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This I'm sure brought a smile to many Supernatural fans this morning, Jared and Jensen have been spotted arriving in Vancouver! 

(Credit to Pursuit23 on Instagram)

This does not come as too much of a surprise as it has been mentioned by CW chief Mark Pedowitz and other Supernatural actors that shooting on the final two "Supernatural" episodes was set to resume in mid August.  Still, it's hard to believe the time is finally here.  Target filming dates per the BC Film Production list are August 18th through September 11th.  Given that Canada has a mandatory 14 day quarantine for anyone from the US arriving into Canada, actors were expected to begin arriving this week.  

J2 in Vancouver IG 8 3 20
Credit: Lemon_Buzz on IG

Still, we've been waiting so long for this day to come since production was suspended in March.  Fingers crossed all goes well with the shoot and everyone is happy and healthy during this final stay in Vancouver.  Welcome to Canada guys! 

Want to know what the CW plans for the Supernatural sendoff?  Check out this interview with CW President Mark Pedowitz for some details.