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Sera Gamble, show-runner (The Magicians, You)  writer, and producer (Supernatural)  has been hosting 'Writing Q and A with Sera Gamble' on her YouTube channel bringing in writers to talk the TV business and give advice to budding writers. This last week, Sera had none other than Erik Kripke,creator of Supernatural and more recently, The Boys. 

Kripke and Gamble talked about what is is like being in the writers room, creating characters and stories, as well as how to write different genres. Kripke tells us some of the challenges of being a show-runner, writer, and creator of a TV series but also how to stay true to yourself as a writer when ideas seem to be running low. He shares how he revisits favorite movies, comics, books, and genres to rejuvenate the writing process. 

Have a watch!  
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