(A note from Alice).  You know, I let a little controversy slip into the site this week.  Sorry, I do apologize.  This is a site where we love our show, are a bit fanatical about it, but we're not oversensitive to things.  It's this thing called common sense.  I can proudly say this, especially given the amount of time and effort I put into this site and my articles, but it's only a TV show.  I'm thrilled with all the level heads that come here and I'm grateful to every single one of you.  I've always chased the trouble makers away, and I'll continue to do so from now on. 

Elle2 wrote up some thoughts based on what exploded in the recaps article and I'm hoping her words on it becomes the last on this matter.  She does a great job of differentiating bias vs. bash and this should clear up any confusion.  After this, we're going back to what we do best.  Loving this amazing show. 

But first, Karen shared this poem in the comments on Sam Fans vs. Dean Fans, and I'm making it more visible right here.  It's absolutely perfect!  If this doesn't point out the absurdity of all this fan fighting, nothing will. 


It’s Thursday night and Supernatural credits just came to an end.
The fans sat silent to reflect and comprehend.
Too much to absorb believe a re-watch is in order.
Bless those who invented the video recorder.

The second watch is done and minds are now clear.
It’s getting late, but the fans will persevere.
For they are off to their websites to read the reviews,
Read all of the comments and to share their own views.

But wait what is this that we are reading.
Some fans stating things that could be misleading.
What are they saying? This must be a joke!
It’s a tease, it’s a lie, it’s just to provoke.

But the fans are now fighting and taking a side.
They’re becoming angry and nasty as they quickly divide.
They must take it all back or do a re-write.
For with them being so vile tempers are going to ignite.

Saying Dean is childish, a pervert and so mean.
And he gets all the great lines and far too many scenes.
He’s self righteous, the hero all because of his deal.
But lets not forget who broke the first seal.

Then there’s Sam all whiny, selfish and ungrateful.
He slept with a demon and was never truthful.
He betrayed and strangled his brother as well.
He went off with Ruby and freed Lucifer from hell.

And of course there is Castiel, he has been dragged in it too.
For he’s in too many shows and they want to bid him adieu.
He won’t even own up to his part in the apocalypse.
Just adds on the blame to the brother’s many slips.

Then there are the writers, oh they thought they’d sneak through.
But the fandom is quick to lay blame on them too.
For they have been handing in too many holes in their scripts.
They’re not consistent and they’re flawed with too many quips

And finally Kripke, what have you been doing?
The apocalypse is upon us, yet nothing is brewing.
Where are the battles the wars and the fights?
This season was to go beyond great heights.

Ok that’s enough of all this negativity.
This bickering is taking away the fans respectability.
What happened to being adults and acting our age?
And the love for the brothers we use to engage.

It was always interesting to see what others had to say.
Even the different takes and opinion of those that were risqué.
Where are the fans that were always friendly and polite?
Who would encourage other views without stating who’s right.

It’s time to let go of the anger and hostility.
Take a step back and regain our sensibility.
For this maybe the show’s last season.
So lets not end this year in a state of high treason.


Bias or Bash? …by Elle2
So Alice has a ‘bent’ towards Sam, so what? Here’s a little secret that I’m sure everyone already knows; I have a ‘bent’ towards Dean. Why do I think everyone already knows this? Simple, the subconscious is powerful and always gets its message across no matter how hard we try to keep it under check.
Here’s the thing, though, Alice specifically invited me to join her in regular posting – something I’ve taken a bit of a break from and while the ego part of me believes this latest dust up would never have occurred had my balancing act been readily available – *pure sarcasm, all*, -- the realistic part of me knows that this little disagreement or debate or whatever would still have come up because when you bill yourself as different from other sites, someone will always come around to try to knock some sense into you. Perhaps that’s all this is.
First of all I’d like to ask a question, what’s so wrong about having a bias towards something? Incidentally (and convenient for my next paragraph) my computer tells me a synonym for bias is favoritism, so here goes the next paragraph: Aren’t whole industries built upon favorites? Sports, anyone?   Music, chocolate, beer, anyone, Bueller, Bueller?
As kids aren’t we asked what’s our favorite color, favorite subject in school, favorite teacher, favorite Power Ranger – erh, *dates self, blushing* My point is is that from when we’re very young we’re taught through socialization that we’re to have a favorite of something, someone…dare I say a bias.
Webster’s says bias is having prejudice or a bent…bash is to attack verbally or physically
Here’s what’s being missed in all this recent commenting – and by the way, kudos to all for coming out of lurkdom to air an opinion…way to go! – there’s a big difference between having a bias and bashing. 
The Winchester Family Business is all about loving the show, the brothers, the music, the car, the demons – it’s a strange love there…we love to hate them, loving the sets, the directors, the writers, the creator, we love to bash (yes, okay, admittedly we do engage in a bit of bashing) we love to bash the CW (but then again, who doesn’t) and we love, love, love to encourage people to talk, write, engage their friends and spread the love for the show. Here’s what The Winchester Family Business isn’t all about…bashing.
Bias is allowed, Sam girls, Dean girls, Jared girls, Jensen girls, all are welcome! Come in, explore, read, add a comment, vote in a poll or simply lurk to your heart’s content, but no bashing, please.
If you must comment about how Dean is perfect and Sam is a jerk or Sam is perfect and Dean is a jerk or that Kripke is a ******* or Castiel is all that (or none of that) then feel free, type your bashing comment into the comment section and then simply do not fill in the password and exit the site. You’ll have bashed, no one will ever know. You’ll feel better having gotten whatever it is you needed to get off or out of your system but no one need ever know.
The Winchester Family Business is for loving, drooling, analyzing and over-analyzing Supernatural. Bias is welcome, bashers need not apply.