodes. And we already know what great actors Jensen and Jaded are! 
Leaving religion behind, what other paths could the series take? I went back to earlier seasons for ideas I’d like to see completed or more full developed. As I have no way of knowing how characters introduced in season 4 will end up this season, it is difficult to work them into earlier storylines, but I thought of some possibilities.
I can see Chuck, with his psychic abilities, continuing after Lucifer. I always liked the psychic kids from season 2, and had hoped they would do more with them than what they did. Maybe we can find out that Chuck is one that somehow didn’t end up in that ghost town. That he was protected as a prophet so he could help the boys in their fight with Lucifer.   We just can never know all that Yellow-eyes did.
I also liked the psychic, Missouri Moseley. I always found her fascinating, and hoped we would see more of her. Being such a good friend of John’s, she might know more about John’s life before and after Mary died. That would be something interesting to explore.
How Castiel fits in to season 6 without the religious myth arc is a bit harder to visualize. Castiel, right now, is still a developing character. How far he develops this season is unknown, so fitting him into a non-religious storyline is difficult. I can see Anna and Castiel continuing to put heaven back in order in a spin-off. I honestly can’t see how the boys can defeat Lucifer, and completely fix all that seems to be wrong in heaven in the remaining episodes of season 5. I know Kripke has expressed an interest in Supernatural spin-offs, and I’d like to see how Castiel’s and Anna’s characters could develop in their own series. 
On the other hand, I can see Castiel deciding, like Anna, that it is better to be a human than to be an angel, and, after helping the boys do away with Lucifer, being given permission to be completely human at least for a while.    Maybe the boys could spend some episodes teaching him how to be a hunter. After all, I’m sure they are plenty of vampires, pagan gods, and other paranormal entities on which he can start. Might be a good idea if he and Bobby teamed up. I have always wanted Bobby to have a partner of sorts. I just don’t like him out fighting baddies by himself. And if they keep him in a wheelchair, he should definitely have a partner. 
I would like to see more development of the hunter’s society. What are the hunter’s rules, do they have unwritten doctrines they adhere too? How do you know who is a hunter, and who isn’t? How do they communicate with each other? Do they just find each other by running into a hunter on a case? That seems highly inefficient, and I can’t believe that all go through Bobby. I can see it being developed into a very secret society, which it should be, given the evil they fight. Do hunters run in families? Does their tradition go back to the old country? Maybe they all meet in a specific cemetery at midnight on Friday the 13th under a full moon. ?
I have often thought about Dean developing powers to compliment Sam’s. As in everything else, each has what the other lacks. Kripke brought genetics into the series by way of the vessels, and that would works to justify Dean’s powers too. Often times in nature, people have the tendency for a particular ability but it requires an environmental stimulus to turn it on. For Sam it was demon blood, for Dean who knows. Maybe demon blood would have similar effects on Dean, but as Yellow-eyes chose Sam, I’m thinking a different catalyst is needed. On the other hand, one could argue that Yellow-eyes only had permission to enter the house on that particular day in that particular year. At that time, Sam was the youngest, and the most susceptible to Yellow-Eyes’ influence.  
And what about John Winchester? We know he is out of hell after “All Hell Breaks Loose II”. His ghost MUST be around somewhere. He could show up to help his sons occasionally. I’m sure many fans would like to see Jeffrey Morgan again. I would also like to find out more of what is in John’s journal. One possible episode I can think of would be some mysterious writing showing up in dad’s journal, something that was not there before. The story could be that one of the boys has been unconsciously writing in the journal, or maybe it’s John trying to give his sons more information. Maybe he is stuck in a loop continually writing in his journal. Of course, the boys would have to put him to rest...or maybe not. John showing up once in a while might be very interesting.   
We know Dean and Sam’s hunter instincts go back generations on their mother’s side. But what about the Winchester line? My family has long been into genealogy. We have some of our ancestry traced back to the 1400s. Can’t tell you all of the things we have found in our past. We even visited a 200 year old ancestor’s house that is still haunted by our kin.  No, we didn’t see them, but the current residence swear they are there, if fact, that’s why they brought, and restored, the property. Can only imagine what the writers can dream up for the cursed Winchester line.   And no, I don’t think the hunters genes only came from mom. The Winchester name is very old, and a very big association with that name is the Winchester mansion, a very haunted house indeed. I’ve always been fascinated with the house, and thought it might be a good place for the boys to retire. I can see Sam doing research into their history, and finding a tie with that house. After all, he seems to be quite the computer hacker.   Sam could have a great library, and Dean could have 4 or 5 impalas in that huge garage...oh and that gorgeous 65 cherry red Mustang of War’s should be there too. No way should War have that car. That belongs to Dean!
What about retirement? It’s hard to think of the boys retiring, and, based on earlier episodes, they can’ least not completely. There will always be past evil doers out for revenge. But realistically, they will age eventually. So I’d like to see some planning for retirement. Bobby, Rufus and others have a home base, why not the boys?   And they should start a business to build some kind of stable income that they can work at when not on a case. Maybe they can compete with the Ghostfacers for ghostbuster jobs once in a while. Actually get PAID for what they do for a change!   That would be different. Maybe on one of their ghostbuster jobs, some nice female hunters will enter the picture. I know no one wants those pretty boys to settle down. But really, how can we have The Sons of Supernatural in the future if they never get married! And, I’d like to see the boys happy for a change.
Another idea I had, and the most far out one, were the boys starting a trucking business with Bobby.   That’s something they can do in between jobs, and those 18 wheelers can carry the impala anywhere they want. How about a take off on Smoky and the Bandit, with the boys making a beer run for a hunter’s convention. Dean runs interference in the impala, and Sam drives the semi. Or better yet, Sam and Dean run interference and Bobby, Chuck and Castiel drive the semi. Of course we have to have a supernatural baddie in there,, we don’t. This is just the boys being boys, having a good time getting into trouble. A tiny look into what they do in their down time. And maybe we should have other glimpses into off work time for the boys as well. 
Okay, so all these are fanciful, far out, and for some, even silly ideas. I’m sure the creative writers of the series can come up with much better ideas than these, with all sorts of twists and turns to keep Supernatural the way all us die-hard fans like it. But I think these concepts point out that the ending of Lucifer, and the apocalypse, doesn’t mean the end of Supernatural. And I’m willing to bet, that other posters on this site can think of more ideas for a Supernatural 6th season. So in answer to the question, “Where can Supernatural go after defeating Lucifer and ending the apocalypse?”   For me, just about any where it wants!


# Sylvia 2009-10-28 01:51
"Where can Supernatural go after defeating Lucifer and ending the apocalypse?"

I say who cares as long as the Winchester brothers are together, hunting, and being brothers.
And the angels and demons disappear though. I'm sick of them and their selfish acts upon humanity and torturing and manipulating the brothers.
# Faellie 2009-10-28 06:00
Sablegreen, I like it.

Even if the angels and demons storyline finishes, there will still be all sorts of supernatural entities out there.

I want to see the guys become (semi-)respecta ble, setting up the FBI's new Supernatural division, complete with salary, pension and health plan. And expenses forms.

Dean would be the most popular lecturer in the history of Quantico, Sam could negotiate on the new laws which would be needed and do the international liaison, and they would both consult on the more interesting cases. White picket fences for both, but without the cubicle or red braces. Perfect.
vana naine
# vana naine 2009-10-28 07:59
In my mind: some possibilities

Brothers start some kind of pilgrim's process to clean themselves of some guilt and be able to live at least somewhat normally. Their process is filled with all kind of supernatural and not supernatural meetings all over the world. Some really funny, some painful. Some just... interesting.

Or they have to actively run from some really pissed-off demons and equally angry angels, who really really really want to catch them and now, as apocalypse is over, they can put _all_ their forces onto the pursuit. And USA is too dangerous for Sam and Dean and they still have to move all over the world, helping the innocent. Kind of like the A-team. =)

But the history of the Winchester line and also the history of Campell (was that the name?) line would also be very interesting to follow. And deeper look into hunters society too.


Or they can just hunt like they used to, but also struggle with emotional burden, allow themselves now, when immediate danger to the world is over, some melt-downs and help each other through. And find some kind-of-happy ending.
Oh, the hurt/comfort possibilities!
(Nah, too girly, I'm afraid.)

Or... oh, so many possibilities! They could die, but neither heaven or hell dare to take them and they become ghosts - and learn to exist like ghosts, but nor really normal ghosts, looking for a way how to properly die?
They also could die and go to heaven (or some place like that, as I can't actually see them going to Heaven-Heaven), but surprise! This heaven really is not so different from earth and there will be some _big_ problems. All the dead family members and friends could also be there and they could work to solve those problems together.

Personally I'd prefer something earthy and rather realistic (in the terms of Supernatural) but there are so many possibilities! SO many!
# Supernarttu 2009-10-28 08:43
I'm with you on this, the defeating of Lucifer doesn't (in my mind) cast a shadow of "where will they go?" on season 6. If they have a great story - and with these writers is it really a question - then I'm game. I'd happily have a season 6... but then again, I don't wan this show to drag on too long. Season 7?? weeeell, I dunno. 6 seasons is enough. Heck, even 5 seasons is enough for me, so 6th season would be a bonus ;-)

And as ideas go... I'll put 'a few' down here, of what I'd like to see, mostly my own daydreams so if they ever even touch one of these subjects (like one sentence in an ep) in S6 I'll be more than happy. But then again, if we even get a s6 I'd be overjoyed so... :D Here goes.
- I'd love to know more about young John and Mary and also about the Campbell and Winchester bloodlines.. And Samuel Colt is intriguing too...Especiall y if he could be related to our boys :-)
- Chuck is a great character, I'd love to know more about him.
- I also liked the psychic kids too and felt kinda bad when they had to go, esp.Andy and Eva and Max... And Jake had potential too. I kinda like the thought - had they survived - that they'll be all evil and roam the states and from time to time they'd clash with the boys... :-)
- Ash was great, he could still be alive you know, maybe he made it out of that roadhouse *crosses fingers* But then again, when does "being dead" mean "out of the game", he could come back... Along with multiple other dead characters I'ld love to see again, like Henricksen, Jes, Pamela and Adam...ghost sidekicks!!! *smirk*
- Hmm.. I'd like more haunted house -stories (morton house style where they're trapped), we haven't had many of those. And even a new ep of Ghostfacers wouldn't be bad, those guys crack me up!
- And Adam! He was the third bro so I'd like to see more of his story in some ways... Maybe his childhood with papa-John *heart*
- More about the boys' childhood with John on the road. That river never runs dry for me. I've never read the John Winchester Journal (but I've heard i'ts good) so seeing that on tv would be great.

Ok, that's enough... and I didn't even get to angels yet... :-) But after few thoughts, I'd like them to "disappear" again after Lucifer's defeated, maybe Cas could stay but I don't know if I want the angels to stick around after the apocalypse... Maybe just a few. lol

But like I said, as long as we get a 6th season, I don't really mind the story 'cause I know these guys can deliver.
# Jasminka 2009-10-28 09:24
Sablegreen ,hi,

It was great fun to read your ideas for a sixth season of our favourite show… In particular I loved your suggestion of exploring other religions’ lore… Personally, I believe in the ‘old soul’, though being a Christian I have a strong pagan streak, it seems… I talked to a Buddhist lama once when I was going through a hard time in my life, and I kind of ran into the man and we started talking. He blessed me and offered that I was an old soul with some kind of purpose, and that the pain I was experiencing at that point in my life would serve that purpose, and in that moment those were the most consoling words I could have thought of. It somehow made sense.
It has a poetic ring to it… the idea of souls being entwined, that people close to us don’t get lost when they die, but that we are somewhat destined to meet again… And those people we don’t get along with, also? There’s that absolutely extraordinary Kenneth-Branagh -film ‘Dead Again’, do you know it by any chance? It’s elegant, creepy, wonderfully acted…. Robin Williams has a small stint as a shrink there, explaining the ‘Karma-credit -plan’ - buy now, pay for all eternity… Don’t mind me, I’m always looking for a bit of poetry in my life - it enriches the experience…
I agree with you that topping the whole Lucifer-vs.-Ang els storyarc will probably be difficult. I also miss Missouri (a woman of my own heart), and would love to see John again, and Mary of course (biblical names, … perhaps Dean or Sam will turn out as some kind of Jesus-figures?? ? Again - don’t mind me, work has been stressful today and my mind is still somewhat spinning), but with Jeffrey Dean Morgan being so busy, they will hardly get a chance to put him into the show… or they will not be able to meet his manager’s demands….
And would there be a place for angels in a possible season six? I would miss Misha, actually… There are still some layers of Castiel to be explored. I would love to learn about his history as an angel. How or why did he get assigned to Dean? I’d love to get more into his head. But I can’t think of an arc for him right now… When Lucifer - if Lucifer - is conquered, Cas will be out of a job…
There is the possibility that Lucifer will still be alive and kicking in the end… perhaps cast back down to hell, perhaps embodied by evil we see everyday in this world (to quote Sam/Lucifer: ‘Look what six billion of you have done to this thing, and how many of you blame me for it?’ He has a point - humanity hasn’t been exactly nice to this planet of ours).
Maybe Supernatural will take on all those conspiracy theories or theories of the end of the world (Maya calendar coming up 2012… and there are many more ideas some people thrive on…)?
And - here your article struck another chord with me- I would love to see Dean’s powers… After all, he is Michael’s sword… according to scripture a flaming sword… I haven’t thought about how the creators could bring that into the game, yet, and right now no plausible idea comes to mind… I would also love the Winchesters to return to their good old hunting tradition, like they started… It would not be the same with all that history that came down upon them…. More layers, more facets… and, perhaps Hawaii and The Grand Canyon? I second that…
I have to admit, though, that a strong part of me wants the show to end this season with a big bang… Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid…. Something like that…
There have been so many shows that were on air for seven, eight or more years, and from what I hear from people who watch them, the storylines have somehow become weaker. I don’t want Supernatural to suffer some loss of their unique quality.
But - I would miss the brothers…. I would miss Jensen and Jared on my screen…
Who knows, when they move on to other shows or films… will I be able to get that online here in Europe? Before I found that site where I watch the episodes, I tried everything, even Amazon’s Video on Demand, which works only if you are a US-resident. And moving to the States for the sake of a tv-show did strike me as a bit over the top… But, it is hard enough to wait till Friday to watch the episode… Hate that… You guys will watch the next epi tomorrow, and I’m going to bite my nails - again - till Friday after work… Gosh, being a fan isn’t always fun, you know…?
Actually, for the time being, I don’t need to think about a possible end or a possible season six. I enjoy the story we’re being offered. Don’t want to think about saying good-bye to the Winchester Corporation. The classic … avoidance….
I’ll stop babbling now. And – there is nothing wrong with escapism, is there?

Supernarttu – liked your thought, that no matter what the storyline will be – ‘these guys can deliver’. Yeah, and then some!
Love, Jas
# Andrea 2009-10-28 10:38
Wow, so many great ideas! I've been having mixed feelings about Season 6, not wanting my beloved SPN to go the same path as my other favorite, The X Files. But now, well, I realize there's plenty of material for an awesome Season 6. Thank you everybody!

As for the return of characters from past seasons, I'd be happy to see Sarah Blake again. Provenance is one of my favorite episodes from Season 1 and I've been a fan of Sarah ever since. She and Sam made such a great couple. I'd love to see them together once more and how it would work, now that he's older and more mature.

So many things could happen to SPN and our boys. But it just occurred to me some things that should NEVER happen:

1) A love triangle - that would be truly awful
2) Dean to stop calling Sam Sammy
3) Sam to have his hair cut short - noooo!

# Jessy 2009-10-28 11:30
Now for something completely different....

Dean and Sam are burnt out and tired of "the life" so they re-open the Roadhouse "under new management" and take a quasi-retiremen t from hunting for awhile while staying involved in the hunting world. Every now and then they catch wind of a case they GOTTA take, they leave the Roadhouse in the care of Bobby or Castiel (cause he ain't going anywhere) for a few days and take off.


The brothers go their separate ways- kinda. Sam has expressed more dissatisfaction with the hunting life than Dean. Perhaps they come to a kind of compromise where they have a home base, and Sam's in charge of research while Dean does more hunting on his own. Sam would come along sometimes if it's too dangerous for Dean to go alone, if it's something "personal" or if it's something too interesting for him to pass up!

I like the "old soul" idea myself, and can especially see it on Sam and Dean. Those two just reek of their personal history, and it would be gratifying to hear that their "history" actually goes back hundreds or thousands of years! Not to mention the romantic notion of two joined souls, cause let's face it, these two are total soulmates that sometimes hate each other.

Oh, and if Bobby dies (I know, NOOOOOOO!) would Sam and Dean inherit his house? And like, all of his supernatural resources? Sam might pass out at the thought of Bobby's personal library at his disposal...
# Bevie 2009-10-28 14:35
Besides the things Andrea mentioned that should never happen, I would add that I never want Dean to have supernatural powers. I want him to forever be an awesome very human man.

Whatever would happen in a season 6 or (hopefully a season 7), as long as the brothers are together, whether getting along or not getting along, I just want to be able to follow their saga in any way the writers would imagine. And their writers are quite exceptional. Hopefully Kripke would still be at the helm captaining the Supernatural ship.

I only know how unhappy I would be if it was not for watching the Impala taking off on another highway or not seeing Dean's smirk or Sam's bitchface. They seem like part of my family now, and I would miss them terribly.

The Ghostfacers and the Trickster would always be welcome in my living room along with Cas and Anna, and hopefully a completely recovered Bobby. I want him to walk again, whether it is cheesy or not! Let Sam hook up again with Sarah as I always liked her, and perhaps Dean could discover Ben is really his son after all, and Lisa could learn to love him for the awesome guy he really is.

Also, Zachariah could still be stalking them and itching for revenge. Zack and Dean faceoffs are very entertaining! Zack is a villain I love to hate.

I dunno, what do I know about writing anyway. I just wish it could continue on without having that "Blaze of Glory" happen and never really know the outcome.
# joelsteinlover 2009-10-28 18:39
I think it would be fabulous if they defeated Lucifer...but God went missing. I also like the idea of karma coming back to haunt them via a previous life (I can just see them going "You mean we did something so bad that killing Lucifer isn't enough repentance?"), like they were the ones that did something that made God disappear. OoooEEEooooh
# Henry 2009-10-28 18:47
Great thought provoking article! Personally, I'd like to see a back in time/season where the Winchesters go back to help Samuel Colt with the pistol and the hell's gate. A good old Western Supernatural-wh ere they'd fight monsters from another time period and with antique weapons.
# Petranda 2009-10-28 20:23
Hey Henry, BLESS you for the western idea. I would give a weeks salary to the see Winchesters in spurs ;-)

I like all the ideas, and even find most of them feasible - except for one. I LOVE Misha Collins and Castiel has been the greatest addition to SPN. The problem is with his fighting skills. He is absolutely terrifying as a Holy Warrior of God, but Misha still looks a bit ackward in the hand to hand combat scenes, so I can't see him as a human hunter. I also think that the show can go back to MOTW stories after Lucifer is locked up again. The absence of Lucifer doesn't remove the evil from the world, and I don't think there will ever be a shortage of stuff to keep the Winchester's busy :!:
# Karen 2009-10-28 23:19
Hi Sablegreen

You have so many great ideas, and everyone else as well.
I was also wondering what they would do for Season 6, if it were a go.
Try as I might I just can’t get the old brains cell to come up with anything.
But I could offer how I’d like it to see it play out, when it ends.

I would love to see Sam and Dean semi retire and take on legitimate work.
It would be nice to see them finally having a home.
Maybe Dean and Bobby can get the Car Salvaging Co going.
Dean could also volunteer at the local community centre, since he’s good with young children. No dodge ball though.
As for Sam I can see him being a Professor at the local Collage and teaching classes on Folklore, Urban legends and the Supernatural.
Since there are other hunters, they could just take any cases in the surrounding area or surrounding States.
As for Castiel, I think him taking over Zachariah’s job would be fitting. He can come and visit on occasion. He could also keep them informed on any demonic issues that might be stirring.
# Sablegreen 2009-10-29 02:54
Hi All

Thanks so much for the comments! I‘m glad you liked the article. It was the first time I tried something like this…And you guys have so many GREAT ideas!

Sylvia…I’m with you. I won’t miss the dark side of the angels.

Faellie…WOW…never thought about them being the new X-files. I have thought about them being in government work…but on a more lofty scale. Dean as a lecturer I’d LOVE to see!

vana naine….Sam and Dean all over the world? Love it. And running from demons is a given. After all, just because Lucifer is done, doesn’t mean evil is! It will always be around. Also, I’ve thought of them both dying too…sort of. Here I more follow the ‘old souls’ idea. They are given a choice, do they want to move on, or go back and finish the lives of Sam and Dean. Of course, for me…they come back. Too much of humanity for them to save for them to quit now. ?

Supernarttu,….I LOVED Ash AND the Roadhouse. I was so sad when the creators killed him and burnt it down. I REALLY hoped at that time they would go more into the hunter’s philosophy. Really would like them to bring it back. And I agree with you on the other great characters they have killed off, Henricksen and Pam especially. It seems as soon as they got a good character, they killed it off! ? And the Samuel Colt idea is great too.

Jas,….You are wonderful. I just love your posts. I, too, am a Christian, but really got in to the ‘old souls’ belief. It’s nice to believe that all the friends and family you have in this live will turn up in some form in future lives…assumin g you get any. And yes, the concept as I understand it is you will meet up with the bad ones also. Just a way of balancing things I guess. As far as ‘going out with a bang’…NO, NO, NO!!!! at least not until the end of s6. I love seeing Jensen and Jared in my living room once a week, and don’t want that to end. We have them for one more year anyway…so I say we enjoy it.

Andrea……OMG, I completely forgot about Sarah. She would be great for Sam….now who do we get for Dean? And I totally agree with your “not to see’ list. Sam with short hair…NO WAY!

Jessy ….I LOVED the Roadhouse. I never could understand why they burnt it down and killed Ash. I would love to see it brought back…and under Cas occasionally would be great! That would be a GREAT way for him to learn about hunters. And, I don’t even want to think of Bobby passing….no way! But yes, I would think all would be left to Sam and Dean. Right now, he doesn’t seem to have any other family.

Bevie…I agree, the week is not complete without seeing the impala on a highway, Dean teasing Sam, and Sam’s bitchface. Also like Sam’s puppy eyes so hope we see more of those too.

Joelsteinlover….Love your idea. I really like the karma idea, but never thought about them being responsible for God ‘leaving the house’. That is great.

Oh, Henry, Henry, Henry…..I LOVE the western theme. I have a friend that barrel races at rodeos. That is a very interesting world for sure. A trip back in time for the boys would be GREAT!

Petranda…The boys in spurs would be great! Hope it happens. I also would LOVE 22 episodes of MOTW. There are SO many they can do. My favorite is the banshee. LOVE to see the boys deal with that one!

Karen…Love your idea about Cas taking Zach place. For me. Zach needs to go the way of Lucifer. And you, just keep those poems coming. I JUST LOVE THEM!!!

Alice…thanks so much for posting my article. I really had fun writing it.

Again all, thanks for the positive way you have received my article. It means a lot to me, and I had SOOOOOO much fun writing it!
# Carey 2009-10-29 04:40
I have several ideas. If the show does end this season, I am seriously considering to create my own virtual series, or even a spin off.

For a season 6, It would be cool to keep Castiel around. I could just imagine him to be going around taking out Demons and rebel Angels. it would also be cool for one or both of the brothers to get a love interest. They have had 5 years of just them, but eventually they would have to start to think about there futures. Maybe Dean getting with Jo or something.

If they were to do a overall story arc, they could base it on Ragnarok, the Viking apocalypse. They have established that Norse Gods exist so this could work if done right.

Plus more Bobby. And Ash. We never actully saw Ash dead, just a burnt body with his watch on it. And more Chuck. I love Chuck.

If there was a spin-off, a perfect one (at least to me) would be a Bobby and Castiel one. I could imagine Bobby calling Cas something and Castiel would be just totally confused. Would be funny.

Well thats all I got at the moment. Andrea, I totally agree with you on all three. Especially 3. SAM CANNOT CUT HIS HAIR! Enough of that now.
# Jasminka 2009-10-29 10:42
Sablegreen, dear, what a sweet feedback! These past days have been so taxing here at work that I don’t know where to put my head… so taking a glance at the web over a lunchbreak and find that... was helpful to get through the day…

I, for one, want to believe that I will meet the people I lost one day… It makes missing them easier. But, that’s just me.

And – I’m right there with you: let’s enjoy what we have with this great show for as long as we have it.
Bye for now, Jas
# Tigershire 2009-10-29 22:45
There is one story I would love to see before Supernatural finishes up.

The Headless Horseman.

I want to see Sam and Dean on REAL horses.
# RisenShine 2009-10-30 04:03
I like most of the said ideas - how about doing them episode after episode? They try to retire somehow and each and every time it doesn't work out like they planned instead they're on another hunt...
# Jasminka 2009-10-30 05:20
Hello there, tigershire! What a great idea - Sam and Dean on real horses... Well, the real guys are Texas boys... what would be more natural than getting them on horseback? And, furthermore, it would be pretty sexy, too, I guess. I always loved westerns when I was a kid. A man and his horse. I wanted to be the Sundance Kid... Girls can do that...
Perhaps the producers/write rs read this site and draw the occasional inspiration from a comment like yours... I'd give Sam a racy black stallion and Dean a beautiful white Arab, like the one Liv Tyler rode in Lord of the Rings... and then let them race the bad guys down... into the sunset... I'll stop now. My mind is spinning. Still waiting here to be able to watch the episode. I need to spend a few more hours at work before I can indulge in supernatural adventures...
Bring on more ideas like that, Tigershire, they inspire my creativity!
Love, Jas
# Jasminka 2009-10-30 07:10
Hi Henry, finally a man in our midst ;-), and I love your idea of an western, yeah, bring it on. Or go back even more, explore the Campbel history (as it is a scottish name, sigh, my Celtic blood pumping again) - Delorian back in time to the Highlands and get Clancy Brown there to reprise his great villain,...
Babbling again today...

Take care, Y'all, :D Jas
# elle2 2009-10-30 07:21
Hi, Sablegreen,

Great ideas...sheesh, I have no idea what they're going to do after the Lucifer showdown...then again that's why I don't do what they do.

It would definitely be difficult to go back to the formula of MOTW only without some type of defining arc, what that will be (or even if it will be) will be quite interesting. I'm pretty much game for anything Kripke and Co. send our way as I trust that they'll never go the one route I wouldn't be able to stomach...the boys get regular girls and settle down and then start having the usual soap-opera schticky type stuff happening. As long as that never happens, I'm in.

Way to be creative and have some fun with the thought/plot bunnies. Thanks for writing.
# Sablegreen 2009-10-30 11:26
WOW I love the western ideas, guys. Dean on a white stallion and Sam on a black beauty. Way to go Jas! Both being Texans, they can surely ride....or is that stereotyping? :mrgreen: Can they do a western in Vancouver...or would that require another bake sale? :lol:

The Headless Horsemen would make a great Halloween epiie next year (see I accept Alice's view. S6 is a done deal)

I agree with Elle2.....NO SOAP OPERA SUPERNATURAL... YUCK!! We'll add that to Andrea's list of 'Don'ts'
# Matilda 2009-11-03 11:49
Found this article on the internet. Good thought provoking article. Well done. Love site. Thanks for hosting it.
christy wells
# christy wells 2010-05-15 09:54
as long as dean and sam meet up again may thats all thats matters right
# Kevin 2010-05-19 01:30
They need to go a completely different way, in the episode preceding the season finale of season 5, death tells dean that him and god are roughly the same age, and that he will reap god and that god will die at some point. In this light they are personifying god as a really really powerfully "being". Now for my idea, the need to introduce another mythology story arc. Someone with either the greek gods, or a continuation of the norse mythology. We saw how some of the lesser deities were easily dispatched but what Odin? Thor? Zeus? or any of the others. This opens new monsters and new potential world ending disasters, if they want to take it that serious.
# ElenaM 2010-05-19 12:10
Ha--these are great, Sablegreen. I like the idea of John popping in every now and then, like Obi-Wan Kenobi. After all, Ash couldn't find him in Heaven. As for Missouri Moseley, I still say leave her alone. bringing her back will just tempt the writers to kill her.

I wouldn't mind some continuing angel-demon fallout, especially if Crowley is involved! And the little Antichrist is a loose end, is he still wandering around Australia? I'd like to see that kid again. I like the thought of Jimmy getting his body back though and (maybe?) being able to see his family again, poor guy's been through enough getting dragged around by Cas :D
dan 3
# dan 3 2010-05-20 13:08
Maybe Lucifer brought back the yellow-eyed demon before he went into the pit.So Sam and Dean need to track him down.
# Tut28 2011-03-04 09:32
I thought of a great myth for Cas.
7 years ago while in heaven he had a big brother named Leo.
While on guard duty a she demon attcked Cas and tryed to send him to hell.
But Leo throws himself at the she demon and sends both her and Leo to Hell.

7 years later Sam and Dean find a case in New york, but they go to the warehouse, the nest of the demons, and they are all dead.
They see a little gilr standing on top the dead demon pile. She turns out to be a half angel half demon.
She says God come to her in a dream and saind that she needed to find Casteil and the boys and help them with there goals.
But Cas (summoned earlier) justed walked (or tranposted) there and trys to kill her.
Just before the death blow he sees Leo's cross on her neck and demaneds where she got it.
She says (she doesnt know he tryed to kill her for some reason) that her mom (a big whore in the show, who tryed to send Cas to hell to nail him and kill him after word) give it to her because her dad was an angel. Dean pulls Cas away from her. Sam says "We should see if she is telling the truth."
Confused she ask "Didnt God tell you guys I was coming?" "No" Cas answers pissed
"But he come to me 2 years ago in a dream when I was 5."
"Wait," Cas steps forward "your 7?"
"Yes, I was looking for you guys for two years." She says smiling "I have been learning about human stuff like handshake, hug, and etc. While looking for you guys."
"And the demons?" Dean ask from bestand Cas
"Oh, they were bad guys so I killed them. God telled me that mommy was teaching me bad things."
Cas dont by it.But plays along looking for her real plan.
"So let me get this starght you have been looking for us since you were 5, because a dream?"
"That about nails it." She saind happy by the fact of completeing her goal at long last.
While thats all I got for her. On Episode one of her. But at the end Cas choses to use her. But later on in the seires he starts to care about her. Oh and her name is Star born under the hell sing the hellhound.
If this goes on air I will say more about it.
# Tut28 2011-03-04 09:35
Srry that sing should be sign.
# Tut28 2011-03-04 15:03
Star's mom is a 500 year old sluty whore. :-x
Named Dliela (not spelled right). :oops:
The gang meet her in a whorehouse. Where (because Star says it makes her mom happy) Sam and Dean are toppless. :lol: Dlie loves to eat humans, but cares about humans saying that they are great at making food,at being fun playthings, and making cars. Oh and she is a hot chick in a hot bunny outfit that Dean pionts out by saying "Wow Star the way you talk about her I thought she was a full smelly thing" :roll:
They need her to tell them how to summon a evil fox spirit,(that has been killing people) sense Cas do not know how to, and Star is not to happy to see her mom after running away from Hell 2 years ago. :-* Dlie does care and love her little star light, very much. So she does it but only if Cas, kisses her after way. Dean jumps in ,before Cas can say no, says yes he will. (Dean was enjoying the umcomfable Star and Cas).After killing the fox spirit, Dlie gets her kiss :-x but says He is a better kisser then Leo ever was. :o

Star's half little half sister Frost,full demon. (Different episode) Finds Dean and Sam demanding to know where Star is. They try to pray-phone her but it fails. Frost gets angrey and beats up Dean's car. :o Dean says,"No, my baby leave her out of this you sick twisted whore!" :o :lol: Sam is like wow. Frost pissed off at Dean attcks him but is stopped by Cas, throwing her at the car. :lol: :o

Later it is found out that Ralphel kidnapped her to turn her into a full demon to kill her since she is powerful and is belived to have untapped power.
Crowly tells them this then says "She has 2 paths to follow one,help us restore order and be a full angel (her life goal) or destory everything."

Angels want her dead. Demons want her to join them. Ralphel totring her with spells, telling her things she did not know about the gang and with phsyical pain. (different episde) Death points out that if she were to lose her faith in God, her heart wood broke so badly that she turns into a demon. Oh and the guys dont want to summon Dlie unless it's needed. Frost and Star can call her by saying "Mom" 3 times in a row. which the guys dont like. After finding the building which Star is in the gang,with Frost, (like in Caged heart) go in and start to kick butt. But the guards are all angels ,working for Ralphel, and Ralphel hears it (an angel note to five him) and sends gaurds to bring the boys to him (or her the vessel is a chick) but kill Frost for all he (or she) cares. "Looks like your famliy is here to save the weack little fiend." Ralphel coldly says to the beated up Star. Her spirit is pretty beated up but not broken yet. The gang get to the (after killing some evil dick angels) four floor which is a trap and one floor to go until they get to Star. The floor is a huge one room (there are other rooms here but the big part is this one room) and the evil angels are waiting there and when they get there Frost goes and says that "I can hold them off, just get to Star and free her sorry ass" Note this is a 6 year ago saying this to growen men (15 month different beweetn her and Star)
They get to stairs and start shooting at the 4 angels that are trying to stop them. 8)
After some time they get to Ralphel and see Star standing next to him (or) Says "you are too late and" sends a blow at her brokeing her spirit and makeing her a demon.koolepic

They have no choice but to fight her and after some time in the fight she says" I see Unlce Cas eatting all of the poor people." Sam ask "What is she talking about?" "The time I was turned by a evil spell to eat flesh." "What flesh?" Asked the hurt Dean. :-x
"I swear I never wanted you guys to find out."
"Its too late for that Casteil. She is now going to kill you and then I will fins-" is cut off by crowly,who justed walked in "Shut up you dick." Crowly shouts. He pulls a scoll out of a bag that has the angel be-gone mark on it and uses it on Ralphel. who diasppers.
"Hello Dean." says a voice from behind Dean. Dean turns to see Death with his cane. "Whats going on here?" Dean demands wounded. "Oh, young Dean is that the thanks that I get for comeing to help you guys?" slowly walks toward Star who is still in the vision thing. "Now then I finally meet the half-breed Star.
Its a unfornute that it was under these contues." Turns toward Cas "You are doing a great job Casteil of training and rasieing her. But you need to stop sheilding yourself from her and open up to her. Or she will be lost to you forever and Leo's death would mean nothing." Turns back and walks until standing in front of the broken down Star. "You are lucky Crowly told me or else your destiny would never happen." Then tochs her forwod head with the butt of his cane. She screams in pain then falls to her knees and hits the ground out cold. "There Crowly the deal is done." Death saind,"Thank you for giving me the scoll of time. Oh, and boys do us all a favor and DO NOT tell her about this day."
"Why?" Sam ask helping up the wounded Dean "What will happen?"
"Oh, just if the wall broke before she is ready for it then you will lose her." Turns to Crowly "You were right she had one angel feather left on her wings."
"What does that mean?" asked Dean
"That means" Cas saind,"that she was not yet a full demon." Death is gone by this time.
"Your welcome." Crwoly says then he is gone.
"We still need to talk Cas." Says Sam as Cas picks up Star. "I know what you want to talk about and the answer is no Im not talking to you two about it."
"You owe us that much." Dean points out. "Or are you not our friend?"
Cas stares down at Star and answers "Your right you should know. But not here we need to go before more come." "What about Frost?" Sam ask
"She left after Death came" Cas says

Next episode, The Dark Casteil, Dean leg is in a cas. Sam's hand has ice on it. Cas has cuts here and there like the others. Star is asleep in a different room.
"Now tell us about the whole 'poor people' thing Star saind." Dean says. His on the couch with Sam next to him and Cas sitting across from them in a chair.
"You sure you guys want to know?" Cas ask
"Ya, I mean we have a right to know the truth." Sam answers
Closes his eyes takes a deep breath. "It was two years after Leo's death. That God order us to check on a new evil cult. They called themselves The Order."
"Who?" asked Dean
"They were a evil group of Lucfier worhshipers. Anyway they were killing like, I guess you guys would says mad men. My job was to find and kill them. After months of looking for them I was the one who found them. But they some how know I was comeing and catch me and used a very powerful spell that made me go and kill them." Takes a deep breath "I eat them and went out on a rubage killing humans and eatting them. I couldnt stop my self. I watched my self and yet could not stop my self. Then God send angels to stop me but they could not and I kill them and eat them. After I dont know how long they catch me but stop trying to kill me because God order not to kill me. They removed the spell and forgive me but I still rember all the poor people I killed."
Long siclnce "Wow..I never thought you were the killing and eating type." Dean says
"Is that why you did kill Star when you could have back at the building?" asked Sam
Cas stoped himself from kill her.
"Yes, Thankfully I didnt eat any demons."
"Whys that?" Sam asked
"Because if I had that I would have starting turning."
"Into what?" Dean asked
"A demon."

Comment if anyone likes it. I hope it airs. Sablegreen plz comment.wing of casword of grace
# Tut28 2011-03-07 07:47
Note a pal of mine came up with this not me i was payed $20 to put it up.I just came up with the half demon half angel.

Theres a legend of a wicth who lives in a chicken laged house and who eats kids.
Other is one called the lizard man.